14 January 2006

Bystanders View Sai Baba War

And end up agreeing with our position! How refreshing to read an original critique of Sai Baba that is based on personal experience:

I found the commentary enjoyable to read with original insights into the Sai Baba problem. This is true and proper blogging at it's best. The gullibility of Westerners (no offence to my Western friends!) is also briefly discussed in terms of need, which is also something I've been rather concerned about lately.

It makes me wonder who is worse; Sai Baba or his copycats? All of those slinky felines over there have sizeable followings of their own, Westerners included. You could argue that Sathya Sai is something of an original model whereas the others are cheap imitations, literally. At least three of them claim connections with lingams, whereas another proceeds to be theatrical with his replica of the "Vibhuti Abhishekham" miracle. The whole thing becomes especially laughable when you consider that the copycats are mere mime artists whereas Sathya Sai - the original model - is nothing but a pathetic clown.

In any case, it's good to see that there are intelligent people out there who don't fall for the cheap tricks and the homosexual frolicking that go on in the name of spirituality, despite the cheap defences that are offered in response. As an afterthought, what a pity that "Baba bhakts" fail to respond to arguments about Sai Baba and instead concentrate on irrelevant ad-hominem attacks and tomfoolery just as they always do.

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