23 June 2006

Hate Mail From Sai Devotees

Someone (probably the same person as before) left the following comment at my Institute Comments blog. It appears that there is some disparity between the Easwaramma High School and the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Both names seem familiar to me and I cannot recall exactly which institution I applied to, although I am sure that I would have applied to the correct one. I've visited the village many times and lived there for at least a month on any of my trips to see Sai Baba, and even have photos of the education and other buildings. Either way, I still find it to be a rather insignificant criticism in the face of the larger issues.

As for the rest of the comment, what can I say? The "brother" style of talking didn't last long and the Sai devotees have returned to doing what they do best: violently abusing former devotees of their beloved guru. Doesn't really reflect very well on him does it? No wonder such attacks are made anonymously. I apologise for the language.


See, I do understand that you have gone through the pain and trauma of running from pillar to post to secure admission. But what puzzles me is how can you so carelessly confuse the Easwaramma school with the Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Both are completely different. The High school's medium of instruction is only English and is affliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE, New Delhi) and the Easwaramma school is administered by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh and the medium of instruction is Telugu. Sai Baba funded the building and the land. In other words, the children from the rich and literate families go to the High school and even there the education is completely free. Have you studied there? No! Have you lived there? No. And you comment that the post is from someone that has never been there. You remind me of the psycho cannibal "Hannibal Lecter" in the movie "The silence of the lambs". You definitely need therapy and treatment. If Sai Baba dies, atleast the world will mourn his death...because he has done something for the world. But if you die, you motherfucker, no one will even care, you are worse than the mess that the dogs leave on the sidewalk. Pooh..


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  • Brother,
    The brother style comment is from me. I am not sure of who gave the other "harsh" comment. May be you can check it from the IP.
    I am a "FULLTIME Sai Devotee".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 June, 2006 16:20  

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