05 December 2006

Sai Baba on Gender Equality

Sai Baba is not well known for his views on gender equality. In private he harbours views that are repressive and controlling, despite externally allowing celebrations such as "Ladies Day" in his ashram in order to give an impression of equal rights.

Some extracts from past Ladies Day discourses do well to illustrate his views on this matter:

"Today women, because they are educated, compete with men to take up jobs. There is nothing wrong in going for a job. However, they must take care of their home needs before taking up a job. When wife and husband go to offices, who will look after their children at home? As the mother is not at home to guide them properly, the children go astray. If both the parents go out for jobs, they may be able to satisfy their desire for money, but there is every possibility of their children getting spoiled, as there will be nobody at home to discipline them. Whatever moral values you have learnt, you have to teach your children." (19th Nov. 2002)

Sai Baba is a proponent of the traditional Indian view that women must stay at home and look after the children, and only gives permission for women to work in the case of dire financial need. In private he has told his close disciple, Prof. Anil Kumar, that women are good for nothing except cooking and cleaning.

"Today we find many children with bad character and bad behavior. The reason for this can be attributed to the bad thoughts of their mothers." (19th Nov. 2000)

That's right, he blames the parents just like everyone else!

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  • More details on Saibaba and women is found at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 December, 2006 18:33  

  • Dear Joel, thank you for your post. I am familiar with Sai Baba's educational and welfare works b(as a former devotee) but I do not feel that they should be used as distractants to very serious charges of child sexual abuse and murder, among other things.

    I have also had very interesting experiences with Sai Baba (and I still keep up my own spiritual practices), and I know where you're coming from. I guess it ultimately means that I cannot reconcile Sai Baba with my conscience; I have given enough time to his "positives" and there is a whole body of "negatives" that need to be acknowledged and discussed openly. That's what Truth is all about.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 22 December, 2006 03:56  

  • And that URL from the first anonymous poster.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 22 December, 2006 03:57  

  • Fuck that Joel... Asshole....To cover all this stupid acts he constructed and took over few projects which are even impossible for GOVERNMENT.... First of all deceiving 30 million people is the Biggest sin any one can do ... He is going to have CRUEL DEATH history can never wipe off...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2009 11:08  

  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba of course I call him as "Sidhdha Purush" do some para normal feets and divine principles or concepts with him. Some times he acts as Sidhdha Purush. Some times he acts like ordinary man. Hence he is not avatar. He himself exaggerates his powers and his devotees no mention to add. Maximum what can we do is take his good part for our benefit bitter part let to the karma theory because nobody are strong or powerful to prove his bitter part. Let time take their own course to clarify who SSSB is. Let us wait patiently. That is the wise thing. Otherwise, one should prove the fact about SSSB with all means.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 February, 2010 17:31  

  • hes a bloody liar..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 November, 2010 17:49  

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