29 June 2006

Mounting Opposition To Shashi Tharoor

It seems that the Shashi Tharoor saga is set to continue until the chosen UN nominee will be named. In the meantime, we can have fun reporting and commenting on the various reports that come in.

Even among the blogosphere there are mixed reactions to Tharoor's nomination. Some support it on account of India's rising up in the world as a powerful economy, whereas others give it the thumbs-down since such an obvious agenda cannot slip by unnoticed. Ina ny case, I find most of the commenting to be rather thoughtful.

Cynical Nerd thinks that India's resources are better spent elsewhere, namely in strengthening ties with other developing nations. Pavan Rao wonders if India's interest will be properly served with an Indian heading the UN. This is echoed by Vande Maatharam and Desicritics, the latter of which presents many interesting reasons for why Tharoor's nomination is an unsuitable one. Whispers state that Tharoor hopes to get by on his way with words and charming smile, after lobbying hard in New Delhi of course. There is also the suggestion that, due to India's becoming a nuclear power and it's rising status, it is second only to China in terms of GDP and that any attempt to infiltrate the UN in this manner will destroy all hopes of India securing a seat on the Security Council. Ambitions ambitions, but whose?

What I find most amusing are the objections to his nomination by both Descritics and Unsorted are of the hirsute variety:

I suppose there are some good things about this dude, and maybe he'll make a decent general secretary. But the hair, lord almighty the hair. I'm sorry but it's just WRONG. The image of people like him and Abdul Kalam spending fifteen minutes in the mirror each morning, waxing and gelling and brushing and styling, makes me feel rather ill. Do they not know how stupid they look?

I suppose we should be grateful it's not a pony tail.

Sai Baba Exposed has no comment on this except a wry smile and a pointing finger:

Just look at it!

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