26 June 2006

Another New Building Coming!

The very latest information coming direct from Puttaparthi suggests that another new building is on the way. As follows:

There is big construction going on in Puttaparthi. It's for a indoor stadium. Just a few days back Swami gave the go ahead and the work has started.

Jeepers Cripes! Does the construction ever end? It's not that long ago Sai Baba's new residence was completed and now what, pray tell, is the need for an "indoor" stadium when there is a perfectly good outdoor stadium that is hardly used? There is always some excuse or other to spend people's hard-earned and sincerely-donated money.

UPDATE June 27 2006: Updated reports give further information about the proposed stadium:

"The indoor stadium is being constructed near the music institute which is quite near to [the] Gokulam. At the construction site the trees have been cleared off, the ground and fundament work is going on; the construction was started last week with Swami's blessing."

Ah well, Swami's blessings! All is right with the world!

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