04 July 2006

Even More Tharoor Tribulations

Looks like the ongoing political commentary on India's nomination of Shashi Tharoor for the UN Secretary-General post is increasingly sliding into the 'no' camp. The columnist TVR Shenoy asks the all-important question:

"Whose idea was it to propose Shashi Tharoor as India's nominee to succeed United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan? Was there any actual discussion in Delhi?"

Indeed. This is the stuff of conspiracy theories, something that Sai Baba Exposed is familiar with. After all, with the close involvement of important Sai figures in the UNESCO imbroglio, you can bet your bottom dollar that a Sai hand was responsible for these murky UN waters. Shenoy proceeds to make excellent points that highlight the downsides to Tharoor's attaining the position, not least the fact that India is being widely perceived as a rising superpower and that anything that Tharoor does to assist this rise will engender setbacks of the diplomatic kind:

"Shashi Tharoor shall flaunt his Indian passport when it suits him -- when it comes to being nominated -- but lay aside all duties of citizenship at other times. Rather than push India's interests vigorously he will maintain the seeming neutrality of a Pontius Pilate, a man whose post compels him to be undecided between Jesus and Barabbas ... Indian interests won't be advanced if Shashi Tharoor wins the election; they will, however, falter should he lose. I come back to my original question: Who sponsored his nomination, and what was the rationale offered?"

The Islamic Republic News Agency carries a similar story:

Close on the heels of Atal Bihari Vajpayee offering bouquet to India's nominee for UN Secretary General's job Shashi Tharoor, National Democratic Alliance (NDA)'s ally Janata Dal (United) (JD-U) has raised a discordant voice. Janata Dal has asked the Government to reconsider its decision and support a small country like Sri Lanka's nominee for the top job of the UN instead of "playing into the game plan of the United States." In a statement Digvijay Singh, the former Minister of State, for External Affairs in the NDA Government questioned the decision of the Government in choosing to back a `light weight' diplomat like Shashi Tharoor, a UNI report said here.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should explain to the people of the country, why he chose Tharoor to represent India? Who is he? And what are his contributions to the foreign policy?

It would not be out of place to take note of the fact that current Indian Premier, Dr. Manmohan Singh, is also connected with Sathya Sai Baba. The BBC 'Secret Swami' documentary broadcast a clip of Dr. Singh being garlanded while in attendance at one of the Baba's public functions.

Sai Baba Exposed
is increasingly disturbed at the prominence of Sai devotees and attachés who appear to be involved and drawn into with this issue of Tharoor's nomination. We expect that it will not be long before the Puttaparthi Propaganda Machine grinds into action yet again.

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