13 July 2006

Devotee Reaction To India Terrorism

A Sai devotee and Mumbai resident had the following anguished statement to make in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in India:

"We are no animals we are human beings. It sounds as if people are crushed like insects. And still, that does not end up with this. It, impregnates the killing fear in the minds of people, who even fear to move out their doorstep. What life are we living here. Is it that the parasites would keep on threatning us with, by putting up the death bed which has laid down so many lives??. How long, How Long will it keep on continuing??? How long will innocent people loose their lives and keep on being the prey of the evil motives in this planet??? There is been blood all around. Being a Sai Bhakth, we could not do any thing for the innocent ones. Only one thing we could do is to pray for the lost lives and for their family to overcome this irreparable loss.
"As our Dear Sai Ram has said to us that 'We all have to go one day to the Almighty. Nothing will remain except ashes'. But I ask all of you, what will happen to this earth if these wreckless occurances keeps us blowing off all the time. It happened that Mumbai said to be one the most important comercial city after New York ..If such ruthless incidents occurs all around, the city would be completely engulfed into this mighty Volcano.

"By the Grace of Baba, my family and my dear friends are fit and fine but what about those who had been targeted. Our heart cries out, it weeps for the loss of peace, it weeps for the loss of harmony, it weeps for the lost treasure of the castle we all stay in, My mother land Mumbai."

We sympathise with these sentiments. The latest reports state that the death toll has risen to 183 and this is indeed a mournful situation. Other Sai devotees have spoken out in shock and roundly condemning the bomb blasts, banding together and urging everyone to keep the Mumbai dead and injured in their prayers. Other devotees have passed on information relating to the locations of various blood banks in Mumbai for the purposes of donating blood. We are sure that various Sai Seva Samithis around the country, and especially in the region of Maharashtra, have sprung into action and are already figuring out ways how to make a substantial relief contribution. All very admirable.

Yet Mr. Big Gun himself, Emperor Sai Nero, does not appear to have spoken a single word on the subject. Fiddling the boys while Mumbai burns seems to be more his style of things. Almost every day lately he has been enjoying drama performances and listening to orchestral recitals by both national and overseas devotees. Would a statement from him really achieve anything, though? If he deigns to open his mouth about this, you can bet money that it will be some typical hogwash about how it is their karma and that they must suffer it. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we noted earlier that Sai Baba has regular and continued meetings with both senior and junior government ministers who come to consult him for his opinions on national policies; Couldn't the magic omniscience have kicked in to at least warn of the impending terrorism disaster?

It makes us want to re-evaluate Sai Baba's allegedly predictive claims about Idi Amin's expulsion of Indians from Uganda, that he supposedly made four years in advance of the fact.

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  • Hi

    Thanks for that tought provoking article

    Your post made me think of the law and order situation in India - especially terrorism related issues

    What is the use in beating around the hindu muslim / India Pakistan etc etc issue ? Haven't Indians enough ink over the last 20 or so years since Ram Janmabhoomi or should I say over the last 60 years since partition of India and Pak ?

    AT LEAST NOW !, don't we need action ? don't we try and remove the ROOT CAUSE ??

    Isn't all this mayhem and bomb blast a law and order issue ?

    aren't there millions of Muslims and millions of non Muslims living in Canada, France .. Germany , Australia ... around the world. These places do NOT degenerate into the sort of Mumbai blast or mayhem we seen in our country ??

    why ?

    To me this looks like a pure law and order problem and out inability to control the thugs - especially in India

    Thuggery has become the order of the day - be it in politics, be it in encroachment, be it in education....., even parts of the media and cine are being taken over by Thugs

    Thuggery has to be tamed. Law and order restored. Time isn't far away when people will want a DICTATOR to come and rule us with an iron hand

    Democracy is for those who can respect it and use it well. It's like a delicate rose plant. You tend it and protect it, it will give you beauty and fragrance. However looking at some of the jokers in our country's politics and govt. machinery (including the corrupt police), I guess we are NOT eligible for a democracy....

    If one KPS gill can tame the punjab terrorists, we just need a few more such stern officers

    more at
    Terrorists as vote banks


    By Blogger Vinayak, at 30 July, 2006 15:06  

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