16 January 2006

Sri Lankan President's Wife a Sai Devotee

Hot news from NewIndPress:

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse said his wife Siranthi was a Buddhist by religion and an ardent devotee of Sree Satya Sai Baba.

How cute. The newly-elected Sri Lankan President's wife is a Sai devotee, which is hardly surprising since a lot of former and current Sri Lankan politicians are ardent Sai devotees who regularly visit his ashrams to seek political advice.

It's no wonder that Sai Baba's life was threatened by the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) not so long ago, as they regard his influence as an unnecessary interference in Sri Lankan politics. When I was in Sri Lanka lately, there was a newspaper article about how the former President's brother had been to see Sai Baba and how he had reportedly said that the war in Sri Lanka would end soon. As is typical of the Baba he said it in a confoundingly cryptic way, which made the politicans guess as to his exact meaning. This was reported in the article too. If only I had the presence of mind to bring that back with me..

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  • MexDf.Independient.Press Report:

    A week ago, the very well known TV future teller, Chandrasiri Bandara, was arrested by Colombo City sri lankan Police because he predicted the President of the Nation would be removed from office in Sri Lanka.

    Without giving details of statements in his e-mail sent to srilakan Government, the argentinian horoscope man told "I am trying my best for Chandrasiri to get freedeom". He also added in his site,, two URLs, one corresponding to Mr. Bandara and, of course, the other: Sri Lanka President´s official web.

    "Up to now, I couldn´t log in Chandrasiris´blog; it seems "stars" aren´t helping..." he joked. "but President´s site is quite interesting and easy to contact with His Excellency ..."

    Many astrologers all over the world are on "esoteric" expectation about the Sri Lankan Government decision. To finish, Don Zodiac Guille said: "I would respectfully like to have a look on the Mundane Astral Chart already built by Mr. BANDARA because the Police want a logical explanation about those political predictions on President Mahinda Rajipakse´s destitution".

    Don Zodiac Guille ended saying :"Astrology is a millenary social we have to moderate our concepts when a Country Chart is going to be published specially if the land situation is difficult"


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