21 June 2006

Some Mischief Afoot!

The torturous pedantry and paralytic catatonia of our critics never cease to amaze as well as amuse. Dedicated readers may have noticed the recent update to my article on Gerald 'Joe' Moreno where I have considered his latest actions (read: dreams) to be indicative of latent homosexuality.

One of Moreno's well-known (and predictable) strategies is to respond in kind, and so we expect a similar attack based on dreams. As if to prove me correct, I just discovered a visitor from New Mexico trying to search my blog for past posts where I may have related some dreams.

Indeed, the links point to an old post where I describe such a dream. Could it be our favourite New Mexican pervert? We thus predict that an attack will be levelled at us soon if only to show the public just how pathetic and shallow the criticisms of our critics are, when they find it absolutely impossible to answer our posts and defend Sai Baba to save their lives.

Just imagine, arguing about dreams. What a larf!

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