26 June 2006

Ban ALL Contact With Children!

I should quote a larger part of the drama report that I spoke about in a previous blog, especially since it vividly describes Sai Baba's interactions with the children after the play:

Swami rose from His seat and descended down the steps. He stood amidst the DJP children and posed for photographs. He came back but did not sit. He told all the children to sit down near Him. He stood holding the railing. One could see the love pouring out of His eyes. There was a plethora of Abhayahastas. He called some of the children and spoke to them. He blessed all the trinkets and other things that they had and also took all the letters they had to offer. It was only after about 7-8 minutes that He asked for the Aarthi to be taken. As the Aarthi was waved, Swami blessed everyone and went into the interview room. Then there were bhajans. Even during the bhajans Swami was 'lost' in the programme that had just been performed. He appeared very touched and happy. After bhajans He received Aarthi and retired to YM.

Jesus Cripes! Something should be done about Sai Baba's blatant drooling over innocent children. We have it on authority that an entire planeload of young boys are being flown to him later this year (more info soon) but this is ridiculous! Surrounding himself with children at every opportunity, staring them down "lovingly" and continuing to fantasise about it for a significant amount of time afterwards!

In a country like the UK, Sai Baba would be banned from having all contact with children for the rest of his life, what to speak of his name being put on the Sex Offender's Register.

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