30 March 2006

Sai Youth: SEX Update

I just spotted this quote from Sai Baba's latest discourse (23rd Feb 2006):

"Let Me remind you that the teachers in the Higher Secondary School will not hesitate to punish you whenever necessary if you go wrong. They have nothing against anybody, but they are duty bound to put you on the right track. If a teacher shirks his responsibility and condones your bad behaviour without giving a punishment, then he is a ‘guddi guru’ (blind teacher). He cannot be called a Guru in the real sense."

But when the daughter of a prominent Sai devotee gets caught sending love letters to a boy in a school that enforces very strict rules about the mixing of the sexes, she goes unpunished. I wonder why.

Interestingly Sai Baba made a revealing comment earlier in this discourse, which was given to the students:

"Swami will constantly be with such students, guarding and guiding them. I will give them everything. In fact, I am protecting several people in several ways; but, no one has realised this point till today."

No kidding.

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26 March 2006

Sai Youth: DRUGS

Sex / Drugs / Rock & Roll

Continuing the series that blows the lid on the activities of the Sai Youth, it shouldn't be any surprise that several members of my Sai Youth group were involved in taking drugs. No real names have been used to prevent embarrassment.

When you are at school and a majority of your friends regularly take drugs, you begin to recognise the signs. And so I could see the signs in several of the Sai Youth members of my local Sai center. I would have thought it was especially embarrassing considering that my center was one of the very popular ones and had a "high performance" reputation as far as seva and other organisational activities were concerned. I didn't know the extent of the problem nor did I knew exactly which drugs were used. I would have assumed that none of the "hard" drugs were being used (such as cocaine, heroin) but several members regularly smoked cannabis.

One day after the meetings were over I was hanging around outside the center with a couple of my Youth classmates. I can't remember how it happened but somehow the subject of drugs came up in our conversation. Through hints and gestures we let each other know that we were all familiar with the subject of regular use of cannabis amongst our peer group and that it was in easy supply, and I ended up being approached to provide them with it!

"Mike" and "Sam", I had known all along, were two of the several loose cannons in the group. Even though their public profile was high in that they made substantial contributions to the running of the center (involvement in seva, active youth membership, etc.) it was well known that Mike was a figure with an extroverted personality. Of course there's nothing wrong with that in itself, and I personally liked him and had a good relationship with him. I met many of the Youth boys at the first World Youth Conference in Puttaparthi (1997), where I had also met Mike and Sam and thus I had known them for several years before this event happened (around 2000 or thereabouts).

When Mike asked me if it was possible for me to acquire cannabis for him, I was actually annoyed by Sam's reaction to the whole conversation. He was blasé about it and didn't seem particularly bothered about this "drug deal" going down in a Sai center. I was even more annoyed because Sam was one of the Active Members - a Youth Committee within the Youth Committee that was responsible for the nuts and bolts of the whole Sai Youth Wing where finance and similar things were concerned. In fact, if I remember correctly, this took place right after an Active Member's Meeting which made it doubly shocking. I found it hard to understand how you can be a member of a select 'elite' group of Sai Youth and appear to have no scruples where everything else is concerned!

As if that wasn't enough, Mike's next remark left me flabbergasted. He told me that if or when I had acquired the cannabis, I shouldn't bring it to the center! In other words, I would have had to arrange to meet him outside Center meetings in order to hand it over to him.

So it would have been okay to give it to him outside the Center but not inside or near the Center because, Sai Baba might be watching and could get angry about it? I was disgusted at the double-standards of these two rascals and quickly took my leave.

"Never take meat, cigarettes, or other intoxicants and drugs." - Sathya Sai Baba

Of course I never acquired the cannabis for him because I never had any facility to do so in the first place. The whole exercise served to show me exactly how the main pillars of the Sai Youth were corrupt to the core. What was the use of coming to bhajan meetings and organising dramas and the like when there is clearly no problem with duplicitously indulging in bad habits? And drugs to boot, which rates much higher on the bad habit scale than picking your nose.

By way of interest, the drug problem amongst Sai devotees is not just restricted to the youth. It is open knowledge that drugs such as cannabis (and possibly harder drugs) are available to buy from "agents" in the Puttaparthi and Whitefield villages. The scale of the problem was revealed by Sai Baba himself in an impromptu talk for Western devotees one morning in the summer of 1994.

That is another story in itself so I'll just relate the salient points here: I used to be a regular hard seva worker in the Indian Canteen near the Whitefield ashram and could be found ther every morning and afternoon. One day I decided not to go for some reason - call it an inner prompting or whatever - and I felt tired and decided to go back to my room and have a lie-down after that morning's darshan. Another inner prompting around ten minutes later urged me to get up from bed and go for a little walk around the ashram. As soon as I stepped outside I saw large crowds rushing towards the marriage hall right outside Sai Baba's apartments. I have no idea how much Whitefield has changed since those days so I'm just relating according to my memories.

The sevadal volunteers were forcefully discriminating between Indian and Western devotees, and I was beckoned by one of them and told to go to the marriage hall and to take a seat there. Apparently Sai Baba had decided to give a spontaneous talk just for the Western devotees but it was difficult for me to understand what he was saying. This was not a talk in the normal sense of Sai Baba's habits; Instead of talking directly to the audience in Telugu and having it translated into English by someone else just like your typical discourse, he was just sitting in a chair and telling someone what to say. He had also randomly picked an Italian woman from the audience and have her translate the (English) translator's words into Italian.

Anyhow it was a nice event and a bit of a surprise. I found out from my mother later what Sai had been saying. It basically went like this: "You shouldn't buy drugs from the villagers outside the ashram. Drugs are bad for you and will seriously harm your health. Why are you here in a spiritual ashram if your interest is in taking drugs? There are police patrolling outside at all times, what if they catch you?" And so on and on. I think everyone was very shocked that Sai Baba was even talking about all of this and there were a lot of wide eyes around. "People are taking drugs here? NO WAY!"

In any case this just goes to show that not everyone who comes to Sai Baba "by his willing it" is squeaky clean. Many former drug-takers, even though they are currently devotees, continue to take drugs and not bat an eyelid at their own hypocrisy. Just imagine the fuss if I was in the habit of giving out the real names of the people concerned!

Sai Baba had ended his talk by letting us know that he would give a special discourse just for us Westerners the next day, but as I said earlier it's a whole other story that will make a great blog when I write about it. Stay tuned. :-)

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Sai Baba Recharges His Batteries

I came across the Pada website today, which is essentially a site dedicated to exposing (and ranting about) the evils of the Hare Krishna movement. More specifically, I chanced on some interesting information about Sai Baba within one of it's newsletters. Although the incident is hilarious, readers are advised to keep caution before clicking on the link as there is sensitive material there:

On Sai Baba: There maybe someone out there reading this article who remembers the incident. In the late eighties or early nineties, we were visiting friends at Kozhikode (Calicut. India). A mammoth publicity campaign was mounted advertising a festival at which Satya Sai Baba would preside. Along with a group of friends we merged with the milling throngs. A large "Ananta Sesa" had been constructed in the middle of an even larger fountain. "Sai Visnu" was scheduled to "appear" and mount his "Ananta bed", after which he would enlighten all with a discourse on his importance. Lights flashed and the PA system boogied Sai Baba bhajans. It was like a discount-miracle meeting in evangelical America. Soon Mr. Talcum Powder (vibhuti) made his appearance. After brief stops along the way to talk to the chosen (they seemed to swoon with his touch..if they only knew what he had been 'touching' earlier?), he ascended the fountain steps, walked across the bridgeway and mounted "Ananta Deva."

It soon became apparent to the crowd that "Ananta Deva" was not very happy with Mr. Sai Visnu. No sooner had he gone into a recline when his body began to twitch. Up he jumped, but the twitching didn't stop. His afro glowed blue as he hopped up and down in a Sai-disco dance-step unique to Sai Vaikuntha. We realized immediately there was a short circuit, and since Sai Baba was standing on a wet platform he was getting the full DC-current treatment. We can assure all Sai Baba followers; had that current been AC, he would be residing in an urn ....Sai-fry .....pure vibhuti.

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21 March 2006

Sai Baba: "Dickhead?" I'll Agree!

Warning! Graphic Language!

I spotted this blog entry that I found absolutely hilarious. Arthayoda (obviously a nickname) is an Indian blogger who described his recent break in Goa. On his return he came across a Sai Baba lookalike (complete with authentic afro). No big deal, until Lookalike started displaying symptoms of megalomania and behaviour not unlike the real Sai Baba!

It makes me wonder; exactly how many Swamis are on the planet right now, hidden and waiting to bloom?

For now just read, enjoy, and burst out laughing. :-)

"We passed the security check and sat in the lounge and as i looked up from my phone I could see a Sai baba lookalike (afro and all) walking around the airport lounge with a digicam right under a no photography board. I looked at my buddy and pointed out that this was bad for national security....with the Varanasi blasts and all that. I was told to shut up and count the minutes left to get onto the plane.

"As I painfully bided my time playing games on my phone while being distracted by the predominantly white crowd around me (I had truly grown sick of em). The discount airline that we had picked (I have to learn to stop looking for a bargain) had no shuttle to get us to the plane and we saw tons of people lugging their heavy baggage for 200 metres to the plane in what was about 32 degrees celsius and overhead sun. We got into the flight and were lucky to be seated next to a nice little indian lady reading a newspaper....normal I loved seeing them now.

"Saibaba lookalike was seated in the row of seats right ahead of us.....I was glad I had been lucky. The plane took off and the first words I heard from someone in a thick marathi accent were....I'm Shiva....(as in Shiva the God) are lucky to serve me. They had come out of the mouth of Saibaba lookalike who from the point on I shall refer to as Dickhead....and they were being said to this very pretty airhostess. Anyway, what we realised over the next 15 minutes is that dickhead was delusional and believed he was a god (I know this seems far fetched but it is the absolute and total truth and quoted word for word). I couldn't contain my laughter anymore....I mean I had seen so much in the last three days but this guy got the 'Freak'' award in my books.

"There were two german tourists sitting next to Dickhead who asked them if they were Australian.....that didn't draw a response so dickhead asked them if they were christian to which they replied in the affirmative.....Dickhead suddenly switched roles and became Jesus Christ - the second coming. Anyway, this went on all the way to Bombay and I was getting really tired....of course the fact that he was seated next to an emergency door and my buddy having asked me what would happen if dickhead pulled the lever had made me rather uneasy. The airline staff had handled the situation quite well by totally ignoring him and let him let loose quite a few religous and racial remarks and photography inside the plane."

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20 March 2006

Why Does Sai Baba Continue To Torture Himself?

In connection with my recent posts on the Lingam Night of 2006, I'm pleased to see SaiCast.Org presenting an video stream of the event. Was nice to see my old friend Kundra in the background though. Although I did not watch all of it (it's about an hour long) I couldn't help but notice Sai Baba's increasing fragility.

Goodness me, this must be the first time ever that he couldn't take the strain of standing while giving a discourse (at 42 minutes, 30 seconds), and had to sit down in his customised wheelchair to continue his talk to it's finale!

As I was watching and flicking forward to see the Lingam Birth section, I couldn't help noticing Sai Baba's pitiful and pathetic physical state. Goodness, being massaged by young male disciples in full public view and sipping water frequently, visibly shivering and shaking, it was actually quite painful to watch. He appears to be exhibiting all the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, and I actually found myself feeling sorry for the old fellow. Why put himself through such needless strain just to impress a bunch of followers who would believe any old excuse? He should have learnt his lesson on the Shivarathri night of 2004 wherein he collapsed in full view of the television cameras of the BBC and Indian Television.

All my sympathy completely evaporated when Sai Baba unexpectedly vomited forth this year's lingam in an inconspicuous manner. To be fair the footage is quite raw and thready even on a broadband connection and the picture quality isn't at all stunning, not to mention that the film has been spliced together in the Prashanti Digital Studio, so it's not possible to see if Sai Baba is doing any tricky manoeuvres with his hands or if the nearby students are secretly passing it to him as these scenes could have been edited out. I guess the ashram has learnt a few lessons from our Movie Section.

Make up your own minds. Fast forward the film (54 minutes 20 seconds) and just see how the lingam is ejaculated after just a completely casual sip of water which appears to be vomited out just as soon as Sai puts the cup down. Blink and you'll miss it. It looks just as if he spat it out.

I don't believe for one minute that golden egg came out of his body. What do you think?

Sai Baba completed the day's charade by giving away free cars and being surrounded by more young boys after being wheeled around the Kulwant Hall showing the lingam to the crowd. A good night's rest after a hard day's work, whaddya say?

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18 March 2006

Sai Youth: SEX

In this series I'd like to relate some memories and recollections of events that took place during my years as a member of the Youth Wing in the Sai Organisation.

As far as sex is concerned I can't say that I've directly witnessed or heard anything of the sort, but I am in no doubt that many of the youth wing had girlfriends (or boyfriends if they were girls). A couple of them fancied themselves as studmuffins and revelled in their image, even while present at the first World Youth Conference at Puttaparthi in 1997. Of course the Conference would be a good place to pick up girls, international Sai girls to boot, but more about that later.

As a young lad (I was a devotee through most of my teenage years), I was very surprised at how fellow Sai Youth dealt with the issue of having girlfriends. Obviously there were a few boys including myself harbouring a few crushes on the girls, but to my knowledge they were never acted upon. Who knows, though? I spent my first year of high school chasing the best-looking girl in the whole of the school and had a lot of fun doing that. By the second year, when I was firmly into Sai Baba, I had been reduced to a shadow of my former self; I had convinced myself that chasing girls was not something that a good boy would do especially since I was now an ambassador of sorts for Sai Baba. While I laboured under that delusion, my confidence had suffered a crushing blow and even if I did get close enough to a female devotee I didn't act on any crush I may have had. Of course, the 'no-mixing of the sexes' rule didn't help the situation either.

Oh God, what a stupid rule that is! I could talk endlessly about it's (im)practical effects but I'll save that for a rainy day. In any case, running after girls was a strict no-no and was also a serious inhibitor to my life outside of the Sai Center. When I think about it now I chuckle when I contemplate what my fellow youth must have thought; can you just imagine a group of over-hormonal teenagers all acting as if they are above and beyond one of the most natural and organic impulses of the human being? Such good boys and girls!

- * -
Pravin Wagh, an administrator of the now-defunct Sai-Net, personally told me in 1998 what Sai Baba had said in an interview he personally attended: "Youth must not think about sex."
- * -

1997 was the year of the first World Youth Conference. Needless to say, I was honoured to be a delegate and meet fellow youth from all over the world in order to share and exchange ideas by which our Lord Sai Baba's message could be spread throughout the world. Sai Baba himself seemed very impressed with my ideas; out of a contingent of 135+ boys he came up to me at one darshan and materialised vibhuti for me. 1997 was also the year I met Alaya Rahm, who was also a delegate. I witnessed Sai Baba showering him with attention and granting him interviews on practically a daily basis. Sadly, I now have an idea of what was happening in those interviews.

There's not much to talk about sex and the conference except to note how tasteless I found certain young males dressing up at night in baggy t-shirts and jeans, and walking all around the ashram with a girl at either side, exactly in the style of an American hip-hop artist. You know, like one of the bad boys and their 'bitches'. It didn't seem an ideal way to conduct oneself in the 'Kingdom of God'. More amusing conference hi-jinks appeared courtesy of the South African contingent. Sorry to say it, but man, those girls were horny! It was almost embarrassing the way they used to openly check out every male who crossed their path and immediately engage in a discussion about how 'hot' he was. Sorry if this upsets a few people but I'm just telling it like it was. How I laughed when I read the letter from J. Jegadeesan (pasted on the door of the Western Canteen) thanking everyone for making the conference a resounding success.

Which brings me neatly to my next point. I'm not sure when exactly this happened but I had an interesting conversation with an ex-student of Sai Baba's Easwaramma High School. The two children of my Center President decided that they wanted to withdraw from Sai Baba's school to come back to study and live in England. An interesting coincidence is that they both enrolled in my college and we used to meet frequently by virtue of our 'Sai' connection and also by having the same circle of friends.

Priya (not her real name) once discussed an incident that took place in her Puttaparthi school. According to her, the daughter of a very well-known Sai devotee (whose name I'll not reveal here) had been caught exchanging love letters with one of the schoolboys by 'devious' means. It was your typical 'drop and pick-up' system; the girl would write a letter and 'drop' it at a secret location which the boy would know about, who would later 'pick' it up, and the two would exchange message sin this way. Priya was especially convinced about this because she and a couple of friends had inadvertently discovered the girl's letter in the secret location and had been shocked at the contents. She claimed that they went and reported it to the school Principal. Judging by how there was a deafening public silence over this affair, the incident had been suppressed and covered-up, probably not to cause any embarrassment to the well-known father. Priya claimed to have been completely dismayed at the lack of action considering she was the one who discovered the letter. She was visibly dismayed as she told me her tale, even sighing when she related how ironic the girl's behaviour had been considering that her first words as a baby was 'Sai Ram'.

I had no reason to doubt Priya. She had spent most of her school life as a Sai student in Puttaparthi and would doubtless be knowledgeable and privy to all sorts of happenings in the school and ashram. It was very difficult for me to accept this as the truth, and in retrospect I realise that it was one of the factors that caused my leaving of the Sai Organisation.

At this point, you may be wondering why this is such a big deal. If a boy and a girl fall in love and make secret attempts to meet and what have you, so what? Isn't it the stuff of romance á la Romeo and Juliet? Besides, if schoolchildren "fall in love" with each other all over the planet, why then is this such a big deal?

This is the reason why this incident is so shocking; Sai Baba devotees are expected to believe that the Sai students are veritable angels on earth. Sai Baba himself frequently refers to them as 'pure gold' and has often stated that he devotes 75% of his time for them. The students are Sai Baba's big project to train the next generation and educate them properly in human values so that they usher in a new age of harmony and peace to the world. I myself had a very great respect and regard for the students after having made friends with several of them, especially considering that Sai Baba himself had enthusiastically told me in both my interviews with him that I should apply to become a student.

My world had crashed and burned.

For me to realise that things were not so perfect in the perfect world of Sai Baba was one of the most painful things I have ever had to feel. Despite all that I had witnessed at the youth conference and my years as a devotee, as well as putting Sai Baba's students on an ideological pedestal, it turned out that when all was said and done they were plain human beings just like you and me. I don't know why I had thought or was led to think any differently, that's propaganda and brainwashing for you!

Who knows what else goes on in Sai Baba's schools that are covered-up by their respective Principals? In 1997 I would have shuddered to think, but today I see it as something of a pitiable tragedy. It is not always a good idea to repress and suppress the sexual instinct, especially in the authoritarian environment of Sai Baba's schools where the mixing of the sexes is forbidden and harshly enforced. This is not to say that I advocate teenage pregnancy and the like, as the simple point I'm making is that life in Sai Baba's schools is just like life in any other.

On a related note, I now recall that a little book was published and donated to the ashram bookshop in 1997 to coincide with the World Youth Conference by some Indian devotees. Wonder of wonders, it was full of Sai Baba's quotes and advice to youth on how they should live their lives. And yes, there was enough about sex, girls, and how it is a bad thing to 'check them out'. I cannot find that book right now but I'll be posting some choice quotes from it when I do. That's a promise. ;-)



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12 March 2006

A Google First for Sai Baba Exposed!

I choked on my Coke and guffawed out loud when I was informed about a referral to this blog. Some guy from Canada input "contradictions on the christ" into Google, and guess what came up first?

Read it and weep! ;-)

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This is kind of funny..

Warning - Graphic Language!

I spotted this Livejournal entry where a blogger is apparently complaining about her friend's spending habits. The funny part is what she's spending it on:

Well kids, sorry to report that she is fully in the manner of Babylon in a big bad way. She has been consuming every chance she gets since payday. And she determined that she simply couldn’t wait 23 days for Deva’s package to arrive and so she went out and spent way too much money on expensive imports and nearly passed out when she went to Out Of The Past and spent $5.99 on Sai Baba’s Nag Champa incense!!! Holy fuck! The box she bought cost 15 fucking rupees in India. That is like 25 cents! She was so disappointed and she blamed the store. She welled up inside and was so upset. The mark up from 25 cents to 6 dollars is pretty significant. She was embarrassed to purchase it.

Good thing her God is not Sai Baba – she can’t afford to give regular offerings!

For less than the cost of her incense she was able to purchase a beautiful bag of curry from the Indian store downtown. And they sell the same package of incense for $4.99 – guess where she is buying her puja items from now on!!! Not at Out of the Past.! Grrrrrrrr. Oh my she is so angry about that! And she can’t help but wonder whether Indian’s are actually benefiting from the whole ordeal.

The whole thing is pretty hilarious to read anyhow.

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More On Shirdi Miracles

With a view to my last posting about how vibhuti and amrit miracles are not unique to Sathya Sai Baba, more reports are filtering in on how this phenomena occurs among devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba:

9th March 2006
Jai Sai Ram

There was only little difference in the Leela of Baba this week from the last week. This week persons attending the Sri Sai Amrit Vani were less due to the examinations of the kids. There were about 50-60 devotees who participated in the recitation of Sri Sai Amrit Vani in person from 11 to 12:30 Hrs.

Udi started appearing and dropping from the photos, as usual but from Tuesday the 7th March from the photo on the wall. From 8th March Udi started from the main photo and also other photos in mandir and other photos on the wall.

On 17th March we are going to Shirdi along with our son, daughter-in-law and her parents and from there we will go to Goa. As such we will be doing Sri Sai Amrit Vani on 23rd March at Goa and not at Sidhartha Extension, New Delhi.

Jai Sai Ram.

We were able to see the following Leelas of Baba on Thursday the 9th March 2006.

1. Udi started appearing and dropping from the photo on the wall from Tuesday and from the photo in the mandir on Wednesday the 8th March. As usual the words formed with Udi were again 'RAM' and 'SHAM' 'OM' and Trishool.

2. There was a lot of Water from the Charans. This water was collected in the plate. Water tasted and smelled of Chandan. After Amrit Vani this water was given to the devotees and again the plate was filled with water. Jai Sai Ram.

3. As usual Mrs. Gupta did her morning pooja and offered the Bhog to Baba. After the Sai Amrit Vani this box of bhog containing Boondi and Burfee was taken out by Mrs Gupta and we saw 'OM' was engraved on Burfee.

4. We could see the parts of the bhog on the lips of different photos and statue.

5. All the boxes of Prasad were blessed with Udi and People/devotee collected the Udi on the papers.

6. Lap of Mrs Gupta was filled with Udi during the Sai Amrit Vani. Beside Mrs Gupta many devotees also had Udi in their books of Sri Sai Amrit Vani. Which they also collected in papers.

7. Many devotees felt the presence of Baba during the recitation of Sai Amrit Vani in different ways.

8. The Charnamrit of Baba was also sweet as if some honey has been mixed into it.

9. One Sai Satcharitra, photos and the pandents of devotees kept in the Mandir by Mrs gupta were blessed with Udi.

Jai Sai Ram

Just goes to show, really.

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German Woman Alleges Rape In Puttaparthi

Although this is a relatively old story (September 2005), it's severity is nonetheless undiminished. At the very best (or worst) it reveals the deplorable attitude of law enforcement officials in Sai Baba's backyard.

Hyderabad, Sep 1 (IANS) A German devotee of spiritual guru Sathya Sai Baba has alleged that she was drugged and raped by two people in her rented flat in Andhra Pradesh's Puttaparthi town.

Police in the globally famous headquarters of the guru in Anantapur district, 400 km from here, Tuesday registered a case on the basis of her letter to the police chief and sent her for medical examination.

However, some top police officials said she appeared to be mentally disturbed.

Doctors at the Anantapur General Hospital Wednesday said she would be under observation for 48 hours, during which they would also conduct the necessary medical tests on her to find out if there was any truth in the charges.

In her complaint faxed to Director General of Police Swaranjit Sen, the German national alleged that she was drugged and repeatedly raped at Sai Nilayam apartments by the watchman and the manager of the apartment.

She said she arrived at Puttaparthi on July 4 and had been staying there since then, except for two breaks - when she went to Chennai.

She also stated that she was forced to complain to the chief as the local police had failed to take her complaint seriously.

However, a senior police official in the town said the woman was a drug addict and mentally unsound. 'It is hard to believe her statements. We have registered a case and the truth will come out after the probe.'

This is not the first time a foreign devotee has complained of being raped in Puttaparthi and police have dismissed the devotee as being mentally disturbed.

A few months ago, an Italian woman had alleged that locals had raped her in the town. Police responded by refusing to register a case and branding her mentally disturbed.

Hundreds of devotees including many from abroad, throng Puttaparthi to seek the blessings of Sai Baba, who claims to be a reincarnation of a Hindu god.

Sai Baba, who claims to have performed miracles like producing gold out of thin air, stopped performing miracles nearly 15 years ago when rationalists accused him of cheating people and disputed his claims of performing miracles.

His devotees include several heads of state and government, members of royal families and top politicians and bureaucrats of the country.

How lamentable it is when the police - the fellows who are supposed to provide help and succour - dismiss the tragedy and trauma of rape with a wave of the hand and claims of mental derangement! You can't really expect such easy diagnoses from people who are clearly untrained in medical issues and unqualified in psychopathology to walk around branding people as having a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Then you have to consider that this is not an isolated incident if an earlier report suggests an Italian woman was raped. How shocking that police would refuse to even register the case! You'd think that there's not much to do by way of paperwork in the "Kingdom of God", where the highlight of the day is being burned alive in the hot sun waiting in the darshan lines, but this is not an issue of someone stealing someone else's luggage or sandals. These women (who knows how many more there may be?) will have to be forced to come to terms with an event that should never have happened to them. As if the violation of body and soul was not bad enough, they have to suffer the indignity of being branded a loony.

How long do we have to wait before people wake up and realise that the Puttaparthi police are a banana bunch of buffoons? A documented fact about the 1993 murder case is how all the eyewitness statements of the police officers at the scene clearly contradict each other. The Police Chief himself was reportedly drunk at the time. It wouldn't surprised me at all if they were exposed as the ashram's paid goons.

And it's not just women who are under attack, men are too! When Jens Sethi was sexually molested by Sai Baba, he was harassed by the local police on a return trip to pick up his luggage! Although he had in his possession two printed-off pages from an Internet site that documented another sexual molestation by Sai Baba, is this any reason to confiscate his passport and run him out of town? It's no wonder that he lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor's office when he returned to his hometown of Munich, Germany.

One thing is clear: the police in Sai Baba's backyard are no better than zombie automatons who act on orders that come from "higher up", quite literally. You can forget about getting justice if anything happens to you. Woe betide you if a 'genuine' crime happens to you, least of all being sexually molested by the Supreme Pervlord, His Holiness Sai Baba himself!

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09 March 2006

Sai Baba Exposed Reaches Six-Month Milestone


I'm happy to give an excellent semiannual progress report for this blog. We've come a long way in our six months of existence, broadcasting content about the dark side of Sathya Sai Baba and bringing the knowledge to new and interested people.

We've hosted several new findings of Sai Baba's discourse errors in the case of the Bhagavatha boo-boo series and it's continuance, as well as his continuing denial about his status. We also discovered that the vibhuti (ash) and amrit phenoma is, surprisingly enough, not unique to Sathya Sai Baba.

On the philosophical side we've had discussions about the 16,000 wives, jiva issue, Krishna issue, meat problems, ignorance of devotees, disturbing attitudes, etcetera!

New exposés appeared in the form of the Sai Krishna Picture Imbroglio and Arnold Schulman's Serpentine Revelation.

We reported and logged Sai Baba in the limelight with our hilarious headline: Sai Baba Devotees Sued By Sai Baba Devotees and it's follow-ups, not to mention an upcoming trip to America. The wife of the new President of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Siranthi (Mahinda) Rajapakse, was unmasked as a Sai devotee upon requesting for entry into the Tirupathi shrine.

We've also provided new insights into Sai Baba's former betel nut addiction, the chosen people, the failed prophecies, the embarrassing failure of the Golden Age, Upanishad references, gluttony, flip-flopping, "free" education, hypnotic sex defence, evils of television and much more! Our candid re-telling of the Shivarathri 2004 tale brought us a top Google Blogsearch ranking for two weeks!

In January we initiated the Sai Baba: Copycat Watch! blog as a means of keeping track of the various Sai lookie-likeys out there. The International Sai Tribune also made a surprise appearance and has successfully managed to split our sides with uproarious laughter.

A facility was set up using a Google World Map that automatically updates on a daily basis to show the geographic location of our last unique 20 visitors.

As of March 9th, 2006, this blog has fifteen email subscribers and hundreds of readers. Here is our official Sitemeter traffic prediction:

We also receive high rankings on several search engines including Yahoo, MSN, Google, and a #1 Technorati ranking! Bloglines lists us at a respectable #2! IndianBloggers consistently lists us in the Top 5, averaging #3 and we even achieved #2 in our first week of being listed!

Google Blogsearch is especially encouraging for their recommended listing of both our blogs, and shows our posts has having the most relevant rankings:

As is my favourite motto: Things Can Only Get Better. :-)

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07 March 2006

Sai Baba: Demonising The Critics

I thought that it's about time a short presentation was made of how Sai Baba and his organisation hoods take due pleasure in characterising critics as scoundrels of the worst sort. And that's putting it mildly.

One of the great victories of the Sai Expose was a good four or five-page spread in India Today, which was published in time for Sai Baba's 75th Birthday. It was a wonderful present, and the Baba showed his appreciation for it in a long Christmas discourse later that year. Feel free to read the whole thing in full if you like, but here is a selection of the choicest quotes made by Sai Baba himself. Ask yourself if such comments are befitting of a spiritual teacher who preaches love and peace at times that suit him best:

"From time to time, many noble souls, endowed with immense spiritual power, have taken birth to propagate sacred teachings to the world. They struggled hard to make the world a good place to live in. But without understanding their noble intentions, foolish people tried to ridicule and persecute them."

"Jesus had twelve disciples. Judas was one of them. But he betrayed Jesus. At that time, there was only one Judas, but today there are many such ‘Judases.’"

"Today the world is engulfed in unrest because of the rise in the number of treacherous people like Judas. They are mean-minded and are easily tempted by money. Judas betrayed just for a few pieces of silver. Even two thousand years ago, money was the primary temptation of man. Because of their greed for money, people resorted to evil and unjust ways, destroyed truth and indulged in false propaganda. This was the case then, and it is the same even today."

"In the past, many evil-minded people were jealous of the divine personalities who attained worldwide fame through the teachings of truth and righteousness. Even today there is no dearth of such wicked people."

"Today many people are jealous of Sai as His name and fame are spreading far and wide. Neither they undertake any good activity themselves nor do they tolerate someone else doing good."

"Some people are so mean-minded that they do not want to understand and appreciate the sanctity associated with the activities. Have any of them been able to accomplish even one-thousandth part of what Sai baba is doing? No, no, no! It is only Sathya Sai Baba who has undertaken such noble tasks without a trace of selfishness."

"Why are those with a modicum of intelligence unable to recognize this truth? Why are they indulging in false propaganda? They are doing so due to their greed for money."

"People who try to obstruct sacred activities are not human beings to all. They are verily demons."

"Even if the whole world were to be filled with such demons, Sai’s resolve will never change."

"Some people out of their mean-mindedness are trying to tarnish the image of Sai Baba. I am not after name and fame. So, I do not lose anything by their false allegations. My glory will go on increasing day by day. It will never diminish even a bit if they were to publicise their false allegations in the whole world in bold letters."

"Some devotees seem to be perturbed over these false statements. They are not true devotees at all. Having known the mighty power of Sai, why should they be afraid of the ‘cawing of crows’? One should not get carried away by all that is written on walls, said in political meetings or the vulgar tales carried by the print media."

"Sathya Sai Baba has no trace of selfishness in Him. I am spending crores of rupees to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the downtrodden."

"These persons are unable to do even one thousandth part of what Sathya Sai Baba is doing for society, but shamelessly indulge in false allegations. Instead it would be better for them to follow Sathya Sai Baba and set an ideal to the rest of the world."

"I have no desires or ambitions. There is no trace of jealousy in Me. I am love personified. Love is My very life. Wisdom is the fruit that I grant. These two form the basis of My life."

"People who indulge in false allegations are bound to come to woe. Those who investigate such false publicity too will meet their doom. Money should be utilized to undertake righteous actions, not for evil purposes ... I am not afraid of any false propaganda that people may do. Why should I be afraid when I follow the path of truth, righteousness and love? Let people say what they want; I am not perturbed."

"Those who accuse [divine personalities] and put them to suffering commit the worst sin."

"The Messengers of Sathya Sai, Association of alumni of Anantapur College, are undertaking various service activities in many countries. They are encouraging their husbands also to take to the path of service. Our old students are working in various countries like Switzerland, America, Japan, China, Russia, etc. Some foreigners are trying to bribe them, asking them to fabricate stories against Sathya Sai Baba. In Switzerland, when one of our girl students was approached by someone asking her to concoct stories against Sai Baba, she got so enraged that she immediately took out her shoe to teach a lesson to that person. She asked him, 'Is this what your religion teaches? Is this the ideal that your religion propagates? Fie on you! Get out!' But there are some traitors like Judas, who are being bribed to level false charges against Sai Baba."

"Ultimately, what happened to Judas? He felt miserable for having betrayed Jesus for monetary gains. He shed tears of repentance. He hit himself, saying, 'Fie on me! I am a traitor. I betrayed my own Master and God.' Betrayal of God is the worst of all sins. Such betrayal can never be atoned for in any number of births. So, never try to betray God. Love all."

"All noble souls and incarnations in the past had also to put up with criticism. You may ask why at all such criticism should arise? Criticism, in fact, adds to their glory ... So, do not react to any criticism levelled against Swami or any other elder for that matter. Just brush it aside, saying, you have nothing to do with it."

"In future, you are going to witness many more glorious events. There is nothing that Sathya Sai Baba cannot accomplish. In fact, people would be struck with awe and wonder by His deeds. But His only aim is to make everybody happy."

"Accept everything good that comes your way. Ignore all that is bad. People may praise or criticize, but none can shake Sai. Sai lives in truth. None has been able to shake truth at any point of time."

"As faith increases, all the wickedness will perish."

"Do not pay heed to the criticism of others because you are not committing any mistake."

So basically, Sai Baba is accused of homosexual paedophilia, involvement in murders, financial scandals as well as a lot of weird stuff, and we're the bad guys?

If you think I'm being a little unfair in taking Sai Baba's emotive quotes out of context with a view to portray him as the mad hatter that he sounds like, please point your browsers to the Sai Critic - a website of Sai Baba apologists - who have compiled a large selection of the above quotes with their own creative headlines. Clearly these nutcases have been influenced by their guru to regard that anyone who just happens to have a less-than-favourable opinion of Sai Baba is a "Sai-basher" turncoat who MUST be earning a real packet!

I don't need to state the fact that Sai Baba's utterly malicious and spurious slanders about anti-Sai activists bribing and being bribed have absolutely no basis in truth. It just goes to show the desperate depths to which people will sink in order to protect the status quo.

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06 March 2006

Responding To Recent Feedback

An anonymous comment was left at my recent 'Guru Of The Month' blog. Here it is (in bold) along with my reply. Spelling and grammatical errors have been left untouched::

Dear One,
i am reminded of what i read in the Mahabharata, that the evil sisupala , who day and night thought evil of Sri Krishna, found liberation when Slayed by Him, just becoz he thought of Him alwys even if the thoughts were evil.i hope you find the same grace.

Thank you very much, dear one, although I'm unsure if that is a compliment or an insult. Some people might find being compared to a demonic and inimical figure to be rather flattering, but since I'm familiar with the Hindu tradition and also the mentality of Sai devotees/admirers I feel I can understand the subtleties behind this.

In any case, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss a little philosophy if I may since I find this to be a typical sentiment levelled against the critics of Sathya Sai Baba. The idea behind the story of Shishupala is that he was inimical to Lord Krishna since birth, and his hatred came to a climax when he witnessed Krishna being fully honoured at a public celebration. After spending a considerable amount of time insulting Krishna to the shock of the assembly, he was killed and his soul emerged from his body and was seen to merge into Krishna's lotus feet.

That's the story in brief. However, few people know that, according to the legend, Shishupala was actually a great devotee of the Lord and in his original form was one of the two gatekeepers of Vaikuntha, the Kingdom of Heaven. After mistakenly offending a group of spiritual sages, the gatekeepers Jaya and Vijaya were cursed by the sages to fall from Vaikuntha and become haters of the Lord. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, this curse was limited to three births that Jaya and Vijaya both had to undergo before they could be restored to their rightful position. These births were as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu (catalysts for the Varaha and Narasimha incarnations), Ravana and Kumbhakarna ("villains" of the Ramayana) and then lastly as Shishupala and Dantavaktra (connected with the Krishna incarnation).

The Shishupala incident is often cited as an explanation for anti-Sai behaviour (and their ultimate destination) by devotees and admirers of Sathya Sai Baba, but as can be seen above it is practically useless as an analogy considering the true state of their internal devotion. A better example to use would be Kamsa, the maternal uncle of Krishna who hated him from his birth and schemed in various ways to kill him. Hardly surprising, considering that Kamsa's presence on the planet was one of the reasons and catalysts for the Krishna incarnation. ;-)

Kamsa (pronounced 'Kuns' or 'Kunce') is a good example of a truly demonic figure whose constant thinking and meditation on Krishna consisted of pure hatred and fear. Since God is characterised as all-benevolent and all-spiritual, Kamsa did indeed attain liberation by being granted the opportunity to merge into the Lord's 'Brahman' effulgence after he was killed by Krishna, but there is a marked contrast in attitude.

Why are sadhakas (spiritual seekers) enjoined to love God and worship Him with devotion when the "same" result of liberation can be attained by hating Him á la Kamsa? One answer is referenced in an important verse of a chief Gaudiya Vaishnava scripture (entitled 'Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu') that states that pure love of God is attained by the favourable cultivation of devotion. In other words Kamsa's constant contemplation of God was characterised by fear and hatred and is thus considered unfavourable.

Whereas Kamsa's constant contemplation is nevertheless admirable in a way and since God is believed to be all-spiritual and so on, Kamsa was granted the boon of merging into the Lord's effulgence. While it may come as a shock and a surprise to you, some traditions consider this to be a lesser goal compared to what else is available. As indicated by the scriptural reference, favourable devotion brings much higher things.

Why have I spent so much time talking philosophy? Perhaps Sai devotees/admirers need to be taught a few things about the theology that they subscribe to, as simply paying lip-service to namesake 'demonic' figures without a more complete version of the situation and to mask a shocking ignorance of the vast Sanathana cornucopia leads to these sorts of embarrassing bumblings and boo-boos. So although I do appreciate the sentiment, I'm not so keen on reaching the same destination as Shishupala and Kamsa. Beyond that, I'm very sorry to state that I do not subscribe to the idea that Sai Baba is God or some sort of divine figure who has the power to afford liberation to those who think of him, even in an "evil" way. It is beyond me to understand how anything other than homosexual paedophilia, murders, financial scandals and so on can be regarded as anything other than evil.

You may have been a devottee for a decade, but you surely didnt learn much.

That's your opinion, of course. I wouldn't regard myself as a person who enjoys blowing his own trumpet, but I do believe that I learnt a lot during my time with Sathya Sai Baba. Although my interest was much more focused on the stories of his miracles rather than on his teachings, I couldn't help but notice the glaring discrepancies that existed in his works.

But apart from inadvertently displaying a knowledge of the Vedic philosophy that Sai Baba pretends to subscribe to, it really comes to something when your fellow Bal Vikas (Sunday School) students are so thick that they didn't even know the civil name of Sai Baba, 'Sathyanarayana Raju'?

i dont care if Baba is God, i dont care about His miracles, But one thing i know for sure, that He is the ocean of purity. i am not just a devotee but some one who has had a chance to witness things first hand.

It would be interesting if you could outline just a few of these things that you claim to have witnessed first-hand. If you're not talking about miracles, then I wonder what are you talking about?

Perhaps you speak this way in order to give an impression that your experience of Sai Baba is somehow more complete and far-reaching than that of others. Whereas I was a devotee for just over 10 years and had two interviews a number of us have had differing levels of close contact with Sai Baba, enough to speak authoritatively on certain matters. Robert Priddy, for instance, is an ex-Office Bearer of the Sai Organisation and played a major part in the formation of the Organisation in Norway. He also got to sit on the verandah. Another, Conny Larsson, was a close devotee who I personally met in the summer of 1994. Larsson was molested by Sai Baba.

All in all I reckon that just two ex-devotees who were close to Sai Baba constitute sufficient authority to speak on certain aspects of Sai Baba's personality and behaviour. Other than that, you might like to read a story about a copper bangle.

The evil that you see in Him is a reflection of whats within you.

Tsk, now you know that was a naughty thing to say, don't you?

We have a saying that when a thief sees a running man he thinks that the man must be a thief who is running from the cops, whereas if a devotee sees the running man he thinks that he is running towards the temple to worship his Lord.
May the Lord forgive you for you know not what you do!

Er, thanks, I think. We also have a saying that is wholly applicable to the Sai Baba situation if I do say so myself:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke

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Guru Of The Month!

Go on, have a good larf. :-) Of all the things to judge a guru by, yes, it just has to be the all-important fashionable hairstyle. While we're at it, he could do with a new wardrobe too.

Someone call those Queer Eye For The Straight Guy people. It matters not that the Baba is himself a queer for he shall be in good company.

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Legalising The History

Nice to see Guruphiliac drawing attention to the Sai Baba issue again. In continuance with the comments I made over there, I find it interesting (not to mention hilarious) when our critics state and maintain that we anti-Sai activists have never filed a single court case in India with a view to bringing Sai Baba to justice.

Such people, whose "research" mainly consists of reading and memorising the archives of various Sai discussion forums, clearly have no knowledge of the various cases that have been brought forward in Indian courts. Since those boards have now shut down and in some cases have had their archives removed, I'm currently unable to link to any references or original material to support my views and can simply rely on my memory.

It was a few years ago that there was a big brouhaha about a court case having been brought forward against Sai Baba in the Supreme Court of India. Hari Sampath was the main plaintiff, and had even submitted a dossier to the CBI. For some reason that escapes me now, the case was referred to a lower court (High Court?) for due consideration. And after some time it appeared to have been thrown out altogether.

As I was then a devotee I joined with those in criticising and caterwauling Sampath, and it was only much later after my defection that I dicovered a few pertinent facts about the legal moves. I received a report that a Supreme Court Justice who was a well-known Sai devotee had interfered with the due process of law and had the case thrown out of court. Imagine that! A Supreme Court judge poking his nose in matters below his station (in the High Court or so) and pulling strings to get the case thrown out! And yes, I do know the name of that fellow.

Considering that it is open knowledge how Sai Baba counts several top justices (current and retired) amongst his devotees - P.N. Bhagawati and G.K. Damodar Row as notable examples - it isn't too far-fetched to suggest that there is a lot of cover-up going on.

Nowadays, I feel that I have to bite my lip in a mixture of both frustration and righteous anger every time I hear the nonsensical assertion that "Anti-Sai allegations are made despite NO court cases ever being filed, first-hand, in a court of law in India. Not even one alleged victim has utilized FREE, "world class legal resources" to bring Sathya Sai Baba to justice" and similar ranting. If people happened to get up off their backsides and do some real research into the matter and what has taken place, they might find a big wide world out there beyond Internet forums and their archives.

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05 March 2006

Amrit and Vibhuti Phenomena NOT UNIQUE to Sathya Sai

I saw this blog and noted the contents with great interest. Whereas I cannot vouch for it's absolute accuracy, it is a blog about Shirdi Sai Baba that is regularly updated with snippets of news, stories and the like, and I see no real reason to discount the tale.

In any case, it shows that the vibhuti (Shirdi Sai devotees call it 'udi') ash and amrit (honey nectar) materialisation phenomena appearing on pictures and idols of Sathya Sai Baba are not unique to him. Why, there is even a self-styled Kalki Bhagawan who has amrit appearing from his pictures.

In all honesty I had known about this Kalki fellow and his amrit drippings for a few years, which is why I find myself suppressing a smile (and perhaps a snigger or two) every time I hear a Sai devotee wax lyrical about some ash appearing on their photos. Nowadays, Kalki Bhagawan is heavily satirised.

Read the blog for yourself. I have formatted the text into several paragraphs for easy reading:


Today i was being called at Veenaji's place by BABA.As i reached there a bit early,i spoke with Veena Maa and Ashok uncle about BABA's leelas.

I asked Veena Maa to place my Sai Chalisa and my 2 lockets of SAI BABA in her mandir.As i went inside her mandir........i saw UDI on BABA's Photos,IDOLS,and Water was coming from the Charans and was being collected in the plate.Immediately Veena Maa called me and i could see my locket and Sai Chalisa being blessed with UDI......OTHER LOCKETS WERE ALSO BLESSED WITH UDI.This was before the Sai Amrit Vani .

Today also someone brought BABA's IDOLS.... Within no time the statue was blessed with Udi, lot of Udi. The persons attending the Sai Amrit Vani in person were more than 90. We could see the parts of the bhog on the lips of Baba. Different things were there on lips of Baba indifferent photos and statue.· More than 90 boxes Prasad were blessed with Udi and People/devotee collected the Udi on the papers. Sri Sai Amrit Vani started exactly at 11:04AM and Noon Aarti exactly at 12:00 Hrs. followed by brief Meditation and the prayer, 108 points from Sai Satcharitra were read ... and finally distribution of Prasad.

Today i met a new Forum member Kanika. Ashok ji came and introduced her saying she is from your Forum.I felt very happy and thanked BABA. All these experiences are difficult to put in words.

Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.


Dipika Duggal

What did I tell you?

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02 March 2006

Sai Baba: Speed Demon

I / II / II

According to the official report of the Shivaratri festival, Sai Baba has been giving (yes, giving!) cars away:

On the occasion of Mahashivarathri, Bhagawan felicitated five long-standing devotees for their invaluable contribution and dedicated service in Bhagawan's institutions and service projects, and gifted them each with a new car. The fortunate ones were -

Sri A.Ramakrishna, Former Vice-President of L&T, ECC Division. During his tenure, the reputed construction company executed a number of projects on behalf of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, most significantly, the water supply projects in the drought prone districts of Anantapur, Medak and Mahabubnagar in Andhra Pradesh and the metropolitan city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, as well as the two Super Speciality Hospitals.

Sri R.Kondala Rao, Technical consultant to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, for the water supply projects undertaken by Bhagawan.

Sri K.Chakravarthi, IAS (Retd.) who was the first Registrar of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, and is presently the Secretary of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust.

Prof. G.Venkataraman, a renowned scientist and former Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. Presently, he is the Vice-Chairman of the overseas wing of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, and also the in-charge of Radio Sai Global Harmony, the ashram radio service.

Sri K.R.Paramahamsa, IAS (Retd.), who has held various positions in Bhagawan's institutions and who is presently in charge of the 'Deena Janoddharana Pathakamu', the home for destitute children established by Bhagawan.

K. Chakravarthi is the same ashram secretary who rudely hung up the phone on Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph journalist, for making simple enquiries and asking for comments on the allegations of sexual abuse. According to the 'Divine Downfall' article, which was published by the Daily Telegraph, Brown notes the following:

"..Sai Baba has said nothing publicly about the allegations laid against him. When the Telegraph Magazine contacted K Chakravarthi, secretary of the Puttaparthi ashram, he said, 'We have no time for these matters. I have nothing to say' and terminated the call."

Such a conscientious man. And according to private sources, Chakravarthi also treated the BBC film crew in a similar manner. At the outset Chakravarthi was cordial towards the producer and even took him on a guided tour of the Super Speciality Hospital and other buildings. The minute the allegations were raised all bets were off and the BBC were practically thrown out of the ashram.

For this wonderful and upstanding behaviour, he is rewarded with a car.

G. Venkataraman is no better either. This is a person who, in the interests of damage control, downplayed and blatantly denied reports leaking from Sai Baba's ashram by devotees relating to Sai Baba's ill health, which caused him to change the schedule of his public appearances and also having his movements restricted to being driven around in a golf cart.

This is a person who penned an editorial that complained when letters are written to the (London) Times complaining about two articles they published. On top of that, in the same editorial he mocked Al and Alaya Rahm (who was brutally abused and raped by Sai Baba) for having their backs to the camera in the SEDUCED documentary! As if that wasn't enough, he then proceeded to give his own biased take on the UNESCO affair.

Naturally, he is rewarded with a new car.

After all, Sai Baba is simply felicitating them for their "invaluable contribution and dedicated service in Bhagawan's institutions and service projects".

Such are the rascals and scoundrels who indulge in dastardly endeavours underneath the sneering veneer of puffed-up self-righteousness and piety.

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01 March 2006

A Devotee Describes Lingam Night

Herein follows a report from a Sai devotee that describes Sai Baba's charade on Shivaratri night. I have formatted the text to make easy reading, and the spelling and grammar have been left untouched.

Saiarm to Most Beloved Sai Family all over the world

It was a memorable day to all of us here in Parthi. Last night the atmosphere in Kulwanth Hall was electrifying, Bhajans all night. The hall was almost full. After staying there till 12 I left to take rest and get ready for tomorrow(27). When I woke up this morning I never thought this day would turn out to be a memorable one, the day probably I was waiting for hundreds of birth.. The day when Swamy would give birth to the ATMA LINGAM.

Swamy came out around 6:20am bit early. By then the hall was packed and equal number of devotees waiting out side. Swamy took a round to the gents side also and took letters from few devotees. Swamy was cheerful and had no signs of weakness or LINGODBHAVAM… As the car stopped in the verandah, He got off from His car and walked to the dias as a student was holding His right hand. Every thing looked normal then. Swamy ordered boys to give away VISTARAKULU (Leaf plates used for serving food during marriages and mass gatherings). Heavy vessels of rice (tamarind rice and sweet rice ) were brought in the hall. It was just 7 then. All the devotees were making space for them selves so that the students can come in between the lines and serve food. Swamy asked for water and even then we all thought it was just normal even though He doesn’t asks for water very often when He comes to the dias. He drank the water and seemed bit unusual, as on other occasions when He drinks water, it looks as if He has just touched the glass to His lips and doesn’t look like drinking at all. But this time He consumed good quantity of the water and suddenly the Lingodbhavam symptoms were seen. All of us devotees assembled still thought it was normal. After few minutes it looked like He was actually doing it.

It was seven and the excitement was mounting up. By now the students and VIPs were on their feet.There was so much commotion. The bhajans were now SHIVA CENTRIC and all the familiar bhajans sung during Lingodbhavam started. All the devotees were expecting, the Lingam may come in any moment…. May be in a minute… May be five minutes…. All the devotees were excited happy and thanking their stars for making it possible for them to witness this DIVINE BOON.. Swamy seemed normal and all of us thought the Lingodbhavam would be a smooth sailing for Him unlike the 2004 Lingodbhavam where He made all of us frightened.

Every thing was looking normal.. Swamy continued drinking water….. 1 glass.. 2 glass..4.. 5… Now His body started to look bit uncomfortable.. All of us assembled there thought “Oh No… Swamy.. Not again… Please help your self”Sometimes He raised slightly from the chair… and sat… He bent His head… By now all the fans were pointed to Swamy… His hair dancing… reminding the Cosmic dance of Shiva…. Swamy called a professor and said something… He ran back to the bhajan singers… suddenly the bhajan stopped… and OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.. mantra was chanted. All of us joined them… The atmosphere in the Kulwanth hall was raising pressures… All of us were sweating as If the Lingam were coming from our stomach….. We could see the pain to Swamy’s body….. I was praying… Swamy help your self…. .. Nothing should happen even to your BODY…. By now.. Sathyajit was close to Swamy, talking to Swamy…. Swamy was telling Him something…. The pain clearly visible now…. Sathyajit was rubbing Swamy’s back….. Swamy was slightly bending to His left… Now He leaned bit forward.. there was His discourse table before Him…. Now He leaned bit more forward.. Now His chin just a few inchesfrom the table…. Now the devotees were really worried…. Many of us in tears.. the whole atmosphere was like that.. The OM NAMAH SHIVAYA mantra…. Swamy’s struggle…. there were loud shouts… many broke down and started crying like a child….. some chanting Gayatri Mantra…. Some keeping mum and witnessing the Lingodbhavam…..Some murmering.. why is Swamy doing this….. One man even commented.. after seven it is DUR MOHOORATAM(UNAUSPICIOUS TIME)

It was 7:40 by now.. and it was 40 minutes since Swamy’s BODY was struggling….Now He signaled another boy.. His index finger pointing His right shoulder. The boy started pressing Swamy’s right shoulder, another boy joined Him and now there were three boys, rubbing Swamy’s shoulder mildly.. Swamy was still leaning to His left… and He was getting weaker and weaker… and His hands were shivering while He was trying to wipe His sweating face. He could hardly do any thing… Now the bhajans started… Mrutunjaya Nama Om….. Om namah Shivaya….. Swamy was still drinking water emptying glasses as soon as they were filled.. Exactly at 8:20 the auspicious moment arrived amidst tears and cheers… Swamy took a Golden Oval shaped Lingam….. All of us breathed a sigh of relief….. though bit unhappy yet were thanking our stars and Swamy for letting us witness this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME …

Personally I was close to the dias hardly 30 meters from Swamy and had a mixed feelings witnessing the LORD OF THE LORDS CREATING THE UNIVERSE FROM HIS MOUTH….. After about 5 minutes, one professor came running infront of the dias and asked the boys to make way as Swamy was coming amidst them… I thought this it a golden opportunity… and in no time, I saw my self in the first row and Swamy will be passing right infront of me in few minutes….As I was thinking Here He comes… He was helped in His mobile Thorne, He was holding the Golden Linga in His right Hand high so that all of us can see it….His face glowing like a child, no pain what so ever.. I was astonished for a while, “Did I just see the Same Swamy’s BODY struggling… and here He comes with the world’s most beautiful smile.. He was actually coming in between us… I was still wonder struck as what’s happening… When I woke up this morning, I just prayed Swamy to atleast let me in …. But He made me witness the Lingodbhavam and now He is coming close to me with the same Linga… He will be right Infront of me in seconds…. And it will be for the first time that I will be seeing the ATMA LINGA right infront of my eyes….. Swamy was getting closer and closer, His gorgeous, Divine Charismatic face getting clearer and clearer to my sight…

Its been almost a month that Iam seeing Swamy so close and what an opportunity, Iam seeing Swamy with the Linga….. I saw the students touching His feet and He was stretching His left hand and students were touching His hand and even kissing… As He was getting closer to me I had no idea what to do.. If I had to speak what should I say….. After witnessing this DIVINE BOON all my worldly desires drained into a bottomless pit… I had no desires, no proposals to put infront of Swamy and no complaintswhat so ever and THAT IS SWAMY…. As we get close to Him He will lock our worldly mind…just to focus our total senses towards Him, towards God…. Now He was just a hand away from me.. He is looking into my eyes…. I had no words.. My heart crying…my hands and feet sweating…. Don’t know for how many births my Atma was longing for this Divine opportunity…. Sai Shiva with Linga…. I wanted to say something to Swamy…… He was smiling at me… Beautiful smile…. I said CHALA SANTHOSAM SWAMY (veryhappy Swamy), very happy for letting me in , very happy to witness the Lingodbhavam.. very very happy for letting me to see you so close… very very happy for making me turn inward…. By now He was right infront of me and Luckily my left hand reached His left divine lotus feet and touched His left hand…… It was just amazing…I remembered my first padanamaskar.. in the year 2000 on Onam day.. when He was walking I touched His right Divine Lotus Feet with my right hand then and now my left hand touching His left Divine Lotus Feet thus making a complete PADANAMASKAR which took almost 6 years….. While typing this message, tears are flowing from my eyes… I still can’t believe what has happened…

I have no idea how and why I was given this divine opportunity…. Some body has nicely said.. When Swamy’s blessings rains it pours….. I had done nothing very special the previous night.. I was not awake the whole night.. nor did I fast… I chanted Shiva mantra but not continuously.. and I am sure I have not done any thing so special in this birth that would have impressed God so immensly…. I don’t know what I have done in my previous births.. But one thing is for sure…He does this to let us realize our duties and transform us into ATMA SWAROOPAS…

It was such a great day for all of us.After 10 minutes Mr.Sanjay Sahani announced that Swamy would felicitate Mrs&Mr.Paramahamsa, the care takers of Sathya Sai orphan School run by Swamy.

Swamy gave a short talk seated on the chair and facing towards the ladies side.. He in His discourse appreciated the self less service of Mr.Mrs.Parama Hamsa and said all these boys are orphans and I(Swamy) have deposited 1Lakh (100 thousand rupees) on each student’s name in the bank and has also provided houses to them. He also promised to give them job and look after them till the end…He said, “Swamy is your mother and father… I will give you all that I have….” While saying this, Swamy’s voice sounded as if He broke down, and my friend confirmed that He did broke down. He is Lord of the Lords, but He comes down to Human Level some times, to under stand our pain and agony and there is so much feeling for the fellow beings in this episode, and a good lesson for all of us to feel other’s pain and sorrow…..

Swamy I have no idea as how I should express my gratitude… Sata Koti Pranams to You My Beloved Sai Ma…..

Sai Mata Pita Deena Bandu Sakha … Tere Charanomein Sai Mere Koti Pranam

Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik
Brahmanapalli Thanda village
Near Puttaparthi
Andhra Pradesh
India 515134

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