29 July 2006

Elephants Never Forget

An interesting tidbit we heard about Sai Gita - Sai Baba's pet elephant - recently in an interview with Pedda Reddy by Indian youth devotess:

Q: Tell us about Sai Geeta's early days.
A: Sai Geeta was very close to Swami those days. Everyday her duty would be to wait outside the Mandir in the morning and she would be ready with a garland. As soon as Swami would come out of the interview room, she would garland Him. Swami too was extremely affectionate towards her and would keep feeding her with delicious fruits etc. In fact, Swami would hold her trunk in His armpit and take her to the interview room. One day, she did not fit and that was the last time she went in. Swami would grant her interview for more than an hour each day. I wonder what He would speak to her.

Yes, we wonder too. Especially when you consider the queer story told by Hislop in his book 'My Baba and I', about how Sai Baba has told select devotees that after Sai Gita dies leaves her current body, she will be reborn as a human being. Not just any normal human, mind you, but a queen!

It makes us wonder if the elephant is preparing for the royal luxuries in the life to come by having a new shelter constructed on Sai Baba's approval, making sure that the new structure is to be "ornate". Indeed, Gita is already half-way into the royal luxuries given her taste for relaxing her bowels into a golden bucket.

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