01 August 2006

New Series: Tal's Tidbits

I recently acquired a copy of 'Avatar of Night' by Tal Brooke. For those who do not know, Brooke was the first whistleblower who spilled the beans in regards to Sai Baba's sexual molestations of males and other homosexual behaviour. After being groomed by the Baba himself for the position of a close disciple, Brooke found that he could no longer pursue this goal in good conscience after experiencing sexual molestation firsthand as well as hearing that his compatriots had also been sexually fondled. This and many other issues forced Brooke to escape from Sai Baba's web with his sanity intact and his new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

On a personal level, I had read this book in it's former incarnation (known as 'Lord Of The Air' - read excerpts here) while I was still a schoolboy and a Sai devotee. I found it difficult to understand in some places but the thing that struck me as remarkable, then as now, was how Brooke had told his story in the layour of a spiritual journey, his own odyssey. The book reads very well; Brooke shows us what led to his interests in Sai Baba, his trip to India, his initial experiences with Baba, his further interaction and his grooming for the exclusive disciple role. It all leads one to think that there's no way that this guy could fall by the wayside. And then it happens. With piercing insight and descriptive metaphors, Brooke describes the circumstances that led to his defection as well as the events that took place immediately afterwards. All in all, he was with Sai Baba from January 1970 to September 1971.

This is truly an exciting book, it's reprinting affording the inclusion of many more photographs from Brooke's personal collection. Having recently flicked through my latest acquisition I can't help but be impressed all over again, so much so that I have decided to post little excerpts and 'tidbits' now and again that work as penetrating insights into the behaviour and character of Sai Baba and his mission.

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