21 September 2006

Letter From A German Citizen

I received this from a German citizen who is himself a former devotee with many interesting stories to tell. The following has been posted with permission, and I have corrected the spelling mistakes and capitalised some letters where necessary:

Since I was a child, accidents occur to me so obviously that I was often shocked. I survived as child an accident with a tractor without blessings, fell from a tree sharply near with the head against a stone, had asthmatic shocks on medicaments, deformed my head by another accident, that could also have led to a break of neck when that murder attack came. I went with my bike through the forest down the hill with my friend at the age of 16. We both enjoyed very much those ridings with high speed. Never before we thought of stopping, when riding down the hill, when my friend said: "I have to piss." So had I and we stopped.

When we came out of the bushes, we saw a wire right across the way in the height of the neck. If we would have stopped 3 seconds later, we would have been killed both. At that moment I started to search for God. I tested my Christian religion, but there was the feeling that everybody would like to have a better contact to God but didn´t know how to make progress or had surrendered or even had no interest. So I felt alone. Very much alone.

In television I saw the film Holocaust and I couldn't believe what had happened in our country. Such pain, that we had caused. How was that possible? How could the Germans let a dictator lead them to mass murder? No explanation of the teachers could reach me, until I read the book of Alice Miller: At the beginning there was education. There she explained about the fact, that there had been 200 years that literature told the people to break the will of a child within the first 2 years. Many Germans did so, because they wanted a child that is easy to lead. That fitted in my feelings. How often let Germans their child cry alone in the bed or demonstrate a cruelness in another way?

As I wanted to serve the world, I began to study economic engineering, when they showed the polution of Windscale (now they call it Sellafield) with plutonium in a democratic country. The amount of dead children within the first year was twenty times higher in this region than everywhere else in Great Britain. So, I was demonstrating against the planned fabric in Germany to do the same. Then in a discussion between Conservatives and Green Party, the possibility to get electricity in a harmless way by combined heat and power units was mentioned. I had to go this way. 15 years later a factory came out with a good product for every small house and I was the seller. But during the same time I developed through crises a deep depression and was near suicide. Because my father had chosen Sai Baba in his depression I also did, even though my father had stopped believing in Sai Baba before he suffocated after having numberless strokes.

Now it happened that because of the rising number of clients, each year the product chp became 12% more expansive, so that it wasn´t economical for the customers any more. To keep the amount of sold product at the same level, sellers had to learn how to lie. Some didn´t have to learn, because they were expert for whole of their lives. But some like me had to learn it, if they would not like to lose their job. Because I had invested really much money and time into that new thing I wanted to go to the training. The trainer was Manfred Müller-Gransee, a customer of CHP himself, who knew everything about economical risks with the product. And he was a very good psychologist. He told us everything we had to mention, if we want to sell the product, like little stories at the beginning of a lecture, the important 10 minutes at the beginning and the end and the process of thinking. We should not allow the client to think to long, because if we would do so, we would lose the contract. Too much independent information in the internet or the neighbor.

As I had to feed my children I tried to adopt the new concept. But after a few weeks I recognized, that I hated myself for what I was doing. I had to leave the whole carrier chp to save my soul. I was workless but I had friends.Especially in my Sai Baba group. After half a year someone told me that there would be a new master of the Sai Organisation in Germany. His name was Manfred Müller-Gransee. I couldn´t believe it! I discussed a lot with the chief of SSB Germany and he turned to me as if I would be jealous for the job. He changed his arguments three times, when he mentioned my deep knowledge of Manfred Müller-Gransee´s deeds and lectures. At the end he said: "And now, I have the decision to try to change it or to leave the organisation, or what should I do? No, I won´t do anything." Up to now he doesn´t want me to quote his position to the cheater. A lot of rationalizing without feeling of the truth or interest in the truth was felt by me.

Other members of the SSB-Organisation were shocked, when I told them that he smoked. "He isn´t allowed to smoke. It is a very big sin," they said.

For me, everything became more and more ridiculous. I started to have second thoughts about even Sai Baba. If there is a cheater on top in Germany, how will it be in India? In our meetings they observed my strong will for clearness as I read also Yogananda and Bhagavad Gita. They tried me to believe, that Sathya Sai Baba had chosen a card for me with the words: 'Don´t be the zero you have been through lives and lives. Don´t be a zero - be a hero! Stop thinking - start loving God with your heart'.

Because I had had a reincarnation therapy I knew my former existents. I went to my former son without telling him about my belief in former lives (he is a strong Catholic). He told me, that I had been addicted to a form of sect in my former life.

Then I began to search in the Internet. After 3 days I knew, that I was in a sect in this live, too. And that it was a criminal movement in India. I had several calls by telephone with Robert Priddy and Conny Larsson. I read his book: 'Behind the mask of the clown', that he gave me at once.

I started my own live, when I recognized, that I had solved a small problem of my former live: the longing for sects. Maybe I will be able to change my profession into a psychotherapist for reincarnation and familiy settings by Hellinger. Religion will always be important in my life, as I am sure that we all are God. Only because our souls have been tortured in various lives we have lost the trust in peace, harmony and the possibility to meet all the needs of the souls in the world.

It seems to my like a race: Will we be able to understand that there is no bad in the world and has never been and that all bad behavior is caused by a tortured soul (even Adolf Hitler's) or will we have destroyed ourselves before?

There is not much time left for sitting and chanting. We should try to act as soon as possible:

  1. Construct a functioning round table of religions in the UNO and every city, like Dalai Lama taught us.
  2. Inform everybody about the importance of knowledge of the soul.
  3. Search the most effective way for healing the soul.

The rest is on the word document for better correcting my english.

See you.


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