29 June 2006

Mounting Opposition To Shashi Tharoor

It seems that the Shashi Tharoor saga is set to continue until the chosen UN nominee will be named. In the meantime, we can have fun reporting and commenting on the various reports that come in.

Even among the blogosphere there are mixed reactions to Tharoor's nomination. Some support it on account of India's rising up in the world as a powerful economy, whereas others give it the thumbs-down since such an obvious agenda cannot slip by unnoticed. Ina ny case, I find most of the commenting to be rather thoughtful.

Cynical Nerd thinks that India's resources are better spent elsewhere, namely in strengthening ties with other developing nations. Pavan Rao wonders if India's interest will be properly served with an Indian heading the UN. This is echoed by Vande Maatharam and Desicritics, the latter of which presents many interesting reasons for why Tharoor's nomination is an unsuitable one. Whispers state that Tharoor hopes to get by on his way with words and charming smile, after lobbying hard in New Delhi of course. There is also the suggestion that, due to India's becoming a nuclear power and it's rising status, it is second only to China in terms of GDP and that any attempt to infiltrate the UN in this manner will destroy all hopes of India securing a seat on the Security Council. Ambitions ambitions, but whose?

What I find most amusing are the objections to his nomination by both Descritics and Unsorted are of the hirsute variety:

I suppose there are some good things about this dude, and maybe he'll make a decent general secretary. But the hair, lord almighty the hair. I'm sorry but it's just WRONG. The image of people like him and Abdul Kalam spending fifteen minutes in the mirror each morning, waxing and gelling and brushing and styling, makes me feel rather ill. Do they not know how stupid they look?

I suppose we should be grateful it's not a pony tail.

Sai Baba Exposed has no comment on this except a wry smile and a pointing finger:

Just look at it!

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28 June 2006

Healing Conundrum Resolved

Much is made of Sathya Sai Baba's powers of healing. Reports of such have been around since he was a schoolboy, and he has allegedly treated and cured a variety of diseases from the most common to (allegedly) end-stage cancer, and even AIDS! As such, a large body of evidence exists that simultaneously supports and criticises the claims to Sai Baba's healing powers but very little attention has been paid to the methodology of the healing itself.

Now that science has reached a level of understanding whereby some quarters pay serious attention to the influence of positive thinking on medical conditions, and that there are studies to that effect, we may like to view Sai Baba's words in this context as opposed to the notion of 'supernatural' healing as evidence of divinity.

Here, in a rare interview to the media in 1976, Sathya Sai Baba explains how his healings occur:

Q: You are believed to have performed miraculous cures to the extent of resurrecting the dead. There are cases where you reportedly saved people from drowning and other accidents in distant places. Medical experts have attested to remote controlled surgical operations performed by you. How do you manage these?

A: By My own sankalpa -- that is, divine will and power. As an Avathar, this power is intrinsic, inherent, total and natural to My will and decision. I need no mantra (mystical formula), no sadhana (spiritual practice), no tantra (sacred writings) and no yantra (pilgrimage) to perform the so-called miracles which are natural to My state. My powers are simply the expression or assertion of the reality of goodness which merges Me with everything, everywhere, at all times and places. The miracles belong to the boundless power of God.

Now coming to the main points of your question, this healing phenomena has a dual aspect. I can cure, save, even resurrect people provided they are in a spiritually receptive condition. It is like the positive and negative currents of electricity. My capacity to heal can be compared to the positive current. Your devotion to Me is like the negative current. Once the two come together, the devotion provides what is called the miracle of healing.

It is man's mind that is really responsible for his illness or health. He himself is the cause or motivator of either. So when it comes to healing or curing, the necessary faith has to be created within his mind for the purpose. All I do is invest him with the confidence, will and power to cure himself. It is My abounding love reciprocated by the intensity of the devotee's faith in Me that produce the desired result.

Source: BLITZ News Magazine, September 1976. R. K. Karanjia interview with Sathya Sai Baba. Also quoted in 'Spirit And The Mind', S. Sandweiss (1985), p. 242-243.

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27 June 2006

Rising Opposition To Shashi Tharoor

Churumuri and IndiaDaily are running articles that call into question Shashi Tharoor's nomination for the UN top job on account of his positivity to Sai Baba.

Churumuri asks:

"Is the rationalists’ association simply grabbing a bit of the spotlight? Should Tharoor’s personal views on godmen and women be held against him? By sponsoring his candidature, has India done a disservice to the scientific outlook enshrined in India’s Constitution? Or is this just much ado about nothing? On the other hand, if the Sai Baba really has those magical powers, as Tharoor claims, can he pull off his disciple’s win?"

Sai Baba Exposed suggests that, for reasons mentioned previously, Shashi Tharoor is not a fit candidate for the job due to his alarming and deliberate ignoring of reports about Sai Baba's nefarious behaviour.

IndiaDaily correctly observes that, due to Tharoor's leaning towards the Baba, it "does compel people like us to take stock of the man’s mind and his irrational beliefs. Those beliefs might not be a factor when dispensing duties, but then, charlatans like Sathya Sai Baba will get major boost with the patronage of such a high-profile figure such as the Secretary General of the United Nations."

Precisely our concerns too. Sai Baba's shunning by UNESCO in 1999 is very well documented and we fear that Tharoor's accession to the coveted UN seat will effect a significant turnaround. The Puttaparthi Propaganda Machine will eat up every last bit of it and trumpet their own horns for years. This could be the big break which Sai Baba is waiting for, the time when he finally blasts himself onto the world stage. Considering his state of health, we predict that any such blast will be substituted by embarrassing tottering with the aid of a wheelchair or zimmer frame, whichever is approved of by the image consultants.

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Sai Baba Drug Bust Afoot?

Kate seems concerned about an "extra" that she received with her recent purchase of incense:

"So I dropped by my favourite incense place to buy the usual Sai Baba Nag Champa I buy (that is actually what it's called), and when I got it home and opened the pack, I realised it wasn't exactly the same as usual. There was a little sample pack of special incense inside, going by the name of... '"SUPER HIT' ... Apparently it's meant to help 'Reduce the negative aspects and increase the positive aspects of all Zodiac signs'. It might just be me, but when I see all those elements put together, I think of other (less legal) things that have been linked to India since 1964. And that give you a Super Hit. And that are also traded in somewhat shady and secretive conditions."

We are already familiar with drug-dealing taking place among Sai devotees, as well as even earlier reports of possible cocaine-trafficking under cover of vibhuti packets. It only remains for time to pass until a major Sai drug-trafficker is caught red-handed and carted off to jail for flooding the streets with this trash, even if it is just a sample packet.

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Sai Baba's Incestuous Sister

A little further investigation into the incest scandal turned up the following tidbit:

"Venkamma was the closest to Sathya. Having married early (to Meesaraganda Subba Raju, Easwaramma's brother) she was like a second mother to Sathya." - Love Is My Form, p. 88

So, in short, Sai Baba's sister married her muvver's bruvver. What can we say? The whole family appears as one seriously twisted entity. Just think what the family tree would look like if you tried to trace it out.

Clever readers might note the similar name; 'Meesaraganda Subba Raju' was the name of Easwaramma's father too. It should be noted that Love Is My Form explains that it was a common affair for the Puttaparthi villagers to have the same names. The two sons of Kondama Raju, Sai Baba's grandfather, were both named 'Venkama Raju' with only the 'Pedda' (elder) and 'Chinna' (younger) epithets to distinguish between the two.

I (reasonably) propose that 'Meesaraganda' was the name of the clan on Easwaramma's side of the family. As Sai Baba himself is formally known as 'Ratnakaram' Sathyanarayana Raju ('Ratnakaram' being the name of the paternal clan), so it is with the Meesaragandas. In any case, marrying your own uncle? Jeez!

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26 June 2006

Vajpayee Endorses Shashi Tharoor

An updated report states that former Indian Premier, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, wholeheartedly supports Shashi Tharoor's bid for the UN top job.

Diplomat- writer Shashi Tharoor rounded up his first visit of New Delhi after India announced his candidature for the top UN job by getting the blessings of Atal Behari Vajpayee, a former Prime Minister and BJP patriarch.

Tharoor told Vajpayee that he had come to seek his blessings "and he gave it to me unhesitatingly."

This presents a most disturbing picture of the Old Boy's Club; Vajpayee himself is a Sai apologist who fully endorsed the Baba during his tenure as Indian Prime Minister and regularly visited the Baba to consult him on matters of government policy, so much so that it would not be out of place to state that Vajpayee and Sai Baba walk hand-in-hand. After all, they have known each other for seventeen years. Vajpayee is also known for penning a letter publicly damning the very serious and widely-reported allegations of homosexual paedophilia and involvement in murders levelled at Sai Baba. Among other things, the letter stated that the allegations were "baseless, malicious and scurrillous" as well as being made by people with "vested interests".

Interestingly he has never responded to his Open Letter, nor to the hundreds of complaints that he has personally received about the Baba's misconduct and involvement in debased affairs. Suffice it to say that Vajpayee himself never bothered to properly investigate Sathya Sai Baba or the nature of the complaints against him which would explain his regular and opportune mettings with the same. Now could any of Vajpayee's Cabinet respond reasonably and assuredly to the complaints.

It is with an increased sense of trepidation that we watch these events unfold; Vajpayee's endorsement of Tharoor, another Sai Baba apologist and UN advisor who has ignored hundreds of complaints about his International Herald Tribune article, does not appear to be beset with good intentions. Needless to say, Sai Baba is bound to be "very happy" about these developments.

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Ban ALL Contact With Children!

I should quote a larger part of the drama report that I spoke about in a previous blog, especially since it vividly describes Sai Baba's interactions with the children after the play:

Swami rose from His seat and descended down the steps. He stood amidst the DJP children and posed for photographs. He came back but did not sit. He told all the children to sit down near Him. He stood holding the railing. One could see the love pouring out of His eyes. There was a plethora of Abhayahastas. He called some of the children and spoke to them. He blessed all the trinkets and other things that they had and also took all the letters they had to offer. It was only after about 7-8 minutes that He asked for the Aarthi to be taken. As the Aarthi was waved, Swami blessed everyone and went into the interview room. Then there were bhajans. Even during the bhajans Swami was 'lost' in the programme that had just been performed. He appeared very touched and happy. After bhajans He received Aarthi and retired to YM.

Jesus Cripes! Something should be done about Sai Baba's blatant drooling over innocent children. We have it on authority that an entire planeload of young boys are being flown to him later this year (more info soon) but this is ridiculous! Surrounding himself with children at every opportunity, staring them down "lovingly" and continuing to fantasise about it for a significant amount of time afterwards!

In a country like the UK, Sai Baba would be banned from having all contact with children for the rest of his life, what to speak of his name being put on the Sex Offender's Register.

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Sai Baba's Internet Ban CONFIRMED!

The Sai Exposé arguably began in 1999 with the publication of The Findings, a document produced by David and Faye Bailey, that was a compilation the experiences of other former devotee of Sai Baba that detailed serious charges of homosexual paedophilia, faked miracles, involvement in murders, and other things.

Shortly after the Finding's release and a mass exodus of Sai devotees from the movement, Sai Baba had the following to say in a public discourse:

"Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in future also you should not indulge in such wrong activities." - 15 October 1999

Along with other negative statements about the Internet in the same discourse, Sai devotees were faced with a very momentous decision to make: Obey or disobey Swami's order. The huge Sai-NET online satsangh was dismantled and discontinued as a direct result of Sai Baba's statements. As with all things, some chose to obey whereas others disobeyed. The Sai-NET was ressurrected as SATGURU with a new administration shortly after the shutdown and, understandably, the topic of Sai Baba's opinion of the Internet was the hot issue of the day. Aside from all the expected platitudes and rationalisations about how great the Internet was to communicate with devotees around the world, it soon became apparent that the online community of Sai devotees were busy trying to find a workaround Sai Baba's teaching by continuing to guiltily rationalise their continued online interaction.

Sai Baba, as usual, did not provide any consistency between his words and his actions; in February 2001, he personally inaugurated the official website of the Indian Sai Organisation. Several endorsed (and blessed) websites have sprung up since then. This exemplifies Sai Baba's typically hypocritical position in regards to any media that he considers a vice; bookish knowledge is geeky unless you're reading books by or about him, movies are evil unless they are about him, television is trash unless he is on it, the Internet is evil unless you are surfing his websites - what's going on here?

And so I heard that a drama was staged by the children of the Deenajanoddharana Patakam in Puttaparthi recently, in full view of Sai Baba and the assembled devotees. According to the report, one of the drama skits was along the following theme:

The futility of cell phones when one is not able to connect with the heart and the dangers of the internet if used indiscriminately for everything was highlighted. They also showed how television has today become televisham [telepoison].

So it seems that Sai Baba's contradictory policies on the Internet have earned their place in Sai lore so much so that they are dramatised by kids! I wonder what Swami had to say about this new and interesting development? Clearly he approved, according to the report:

Tears formed and dropped from the divine eyes. Swami was engrossed in the programme throughout and was very touched.

Yes, you read it right. He cried. The ban on Internet use for devotees is still active and doesn't look like it'll be lifted anytime soon.

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Another New Building Coming!

The very latest information coming direct from Puttaparthi suggests that another new building is on the way. As follows:

There is big construction going on in Puttaparthi. It's for a indoor stadium. Just a few days back Swami gave the go ahead and the work has started.

Jeepers Cripes! Does the construction ever end? It's not that long ago Sai Baba's new residence was completed and now what, pray tell, is the need for an "indoor" stadium when there is a perfectly good outdoor stadium that is hardly used? There is always some excuse or other to spend people's hard-earned and sincerely-donated money.

UPDATE June 27 2006: Updated reports give further information about the proposed stadium:

"The indoor stadium is being constructed near the music institute which is quite near to [the] Gokulam. At the construction site the trees have been cleared off, the ground and fundament work is going on; the construction was started last week with Swami's blessing."

Ah well, Swami's blessings! All is right with the world!

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25 June 2006

Discuss These Posts!

From today I've enabled 'Discuss this post!' tags at the end of each blog so as to provide a direct link to the Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, whereby readers can join in a discussion about the material on this blog.

Feel free to jump in!

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24 June 2006

A Strange Suicide Tale

Woman astrologer, son commit suicide

Salem, June 23: A 45-year-old astrologer and her 27-year-old son, who were recently arrested in connection with the death of her daughter-in-law, have allegedly committed suicide by hanging at their house.

The bodies of Jayalakshmi, also a vaastu expert, and Hari Krishnan were found by the police who broke open the door of the house yesterday after the neighbours complained of foul smell emanating from there, city Police Commissioner Gopalakrishnan said.

The duo were arrested last week in connection with the death of Hari Krishnan's wife, 25-year-old Priyadarshini, last month and released on conditional bail four days back. After being released on bail they had not come out of their house, he said quoting the neighbours.

In the suicide note reportedly found by the police, they have pleaded innocence. Priyadarshini had died after consuming poison.

They have also mentioned that they are taking the extreme step out of "shame and mental agony", police said.

They had also handed over their house and property to the Sai Baba Trust, Bangalore, the note said. (Agencies)

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Rationalists Boo Shashi Tharoor

An interesting article found on the Rationalist International website, penned by President Sanal Edamaruku himself:

India should withdraw Shashi Tharoor’s nomination

Sanal Edamaruku

President, Rationalist International

President, Indian Rationalist Association

I am shocked to hear that the Government of India has nominated Shashi Tharoor as its candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General. Shashi Tharoor - despite his carefully nurtured image as a suave and balanced intellectual - is a hardcore propagandist of obscurantism, miracle-belief and all kinds of superstitions, who does not miss a single opportunity to raise his voice in the international media in favour of paranormal claims and in praise of godmen and miracle mongers.

India has to be ashamed of Shashi Tharoor and his avowed positions. A progressive and forward looking country striving for a leadership position in a modern world would do itself a disservice by fielding a man to highest international positions, who has made it his program to promote ignorance and gullibility, the very scourges that held India back for centuries. The Indian Constitution declares scientific temperament as a fundamental duty of all citizens. How can India afford to nominate a man to the top UN post, who has ridiculed scientists and rationalists by defending the Ganesh milk drinking frenzy in 1995 as a real miracle?

When the world media came out to expose Indian godman Satya Saibaba, and his so-called miracles as well as his outrageous behavior towards many young devotees were documented in television clippings, the UNESCO distanced itself from Saibaba and cancelled a planned common project with him. Shashi Tharoor, however, did not hesitate to rush to the godman's rescue by singing his praise in international newspapers. In International Herald Tribune (dated 3 December 2002), Tharoor declared Saibaba’s conjuring trick of “producing holy ash” to be a miracle. He certified that Satya Saibaba did materialize gifts for his devotees from thin air and boasted that he himself was the recipient of a gold ring with nine embedded stones. The secret of the godman’s magic was already exposed by rationalists and his hand-sleight tricks were caught red-handed by television cameras and shown in television documentaries around the world. But Shashi Tharoor remained his staunch defender.

In the same article that appeared all around the Western world and is proudly reproduced in Tharoor's personal web-site, he expresses his position about India:

In the 1950s, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru declared dams and
factories to be "the new temples of modern India." What he
failed to recognise was that the old temples continued to
maintain their hold on the Indian imagination. The software
programs of the new information technology companies dotting
Bangalore's "Silicon Plateau" may be the new mantras of India,
but they supplement, rather than supplant, the old mantras
.... Saibaba and Infosys are, in fact, emblematic of an India
that somehow manages to live in several centuries at once.

If a person who has such sinister views about India and propagates them with arrogance can contest as India’s nominee for the UN top office, it is shameful for all progressive-minded Indians.

Shashi Tharoor does not limit his miracle mongering to his godman Satya Saibaba alone. In another article he writes about another “holy” figure:

She took to standing in a crucified position, and blood
appeared spontaneously on her hands and feet — the
stigmata of Christian lore. Like Saint Teresa of Avila
centuries earlier, she suffered seizures during which
she levitated: neighbors would come to her family home
on Fridays to see her suspended high against the wall
in a crucified pose.

Shashi Tharoor's nomination is bound to become a major embarrassment for India as he is an articulate and avowed propagator of blind faith and superstition, and ridicules the scientific outlook of India’s policy, enshrined in the Indian Constitution. If he becomes the UN Secretary-General, he will moreover cause serious damage to the reputation of the august
world organisation.

I call upon the Government of India to withdraw the nomination of Shashi Tharoor.

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Sai Baba: Old And Decrepit

Jesus Christ! I just came across these latest pictures of Sathya Sai Baba, showing him in an extremely poor state of health indeed! He is now positively pale, sweating and extremely weak. Fershure, he doesn't look like he has much time left.

Even then, he still has time for the kids:

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Shashi Tharoor: Next UN Sec-Gen?

Quite a hoo-ha surrounding Shashi Tharoor's candidature for the UN Secretary-General position after Kofi Annan vacates the position later this year. In some ways he looks the ideal man for the job on account of his long experience of working for the UN, and I personally like the idea of a fellow Indian achieving and working in a top job such as that.

But there are some very disturbing facts about Tharoor that should be brought to public attention that relate to his views on Sathya Sai Baba. For a start, Mr. Tharoor wrote a long and flattering article about the Baba for the International Herald Tribune, ignoring the very serious reports of homosexual paedophilia and criminal activities wrought by the same. Recently, a Sai Baba discussion group has recently re-posted this article, apparently in support of his UN bid. DnaIndia has subsequently published a report that questions Tharoor's candidature on this basis among other reasons:

Opposition to Tharoor has also come from an unexpected quarter. Sanal Edamaruku, President of the Indian Rationalist Association, has objected to Tharoor's nomination on grounds that Tharoor had defended Satya Sai Baba and his "miracles'' in the past.

"Tharoor, despite his carefully nurtured image as an intellectual, is a hardcore obscurantist.

He does not miss a single opportunity to raise his voice in the paranormal claims of godmen and miracle mongers,'' the association said in a statement.

The prevailing view among the Indian (and overseas) political intelligentsia is that he will not achieve the post, and a good thing too. We do not support or endorse paedophilia and murder apologists for the responsible position of the United Nations Secretary-General.

Sensational Update:

Tharoor UN Nomination Flops

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Hate Mail & Comment Note

It looks like the recent hate mail was not written by the original commenter who kindly referred to me as "brother", but by another person. As follows:

The brother style comment is from me. I am not sure of who gave the other "harsh" comment. May be you can check it from the IP.
I am a "FULLTIME Sai Devotee".

Thank you for the clarification and I apologise for the mix-up. I retract my own comments about the hate-mail poster resorting to foul language. Unfortunately the blog interface is not sufficiently advanced enough for me to differentiate people with their IPs and all commenters are posting under their own "honour" as it were. One way to help differentiate yourself from other commenters is not to identify yourself as 'Anonymous'.

It would be much better if commenters could identify themselves either by registering with Blogger (and thus getting their own blog), or make use of the 'Other' option when making a comment. This will enable posters to choose their names (and optional homepage URL) and stick by it. Pseudonyms are acceptable if necessary since I understand the need for anonymity sometimes but please, please, help me and yourselves by providing some sort of identity. Thank you for your co-operation.

On another note, I've received information from another source that also tells me of a mix-up with the Easwaramma High School and the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. In all honesty I cannot remember which institution I applied to but I am sure it is likely to be the Higher Secondary School, and so I have updated the original post to reflect that.

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23 June 2006

Swami Bua: Worth Checking Out?

A report on the No Sleep 'Till Mysore blog tells of a certain Swami Bua, a yoga teacher who reportedly taught a certain teenage Sathya Sai Baba. Could Swami Bua be one of the missing links?

He even looks the part:

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Hate Mail From Sai Devotees

Someone (probably the same person as before) left the following comment at my Institute Comments blog. It appears that there is some disparity between the Easwaramma High School and the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Both names seem familiar to me and I cannot recall exactly which institution I applied to, although I am sure that I would have applied to the correct one. I've visited the village many times and lived there for at least a month on any of my trips to see Sai Baba, and even have photos of the education and other buildings. Either way, I still find it to be a rather insignificant criticism in the face of the larger issues.

As for the rest of the comment, what can I say? The "brother" style of talking didn't last long and the Sai devotees have returned to doing what they do best: violently abusing former devotees of their beloved guru. Doesn't really reflect very well on him does it? No wonder such attacks are made anonymously. I apologise for the language.


See, I do understand that you have gone through the pain and trauma of running from pillar to post to secure admission. But what puzzles me is how can you so carelessly confuse the Easwaramma school with the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Both are completely different. The High school's medium of instruction is only English and is affliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, New Delhi) and the Easwaramma school is administered by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and the medium of instruction is Telugu. Sai Baba funded the building and the land. In other words, the children from the rich and literate families go to the High school and even there the education is completely free. Have you studied there? No! Have you lived there? No. And you comment that the post is from someone that has never been there. You remind me of the psycho cannibal "Hannibal Lecter" in the movie "The silence of the lambs". You definitely need therapy and treatment. If Sai Baba dies, atleast the world will mourn his death...because he has done something for the world. But if you die, you motherfucker, no one will even care, you are worse than the mess that the dogs leave on the sidewalk. Pooh..


This article carries an update.

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22 June 2006

An Imminent Revelation

I was reading through my Sai Baba books today while cross-referencing notes sent to me by a colleague for an entirely unrelated matter, only to find something very alarming. In a rush of excitement, I confirmed my suspicion by reading an extract from another book. After finding out this sensational information I started breathing heavily in excitement and could hardly contain myself.

For intellectual honesty and more cross-checking, I'll continue researching into this matter but at this stage I have no doubts that my information is correct. It can only get better.

Stay tuned for a shocking blog that will blow the lid off one of the most powerful myths of the Sai Baba movement.

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Institute Comments

A comment left at my recent Institute of Higher LIES post is as follows:

Easwaramba High School is not run by the Sai organisation. Its run the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Sai baba donated the land and also raised the school building."

I must admit that that someone calling me "brother" caught me off-guard, and may I say how refreshing and joyful it is to exchange views with someone who has clearly taken Sai Baba's teachings to heart. Although I have a lot of things to say about Sai Baba and his devotees, at the end of the day you have to acknowledge the fact that devotees, on the whole, are quite a nice bunch of folks.

In any case, the point about the Easwaramma High School being run by the Andhra Pradesh Govt., I'm not sure if this was true in 1993 when I made my application(s). If it is true then I stand corrected, but I respectfully fail to see what this has to do with the content of my post. I was basically discussing what I perceived to be a chaotic mess of crossed wires, big egos and at the end of the day, broken hearts. Even today I still find it extremely difficult to believe that Sai Baba does not have a say in the day-to-day running of the school, despite his regular meetings with faculty members and his own random visits and inspections of his school. Despite Government policy, is it really the case that applications and requests to join the school and personally approved by Sai Baba himself do not apply under "merit-based selection"? Clearly this applies to educaitonal merit of course, but you'd think that the Avatar would have his ways.

Also, I'm not sure of Sai Baba's legal position in the case of the Easwaramma High School. I know that he is the Chancellor of the University, but is the same true of the Institutes of Higher Medical Sciences and Higher Education respectively? What about the Easwaramma High School, is he in charge of that too. I wouldn't know. All I know is my own traumatic and painful experience which is something I have to live with on a daily basis.

Another comment reads as follows:

"Hello, just to let you know....The medium of instruction at Easwaramma High School is "Telugu" and not English. This school is for the local children from the Puttaparthi village. I hope you have the facts right or is your post just another vague and boring criticism? Or have you ran out of subject matter for your posts weirdo?"

Based on my long experience with violently abusive Sai devotees I'd make an educated guess and say that it was Lisa De Witt who penned the above, although this is open to question. In any case, this statement is highly incorrect. According to the prospectus of the Easwaramma High School (which I still have in my possession) tells me that the medium of instruction at said school is Telugu and English. It is also not just for the education of the local village children, although there is no bar to their applications. A number of well-off children from rich and literate families have joined the Easwaramma High School. Whoever this anonymous person is, they have clearly never been to Puttaparthi, been to the school, seen the headmasters, spoken to the students there or just be in general knowledge about it.

The other situation of calling me "weirdo" just highlights how nasty and malicious some devotees are, the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel. To trivialise and minimise a long-drawn out experience that caused me years of emotional pain and anguish by referring to me as a "weirdo" is something that I find to be extremely disgusting and morally abhorrent.

As for running out of subject matter, no chance. Regular readers of this blog would be advised to stay tuned as the next weeks will see unprecedented exposés of Sathya Sai Baba and his lies.

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21 June 2006

Some Mischief Afoot!

The torturous pedantry and paralytic catatonia of our critics never cease to amaze as well as amuse. Dedicated readers may have noticed the recent update to my article on Gerald 'Joe' Moreno where I have considered his latest actions (read: dreams) to be indicative of latent homosexuality.

One of Moreno's well-known (and predictable) strategies is to respond in kind, and so we expect a similar attack based on dreams. As if to prove me correct, I just discovered a visitor from New Mexico trying to search my blog for past posts where I may have related some dreams.

Indeed, the links point to an old post where I describe such a dream. Could it be our favourite New Mexican pervert? We thus predict that an attack will be levelled at us soon if only to show the public just how pathetic and shallow the criticisms of our critics are, when they find it absolutely impossible to answer our posts and defend Sai Baba to save their lives.

Just imagine, arguing about dreams. What a larf!

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Sai Baba on MySpace!

The miracles of the Technophile Avatar keep on continuing to amaze and astound.

First downloadable amrit, and now a personal page on MySpace.Com!

We recognise that Sai Baba is even in need of publicity to ensure a regular supply of gullible and spaced-out freak addicts to become his devotees, and it is only correct that he should have his own MySpace page as is popular with a host of musicians and actors.

Point your browsers here, and let the belly-laughs roll!

P.S. We know that this is simply a devotee's page, duh.

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Sathya Sai Institute of Higher LIES

It took a few days because I had to compose my thoughts but, relating to the posting of a recent announcement, the ceremony went ahead and a number of "dedicated devotees" received their golden bracelets (I wonder if they all fit perfectly?) for their hard work in Sai Baba's institutions. However, I some some extremely hard observations to make concerning the amount of propaganda that the announcement contained. As follows:

The Institute has several distinctive features. The more important among them are:

* Free Education: The Institute does not charge any type of fees - tuition fees, laboratory fees, library fees, examination fees, caution deposit and the like.

I've written about this before but it merits repeating again; the Sai education institutes do charge fees. When I applied to join Sai Baba's high school in 1993, the prospectus clearly stated that a fee of Rs. 3000 would be charged for whatever reason (administrative or other). The prospectus itself was Rs. 30, and so this clearly contradicts the lies being put out by the Puttaparthi Propaganda Machine. No need for hair-splitting here; even though my application was to join the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School it makes little difference if it is the Institute of Higher Learning (college) that is being referred to in the circular.

* An open admission policy enabling students from all over the country to seek admission to various courses, irrespective of income, class, creed, religion or region, making it truly national in character.
* Merit based selection through a very comprehensive testing and interviewing procedure giving adequate weightage to intellectual attainments and intuitive insight.

In my first interview (Jan 1993), my mother broached the subject of my joining Sai Baba's school with the Baba himself, to which he became evidently enthusiastic and asked if we had acquired the application forms. My mother replied that she would get them at Puttaparthi and Sai Baba agreed, telling us that we should come back the following June for my entrance into his school. Needless to say, the other group members in that interview room were besides themselves as they slowly figured out what was happening; Sai Baba was directly agreeing to my entrance in his school!
This exchange was repeated in a second interview; my mother again discussed my education with Sai Baba and also added that she had acquired the application forms. Sai Baba was again enthusiastic, asked a few further questions and reaffirmed that we should return the following June for entrance. "Ho jayega June," his exact words in Hindi.

At the outset I'll say that this issue represents one of the biggest traumas of my life so I will not get into it here except to discuss the propaganda policy in the announcement. I will relate my own experiences at a later date. So as we returned to the UK, filled in and sent off the application forms as normal and returned to Sai Baba at the appropriate time. The long and the short of it is that I did not join the school and the circumstances of this failure should raise more than an eyebrow. First of all, when we visited the Principal of the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School (I forget his name at the moment) he didn't seem at all amazed that Sai Baba himself had practically guaranteed my entry. His attitude, though polite, was unlike anything I would expect from a Sai devotee, being openly dismissive of Sai Baba's words.

In retrospect I feel that I can understand his position. After all, anyone could walk in off the street claiming to have been given permission from Sai Baba to join his school, but his attitude was decidedly weird. You'd think that, with Sai Baba being the avatar and all as well as the Lord and master of his own township and educational projects, his word would be law, but no, the Principal seemed determined to be awkward. Fairly enough, he said that we should submit our application through the normal way and the final list of names would be checked and entrants would be personally approved by Sai Baba himself. Upon being told that we have received permission from Sai Baba in an interview, the Principal merely replied, "But Swami didn't tell me!"

Can you just imagine? Here's this guy saying what I thought was absolutely incredulous; it wasn't enough that Sai Baba had personally approved me for entrance on the spot, but he also had to confirm this with the Principal! Of course, like I say, in retrospect I can understand these things in terms of administrative processes and the like, but again this was very puzzling to me as a fourteen-year-old boy, how the avatar apparently needed to agree and personally inform his staff of his choices! This theatrical performance was more or less repeated later that year when we visited the Principal to confirm if my application had been received. He did confirm it, and repeated his earlier statements about Sai Baba's direct approval of each applicant which was akin to "directly informing" the Principal of his choices.

The culture of Sai Baba's ashram should be noted: Almost everybody has an opinion on what Sai Baba really means when he says very vague things, or even about his specific statements. After talking to numerous devotees and other staff members, they all invariably stated, "Swami simply said 'June'. Which June it would be, he did not specify. Such are the ways of our Lord Swami!"

WHAT ?!?!

And that kind of talk actually passes by as high intellectualism in the Baba's ashram, not knowing anything about Sai Baba and what he says but simply offering their own mental speculations. Excusez-moi, but I do believe that they were seriously suggesting that I should return in June of every following year to take up my "chance" of being in his school? What kind of wacko administration is this? First I get Sai Baba's own direct permission for me to join his school, then this is subverted by the Principal who says that I must apply properly and get the Baba's approval again, and now just because no one has a clue about what's going on I must return every year?

This is the culture of Prashanthi Nilayam that has ruined so many people's lives; Sai Baba's pronouncements about this or that affair in people's private lives have caused them to hang on to his every word and wait for an oasis in the desert that turns out to be a mirage. He is a personified juggernaut who completely ruins lives, relationships and marriages in his wake. As I mentioned earlier, this whole affair became such a traumatic experience that I am still not entirely comfortable talking about it and will leave it for a future post. The long and short of the matter is that this whole brouhaha betrays an extremely chaotic organisation that hides behind a conceited veneer.

Although I did return to see Sai Baba in following years, just to visit him as well as the possibility of joining his education institutes in a "following June", the same scenario was repeated. When it became evident that I was too old to join the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, I thought that Sai Baba may have been referring to my admittance in the Institute of Higher Education either at Prashanthi or his Whitefield college. Prof. Anil Kumar was the Principal of the Whitefield college at the time and also knew due to our regularly meeting each other in the course of ashram life, even he smilingly shrugged his shoulders and cheerfully proclaimed how it is impossible to fathom the mysterious ways of the avatar. My foot!

Needless to say, I did not even bother applying to the Sai University when I reached the appropriate age. I simply could not live my life hinging on Sai Baba's carrot in a "will he? won't he?" paradox. I'm not at all concerned anymore about what Sai Baba himself said about my joining his school because for me it's one of the many things that he can stick where the sun doesn't shine.

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17 June 2006

Sathya Sai Education Announcement

The following announcement was received today in my inbox. I'm going to post it today and will comment on it tomorrow. This announcement is very disturbing on account of it's lies, and I know about this from personal experience. So read this for now and check back tomorrow.


An announcement to honour teachers of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was made after Swami’s evening darshan at Prasanthi Nilayam today. Tomorrow 18th June 2006 the selected teachers/ educator etc. will receive `Swarna Kankanam' for their outstanding service in providing the best education in the world. The Sai Institute has several distinctive features.
The more important among them are… Teachers must be examples of Love and Truth.
"Teachers are reservoirs from which, through the process of education, students draw the water of life. If one student is bad, only that student is affected. But if one teacher is bad, hundreds of students get spoiled."-Sai Baba

The Institute has several distinctive features. The more important among them are:

  • Free Education: The Institute does not charge any type of fees - tuition fees, laboratory fees, library fees, examination fees, caution deposit and the like.
  • An open admission policy enabling students from all over the country to seek admission to various courses, irrespective of income, class, creed, religion or region, making it truly national in character.
  • Merit based selection through a very comprehensive testing and interviewing procedure giving adequate weightage to intellectual attainments and intuitive insight.
  • A very favourable teacher-pupil ratio for closer rapport between students and faculty.
  • Residential character of the Institute with students and faculty staying on the Campuses.
  • Development of Scientific Research at the doctoral level relevant to the local and national needs; introduction of educational technology through the installation of a modern space theatre in rural surroundings providing an opportunity for the students and the faculty to develop various kinds of simulation exercises and also formulate programmes of a creative and constructive character.
  • Integrated courses of five years duration in order to promote talent.
  • Maximum number of working days, fuller utilisation of national holidays and important festivals for educational purposes and extension work.

The success of the Institute in upholding these high ideals may be judged from the fact that everything operates with clockwork precision. In particular, there is never any student unrest. Examinations are always held on schedule as announced, and the Annual Convocation of the Institute invariably takes place on November 22. Sai students are scattered throughout the Globe, and wherever they are, they remain committed to the values they had imbibed while studying.

The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was founded on November 22, 1981, by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. An autonomous body, it has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, and the University Grants Commission (UGC), as a Deemed University vide their notification no.F9-11/81-U.3 dt.10.11.1981. The Institute has been admcitted as a regular member of the Association of Indian Universities vide their letter no. Meet/Reg.Memb/86/97596 dt.20.4.1986.
The Institute which grew out of the Colleges founded earlier by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Anantapur (A.P.), Whitefield (near Bangalore, Karnataka) and Prasanthi Nilayam (A.P.), aims at imparting integral education, development of character being considered the primary objective of education.
In practical terms, the programmes offered by the Institute seek to combine the best of both our ancient traditions, and modern advancements. While the foundations are the eternal human values, the superstructure relates to today’s Society. The Institute subscribes wholly to the concept and practice of national integration and has adopted an open admission policy, based on merit, encouraging the enrollment of boys and girls from all over the country. In order to effectively mould the student’s personality, hostel living has been made compulsory and patterned in the ancient Gurukula style.

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Aged Avatar of the Age

From the June 14th Prashanti Bulletin:

"For most sessions, Bhagawan has been coming straight from His residence to the Mandir portico without taking a full darshan round. Using either the Porte or the Prius, Bhagawan alights near the interview room and walks inside. A few minutes before bhajans, He walks to the Bhajan Hall and sits on the throne there. Then He contines the Bhajan for around 45 minutes before taking Arati and leaving for His residence. Morning darshans have not had a fixed pattern: on Saturday Swami came at 8.45, on Sunday at 6.55 and did not come at all on Monday."

Boo hoo!

Having viewed video footage of the 80th Birthday celebrations I was surprised to note that, despite the ultra-high-tec look of the Baba's wheelchair, it is not an electric lever-powered model as you'd expect. This shows that, even when the Avatar of the Age has full technology at his disposal, he is still too lazy enough not to wheel himself around but insists on a couple of close and servile students nearby to push and pull him about, lifted into cars (yes, his new car is wheelchair-friendly!) and being taken down, and so on.

I have worked with people in wheelchairs, and the one thing that I am most amazed by is how they do their damndest to retain their independence and wheel themselves around as much as possible unless the situation calls for direct assistance. They have a sense of pride and do not like accepting help if it is not necessary, they do not like being mollycoddled. Although I accept that everybody has a different temperament, I am very surprised to see Sai Baba enjoying the servitude of his followers and accepting all of their assistance for the slightest of things almost as if nothing has happened.

Does he take letters these days? Yes he does, but mostly only the student's letters. And even then, he calls each student to come up and give their letters. The experience of darshan is obviously reduced due to the maneuverability (or not) of the non-motorised wheelchair. Add to that his increasing health problems and increased shivering that resemble the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease - we have an Aged Avatar of the Age on our hands.

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Incest Affair Confirmed And Concluded

As I flick through Love Is My Form in a serial manner, I failed to notice the spread dedicated to Sai Baba's parents on page 58, which offers us the following information in clear black-and-white print:

"Ratnakaram Pedda Venkama Raju, born in Puttaparthi in 1885, was the oldest son of Kondama Raju and Lakshamma. He grew up to marry his paternal cousin, the fourteen-year-old Easwaramma. Soon, the couple was blessed with three children - a son, Seshama Raju, and two daughters, Venkamma and Parvathamma."

It goes on of course, but it's nice to note that we find a reference in print to Sai Baba's disturbing incestuous origins. That too, in devotional literature.

Throughout this debate, we have seen ridiculous arguments put forward in defence of Sai baba that ranged from defending incest by posting Biblical references, to actually claiming that incest is a frequent and common affair in India. Not to mention the fact that, leaving aside the moral abhorrence of incest, it is not illegal.

I'd also like to mention the resounding success of the incest articles; Guruphiliac had something to say, and also the fact that all the articles were picked up and redistributed by pornographic spambots and are most probably placed in numerous incest porn indexes. You won't find me complaining about the free publicity no matter where it comes from. ;-)

In any case, here's what a colleague had to say after reading the article:

"Sathya Sai Baba always - no matter my feelings of deepest devotion - seemed by any token to look pretty odd weird to me."

Say no more. This conclusion has been reached - there are a number of things that are odd and weird about Sai Baba, his incestuous birth being just the latest to be exposed.

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14 June 2006

The "Sandweiss Principle"

For those who don't know who he is, Samuel H. Sandweiss, M.D., is a practising psychiatrist from San Diego, USA, who is also an author of two popular books about Sai Baba. Much of his fame arises from the fact that he has been close to Sai Baba since 1972 and has many tales to tell as a result. Incidentally his first book, 'Sai Baba: The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist', was the first book that I ever read about Sai Baba. I even told Sandweiss as much when I met him in the summer of 1997 in Sai Baba's ashram, to which he shyly appreciated my complimentary remarks.

But one thing had been nagging me in the back of my mind ever since I read the text; how could a person such as Sandweiss, a practising psychiatrist who knows so much about the innermost workings of the mind, buy into the notion of being "spiritually tested". I am currently a Psychology student and it boggles my mind to think that such an elementary occurrence could be taken as evidence of a higher reality.

Excuse my waffling, without delay I'll show you what I'm referring to. Describing the events of a private interview with Sai Baba and a few others, Sandweiss writes as follows:

"Jeff said that he had received a mantra from Indra Devi and wanted to know the correct way of saying it. Baba agreed to help. I knew that in advising people to repeat the name of God, Baba frequently instructs them to use a japamala, a religious necklace with 108 beads, similar to a rosary ... I said to myself, 'Ah ha! I bet Baba is going to create a japamala for Jeff.' As I watched him, he brought out from behind his back in his left hand what indeed appeared to be a japamala. He continued speaking to Jeff and it seemed to me that nobody else was looking at his left hand, that I was the only one who noticed it. My mind began to work.
"'Could it be that Baba is really just a cheap magician, who hides objects behind his back all the time - so forgetful that he takes this necklace from behind his back now and plays with it in front of my nose? ... What a stupid thought!' But even as my mind attempted to argue away its own doubt, I could feel my heart sinking. No, I would not let him trick me into thinking he is just a bad magician. He continued to talk to us, smiling blissfully, and I continued to watch his left hand carefully.
"Back it went behind his back, then out in front again, and I just knew he was going to give the japamala to Jeff as if he had materialized it. Then all of a sudden he made the familiar circular gesture with the right hand and there appeared in it a beautiful japamala - but quite different to the one in his left hand. The one I had seen in his left hand was gone. I was stupefied by this turn of events. My doubting was certainly not new. It raises its ugly head whenever I'm beginning to take pride in my faith, beginning to believe that it is solid and unshakeable. A fog of confusion comes over me; I know that Baba is destroying me, and I feel almost helpless before this reaction ...
"After this kind of demonstration, I've learned to say to myself, 'Sam, don't fall for any of those tricks, and don't be destroyed. Just expect nothing, want nothing and demand nothing.' I left the interview full of smiles rather than suspicions or hurt feelings, and Baba said we would be called back in another day or so for additional private interviews." - p. 137-139

Sandweiss describes this experience in the context of a chapter discussing Sai Baba's deliberate ignoring of him in order to effect the apparent destruction of his ego and mind, as well as subscribing to the concept of being "spiritually tested" to see if his faith in Sai Baba is whole. But in fairness to Sandweiss he is not the only one who thinks this way, they all do. Each and every one of Sai Baba's devotees affirm the experience of being tested and which they jocularly refer to as being placed in the "repair shop".

I don't need to state here that Sai Baba's suspicious behaviour in regards to materialisations have been observed by many other people; he has even been caught cheating on film. In light of my own discoveries, I have to wonder about the level of sanity and intelligence in these people, how do you figure direct observation of a fraudulent miracle and subsequent rationalisation of it, explicitly going against his own better judgement and instincts about poorly performed magic tricks? It seems to me that the one of the most basic principles of psychology, rationale, is not being applied here. Frankly I'm dumbfounded that a psychiatrist would even allow himself to think in this manner, exposing the depths of his own need to believe in Sai Baba.

It's no wonder that the (past and present) leaders of the International Sai Organisation deliberately ignore and dismiss reports of Sai Baba's fraudulence, child sex abuse, homosexual pedophilia relations and involvement in murders; many of them have been trained by Sai Baba himself according to the "Sandweiss Principle": Repress and kill your doubts and instincts; Become an automaton - Baba is God no matter what.


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Suffer Even More Children Unto Sai Baba

With references to the previous two blogs on this topic, a colleague contributed the following child-scare incident from the same book. Sai Baba spake thus:

"'Later, for High School studies, I had to go to Uravakonda. Till it was time to leave for school, I had to attend to many strenuous domestic chores. I had to go to a distant well to fetch water. My shoulders became sore from carrying the pole that had pots slung at either end. Though I worked so hard, my paternal aunt would beat me mercilessly for no reason whatsoever.'
"Listening to this, we all shed tears. He continued, 'One day, she slapped me so hard that my cheek became swollen. Next day, her son suddenly fell seriously ill and died. They never gave me food on time.'" - Anyatha Saranam Nasthi, p. 217

This is a little difficult to explain to the unfamiliar reader but I shall try as best as I can; In India there is a very far-reaching and extremely broad tradition of superstition that affects every dimension of life, and which is interspersed with the doctrine of karma ("As you sow, so shall you reap").

This karmic connection is especially notable for it's prevalence in everyday life. Let me give an example from my own life: Once when I was young, my cousin doubted that I was telling the truth about some childish affair (something like if I had drunk milk that day or not) and asked me to swear by God that I was telling the truth. Even though I deliberately lied, I proceeded to swear by God in a bid to prove that I was telling the "truth". Later that day I had an accident; I was combing my hair when I was called away by my cousin. I absent-mindedly put the comb on the dressing table and unwittingly knocked over a glass bottle of aftershave which smashed on the stone floor and the aftershave went everywhere. I was in mid-step and before I could realise what had happened in the flash of a few micro-seconds, it was too late and I slipped on the aftershave and twisted my ankle - The long and the short of it is that my cousin instantly knew what had happened; I had lied and had even sworn by God and what had happened to me was instant karma. As she was correct about the swearing issue, I could not refute her argument and, needless to say, I never swore by God again and even found some good advice on this matter.

Even though there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for my accident (inattentively and carelessly placing my comb), the above example as a whole serves to illustrate the concept of instant karma, a fundamental belief held by the vast majority of Indians and some other cultures too. With regards to the extract from Vijayamma's book, how does the concept of instant karma sit with Sai Baba? The very statement of the child's death is by way of clearly implying that it happened as a result of Sai Baba's allegedly being beaten. Why mention it otherwise?

In light of reports about Sai Baba's alleged superanatural powers, some have postulated that he indeed had something to do with the death of his cousin. And rightly so; what does this say about Sai Baba's supposed unconditional love towards all beings, not to mention his "legendary" tolerance of attacks from critics from all corners? He famously says: "Take one step towards me and I'll take ten steps towards you." What is this? "Slap me once and I'll kill you"? What is there to say that Sai Baba didn't physically kill the fellow, leaving aside the possibility of occult interference?

This is indeed a most harrowing development in the ongoing critical examination of Sai Baba's history. One can only wonder what effect he has had on the lives of many children, especially those whom he has sexualy abused in the most brutal manner. The earliest recorded instance of child abuse occurred in 1949 and has only grown in leaps and bounds. From simply boxing ears and a few slaps to outright killing is doubtlessly a most gruesome observation. And to think that he manages to get away with all such behaviour with impunity!

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13 June 2006

Food For Thought: How To Be A Good Sai Devotee

"You have to learn to read between the lies."

Bravo! Ne'er a truer word said!

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Caught Cheating On Video!

About a week ago, I was rummaging around in my loft looking for some of my older books on Sai Baba when I came across my "Sai video". This is a film that always had a special place in my heart, as it was a darshan movie that has a clip of Sai Baba coming upto me, blessing a picture, standing right in front of me and holding my hand before blessing me with a tap on my head. It was filmed in August 1997.

I decided to bring it down and watch it again, if only to re-familiarise myself with the moment. The interesting thing about this tape is that it is a rare three hour tape as compared to the other ones lasting 1 or 2 hours. In 1997 a film-maker was allowed to film darshans in Puttaparthi and his movies were sold in the Prashanthi Shopping Complex. Who knows what he was doing; maybe it was Atilio Spinello collecting darshan footage for his movies and who contributed copies of his footage to the ashram video shop out of generosity. In any case, these films were of variable length and my movie was one of the 3-hour ones. Thus I have 3 hours of unadulterated darshan footage.

As I rewinded the tape to watch it straight from the beginning, a wave of reminiscence washed over me especially when it got to "my" scene. It's really embarrassing to watch now, the camera seriously zooms in to me as I'm staring up Sai Baba's nose in awe. Then I remembered a scene that took place just before 'my' scene, Sai Baba materialised his famous vibhuti ash for a person. I rewound it straight back and watched it again.

Jumping Jackflash! Sai Baba is caught cheating on camera, in my video! The basic scene is that Sai Baba waves his right hand in the air in that famous "mystery" gesture, walks over to the crowd, reaches to a person from the middle of the crowd and taking his letter before proceeding to materialise vibhuti for a person in the front row. It's the familiar trick: holding a pellet of vibhuti ash (mix ash with water and dry it out into 'tablets') in his left hand, surreptitiously switching it into his right hand while hoping nobody notices and then just "materialise" it as if everything is normal. This scene is amazing in that, if only for a split second, Sai Baba makes the most amazing GOOF as you can actually see the vibhuti pellet in his right hand when he takes the letter!

To be fair, the cameraman is a devotee and so randomly zooms into Sai Baba's head and shoulders at inopportune times, so you can barely see the 'switch' from the left to the right hand although this is obvious to the trained eye. When Sai Baba reaches over to take a letter in his right hand you can actually see the vibhuti tablet, what a goof!

Then the movie cuts to 'my' scene. After that, a scene occurs where Sai Baba comes out of his apartment and calls a young boy over to him. They exchange a few words of conversation and the boy gives a letter to the Baba, who playfully slaps him (supposedly a "cute" gesture) before proceeding to materialise vibhuti and giving it to him.
Here's the trick: As Sai Baba comes out of his apartment, there is a vibhuti tablet in his left hand which is unseen because Baba is holding his robe in his left hand ostensibly to prevent himself from tripping up. Cue the boy and taking his letter. As Sai Baba is shown full-length, the camera clearly catches Sai Baba making the 'switch' from the left to the right hand under the cover of the letter in a sneaky manner. After he makes the switch, Sai Baba quickly "playfully" slaps the boy as a distraction device (since devotees will be caught up in how "cutely" Sai slapped the boy). Then Sai Baba "materialises" the vibhuti tablet, crushes it with his fingers and gives it to the boy.

This is nothing new to seasoned fomer devotees and other critics who are well familiar with the Movies section of Exbaba.Com; this was only very surprising and shocking to me because this occurs in a movie in my possession.It also makes you wonder how long Sai Baba has been getting away with this kind of deceptive behaviour and how much he relies on his awestricken devotees who will almost never notice these cheap tricks even if performed right in front of them. It is true what they say; do not get distracted by his face or his actions, always watch his hands. It is a well known fact that Sai Baba possesses monumental charisma (a large part of which may be projected onto him by devotees) and it is this charisma that blinds devotees.

What happened to the videos? The ashram soon halted the production of these regular videos just like they ban everything else more or less; books (even Sai Baba books!), pens, paper, cameras, binoculars, hearing aid batteries, bags and so forth. Gee, now I wonder why? Goodness knows how many times Sai Baba has been caught on camera performing his sloppy magic tricks that pass off as "miracles". Just imagine how many more instances I could find as I watch the full 3 hours of the tape!

Oh, and you can bet money on this, as soon as I figure out a way of transferring VHS footage into a digital format these two movie clips will be added to Exbaba.Com's movie section. Fer shure.

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12 June 2006

Incest Fiasco Continues To Amuse

The ridiculous incest-defence arguments keep rollin' in. A new contributor known just as plain ol' Dave) piped up the following:

"FYI, in India it is a common practice for a man to marry a first cousin on the mother's side (daughter of his uncle). This is not considered incest. (Incidentally, Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's first cousin). However, genetic diversity has been well maintained in India by the restriction of marriage within the same gotra (if you know what that means)."

First Prince Charles, now Prince Albert and Queen Victoria? Not forgetting Adam and Eve? I questioned Dave's knowledge (athough I already knew where he got his information), to which he condescendingly responded:

It pains me to have to respond to this 'exposed' person. (I will take a shower immediately after completing this post.)

However, just for his edification, he may refer to (there must be plenty of other sources if one cares to search/research).

The relevant statement (if he has difficulty reading such serious stuff) is : "there is a long tradition of uncle-niece marriage and unions between a man and his maternal uncle's daughter (mother's brother's daughter) in South India."

The main problem with this is that I had already read the exact same text on a Wikipedia page and I completely disagreed with it. First of all, this "Dave" clearly gets all of his information from the Internet and has probably never even been to India, much less enjoy a working knowledge of family dynamics in Indian society. He mentions 'gotra' (clan) but he doesn't understand that marrying within the same gotra is not quite the same as marrying your own blood relative. For example, I am of Sindhi ethnicity and it is quite likely that I will marry a Sindhi female. This doesn't mean that my future wife will be my blood relative.

However, I more or less agree with the idea that marrying within families is common practice... among out-of-the-way backward communities and tribals, not civilised society. Should this argument be employed, the unwitting ramification would be complete agreement that Sai Baba belongs to a backward community in an out-of-the-way hamlet (Puttaparthi) which is a fact recorded in all of the official biographies!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, this argument is as good as any to show the facts about Sai Baba and his sordid incestuous origins. The rib-tickling hilarity of the defences never fails to split my sides. I say to them: Keep It Up! :-)

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Sai Baba's Moksha Boo-Boo

Dedicated to Lisa De Witt.

I thought it would be amusing to include the following quote from Sai Baba as part of my email signature:

"For [the] Lord, both abuse and praise have no meaning. However, in the world many persons secure liberation Moksha by abusing the Lord, many other achieve salvation by adoring God ... But wicked persons achieve liberation more easily than those who love the Divine. The wicked person achieves merger in the Divine very quickly." - Sathya Sai Baba, 9th September 1992.

I intended for it to annoy Sai Baba devotees and it did! What could raise up their hackles more than the idea that the Baba's critics have a much better chance of attaining liberation that his devotees? :-) However, this quote is more evidence that Sai Baba's knowledge of theology and Vedantic philosophy is not quite up to standard. This is a huge topic so I'll explain as simply and as concisely as I can:

Sai Baba teaches that there are four types of moksha (liberation from the unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth). In order of importance, these are:

  • Saalokya - Liberation of living in the same abode as God.
  • Saaroopya - Liberation of attaining a form similar to that of the Lord.
  • Sameepya - Liberation of attaining proximity to the Lord.
  • Saayujya - Liberation of attaining mergence in the Lord.

All very well and good, but the Bhagavata Purana mentions a fifth type of moksha; sarsti, the liberation of attaining the same opulence as the Lord. What's the reason for Sai Baba not including this category or informing his devotees about it? Perhaps he is envious of someone equalling or surpassing his position on the rich list? That would make more sense.

In any case, the issue of attaining moksha remains. A stalwart saint (Sri Rupa Gosvami) performed a momentous task when he composed an encyclopaedia of 'bhakti' (devotion) - Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu - that has been copied and plagiarised by other religious traditions including Sai Baba's. The text itself promotes the opinion that devotion is the surest way to attaining liberation, and it's concise definition of devotion is as follows:

"Devoid of other desires, uncovered by jnana, karma and so forth, and favourable in the constant service of Krishna, that is the highest kind of devotion." - BRS 1.1.10

Please note the highlight; one of the major and overriding characteristics of pure devotion is it's favourability towards the service of the Lord. In other words, constantly thinking of the Lord with an attitude of love is the royal road to liberation. In stark contrast, those who constantly think of the Lord in an unfavourable way, i.e. by means of hatred, envy, and so on, such people are not granted the same privileges as a loving devotee.

Why is this, and why is liberation selectively bestowed? Even where common sense is concerned, are you more inclined to be kinder to your enemies than to your friends? The same logic operates in matters of devotion; liberation is granted according to the quality and proportion of your absorption in the Lord.

At the risk of repeating things discussed earlier, Kamsa was notorious for his constant absorption in thoughts of the Lord which were marked by the unfavourable characteristics of fear and hatred. However, due to the Lord's munificence and magnanimity, Kamsa was granted the boon of merging into the Lord's 'Brahman' effulgence. Here's the kicker: Whereas Kamsa's ultimate fate may be something of a surprise, it is interesting to note that some traditions consider this to be a lesser goal compared to what else is available, namely the other four types of liberation. As indicated by the scriptural reference, favourable devotion brings much higher things.

The long and the short of it is that Sai Baba has made a most extraordinary boo-boo in regards to his position on moksha; it makes little difference whether wicked and abusive people attain liberation more "quickly" than the devotees when the wicked ones are not granted the privilege of a loving relationship with the Lord, but something decidedly inferior. Even so, it's nice to see the Baba's devotees continuing to be annoyed at the thought of his critics attaining liberation faster (according to his own words) than they will. :-)

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