01 July 2006

Sai Baba Exposed Rising Fast

On May 11 2006, Gerald Moreno - my avid cyberstalker - wrote an extremely fanciful post that detailed his contemplations about the state of this blog. Under the ominous title of "SaiBabaExposed Blog Failing Fast", Gerald linked to my blog about IndianBloggers that discussed how I had reached the #1 position. It appears to me that some people are so blinded by their hatred and jealousy that they feel extremely bitter at seeing a simple measure of success. Gerald proceeded to make several untrue and false statements which we will comment on here. After commenting on my rise to #1, Gerald stated the following:

"What Sanjay forgot to tell everyone is that there are a grand-total of only 21 registered sites under the religion section."

And his point is? Whether it is 21 sites or 21,000 sites, this blog still reached #1. :-)

A mere 8 days later, his blog fell to fourth place with the LOWEST rating given to any blog listed there (2 blocks out of five)! Furthermore, for some mysterious reason, Sanjay keeps his site-stats hidden on his blog so no one can access them. It is entirely possible that Sanjay is generating fake hits for his own site and is hiding his site-stats so no one can catch him in the act. "Time to break out the champagne"? Not yet Sanjay. Cork it!
Update: May 11th 2006: Within a few hours after publishing this post, someone (I wonder who) bombarbed the Konkani Catholics Blog and Indian Muslims Blog with low ratings, attempting to make it seem like Sanjay's blog is not the only one with a low rating. It certainly seems that the ever-so-vindictive Dadlani purposely rated the others blogs low so he would not be alone in his poor ratings. Despicable!

How pathetic do you have to be to obsess over site ratings when there are tons of better and more interesting issues to think about in life?

In any case, what Mr. Moreno doesn't realise is that on sites such as IndianBloggers and BlogTopSites, ratings do not affect a site's ranking. As such, the position of a blog in their repective indexes is determined by the total amount of unique hits that a site receives. The unique hits are tracked by the indexing bot and the index itself is updated several times a day with a complete reset carried out every week or so when all rankings return to zero. In short, a site's ranking is determined by the number of people who visit it within a certain time period, and this ranking can change several times a day.

It is amusing to see Mr. Moreno rant on with his fanciful explanations of "ratings" and the like when ratings are simply the indication of a voting person's opinion of the site, and nothing more. Consequently all of the accusations that he hurls at me relating to receiving low ratings and harming the ratings of other sites stand null and void, and it is a wonder where he got these queer ideas from. More specifically, they are deliberately malicious and harmful in themselves. An interesting development means that I have sufficient evidence to suspect that it is none other than Mr. Moreno who is harming my ratings as well as maliciously attempting to get my blog removed from the blog indexes. How jealous and hateful do you have to be to deny others their right to freedom of speech, eh?

On the more hilarious side I have discovered that since Mr. Moreno wishes to carry on his cyberstalking activities by employing two stalkblogs all about me, he appears to have completely copied all of the methods that I have used to promote my own blog! For a start he has burned his own RSS Feed and made use of the accompanying promotional HTML codes to be used in advertising his stalkblog, even going so far as to register his stalkblog on BlogTopSites, that too in the 'religion' category! It makes me laugh to see my favourite critic defaming my blog and then copying my promotional strategies to advertise his own hate-blog against me.

Furthermore, he seems to make an issue out of the fact that I keep my blog statistics hidden from public view. This is likely the only truthful sentence in Mr. Moreno's entire diatribe and it deserves explanation; In the past Moreno has written critical articles about Exbaba.Com after viewing their public site statistics and similarly declaring the site as a "failure". When I registered this blog with Sitemeter, I decided to keep the statistics hidden from public view because I was suspicious of similar articles being written about this blog. It looks like I had nothing to worry about because the figures state that this blog is a wild success!

Besides that, only unique hits are recorded. This means that if a reader (any reader) accesses this blog several times, the statistics will record only one visit. There is also a facility to ignore all hits from a specific IP address including mine, so there is no use in accusing me of "generating fake hits" because this is impossible. My own visits to this blog are thus unrecorded. If Mr. Moreno desired to see my blog statistics, he simply had to submit a polite request. :-)

I registered this blog on January 23 2006. Here is a summary of the statistics so far, as of July 1st 2006:

(Click to enlarge)

So there you go: Nearly 8500 visitors since January 23, an average of 84 visitors per day, 6 visitors just today in the wee hours of the morning which adds to the 586 visitors this week. What more needs to be said?

Since Mr. Moreno penned his diatribe in early May, I decided to carry out a little experiment to satisfy myself on this issue; using statistics during the month would not be a fair test and so I decided to stand by for the entire month of June in order for the blog's raw statistics to be recorded as per normal operations. I had seen that I had over 1700 visitors at the end of May 2006 and I wanted to see if that could be replicated for June. Here is a screen-capture that I made just yesterday (31st June) that proved my expectation correct:

(Click to enlarge)

And if that wasn't enough I decided to take a look at my current statistics beginning with the month of July 2006, just for fun. What I found was truly remarkable:

(Click to enlarge)

Yes, that's right. Over 1800 visitors, that too indicating an influx of over a 100 visitors in the last 24 hours or so! The reason for the sharp drop is clearly because the statistics for July 2006 have not yet initialised. :-)

The story doesn't end here; out of sheer interest I decided to take a look at the statistics of Mr. Moreno's hateful stalkblog against me at BlogTopSites and this is what was reported:

(Click to enlarge)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Mr. Moreno's stalkblog really does have zero visitors even after shamelessly copying my own promotional strategies. If that wasn't all, the situation has remained the same (at zero) for at least the last two weeks as I have been monitoring these statistics. Proof positive that, for all of his blathering, hateful and jealous ravings and rantings about me, no one even bothers to read any of his tripe. So whose blog is failing fast? :-)

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