10 July 2006

Sai Baba's New Indoor Stadium

Recently we spoke about the construction of a new indoor stadium in Puttaparthi, and asked why such a construction is necessary given the minimal use of the outdoor Hill View stadium. The latest Prasanthi Bulletin (Jul 7 2006) has furnished us with the details:

"Then Swami went to the site designated for the indoor stadium. The plans and all the details had been put up. The stadium would have an 8 metre-wide jogging track of 400 metres length, 2 shuttle badminton courts, 2 squash courts, a basketball court, 8 table-tennis courts, 2 volleyball courts and a lot more facilities and amenities. Swami performed the Bhoomi pooja and blessed the project. He showered the nine grains and had coconuts broken at the site. He also went out (in the sun!) on the wheeled chair to survey the area to be covered by the Satya Sai Sports Centre."

So there you go.

Given Swami's desperation keen enthusiasm for publicity and self-advertisement, we can be assured that much will be made of this construction when it is completed. Heaven knows, it may even be praised as "the best fitness centre in the world". Will these sports facilities be available for public use? If not, why not? If yes, do you think they will cream a lot of money off the gym subscriptions?

And what's the big deal if Sai Baba starts wheeling around in the sun? Perhaps he may want to top up his tan? It is summer, you know!

Oh, and by the way, the same bulletin informs us that Sai Baba's pet elephant - Sai Gita - is also having her bijou shelter renovated. Word on the street says that Swami wants her new shelter to be "ornate and well designed". You know, while we're talking of Gita, Sai Baba might want to send her along for some intensive training sessions. We've all sat there at the ashram and cringed while Gita embarrassed herself and everyone else by relaxing her bowels and letting it all go on every festival occasion. I feel sorry for the beguiled student who has to follow her from behind, keeping a close watch on her anus, and be ever ready to catch the flow in a golden bucket.

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