09 June 2006

Got Books?

A lot of people have been kind enough to get in touch and offer me their unwanted Sai Baba books by emailing me and letting me know. I just wanted to write a small note about how it would be much easier to send me a list of books/videos/DVDs etc. that are unwanted so that I can select the ones that would be great additions to my collection.

Or on the other hand if you're in a generous mood, feel free to take a look at my wishlist. ;-)

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  • I am indifferent to Sai Baba or his doings or misdoings and I have absolutely no interest in him.I came across this blog during a google search for something else and have an observation to make.This harping of sai babas incestous birth shows a basic lack of knowledge of arranged marriages.Marriages in Maharashtra where I stay within my extended family have taken place between a girl and her maternal uncle.Not regularly but often enough not to be remarkable.In the south I hear the same tradition exists,in some cases the girl is married to the paternal uncle.It happens in educated literate families but is on the wane now.During sai babas times it must have been the rule . The practice may be taboo among sindhis in the uk.Sai Baba may be a fraud,a cheat,a child molester and everything else but I doubt his birth has anything to do with it.

    By Blogger lancelot, at 17 June, 2006 09:59  

  • Hi Lancelot,

    I agree with your points in general and I am aware that this practice occurs in some places and that it is also on the wane.

    However, the reason for this excitement is because of Sai Baba. You may have heard that his followers regard him as "God on earth" and that he has charged himself with the responsibility of eradicating materialism and corruption everywhere; in short, he's an Avatar. So I find it incredible that unlike real Avatars, Sai Baba is not born in a "pure" family line but is actually the result of incest.

    No matter how and where it happens, I'm sure that it can be agreed upon that incest is a morally abhorrent practice, not to speak of being embarrassing. We have subsequently discovered that Sai Baba's official biographers assisted in covering up this fact so there is deception to be uncovered.

    I have yet to reveal some more scandalous information about Sai Baba which may or may not be the result of his questionable birth circumstances, so we shall see. In any case, I think that your points are good on the whole; they argue for Sai Baba's very human birth more than anything else. :-)

    By Blogger H.H. Swami Saiexposedananda, at 17 June, 2006 23:44  

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