08 July 2006

Sai Baba Fitness Propaganda?

On several occasions, we have noted the marked deterioration of Sathya Sai Baba's health. Considering that the Baba's own public appearances betray his condition, we cannot help noticing that his symptoms are akin to Parkinson's Disease and this is obvious in photos, videos and devotee reports. When the Baba was in a better state of health, he regularly boasted that his fitness levels were superior to that of the average man due to his own observation of his teachings and not the divine power that he supposedly is. He is currently an extremely weak figure who relies on a wheelchair to get around. Although his mobility appears to be improving he is still far away from how he used to be and is not even completing full darshan rounds, much to the chagrin of male devotees.

I cannot help but feel rather cynical about this recent report I've received as it appears very much to be counter-propaganda. To set the scene, a devotee urges her fellows to listen and pay attention to the broadcasts of RadioSai and Dr. Venkataraman's programmes in particular. This story appears to be set in a school gym that apparently happens to be one of the Baba's own establishments. Spelling and grammar have been corrected. Here goes:

"Satyan, who was like a Tarzan - very fit and extremely sinuous and very fit in every sinew - couldn't escape a smile when Swami was talking about exercises not being associated with muscles. Satyan's smile was not missed by Swami, who does not miss anything as we all know by now, and He approached Satyan and asked him: "so you think I know nothing about exercises since i am so frail and so gentle to the touch? Okay come on, lets put it to the test."

Saying this Swami took the hand of Satyan and the bout started. It was probably historically the only instance when our Swami gave us a glimpse of His Real Self. Slowly, Satyan started to tighten his jaws and made his stance firmer and really made a fight about it though he never forgot that it was Swami's hand he was holding and he should not hurt him. But, now the battle was taken seriously by Satyan, who geared up...all this time Swami was beaming with geniality and emanating total harmony and love. Soon Satyan was joined by the other boys who with the fraternal spirit rose as one and took the opportunity of holding our beloved Swami's hand. It took just a precious moment of How our Swami displays some absolute truths about Who He is and Why the Avatar and Narayana, suddenly all the boys on the other side just came down as one...

"It was then that the boys said in one voice and all including Indireshwar [Fitness Instructor] who was narrating felt that it was the divine power. Swami in his gentle way and with madhuram aksharam said, "No, it is the unity and the purity of each and every thought action and deed by the physical presence of what you see as Swami."

So there you go. Want to test God? Roll up your sleeve and challege him to an arm-wrestling contest.

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