10 June 2006

Kasturi's (Incestuous) Revisionism

The first "serious" challenge to my incest post came approximately 45 hours and 5 minutes after it was published. Even then I felt that it was nothing to shout about and nor was I remotely worried. It looked like Sai Baba's clumsy defenders had fallen into the glaringly obvious trap of using ashram- authorised hagiographic material. Quotes from Kasturi's 'Easwaramma: The Chosen Mother' and 'Sathyam Sivam Sundaram' were used; for brevity I'll include one quotation here:

"Once Pedda Venkapa Raju was taken by his parents to a village named Kolimigundla, in the Kurnool District, where they had some lands which had been given on long lease. While enroute, and as they were entering the Parlepalli Forest, some good men warned them to take a strong protective escort, because two days prior a family of six had been murdered in the forest by robbers and assassins.

"The visit was primarily intended to acquaint Pedda Venkapa with the area and the tenants, but his father had a second aim in mind. He desired to bring his distant relatives, Subba Raju and family, nearer to Puttaparthi where they would be safe from the danger they faced daily as they went to earn their living near the forest." - Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 1, Chap 1.

Did you catch that? I have been disproved by an authority none other than Professor N. Kasturi, who was the Baba's editorial right-hand man for several decades and was authorised by him to compose his biography. Jeepers, time to pack my bags and go home for the evening.

Not so fast.

Making a hue and cry about "distant relatives" doesn't really prove a thing. Our critics tried to define incest as sexual relations between close family members, thus insinuating that supposed incest among distant family members is somehow more socially acceptable. Wowee! Completely forgetting the fact that incest is a widespread social taboo that is morally abhorrent, it's nice to know that our former Sai brothers and sisters approve of incest just so long as their pervert guru Sai Baba is in the clear.

I could go on, but further discussion of this disgusting sense of morals among Sai devotees leaves me feeling an intense desire to take a shower. At the risk of repeating what I've already stated and shown, the relationship was not distant contrary to Kasturi's views. Kondama and Subba Raju were brothers-in-law by way of Kondama's sister's marriage to Subba. Consequently, Subba's daughter Easwaramma was Kondama's own niece. Her subsequent marriage to Pedda Venkama (Kondama's son) made them cousins, leading to Sai Baba being born of an incestuous alliance. This is a painful fact that Sai devotees will have to come to terms with: their Lord and Light is an inbreed.

Having noted elsewhere that Kasturi was personally authorised by Sai Baba to compose the official biography (Sathyam Sivam Sundaram) with privileged access to the Baba himself as well as close relatives and friends, it is all too probable that he had also discovered this secret. Glossing it over with a glib cover of "distant relatives" shows that as far back as 1961, Kasturi was engaged in revisionism.

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