28 February 2006

Harry Potter and the Egg of Gold

As it was Mahashivarathri yesterday (rather, last night) I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the events of the occasion just two years ago. Sai Baba made an astoundingly inept boo-boo by not actually regurgitating the lingam at all!

To give some background to the debate that took place about it, a poor-quality video clip of the event was made available at the Kindom of Sai website, which showed Sai Baba vomiting a yellowish liquid and then holding the lingam aloft for all to see. Even though the clip was decidely poor as Internet video goes, I observed a bulge between Sai Baba's right index and middle fingers of a bulbous shape and contended that Sai Baba had moved the lingam to his mouth with that poor sleight-of-hand trick and pretended to vomit it out. The yellowish vomit was nothing but a show, akin to the reports of his vomiting milk and yoghurt in the decades past.

Of course the Sai devotees had to have a different opinion that completley contradicted common sense, never mind the video evidence. One of them, Sarfaraz Shamsi, proposed an utterly ridiculous contention in support of Sai Baba. According to him, the Baba had supposedly regurgitated the golden lingam in liquid form (in a poor-quality Internet video, yellow can easily look golden) which coalesced into a solid lingam in his 'divine hands' in just 1.5 seconds. Sai Baba then victoriously holds the lingam aloft for the crowd's delight.

I noted that if this explanation was true, then it would contradict Sai Baba's own words on the matter. According to Sai Baba himself, the lingam remains a soft and pliable substance as it travels up his oesophagus and only attains hardness when reaching the throat. This accounts for Sai Baba's reported difficulties over the years with the 20-minute ordeal of coughing and choking. Whatever you may wish to believe, the 'liquid gold' argument clearly contradicted various scientific laws, common sense and also the Baba's own words. Interestingly enough, this event was broadcast live on Indian TV, so Sai Baba had also made a major goof on live television if anyone was attentive enough to spot the cheap trick.

What was even more surprising is how Sarfaraz Shamsi and his companions continued to argue along these lines for a consderable amount of time, several weeks or so.

To my great delight, a year later I realised that this event had been recorded by the BBC as part of their 'Secret Swami' documentary. With glorious picture quality and ultra-clear resolution, I was able to reach the astounding conclusion that Sai Baba had not made anything at all! The bulbous bulge was there between the fingers, and all Sai Baba had done was vomit some water he had drunk. Perhaps it was a burp gone wrong, who knows, but there was no lingam emerging from his unholy mouth. Certainly no ridiculous liquid gold!

This is not news for those of us who have viewed the Secret Swami but I felt that this event was worth recording in order to preserve a record of the happenings and it's online fallout, if only to serve as a record of devotee-farce that is displayed at the best of times. View the clip and see it for yourself, Sai Baba cheating on film.

On another note, I find it interesting how Sai Baba began these yearly public regurgitations after a considerable gap of 20 years. It was around 1999 that the allegations of sexual abuse and all began to become widespread, so I'd consider it a cheap way of trying to catch people's attention and distract them away from the emerging scandals. The trouble was, it had been done before and was hardly anything new. It's not like the Golden Lingam was back by popular demand either. Unless it was one of those remote-controlled ones with LEDs inside to flash like robots. Someone should consider marketing that idea in children's toys, "See this lingam and achieve liberation! Batteries not included."

So what does all of this have to do with Harry Potter? Nothing much, I just fancied a catchy headline. ;-)

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