06 June 2006

Sai Baba: Born Of Incest


"A man born of incest
Will become Satan.
And the world as we know it
Will be no more." (Deuteronomy 17)

So began the ominous title scenes of Lost Souls, a horror movie starring Winona Ryder as a Catholic detective who tries to track down the incarnate Antichrist. Leaving aside that the quote doesn't exist in the Bible, I couldn't help musing over an issue that had long been the source of unease. Taking note of today's date (06/06/06), I chuckled to myself as I decided that I had better straighten it out once and for all.

The subject of Sai Baba's parentage is something that had brought up considerable suspicion in me; much is made of the alliances of Dasharatha and Kaushalya (the parents of Lord Rama), Vasudeva and Devaki - Nanda and Yashoda (Krishna's parents and foster-parents respectively) as well as Joseph and Mary. You'd think that, with Sai Baba allegedly the avatar of the Kali Age, much would be made of his parents too?

I've wondered as to why Sai Baba's father, Pedda Venkama Raju, is hardly spoken about as compared to the mother Easwaramma. I suspect that it has something to do with the Baba's emphatic preaching on motherhood, but it is certainly strange that he is not much spoken about anywhere. In sharp contrast, Easwaramma gets her own designated celebration that is commemorated every year on May 6th as 'Easwaramma Day', and even has a book dedicated to her mothering of Sai Baba courtesy of Prof. N. Kasturi. But even apart from all of that I had noticed that the parents were not much spoken of among devotees very much and this is understandable considering the relative scarcity of information about them, the celebrations and respect being somewhat obligatory. Putting it into persective we note that much more is known about Sai Baba than his parents or any other members of his family at that. I wonder why?

Kasturi briefly wrote about Easwaramma's parentage in his book 'Easwaramma: The Chosen Mother', noting the name of her father as Subba Raju. Describing the pilgrimage of Kondama Raju (Sai Baba's paternal grandfather) to the holy shrine of Srisailam and how he met some relatives along the way, Kasturi related as follows:

"He [Kondama] sought to persuade Subba Raju to sell his lands and home and come over to the Chitravathi area where land fed by the Bukkapatnam Tank was available for cultivation. Sensing Subba Raju's doubt and hesitation, he added an irresistible offer that clinched the matter; his son Pedda Venkapa would wed Subba Raju's daughter. It was in the Divine plan. Subba Raju reached the banks of the Chitravathi and settled at Karnatanagapalli opposite to Puttaparthi. The holy wedding was consummated as promised before God. She was barely fourteen. She came like a ray of sunshine. Beauty is a flower of the tree of virtue; she had it in ample measure."

- Easwaramma: The Chosen Mother, p. 16.

Noting the marriage between a girl of thirteen and a lad of eighteen, I was more struck at the name of Easwaramma's father: Subba Raju. Isn't it strange that the book specifically mentioned Kondama's meeting with relatives who incidentally shared the same surname? I was forced to contain my curiosity due to the lack of further information but after having recently acquired a copy of Love Is My Form, an independently-researched biography of Sai Baba that sheds new light on his early years, I found my suspicions confirmed. I sat open-mouthed in disbelief as I read through the relevant sections:

"Kondama Raju's pious wife, Lakshamma, bore him two sons: Pedda Venkama (Venkappa) Raju and Chinna Venkama (Venkappa) Raju - each, most likely, named after the great Venkavadhuta."
"Kondama Raju's younger sister, Venkata Subbamma, married Meesaraganda Subba Raju of Kolimigundla, a village in the Koilkuntla Taluk of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, then ruled by the Nizam of Hyderabad. They had six children - three sons and three daughters. Their eldest daughter was Easwaramma."

- Love Is My Form, p. 12-13.

Ok let's just sit back and take another look at that. I've taken the step of outlining the Raju genealogy with some Family Tree software to make things clearer:

Click to view larger version.

Sai Baba is listed therein under his birth name of Sathyanarayana Raju. Acknowledging that the family tree is much more complex than this I have restricted myself to tracing Sai Baba's direct paternal line to keep it simple. It tells us the following: Kondama Raju's younger sister married Subba Raju, which makes the two of them brothers-in-law. The birth of Easwaramma as the offspring of Subba makes her Kondama Raju's niece. Her subsequent marriage to Pedda Venkama (Kondama's son) means that the two of them were cousins.

Sai Baba was born
of incestuous relations

Not to speak of his siblings. The names and dates are all courtesy of the Love Is My Form text.

I have always maintained that the key to understanding Sai Baba is to understand his past. Even as a devotee I was fascinated by tales of his early life and still am; What this newly-unearthed and scandalous information holds for the future remains unknown at this time. Suffice to say that, at the very least, this is an excellent basis for further analysis of Sai Baba's psychopathology as well as the effects of the genetic predispositions.


This article has six follow-ups:

Sai Baba: Incestuous Reflections
Kasturi's (Incestuous) Revisionism
Far From the Incestuous Crowd
Incest Fiasco Continues To Amuse
Incest Affair Confirmed And Concluded
Sai Baba's Incestuous Sister

DISCLAIMER: I have been made aware that intermarriage is a rather common practice in South India and that the people of that region may find slurs about incest offensive. As Sai Baba was born and raised in South India and still resides there, his questionable family connections may thus be seen as a naturally-occurring event in that environment. I would like to clarify and confirm that I mean absolutely no offence to South Indians and I apologise for any offence caused. The aim of this blog is simply to investigate and research Sathya Sai Baba and that is what this post is about.

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  • Sai Baba EXPOSED,

    1. Sai Baba was borned to Pedda Venkamma(ppa ??) Raju (father) and Eswaramma (mother)

    2. Pedda Venkamma Raju was borned to Kondamma Raju(father) and Lakshamma(mother)

    3. Eswaramma was borned to Meesaraganda Subba Raju(father) and Venkata Subbamma(mother)

    4. Kondamma Raju(male) and Venkata Subbamma(female) are siblings(brother and sister).

    Validity by close relation: By local customs the marriage of Pedda Venkamma Raju and Eswaramma is not only valid but it is a *very common* practice.
    Age: Given the year(old India) of the marriage though I am not sure of the legality, I am very sure it is not uncommon.

    Run this by some folks who lived in Andhra Pradesh before respodning to me. I can see that you don't know the "last name" nomanclature of Andhra Pradesh. "Raju" indicates caste but not the "last name". Naming is a little tricky in Andhra Pradesh.

    I am afraid you should research this and remove the incest claim immediately from your blog, to save your credibility.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 July, 2006 22:32  

  • As I've already answered the majority of your point here, I have nothing more to add except to say that I firmly disagree with your conention that such marriages are "normal practice".

    It may be widespread and it may be carried out even today, but that doesn't disprove my basic point that incest is morally abhorrent and as such, Sai Baba should have been more choosy about which family to take birth in. Avatars supposedly retain such exclusive rights.

    As for last names and so on, you're very welcome to explain your points there.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 04 July, 2006 02:06  

  • HHSSananda,

    You said "I have nothing more to add except to say that I firmly disagree with your conention that such marriages are "normal practice"

    What is the basis for your disagreement?

    - Beast Master

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 July, 2006 04:34  

  • The fact that incest is a morally abhorrent sexual perversion?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 06 July, 2006 05:26  

  • Dear Saiexposeananda,
    I am NOT a devotee of Sai Baba. I neither encourage nor discourage ppl who 'expose' him.

    However, the incest claim is far too stretched. Hindus have a profound sense of what is incest and what is not. You may have different views but that doesnot alter the Hindu situation. And Samskrit text are highly liable for misintrepretation unless intrepreted by a Pandit in context.

    Carry on your campaign. It will carry more crediblility if you argue on more substantive lines.

    By Blogger Pavan N Rao, at 24 July, 2006 12:45  

  • Man, all I can say is that you are creating some heavy duty karma. Why don't you turn all of your hatred for Sai Baba into something positive? Don't you have anything better to do with your life?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 August, 2006 17:44  

  • What is incest what is not ? It all depends on the kind of society and times you live. The entire humanity is an outcome of primitive incest. You and me are no exception. I think it is sentimentally and morally far better than the present fuck-n-divorce culture of the West. There were times when it was publicly OK to sleep with one's own mother, sister and daughter to increase human population.

    Please don't try to impose your Western/Judeo-Christian concepts of incest on the entire humanity.
    Every race of humanity now has its own version of incest taboos. So do the Telugu Hindus. But marrying a cousin is very common in Andhra since ages. Don't try to step into the shoes of God to tell them what is right and what is wrong. If you want to punish Saibaba or his parents for such a marriage, mind you, you'll have to hang the entire Telugu-speaking race of 100 million people because almost all of them, without exception, were born of such marriages.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2006 12:37  

  • What is incest ? and what is not ? Please educate me sir ! You and me are all products of incest, if we go back a little in history. There were times when it was publicly OK to sleep with one's own mother, sister and daughter with the express purpose of increasing the population of one's tribe/clan. If you ask me , I say it is far better than the present fad of fuck-n-divorce in the West. There is sentimental attachment in incest. Don't insult it and don't try to incriminate somebody on its basis. Whose business is it anyway if two related people decide to shut themselves up within the confines of four-walls? Not even God's, if you care to understand.

    Marrying a cousin is a well-established practice in that part of the world where Sathya Sai Baba lives. True, just like all other human races, they too have their
    strict version of incest taboos. But this practice is not incest in their eyes. So, whether a particular act amounts to incest or not, it all depends on the kind of society and times you live in. So, don't try to impose your Western/Judeo-Christian concept of incest on the entire humanity. Don't try to step in the shoes of God. If you want to punish Sathya Sai Baba or his parents for their marriage, you will have to hang all the 100 million members of the Telugu-speaking race, because almost all of them, without exception, were born of such marriages.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2006 12:56  

  • Dear 'Telugu' commenter,

    I can't read Telugu so I can't tell your name. Impressive font, by the way.

    Just two points:

    1 - I am not Judaeo-Christian. I am a born Hindu and born of Hindu parents, of Sindhi background. So my criticisms of Sai Baba are not coming from an "arrogant Westerner".

    2 - I accept the fact that families in certain areas of India have consanguinal ties, but that is not the subject of my post at all. I have no comment to make in prying into the affairs of thousands of Andhra and Karnataka families, as my sole concern is in highlighting concerns as related to Sathya Sai Baba.

    With that in mind, I guess we will have to disagree with our ideas of God. I do not think that if God took an incarnation He would be born in an inbred family. From our scriptures we know that Rama and Krishna were 'Raghukula Bhushana' and 'Yadukula Bhushana' respectively, meaning that They were the jewels of the Raghu and Yadu families. The scriptures maintain that in Kali-yuga many families will be led astray and intermarry without any respects to caste and creed, let alone within the same family. Consequently you would think that God would be born in a 'perfect' family that is free from such contaminants.

    Anyway, just to repeat, this is not about Andhra Telugu families and no offence is made to them. My purpose is about Sathya Sai Baba, that's all.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 26 October, 2006 01:43  

  • My dearest people (Especially to the author),

    From Christianity's point of view, did God not send Adam and Eve? Don't all Christians believe that everyone is everyone's brother / sister?

    People believe that Adam & Eve were the first human beings to populate the earth, is it not? How did the population grow then? Adam & Eve having given birth to their children must have somehow married their children to each other in order to form such a heavy populated earth now!

    So, following this view, you are the descendant of Adam & Eves, thus, whoever you marry will cause "INCEST" as you claim Sai Baba to be born of.

    Sai Baba may be born of "INCEST" as you've said, as you like. But that means, YOU TOO are born of "INCEST" and so is EVERYONE ELSE!

    Reflect yourself first before attempting to jump into unreasonable conclusions!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 April, 2007 15:52  

  • Dear Justified,

    if you wish to speak of "unreasonable conclusions", you might like to reflect on the fact that your "Adam and Eve" theory has already been addressed here.

    Needless to say, I do not necessarily agree that all human beings descended from Adam and Eve and neither is anyone required to believe this tale. Many people do not believe in religion, but in evolution. There was no Adam and Eve as far as evolution is concerned.

    And even if Adam and Eve existed, the gene pool has expanded considerably since their time so that any "incestuous" connections become largely insignificant. In this context, Sai Baba's parents were direct cousins so that's quite a narrowing of the gene pool.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 12 April, 2007 05:49  

  • (Laugh) How naive you are. Of course not everyone believes in Adam and Eve. However, that is not the main point. But there must have been a 'starting point' somehow. If that's the case, everyone must have come from 'somewhere', a source. And if you believe in a source, it means that you believe in God. So since everyone comes from the same source, is it not that everyone is committing 'INCEST' since we are all brothers and sisters then? Furthermore, if you believe in God, only then can you believe in the opposite of God - Satan. If you believe in God, thus, you will believe that He is the source, thus following your ideology then, in application to this, everyone is committing incest! Haha!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 April, 2007 09:33  

  • Tough beans, I do not believe in Satan either. Are you aware that in Hinduism there is no Satan? Demons, certainly, but no one "devil" figure.

    I'm glad you find this all very funny, I also find it absolutely hilarious when devotees of Sai Baba insist on his divinity which is tantamount to saying that they believe in an inbred god. Your arguments have no basis because, even in the olden days of Rama and Krishna a great emphasis was placed on the pedigree and noble birth of an individual. A corruption of this idea still continues in the present-day Indian caste system but the idea of high birth remains the same nevertheless.

    According to evolution there is no starting point. Even if there was, it would be ridiculous to suggest that current marriage practices are an extension of incest by any stretch of the imagination. All these vain arguments just to defend an inbred fool who claims to be God incarnate. That's funny.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 14 April, 2007 02:53  

  • There you go. You've just contradicted yourself! (Laugh) To talk about Sai Baba contradicting himself, you too are doing the same thing. Hah! The very first sentence in your blog about Sai Baba being born of incest is your quotation regarding those who are born of incest is equivalent to Satan! How foolish! (LOL!)If you do not believe in Satan, why paste that up just for the sake of arguing then?! It basically shows that your argument is just 'empty'! (HAH!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 April, 2007 15:14  

  • Why? Dare not post the previous post, which I have described on how you contradicted yourself? HAHAHA! So, these are 'OBJECTIVE' proofs I can see.. Now I can see HOW 'OBJECTIVE' you are! HAH!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2007 01:43  

  • No, I just don't think it is a valuable use of my time to argue this subject with a believer like yourself; if you read the whole post properly you'll realise why I wrote what I wrote.

    And secondly, I do not check my email every day wondering if anyone has commented on my blog. I'm hardly going to rush to post non-urgent comments like yours in a bid to protect my reputation.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 16 April, 2007 02:53  

  • What reputation do you have left to protect, my dear Sanjay? HAHA! Furthermore, that quote you placed on top of the page doesn't even exist! You're still living in 'dreamland'. You really need psychological help, URGENTLY! How pitiful you are.. And yet, you need to vent this 'pitifulness' by throwing unjustified criticisms at SSB. How pitiful one is who cannot face themselves. (Laugh)!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 April, 2007 02:17  

  • Yeah, how fun. Internet Tough Guy. Easy to talk from behind a computer screen like some ordinary joe isn't it?

    More proof that you haven't even read the entry properly, especially where I specifically mentioned that the Bible quote doesn't exist. Do us both a favour and educate yourself on what I write before attempting to discuss my writings with me. It's even more pitiful that you are happy to accept that your guru/God is an inbreed. It's fine with me anyway, whatever floats your boat. :-)

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 18 April, 2007 03:44  

  • can you post the tree bigger ?
    were the cousins with same grand or great grand parents ? OR ?

    do you have dirt on INNERTUNING.COM
    shyam bhatnagar............another one worth exposing


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 April, 2007 19:59  

  • I can try to post a bigger version, I'll add it to my list of things to do. The date of Kondama Raju's death is wrong as well so that needs to be corrected.

    I have no idea about the grandparents, I'll try to find out.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 02 May, 2007 01:46  

  • Kunti and Vasudeva (Krishna's father) were brother and sister. Arjuna (Kunti's son)married Krishna's sister Subhadra. What would you like to call that?


    I think in your zest to attack Sai Baba you are losing focus. Stick to your facts. You have enough of them without having to stir up communal and religious sentiments.

    By Blogger ramsabi, at 20 May, 2007 19:06  

  • I must be late in posting my comment but it is better late than never. Hindus generally don't approve marriages between cousins and there are exceptions to this rule. The rule is one should not marry a person with the same 'Gothram' i.e., with the same sire in their geneology. In the case of south India these exceptions are more evident than in the north. One can marry once neice (Sister's daughter only) on the ground that sister's 'Gothram' has changed upon her marriage with a different person. There are also socio-economic angles to this exception. One is that as we are all aware of dowry system, the family can retain the lands and monies within the family, this is the economic angle as most of these marriages are performed in Agrarian families and this will prevent fragmentation of land holdings. The second angle is that of social significance. The grooms parents are basically the grand parents of the bride and they expect the bride to look after them in their old age as a new comer from a different family may not have the same allegiance towards the in-laws.

    The above is not true incase of paternal and maternal cousins as they are referred to brother and sister in Indian Culture though the maternal cousins may have different 'Gothrams' and some times paternal cousins also can have different 'Gothrams' due to adoptions (Mind you adoption also changes one's 'Gothram').

    The marriage between a neice and her uncle has sanctity in Hindu Marriage Act but it is not a blanket approval of all such marriages throughout India. They are only permitted in areas where the custom is prevalant like some south Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, karnataka etc.,

    The Hindu marriage Act is in Vogue since British Raj and hence your contention that SSB is born out of incest is utterly wrong.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 February, 2008 10:08  

  • i dont know about all this stuff
    but i personally find if some one likes incest then there should be no opposition.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 June, 2008 06:07  

  • My dear wat ever u said ok , But Wat Sai baba is doing for whole world Schools , Hospitals , Water Projects N Many Odr things , Can u do 1 % of that , If u can thn U cn also becum God As Sai baba Said every 1 is God , diff is He knws he is God n We dont . So Dear 1st Do Sumthng 4 odrs , Aftr that Say Sumthng abt Odrs . Dont Waste ur time in all these research . Do sumthng gud , feed sum poor , Provide edu to sum needy person Tab Baat Karna Samjh Gae sir Ji .

    Piyush kapil

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 July, 2009 20:06  

  • to Label marriage between cousins as incest is very ignorant of what is incest and what not,because cousins is the grey area in every culture and relegion.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 October, 2009 22:19  

  • Inbreeding with close family members causes all kinds of birth defects. (There is a long-standing joke about "flipper kids" [children born with flipper-like appendages instead of arms], that hints at such pairings). The typical stereotype of an inbreeder is the classic ill-bred, ignorant, low-class redneck.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 November, 2009 06:24  

  • I don't really care about whether incest is moral or not, but it is a fact that incest is unhealthy. The result of incest is child deformation, mental retardation, low immune system, etc. etc. This is common knowledge.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2010 17:29  

  • hai.. only thing i can surely say for you... if you din't close this topic, i will surely ban your adsense account.

    how you can eat your adsense income against the post of any religion or respectable people...

    i will watch your blog from today...
    if you don't close this then i will complaint this against you in google adsense section. Bec., your posting is against google adsense TOS....

    By Anonymous babadasan, at 07 April, 2010 11:47  

  • It would make a lot of sense if SSB was the result of an incestuous relationship. If reports of his androgyny is fact, then the answer is clear.

    By Anonymous Hindu, at 05 January, 2011 23:03  

  • Please do not confuse marriage amongst cousins and uncle/niece as incest.
    Exposing Baba is one thing and getting your basic ideas all muddled up is another .In your enthusiasm to expose Baba you are casting a slur on the social customs of South India .

    In spite of all the stories you have posted , it is still better if you post a forthright passage on why you stopped being a believer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 April, 2011 11:59  

  • I think you got it wrong. It is common in South India for uncles to marry their sister's daughters. Some cultures consider this incest - some do not. In North of India, marrying a girl from the same village is considered incest and worthy of death.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 April, 2011 05:32  

  • dickhead

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 May, 2011 18:56  

  • @HHSS
    First of all. The whole concept of sai baba sucks. I so dont believe in him nor anything superstitious.

    I would like to clear a few things as u dont have a good understanding of it. I 'd advice u to do some research before making statements / claims.

    U are confused about the caste / last names and gotra.
    and the concept of cousins in south india.

    There are two types of cousins. (As laughable as it may be to u, thats how it is)
    Type 1. equivalent to ur brother / sister.
    Type 2. the other is brother-inlaw/sis-in law.

    If they r children of mom's sisters or dad's brothers they are Type 1.

    If they r children of dad's sisters or mom's brothers they are type 2.

    And as for marriages
    marriages among with in a type is considered incest while marriage between one from type 1 and other from type 2 is not.

    I hope u can understand the difference.

    The caste / last name / clans / gotras are completely different than what u understand.

    A gotra is associated with a Family (or last) name. Marriages among same family names / gotras are incest.

    U mentioned u will marry a sindhi female or w/e. Thats what a clan / caste is
    U marry some one from the same caste (like raju, reddy, kamma, naidu etc) but not some one from same gotra.

    I hope this clears a few things for u. And I wish u exposed sai based on facts rather than ur own feelings. It 'd be great if everyone understands what a fraud he is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2011 22:16  

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