11 June 2006

Far From The Incestuous Crowd

The hue and cry over the recent incest revelations is still continuing, and it is something that I am rather pleased about. Comments made both in public and in private indicate a high-profile treatment of the affair, and I can justifiably surmise that it is only a matter of time before the issue arises among Sai devotees.

Not that I expect their arguments to be any more sensible or rational that the recent ones, speaking of which, the recent and most ridiculous defences by far list the British Royal Family as an example of inbreeding and that, somehow or other, Prince Charles' large ears are indicative of this. Isn't it funny how devotees immediately switch tactics when Charlie and his "inbred ears" express an interest an interest in Sai Baba and desire to visit him? Break out the red carpet and prepare to unlock the VVVIP apartments! All systems go!!

With all seriousness, this marks a major development and an important turning-point in the ongoing analysis of Sai Baba. The importance of this issue cannot be easily dismissed or underestimated and I would appreciate it if it was referenced as such. In all likelihood, it is a strong basis on which to continue further research. The issue of N. Kasturi's revisionism is a pointer to the depths of deception that have been employed over several decades to cover up Sai Baba's shameful past.

We also have to consider the comparison between Sai Baba and other avatars which is something that the Baba himself loves to do. Lord Rama is invariably known as Raghupati, Raghukula Bhushana (Heir of Raghu, Jewel of Raghu's Dynasty) and other similar epithets. Analogously, Lord Krishna is also known as Yadupati and Yadukula Bhushana (by way of connection to the dynasty of Yadu) along with a host of other similar associative names. This is not to say that such names and "pedigrees" are indicative of the avatars' materiality, but rather that due to their appearance in such families the glory, name and fame of the family dynasty had immeasurably increased. Similarly, Jesus Christ is reported to have been born of Mary and Joseph, and was often referred to by his pedigree as the 'Son of David'.

Suffice it to say that none of these two avatars appeared in families where the parents had formed incestuous alliances!

At the risk of repeating myself, the shock of these incest revelations are so momentous that I can only foresee continuing notoriety for Sai Baba. I have always maintained that the key to understanding Sai Baba is to understand his past and, judging by this latest discovery, it'll take some more chipping away at the myths before Sai Baba stands fully exposed for what he really is.

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  • Hi,

    I find your blog most interesting. A wealth of information and even funny takes on Sai Baba.

    However, this incest thing is a bit misplaced. I agree with you it is quite problematic, but a man marrying a paternal aunt's daughter (or a maternal uncle's daughter) is a very widespread south Indian custom. It is found in other parts of the world too. Anthropologists even have a term for it "cross cousin marriage" - you might want to google it. Every guru/avatar/hero needs a complicated birth legend (Jesus as son of God, Alexander as son of Zeus ...) You may have just handed one on a platter to the Sai devotees :)

    ps. Marriage between a girl and her maternal uncle is also quite common in south India. Manu and others frown upon these, but

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2007 01:12  

  • Thank you, Anon., for your comments. I have been made to understand that it is a common practice in South India which really brings up multiple problems of its own, but I'm not actually railing against South Indian people and their practices. I'm an Indian myself btw, North Indian.

    This incest stuff is really to make a lot of people think. For example, Sai Baba has a large number of Western devotees (to whom "incest" is abhorrent) so this is really to catch their attention so to speak. The sexual abuse allegations have already been sensational enough to cause a large exodus but this stuff is just spectacular, along with the recent exposé of the Shirdi claims.

    Well anyway, thanks for making me understand. This is not meant to be in any way derogatory to South Indians but just a comment on Sai Baba's own parentage.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 03 January, 2007 02:57  

  • Good comments from the anon above.
    Yup thats how it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2011 22:21  

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