25 September 2006

Sai Baba Rebirth Refuted

Sathya Sai council refutes news [ 2006-9-22 ]

By A Staff Reporter

KATHMANDU, Sept.21: Sri Sathya Sai Central Council Nepal has condemned the news published under the headline "Rebirth of Saibaba"in a newspaper few days ago.

The council has refuted a news item carried by the newspaper stating the rebirth of Sai Baba has taken place in Nepal.

Saibaba is living at Puttaparti of Annantapur district of India and he is of 80 now, so the news is mockery in itself as it has stated his rebirth, the release has said. The Council has also informed the followers of Saibaba not to believe such erroneous news report.

Comment: As if things couldn't get any sillier. Whoever submitted the report of Sai Baba's rebirth must have had some inkling of what he was doing. We'd love to think that Sai devotees are getting ahead of themselves and finding the reincarnation of Sai Baba before he's even kicked the bucket! There are already whispers going around that the future Prema Sai's parentage is in doubt, which we will report soon. In the meantime, we'd like to advise devotees that they had better wait until their leader dies before they get around to carving up the money pie. We appreciate their greed to get their paws on the amassed billions of dollars but there is also such a thing as good manners.

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