05 March 2006

Amrit and Vibhuti Phenomena NOT UNIQUE to Sathya Sai

I saw this blog and noted the contents with great interest. Whereas I cannot vouch for it's absolute accuracy, it is a blog about Shirdi Sai Baba that is regularly updated with snippets of news, stories and the like, and I see no real reason to discount the tale.

In any case, it shows that the vibhuti (Shirdi Sai devotees call it 'udi') ash and amrit (honey nectar) materialisation phenomena appearing on pictures and idols of Sathya Sai Baba are not unique to him. Why, there is even a self-styled Kalki Bhagawan who has amrit appearing from his pictures.

In all honesty I had known about this Kalki fellow and his amrit drippings for a few years, which is why I find myself suppressing a smile (and perhaps a snigger or two) every time I hear a Sai devotee wax lyrical about some ash appearing on their photos. Nowadays, Kalki Bhagawan is heavily satirised.

Read the blog for yourself. I have formatted the text into several paragraphs for easy reading:


Today i was being called at Veenaji's place by BABA.As i reached there a bit early,i spoke with Veena Maa and Ashok uncle about BABA's leelas.

I asked Veena Maa to place my Sai Chalisa and my 2 lockets of SAI BABA in her mandir.As i went inside her mandir........i saw UDI on BABA's Photos,IDOLS,and Water was coming from the Charans and was being collected in the plate.Immediately Veena Maa called me and i could see my locket and Sai Chalisa being blessed with UDI......OTHER LOCKETS WERE ALSO BLESSED WITH UDI.This was before the Sai Amrit Vani .

Today also someone brought BABA's IDOLS.... Within no time the statue was blessed with Udi, lot of Udi. The persons attending the Sai Amrit Vani in person were more than 90. We could see the parts of the bhog on the lips of Baba. Different things were there on lips of Baba indifferent photos and statue.· More than 90 boxes Prasad were blessed with Udi and People/devotee collected the Udi on the papers. Sri Sai Amrit Vani started exactly at 11:04AM and Noon Aarti exactly at 12:00 Hrs. followed by brief Meditation and the prayer, 108 points from Sai Satcharitra were read ... and finally distribution of Prasad.

Today i met a new Forum member Kanika. Ashok ji came and introduced her saying she is from your Forum.I felt very happy and thanked BABA. All these experiences are difficult to put in words.

Sai baba let your holy lotus feet be our sole refuge.


Dipika Duggal

What did I tell you?

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