14 August 2006

Sai Devotees And Their Rudra Yajna

This is a short piece that I sent to a public forum a few days ago. While I have made slight edits and I recognise that I have been candid in many places, I thought it best to highlight some serious issues with the performance of this yajna. I have since been made aware of more innovations being employed in the yajna which, at the present time, is well underway.


The Sai devotees are all driving themselves bonkers rushing around to get CDs of the Sri Rudram prayers because they want to "participate" in the Maha Rudra Yagna that is due to be held in Prashanti Nilayam starting from 9th August.

Someone should tell these people that simply listening and reciting the Rudram prayers does not ensure participation in an authentic Vedic Yajna, not least the fact that the Sri Rudram prayers are very long and difficult to follow, never mind chant.

Besides that, the majority of these devotees are not even Brahmins. They may eat meat, smoke, eat chicken, take drugs, listen to worldly music. They don't even know how to clean their anuses after going to the toilet nor do they know how to have a proper bath (as per strict Indian/Vedic rules of sadachara), and they want to "participate" in the yagna via listening to Rudram on a CD.

Ridiculous. What a sneering mockery!

And Sai Baba is supposedly the protector and guardian (and the re-establisher) of Vedic values, lol.

The funny thing is how everyone is also driving themselves up the wall about how this particular yajna supposedly cannot be performed unless God Himself (Shiva) is personally present. According to what they say, this Yajna has only been performed once before in the history of mankind in the personal presence of Shiva, and it can be performed again in the personal presence of "Swami" because he is none other than Shiva. I like that logic.

So this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for meltbrain devotees and they're all flying over there to take part. The ones left behind are having to make do with Rudram CDs which they will chant while puffing on Marlboros and swigging from bottles of Bud Lites while reeking of cheap perfume and aftershave. I'll bet that they even start chanting Rudram in the toilet, which really makes a lot of sense when you're trying to perform a Vedic yagna that has never been done before. You'd think that with all this jazz about "unprecedented opportunities" and the like they'd get a few ground rules straight.

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