08 August 2007

Sai Baba's Karma & Retribution

A veteran of the Sai Exposé from it's earliest days, Hari Sampath, has provided this report and his own reflections on Sai Baba's current situation:

Sathya Sai Baba's extremely negative karma accumulated for long has been slowly catching up with him and approaching fruition. The countless victims of this fraud, victims of false promises, sexual abuse, cheating, deception and every known act of Adharma had been put to physical , mental, emotional and spiritual misery for a lifetime, and the combined effect of these people's misery is certainly recoiling back on the collosal fraud Sai Baba.

Most people will remember that in the early days in the 1940's an old saintly man was brought to sb by his disciples. This man was considered a Guru locally, and had 2 stumps for his legs and was carried around by his disciples. Sai Baba publicly scolded him for that and instead of expressing even basic human sympathy, chided him for being a burden on his disciples by being dependent on them to be carried around. Now the wheel has come a full cycle and the poor, accursed wretched soul Sai Baba himself is being carried, wheeled around, and dependent on his personal staff for even performing basic physical functions.

So many thousands of people , promised "divine cures" and stuck to wheelchairs etc , having been cheated by this fraud and even abandoning conventional medical treatment for disabilities like Dorothy/Pink Twins among many others, people without physical vision, hearing, paralysis, mental ill health, and so many other types of physical disabilites, had been cheated deliberately by this false messiah of deception, and Sai Baba's karma has caught up.

Now he is reduced to a gibbering, senile, drooling, old fool, in a pathetic condition in full view of the world. He is dependent on his staff even for eating food, going to the toilet etc, what a cruel fate he has invited upon himself. His situation is so pathetic that he has asked his devotees to pray for him and also conduct healing yagnas etc.

The hand that promised to lift a "range of mountains" can't even cut a cake now or wear his dress properly when it slips !

The feet that promised to walk across the skies is unable to even hobble across the hall for a few feet !

While I do feel somewhat sorry for this pathetic condition, I also realise he has inflicted many many times more on innocent sincere seekers of God, who trusted him and were promised solace from all problems, only to be cruelly cheated for the most selfish of reasons by Sai Baba. At least God has been kind in dealing with Sai Baba in that there are people to attend to him and he has material comforts, but then these folks are also doing so so that they may share the loot gathered over years and for their own selfish ends.

Its got to a point that even the SSO officials and gangsters are sick of waiting on him hand and foot, and apart from the outward civil behavior in public, I know that in private they are quite rude to Sai Baba knowing he is an exhausted incapable senile old man, and also he had been putting many of these officials through his spiritual/divine bullying for years, now they are happy to get back at him. I believe these personal staff sometimes don't even respond promptly to Sai Baba asking to go to the toilet, resulting in even bed wetting at times. How terrible and sad. Just like an old, aged senile relative being barely tolerated because of his bank balance and hopes of being remembered in the will and legacy.

These people are just hoping Sai Baba dies soon, but I don't think he will die soon, because afterall the god of death is Dharmaraja or Yama, who himself wouldn't want to come anywhere near sb soon to put him out of his misery, such an extreme case of adharma is Sai Baba.

I in fact feel that Sai Baba's misery has just started and after losing his legs and one hand, soon he will lose his hearing, speech, eyesight and mental sanity, one by one, and his misery will be shown to the whole world, and he will be exposed for what he truly is : the retribution for a lifetime of massive fraud, debauchery, trickery and self seeking, for name and fame as God, resulting in an old age drooling, gibbering, legless, blind, speechless, paralysed and broken, and humiliated old wretch.

His life will indeed be a message to humankind. And it will end only when God finally acts mercifully to put him out of his misery.

It was not said lightly that "he whom the Gods want to destroy, they make him mad first", and we would see this too.

Hari Sampath

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  • Your blog shows that you have not dig in properly the Sai philosophy. Anyway it's your karma that making you far from sai.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 October, 2007 08:03  

  • Sounds like he has had a stroke.

    Recovery or alleviation of symptoms would involve remaining as active as possible, regular exercises supervised by trained staff. Otherwise deterioration will be rapid - the next step in hemiplegia (one-side paralysis) is either loss of throat muscle control (loss of swallow reflex), or loss of anal sphincter control (fecal incontinence), or both. Inability to swallow will then mean he will starve unless a tube is inserted through his chest directly into his stomach for tube feeding.

    Many innocent folks endure this in aging, it is not rare. But if those around SB do not allow the proper care in their perhaps greed to control his death when they can claim they received the 'final blessing', he will truly be sowing what he reaps by having surrounding himself with ruthless henchmen like himself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 November, 2007 09:27  

  • dear hari sampath
    You have become terribly insane.Even Avatars like Lord Ram and Lord Krishna have to leave their mortal coils as no one born in this world can escape the fruits of karma.
    Do not day dream. Nothing shall happen to Baba. Remember the story of a lowly king who was abusing Lord krishna. Lord Krishna tolerated him for so many times due to a boon he has got. Finally,he has to meet with his own ends. Do not assume that you are over intelligent and whatever you say are correct.You cannot logically explain any of your blind... accusations. May God Bless You.

    By Blogger rajkumar, at 27 November, 2007 09:39  

  • hari sampath is unadulterated 3rd degree bastard

    By Blogger rajkumar, at 28 November, 2007 11:25  

  • What awaits any one at his old age no one knows and so let us not comment or feel happy about the present state of health of Sai. The fact remains that he had also done some good deeds like providing water and establishing hospitals and schools. He called himself God and the brainless mob accepted him as such. It is not his mistake. Forgive and forget the misdeeds and pray for his peaceful death. Then you become God and he a mere mortal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 December, 2007 17:53  

  • Swami Forgives you for you know not what you write or what you do.
    May He Bless you and hopefully some day sense will dawn upon you. For its Never too late for a child to return Home.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 December, 2007 22:06  

  • Hi; i believe what you say about Sai Baba been a fake and a sexual predator. Sadly, all the comments here don't; the truth must be shown, and as the bible says, it will set people free. As a christian, i've been horrified by all the sexual molesting stories, because the bible teaches to care about others the same you care about you, and that having Jesus in your heart will keep you away from things logically harmful to mankind. Please receive my support in showing the truth about Swami, and encourage you to get closer to Jesus, for he is the truth itself. Cheers

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 December, 2007 17:51  




    ANY DOUBT..??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 March, 2008 21:23  

  • Just as Kamsa & Ravana were killed by the Supreme Lord when they tried to usurp His position, the demonic Sai Baba will soon be destroyed by Him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 May, 2008 10:03  

  • well , i would like to humbly submit a few words for whatever it is worth to people like the poster of thos blog . I have been an ex-student of baba . Though i live away from puttaparthi now , i have sufficient number of very close friends who are among his attendants . So you can please shut up your mouth and desist from passing such false comments about the way his attendants treat him . It is you who are doing a far greater crime by passing away your perceptions as absolute truth . You should go through all the speeches given by swami through the years and friend if you do that you will realize , all his activities regarding his mission , his physical health etc. , have been predicted by him from long long back . Dont you think that is a miracle by itself ?
    Then there are people like gadget00 trying to grab every oppurtunity to spread their reigious faith . The narrow minded outlook of christianity is easily perceivable in what he says . Only christianity is the way to god and all else is false ... is it ? Noo wonder suh narrowminded people in the christain establishment consider the all-inclusiveness of sai baba a great threat and are actively engaged in spreading gossips and canards about him .

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 May, 2008 12:41  

  • Great Post!
    Well i would like to say that god is one and she has created this world for the human being who can live with each other and help each other in their bad or good condition. About Sai philosophy i am not sure though i have gone through many books of satya sai baba but I am confused with so much of stuff hope anyone can guide me the exact and accurate information about satya saibaba
    Thanks and waiting for any good reply.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 July, 2008 10:27  

  • Hi ParrotCK3100,

    I agree with your observations of going through Sai Baba's books and not getting much of a clear idea of what he teaches. I did the same thing myself and got confused a lot, especially with all the contradictions he makes.

    I've highlighted a lot of these issues all over this blog. If you'd like to take a look around the archives and read through some articles, I guess you'll find lots of info. Here is a good example of how Sai Baba contradicts himself on Jesus Christ.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 04 July, 2008 22:57  

  • Dear Hari,
    Glad you are still there. Was wondering what happened to you. Would like to contact you. How can I do that? SP

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 July, 2008 13:43  

  • Great blog. We have you linked from

    If you could add a link to us, we would hugely appreciate it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2008 08:06  

  • Dear Hari sampath, whatever ur name! ure seriously out of track boy! ure dnt even know what ure talking about! uve only talked about baba's physical condition! dear, have u ever heard of the countless miracles hez perfromed! well i will tell u ONE which i have experienced! my sister was a handicape! she had lost full use of her hands she could hardly lift up her hand, doctors had lost hope, we bought my sister to baba, i wnt go in details... today my sister is using her hand as if she had never had any problems with it!! my uncle who could hardly sleep without drinking alcohol does not even touches it 2day!! My mother who had brest cancer is still living despite the doctors hupothesis... go and find out what happened on 23rd november in mauritius on baba's bithday in sai baba centre wooton!!! baba hold no attachement to gross materialism and that is the reason why he stays like he is on his wheel chair! dont u think that he could so easily free himself from sufferings like hez freed millions and millions of person??? why does he do it?? ask urself! Dear if u dont believe in god, fine. its upto you! u may not want to have faith in baba,its ur right, but dont be so harsh towards urself... The things uve wrote in ur article are disgusting.. YOU ARE INSANE!! boy there are countless idiots like you in this world and we still go to baba's doorstep in millions! YOU ARE A VIVID EXAMPLE OF ADHARMA!! go treat urself then u come talk about sai baba!!! and something else, 2moro if u go at the doorstep of sai baba, baba will welcome you with all his love!

    '' watch your heart. watch your words. watch your action. watch your thought. watch your character.'' .... sai baba

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 September, 2008 06:45  

  • True ,I agree with what you say,but sadly most of his blind and stupid devotees don't see that..
    Sai baba is a number 1 fraud who has been very successfull in fooling around people.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 September, 2008 11:30  

  • you have undertaken a work which is too hard to accomplish alone. If you really want to make the world aware of this fucking bastard, digging down his bushy hair is not enough. Build a network with people like you and me who hates this modern terrorist.
    n.b-check your gmail inbox.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 September, 2008 14:27  

  • aposte said "all his activities regarding his mission , his physical health etc. , have been predicted by him from long long back . Dont you think that is a miracle by itself?"
    I am a thirty six year old male and I predict that when I reach the age of 70 my hair will fall off, my teeth will fall out, i will be using a cane and sometimes i will be wetting my pants. NOW THATS ALSO A MIRACLE!! Get real folks. Sai baba teaches love ever hurt never...and you guys who claim to be his devotees are doing just the opposite. if you did love ever, you would'nt even be posting your comments let alone call people bastards. You guys a blind to snort in your own noses.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 November, 2008 08:45  

  • haha..hi...i was browsing thru the net...saw ur blog..fantastic..i dint kne he was in such state...may i kne...hw knew? i would like to read and see the lovely good news! ahaaha..pple..who dun blive this pls go and see you tube ... type sai baba exposed! got guts? see it 1st...then explain....sai baba! he will derserve it for cheating sooo many pple!!!

    By Blogger MindOpener, at 26 February, 2009 20:45  

  • Osho Quotes on Sathya sai Baba

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2009 04:31  

  • he is a fake and should be punished. He is an insult for the real sai baba of Shirdi. we do not need fakes like him masquerading as God. People who follow him are all partners in crime.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 August, 2009 22:02  

  • I hate sai baba...he messes with the minds of people and has messed with the mind of my girlfriend. She loves him and claims she cannot live without him. This fraud has basically destroyed her life...when he dies I don't know what she will do...and I don't know how to stop her. So to hell with sai baba for destroying another life...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 December, 2009 03:22  

  • hello friend, great job, you r doing very well. now is the time to unmask the holy bulshit!
    its really shocking to see the blind followers hate towards you,these haters r as far away from the truth as their guru!
    i really appreciate ur work. keep it on!

    By Anonymous MG, at 28 January, 2010 10:41  

  • Of all people on this planet, you are the wrong person to talk abt KARMA. It is completely YOUR karma that you are so far away from the divine, spiritual path.

    There are 2 things that people like you, and this Hari Sampath have failed to realise:
    1) Science and Religion are separate. The day you try and prove religion with science or health, completely shows that you are not meant to be religious. So don't even bother.

    2)I'm a media official and I can tell you that ppl in my office fabricate news in the media on a daily basis. If you are gullible enough or misguided enough to believe the crap abt Swami that is posted in the media, then you clearly aren't intuitive enough to know right from wrong.

    Trust in the Lord doesn't come from anything other than the Lord itself. The day you trust some other medium to tell you about the Lord, then you've gone down the wrong path.

    I really pity you for your blindness and prejudiced view against Swami, but you COULD do without hindering others' spiritual paths by misguiding them.

    By Anonymous saiviha, at 15 February, 2010 13:33  

  • Hey Hari Sampath, dont talk bad about the Lord.
    May be, Bhagavan has not fulfilled your desires. Instead, you might have experienced some serious troubles. Remember, its your karma that is punishing you, not Bhagawan. He loves you and me equally. Bhagawan loves all living things.
    You are making a bluder by spreading wrong facts about Swami. I am His devotee for years and I realize that He is protecting me and guiding me in all aspects of my life.
    Bhagawan is all-merciful. May He forgives you poor soul!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 February, 2010 13:07  

  • Sir,
    I know people critize Sai for tricking people and doing a lot of adharma by fooling them.
    But, look at it this way, he has built schools, colleges, hospitals and ashrams. He promised knowledge, health and a way to god (Sanathan Dharma) and over the last 5 decades has kept that promise. Miracles don't need to be performed the way Jesus or Krishna did. By simply providing these amenities to us he has helped us a lot.
    Sir, I understand your scepticism but look at it rationally there is more to him than conjuring gold chains and huge bank balances.

    By Blogger Sanity breached, at 22 February, 2010 11:06  

  • Excellent work Hari! Its high time the fraud and sexually deviant swamis get exposed. To all the Sai baba devotees I suggest that you pray for Baba so that he doesnt end up on tv exposed.

    @"Sanity breached" if a person murders, molests or commits a bunch of crimes against society, he cant absolve himself by building some schools and colleges. He has to bear the fruit of his karma.

    Therefore, u need to get a sanity check.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2010 07:57  

  • We, a group of people are going to Shirdi for the darshan of Sai Baba.
    We will start on 8th April from Delhi. Is anybody interested? You can join us. It will be just like a family picnic
    Plz call me at 09650393819

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 March, 2010 17:45  

  • Interesting comments rather than the post itself. Apparently most of the commenters are fascinated by the "miracles". Bringing Ash, Rings, Chains ?? is this the limit of his divinity ? I think PC Sorcar does them better. Of course he has "predicted" his physical condition - what a divine power!!.
    Sai baba has categorically refused to be tested under controlled scientific conditions, He has refused access to scientists - whats he worried about ? Can he materialize things that are large in size (which cannot be hidden in his robe or something?) ? When Narasimhaiah challenged Sai baba , what happened ? Any of his devotees care to explain? I remember once when he changed water to gasoline - a cup full - The government should order this faker to change all water to gasoline to reduce the cost of diesel and petrol in india. Like nithyananda, this guy also got caught in several videos, but his followers seem to be more stupid and dumb than nithy's.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2010 13:16  

  • @sanity breached, Of course he has built hospitals, schools etc - but with WHOSE money? Its yours and the stupid westerners. Did he materialize these schools and hospitals ? Get a life those who hide behind his "schools and hospitals" stuff.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2010 13:18  

  • Throughout the article you have hoped/liked on how sai baba is living is old age.
    Whats your age my dear????
    You are for sure going to bed wet.. loose your eyesight and shit in your trousers.. much earlier than you are old aged.. No doubt.. Please reply to this comment at that time if in case you can respond :P (Both to the poster as well as hari Sampath) Get well soon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 August, 2010 11:15  

  • Do you have the guts to post my previous comment including this on your blog asshole?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 August, 2010 11:17  

  • I have taken a stand against Sai Baba, "asshole", so allowing your comment through is easy-peasy.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 16 August, 2010 21:50  

  • Thanks god BBC exposed him. Fake man should be nailed dowm. There is no GOD magic, its all our hard work and honesty, care, humanity, loving nature. Only these things are true. Gautam Buddha said believe in you and in your power. thats the only religion i know which has no conflict or war with any other religion. This Satya Sai baba should have been assasinated by someone.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 November, 2010 04:28  

  • wow..
    youre pathetic..
    why do people thrive on accusing celebrities and now even GOD of sexual abuse and scheiss like that????
    just shows how narrow minded and typical you are.
    dissing religions and beliefs is beyond sad.. YOU'RE the one accumulating bad karma, not baba.
    baba doesnt mind that people dont belive in him.. as long as they believe in a higher being.. because god is one.
    im 17.. and personally, ive experienced many miracles of this sai baba and shirdi baba.. both in india and at home, here in south africa.. ive even seen materializing images of jesus.
    buuut anyway... God bless you and may you reach realization.. obviously not in this life.. but one to come. =]

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 November, 2010 15:15  

  • Yes, Sai Baba is a criminal, that bastard, and should be shot dead! He and all the gurus, without an exception, are fraud and should be shot! For those who still believe that such an old fart who seems to have had a stroke is God, what about his ridiculous controversies on Jesus? Every year, during the Christmas, he gives a different birthday to Jesus. It's idiotic, ridiculous. Doesn't God know accurately his Son? Hah, what a joke! Come on, buddies...don't make me laugh! He is a big fraud and a criminal, kill him. He and all the gurus, saints, sages, saviours and related of mankind, shoot all of them to death, on sight, at sight.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 December, 2010 08:29  

  • The answer is, of course, not to shoot or kill him or any other human, as the previous poster says. That is absurd and a very ugly idea indeed.

    Every life serves a purpose, even if it is a life that is despicable. Men of sin teach the rest of us how much better it is to be people of love. They are rulers by which we measure our own integrity. The negative speaks of the positive every time.


    By Blogger Peau, at 17 January, 2011 18:49  

  • hari sampath has gone mad. he doesn't know how sri sai baba helped to many people. today chennai people drinking pure water because of him. many poor people are getting FREE heart operation, kidney operations and many more. there is a saying in kannada, NAYI BOGALIDARE DEVALOKA HAALAAGUVUDE? it means, noting gonna happen to heaven, if a dog barks against it. may the god bless hari sampath.

    By Blogger madduruvada, at 28 February, 2011 16:43  

  • Hari, as u r a big Disgrace to your name. With due apology i would like to state that who ever has given baseless statements against SAI doesnt know a bit about him. You all are a lump of meat:) good for nothing. If you all dont trust him just remain silent instead of making hue and cry over sai. I feel pity for you guys.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 March, 2011 19:04  

  • i don't know who the hell are you but surely know how characterless are you...we people know how to distinguish between frauds and day you'll pay for your sins.. i think you have no faith on god...yeah..its ok...there are thousands of people like you...but atleast they are well educated and well mannered...i guess you are an illiterate educated prson..i totally agree with the first comment..its your karma that is making you far from sai....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 April, 2011 07:01  

  • Hey mate,

    good job you are doing here, keep it up.

    This fool and Fraud makes watches , yeah? So how come the eduacted people cant see that if you are to dismantle the watches you can surely see the make,the serial number etc etc. How come the public is so stupid in this modern age

    By Anonymous Alan Ganoo, at 08 April, 2011 07:21  

  • Superb article!!! Felt like reading my own mind. And yes, no matter how much you write, there are many inferior souls out there, who keep on thinking as that fraud thing as "God".
    I have a feeling that, the world will know the truth about this person soon - pretty soon. Enough is enough - even the true God has some patience and well, I guess he's done with that regarding this fraud.
    This pseudo-baba for once never believed in God I feel, if he did, he wouldnt ve been conning these many billions of people.
    Anyways, I also have another feeling, that once he dies, India will rise again to glory - I mean the corruption, poverty becoming way much lesser.
    Kali - corruption, crime, adharma - this "fraud" baba has too many corrupted supportes.
    Death of Kali - death of corruption and crime.
    May some intelligence dawn upon the inferior souls.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 April, 2011 18:41  

  • Dear hari sampath....u shud b ashamed bcoz u hv sch a beautiful name bt sch low is ur bad luk dat u canot recognize God,whum evry1 wants to feel...i feel pity 4 u

    May Lord Sai enlightn ur mind,
    May Sai bless u

    By Anonymous Abhikshit sharma, at 08 April, 2011 19:41  

  • Trust in God, not on magic tricks.i completely agree
    with generation must read
    this article.Nothing is greater than Bhagavat Geetha.Eye opener Article.Good

    By Blogger vaibhav g, at 11 April, 2011 10:27  

  • u ignore the no of good deeds tat he has done and concentrate on the negative part which is false. dude , open ur eyes to reality, do u live in sum dream world or sumthing.... SEEE HOW MUCH GOOD HE HAS DONE FOR THE PPL

    By Blogger rakesh, at 23 April, 2011 19:28  

  • PPL what good has he done! has he done more than Mother Teresa? is he greater than her??? stop you silly supporting comments for this self proclaimed, so called GOD!
    I liked your Blog, dude....

    By Anonymous Uday, at 24 April, 2011 19:00  

  • Top notch article.. Indians r never tired of making gods out of humans.. They have 30 crore odd gods but still no no thats not enough.. Sai baba is a gangster a fraudster.. He is a pathetic soul who has fooled millions.. Ok he has built some schools n roads but these are tokenistic.. Out of 100 rupees he spends lets say 5 rupees on these.. I think the Britishers hav done a lot more than this prick in improving the infrastructure of this country.. But in a country wid a literacy rate of 50 u cant expect much.. Can u? Many indians dont know that Gandhi n this monster quoted the Bible n passed off as their sayings.. Yes there is only one God n 3:16..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2011 03:47  

  • Awesome post. Sai baba's best trick actually is to make rational thinking vanish.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2011 09:54  

  • Anyone seen this?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2011 14:28  

  • Hello

    Here is an interesting situation about the Sai Baba cult and how it can get a strong footing in a democratic country.

    As you would know, this organisation has a strong grip in India itself and the official backing that it has got from the Indian Government at very high level is not only irrational but downright dangerous. However, the next country where the Sai Baba organisation has got a strong political and institutional backing is Mauritius.

    In Mauritius the government passed a law termed the The Sathya Sai Foundation of Mauritius Act 1998 in the Parliament in 1998 to give the organisation some sort of legal status or protection. I haven’t been able to get hold of this piece of legislation but what I suspect is that this legislation certainly provides official financial support from tax payer’s money to fund the organisation.

    The country’s current President, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth is known to have an affiliation with the Sai Baba and has even been honoured by the later on at least one occasion.

    The President wears a Sai Baba ring too, see

    Here, when the Secret Swami documentary was shown on BBC the then Prime Minister ,Mr Paul Berenger, was very upset and launched an inquiry into how the local the showing of this documentary was allowed here (it was sadly shown late at night here on BBC due to time difference). I understand that it had just escaped the attention of the authorities otherwise the programme shown on the BBC world channel which is controlled by the local Television authority would have been censored.

    So here is a country where the government officially backs the godman and promotes stupidity at its highest level. Here, the free press is not allowed to debunk the conman – I'm sure they can but they have never done it and it is not easy to understand why. Please help circulate this information.

    Here you can see the website of the local Sai Baba organisation and the affirmation that the Parliament passed an act to give it an official status

    Here you can see the official cabinet meeting minutes of the Prime Minister’s Office where it is noted that an investigation has been launched into the showing of the BBC Secret swami documentary.

    Please help us expose the grip that the Sai Baba organisation has on the Government in Mauritius. If you could please have an article published in a paper anywhere in the world and then let the local press know about it you could do us a big favour. I don’t know of any abuse related case here in Mauritius but I feel the people in Mauritius ought to know what sort of god man some of them believe in.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 April, 2011 14:47  

  • After his death, the drama unfolded. Itstaryed with him being sick, and now it's different. I suspect they delayed his death medically. And I am happy it happened. And sad for that person who became a puppet in his sibling's hands. I pity him. All for money. If not, let them establish a trust which does not contain any family member or a hi profile person. Nope that will not happen. There are believers and yes he did some good. But many of his statements are false. And he faked. I met him in person and he could nOt answer my question. Well I got answers later frOm another source. The jewellery he gifted to my friends they were made in chennai. If he is indeed god, he would have had a death at will like rama and krishna did. Yep everyone is a mortal, but the way yogis leave this place is with will. And here he was not even granted proper death. And then doesnot a mortal get White hair at 80 years? Why color the hair? Many unanswered questions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 April, 2011 23:16  

  • Mr Hari Sampath,

    Provide free medicare and drinking water like SATYA SAI BABA and then resort to character assasination.Use your time to serve atleast one person.Your karma will catch up with you.

    By Blogger NARAYANASWAMY, at 02 May, 2011 12:42  

  • I have heard that there are many con men purporting to be the guru sai baba. I saw this man in Ottawa, Ontario (he is listed above with all the various names he uses) but goes mostly by the name Suriv, Sugrim/Sugreev.

    I saw his magic palace, his many cars and saw his daughters as well when I attened his retreat. He does purport to be visited and takes on the aspects of sai baba. He has security and no pictures are allowed. The tricks he does are simple powder pellets, items hidden under the robe/cloth/handkerchief or under the seat cushion.

    I have heard he was even frail when sai baba was about to pass. I have spoken to several people about this and an investigation is being launched.

    It would seem that a Canadian Government Civil Servant has reached very far. I asked myself how has this family of five been able to afford their mansions, real estate (properties in so many places), the supposed degrees, the properties and the cars?

    It is something that must be looked at by those who believe and by those officials who are contacted.
    Does this singh family, this hindu family practices what it preaches. I do not believe so and would ask you all to investigate as we are doing as a group.

    "Ottawa Sai Baba Ram Singh, aka Sugrim singh, aka dharamraj Singh aks Sugreev, aka Baba and his wife Das Singh, aks Dasi, aks Margaret Singh are all frauds and just bilking people out of their hard earned money. " This is a strong statement, but it needs to be looked at, how has a charity afforded this or rather how does a civil servant afford this? Was it the lottery? was it use of donations? WE can ask questions of this supposed guru or saint can we not?

    I have not lost faith in God and religion, but I believe we should question those who say the are god or god comes through them...or for that matter anyone who purports to have spirrts visit.

    Don't you want to ask some questions?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 May, 2011 00:42  

  • Jai Sai Ram!

    By Anonymous Nokia 1600, at 28 May, 2011 16:27  

  • hari Sampath.....u have no clue as to what u have written....pray that the devil doesn't torment u till ur end. Man at the age of 80, lemme see u running around cutting cakes..what u have posted displays ur ignorance manifold. If u don't believe in him, shut simple as that. No one asked u to write things. When God takes a human form, he will b human

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2011 08:32  

  • very soon you will repent for your actions. then there will be nobody for u to forgive you. whatever philosophy, according to you, ur talking is making no sense. anyway i pray to swamy to forgive you for the actions you are doing. Instead of creating useless blogs like this do some seva to the society u will get some punya.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 June, 2011 07:43  

  • Whatever the human perception and definition of GOD,might be,Sathya Sai has elevated the definition of being Human.Human can b GOD with divine love and knowledge of Atma and Paramatma.He gave knowledge free of cost to the entire world, even the knowledge of previous yugas and different lokas.It is a human/foxy nature to pull other's legs to make oneself very high than others,when one is being worshipped by so many.But it is again the divine nature to neglect such mischieves and forgive.Sathya Sai's sufferings has nothing to do with GOD punishing him, but it has something to do with law of karma,karma of the healings he had done to undeserving people.people from bollywood and politics didn't deserve any divine blessings.sathya sai trust took people's money to construct more and more concrete structures to pollute the planet, without bothering to clean the Ganga,despite being so close to Lord Shiv's avatar.He shuodn't have allowed the people to come and worship him without keeping the Ganga clean to clean their body, mind and soul.For any masters, gross bodily suffering is not a matter of concern.Hell and heaven don't exist for them.They are pure Brahmagnanies.Surrendering to them in humbleness leads to Knowledge of duality and nonduality of atma and paramatma.

    By Blogger ShivaYaShive, at 13 December, 2011 14:21  

  • If there is bad karma it is yours only! Don't write about things you don't have any experience, get first the experience of the highest principle. You don't know what you are talking about and that is YOUR BAD KARMA.
    The worst we can do is talk about things we have not understood, you should just keep quiet.

    By Blogger Priyadevi, at 27 April, 2012 07:09  

  • Priyadevi, why do you insist on silencing those who bring up issues to attention, and choose to ignore the glaring faults of your leader?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 02 May, 2012 06:13  

  • Dude I am scientist from NASA and i believe in him,What do you need more than the name NASA.Do some resarch try Gayatri mantra.You will know what is it and you will know everything.Try the book in which saying of sai baba about Gayatri Mantra is give.
    Hope you best of luck and may swami bless you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 June, 2012 08:13  

  • I was a person perfect hate like u r having. proving wrong any/ every holy person. never new I have been selected like that. though baba was one there are innumerous some in Africa dark forests but less in india. in fact no need to go any where. u urself shall feel to that level & those experiances. but u need every thing free of doing any deed -thing.u need not to do any thing as well. do nothing ,try to be still, complete still, next u will say why should i do that. this is ur problem of why ? I some body says u to do something than this ,why comes .than better not to do, therefore do nothing that is better? have u seen why ? why comes, think about this ,alone this will solve mistery in 8-10 yrs. 1st see what do u want & why , i will fulfil all demands but shall u be able to enjoy it fully. have u enjoyed ur best food that u relish , if yes u will never comment on any body else( all this is experianced but u done?like that. if no, u will have problem with every body.
    Do u know what do i want to say, if yes ok, if no than iam telling what is our problem .
    dont see at god or say atma ,etc we will not talk that u can not sense or not experianced. I was just like u, not an inch difference & wanted & planned to kill these so many babas. i am 180 degree turned because I was true person whatever I thought said like that, acted like that & spoke also truth, u people if shall be true like that TO KALYAN HOGA, otherwise it is just like indian congress. rest ur choice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 November, 2012 15:39  

  • Great job writing this article or quoting it :) Well the problem with people believing socio-paths like this self proclaimed sathya sai baba is they believe any1 performing miracles (read magic tricks) is God incarnate himself.

    A true yogis only wordly possesions they say are a loincloth and a vessal to hold water and food collected by diksha. To believe in a swami who sits on a Gold chair , performs cheap tricks and collects money for these cheap tricks just shows how gullible people can be. Its indeed sad that foreigners who look to India to find a spiritual guide turn to such fakes and are taken advantage of.

    Its indeed sickening when you read all those stories of him sexually exploiting his male disciples. I mean how much worse can you get as a human being?

    I am not saying there are no God-realized souls at all. There have been saints and yogis of infinite wisdom in the past. There are some litmus tests for a true guru that have been mentioned in Bhagavat Geeta. One among them is that a God Realized soul can go into samadhi (a state of total suspension of breath) at will. If a person can go into samadhi (which can be verified wid a simple stethoscope) and come back after say an hour or more, he is definitely not on the same level as us.

    And yes karma is a bitch. It will get to you sooner or later. In baba's case it got to him too late I suppose.

    As said in bhagavat geeta (if only us Hindus read it) ...pray directly onto the supreme soul not onto the demi-gods and definitely not ordinary cheap-tricks like baba.

    All these fake self proclaimed babas need to be put into prison ;)

    By Anonymous Sahil, at 11 December, 2012 06:56  

  • One should look at what Sai has taught and done in 70+ years on Earth. A sexual molester and a fraudster will be caught after a few years. If Sai was such, He would have run away and hidden. He would not have remained on the world stage for that length of time,working for Mankind. Darkness always flees from Light And Hari Sampath's toilet bowl mind needs flushing ! Hari Sampath is just another fucking idiot who finds pleasure in attacking anything he thinks is negative. Hari Sampath, get your thumb out of your arse and start looking for the truth. Look at your own faults, which, dear sir, are in abundance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 August, 2013 15:37  

  • Wake up, Hari Sampath. Stop scratching your private parts. Unless your brains are down there ! First class bastard with the knowledge of an idiot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 August, 2013 15:44  

  • Hari Sampath dispersing wisdom and knowledge ? A brainless cunt like him ? Where does H. Sampath get his facts from ? From his genitals, where else !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 August, 2013 18:26  

  • Sai Baba was a nigura. The knowledge and wisdom without a Guru is blind.
    He was a false and fake Guru fooling the people.
    See this to know about false Gurus and fake Babas of all time.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 May, 2014 06:26  

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