27 September 2006

Shashi Tharoor Disowns Sai Baba

In a recent interview with Visi Tilak (hosted at Beliefnet), prospective UN Secretary-General candidate (India) Shashi Tharoor has voiced his refutation of the Rationalist International's call for the withdrawal of his candidature, claiming that he is not a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba.

Among other things, Tharoor admits that he is a practicing Hindu. One wonders to what extent one can praise Sai Baba in gushing terms (as Tharoor did in his 2002 contribution to the International Herald Tribune) while claiming non-devotion; in his article, he described his impressions of Sai Baba that he gained during a personal audience with him. And as if that was not enough, the Baba proceeded to "materialise" a gold nava-graha (nine gem) ring for him. While Tharoor claims that his mother is a devotee, we can also note that the Baba proceeded to materialise a small ash casket for her.

It's no wonder, thus, that after having his positively-slanted IHT article published in the face of numerous complaints about extremely serious allegations regarding Sai Baba's leanings towards homosexual paedophilia, involvement in murders and other disturbing issues, one could not be blamed for believing that Tharoor is a Sai devotee. It wasn't without grounds that Rationalist International called on the Indian Government to withdraw his candidature for the UN Sec-Gen job, for even Puttaparthilive.Com (a site run by residents of Sai Baba's home village) openly declared Tharoor as a devotee while fully endorsing and supporting his UN nomination.

We cannot help thinking that this is a cynical ploy by which, after Rationalist International's trenchant brouhaha as well as the ongoing commentary on this blog, Tharoor's mood has been adversely affected by such reporting and that his latest comments - in spite of his bias in favour of Sai Baba - represent a considered move to distance himself from the Baba and all of his associated scandals so that his UN candidature may prove successful. After all, the political community are already of the opinion that his successful nomination in light of India's rising status in world affair may effect a type of political nepotism, so it is unlikely that he will attain the post on those grounds.With this latest Tharoor development, it looks like this is one game that Sai Baba just won't win.

Sensational Update:

Tharoor UN Nomination Flops

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