26 June 2006

Vajpayee Endorses Shashi Tharoor

An updated report states that former Indian Premier, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, wholeheartedly supports Shashi Tharoor's bid for the UN top job.

Diplomat- writer Shashi Tharoor rounded up his first visit of New Delhi after India announced his candidature for the top UN job by getting the blessings of Atal Behari Vajpayee, a former Prime Minister and BJP patriarch.

Tharoor told Vajpayee that he had come to seek his blessings "and he gave it to me unhesitatingly."

This presents a most disturbing picture of the Old Boy's Club; Vajpayee himself is a Sai apologist who fully endorsed the Baba during his tenure as Indian Prime Minister and regularly visited the Baba to consult him on matters of government policy, so much so that it would not be out of place to state that Vajpayee and Sai Baba walk hand-in-hand. After all, they have known each other for seventeen years. Vajpayee is also known for penning a letter publicly damning the very serious and widely-reported allegations of homosexual paedophilia and involvement in murders levelled at Sai Baba. Among other things, the letter stated that the allegations were "baseless, malicious and scurrillous" as well as being made by people with "vested interests".

Interestingly he has never responded to his Open Letter, nor to the hundreds of complaints that he has personally received about the Baba's misconduct and involvement in debased affairs. Suffice it to say that Vajpayee himself never bothered to properly investigate Sathya Sai Baba or the nature of the complaints against him which would explain his regular and opportune mettings with the same. Now could any of Vajpayee's Cabinet respond reasonably and assuredly to the complaints.

It is with an increased sense of trepidation that we watch these events unfold; Vajpayee's endorsement of Tharoor, another Sai Baba apologist and UN advisor who has ignored hundreds of complaints about his International Herald Tribune article, does not appear to be beset with good intentions. Needless to say, Sai Baba is bound to be "very happy" about these developments.

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