18 November 2006

Puttaparthi BAN On Meat And Liquor

ANANTAPUR: The Puttaparthi police have banned consumption of liquor and non-vegetarian food within a radius of 9 km around Puttaparthi to maintain holiness of the international spiritual centre. Even though the ban was announced four days ago, the authorities have been treading a cautious path on the new rule.

Puttaparthi security wing DSP Gangaraju told TOI on Monday that police and ashram authorities decided to prohibit liquor and non-vegetarian food in and around Puttaparthi on the line of Tirumala. He, however, clarified that they were not harassing people and were only counselling them to maintain the holiness of the spiritual centre. At least 12 of the 15 owners of the liquor belt shops running in the surrounding villages have been counselled to stop selling liquor. Meanwhile, hotels outside the Ganesh Gate have also been asked to stop serving non-vegetarian food.

Officials said Puttaparthi town with a population of 20,000 never had a liquor shop, but visitors used to be served by the local belt shops.

Meanwhile, president A P J Abdul Kalam is likely to participate in the 81st birthday celebrations of Sri Satya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi on November 23. Official sources, however, said that the President's programme was yet to be finalised.

The President would be the chief guest for the annual convocation ceremony of Sri Satya Sai Deemed University on November 22. He will also participate in the birthday celebrations of the Baba at Prasanthi Nilayam on November 23. The President is also likely to inaugurate an indoor stadium constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore.

Sai Baba Exposed says: How cute. And a lovely 9km too! As if the radius wasn't a bit much, how fitting that it is nine kilometres - Sai Baba's favourite number?

And what was that about "officials" stating that Puttaparthi never had a liquor shop? What officials? Ashram officials? I wouldn't be surprised at these blatant liars. I was in Puttaparthi once and, after deciding to stoll outside the ashram to visit the local bookshop, I was accosted by a small child who couldn't have been older than six. He was repeating something to me over and over again in a low voice, and I ignored him because I thought he was begging for money as is typical in India. Only when I paid a little attention to what he was saying - "beer, beer" - did I realise that he was inviting me to a local liquor shop to drink alcohol!

As I was a devotee at the time I immediately refused to take him up on it and quickly proceeded to the bookstore. I was shocked to my core; how could liquor and meat be openly served in the "Kingdom of Heaven" where "God" personally resides? And yes, I discovered on my first trip to his ashram (back in 1993) that there was a non-vegetarian restaurant in the village. So now, in the run-up to Sai Baba's birthday (November 23rd) it looks like Puttaparthi police have been harangued by ashram authorities to ban the sale of alcohol and meat. The impression I got from this article was that this is some sort of temporary measure to "maintain the sanctity" of the village in view of the upcoming celebrations, but on a closer reading I see no mention of any temporary provisions. It looks permanent!

As usual you can expect the devotees to fully approve of this strategy. Here's a comment from one such that I found on another forum:

"I am glad to read this news item. True, we need to educate the people living there about the ill-effects of consuming alchoholic drinks and other pollutants like drugs etc. Also we need to educate all concerned about cleanliness and the need for keeping Puttaparthy spick and span. While the police is expected to do their duty in enforcing prohibition, the Sai devotees have also a responsibility for bringing necessary transformation in the hearts of those who are given to such addictions. Police can, at best, put an end to public drinking places and the sale of country and sophisticated liquor within a radius of 9 Kilometers. But how about drinking privately at homes by residents of Puttaparthy? How can the police nab such drinkers who are not a source of nuisance. Pl. think."

What-ho! As anyone knowledgeable about American history will know, the US Govt. already tried this in the Prohibition era, and what was the result? Massive lawbreaking and arrests all over the place; no matter how hard the law was enforced, people will find a way to continue indulging in their habits. If these Sai Baba goons think that they are on the way to achieving something great then they had better think again. "Please think", it won't work! And what's the problem about consuming alcohol within one's own home in Puttaparthi? Since when did devotees start leaning towards fascism?

Although I understand the intentions behind this new rule even though I do not consider Puttaparthi as a holy place as much as I don't consider Sai Baba as a holy guru or avatar, I don't think that banning liquor and meat is the right way of going about things even if it is being enforced cautiously. For a start, there must surely be a human rights issue what to speak of trade and business revenues making a significant downturn. Puttaparthi also has a sizeable Muslim population who are not bound to be vegetarian like their Hindu fellowmen, so does this ban apply to them too?

In their fundamentalist and frothing-at-the-mouth rabid enthusiasm to follow Sai Baba's teachings, it's clear that the ashram authorities haven't thought this through properly and are only interested in cribbing up some good publicity for themselves. They desperately want to join the ranks of other well-established (and real) pilgrimage centres and are intent on improving their surroundings so that they can perhaps apply for privileged status if they haven't already done so.

Just one thing though: The Prashanti Nilayam Township is a separate entity from the Puttaparthi village. It is a legally-incorporated entity in itself and does not have connections with the village as such. Is this yet another example of Sai Baba and his goons poking their noses where they don't belong?

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  • I think it would be more holy to ban pedophelia within 9kms of Puttaparthi. It would be more holy to drink and eat meat then to molest a child. I've spent a lot of time in the village and I can tell you that things are not what they appear to be. The highs and lows are intense. There is a lot of fear of the truth in that place. The powers that be use oppression and deceipt to control the people and then present themselves as enlightened. Why would an Avatar be afraid of the Truth? If he's an Avatar, what can hurt him? Why not just reveal the Truth? If he thinks that he's doing the right thing, then there's no reason to hide it. If there's nothing to lose, why would an Avatar be afraid of losing? It just doen't make sense, does it? The good part is that, during these times, the Truth is being exposed to the world. For those who embrace the Truth, this will be a glorious time. For those who have something to hide, it will not be a very pleasant experience. So be it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 November, 2006 05:05  

  • Thanks very much for your comments. I especially enjoyed your points about nothing hurting him. This is true in regards to the security arrangements in the ashram, metal detectors, personal government bodyguards and the like, which was initiated immediately after the June 1993 murders.

    You'd think that an avatar would know if any devotee would bring a knife or a gun to darshan, what is the need for metal detectors etc?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 18 November, 2006 06:52  

  • Your comments about banning paedophilia were interesting. We know that there is prostitution in Puttaparthi and quite possibly paedophilia as well. I wonder why the ashram didn't take measures for this problem, or is it that meat and drink are bad but sex with prostitutes is OK?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 18 November, 2006 06:55  

  • This is a load of utter rubbish, when you say that the beggar was saying 'Beer, beer' he was probably saying 'Bhaiya, bhaiya', (brother) which is said a lot by the beggars there. You should be ashamed of yourself for creating a site like this in order to discredit GOD!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 February, 2007 12:30  

  • Well thank you, Mr. Anonymous, for opining on somehting you never witnessed and are unqualified to clarify. And actually this is not "rubbish", but a news story that was printed in the Indian newspapers, are you saying that this story is factually incorrect and untrue? And that meat/liquor is not banned in Puttaparthi? That'll gladden the meat-eaters and alcoholics there, hey? ;-)

    As for the little boy who spoke to me, he was pointing the tip of his thumb to his mouth which is the common Indian hand-gesture referring to drink. So no, he was not calling me his brother, but made it very clear he was inviting me to have a beer. Pat goes your theory, and pattycake for your "God".

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 05 February, 2007 05:01  

  • Hi Mate,
    Whether you believe in him or not, it is still good to avoid liquor and non-vegeteatian food, if you wish to progress spiritually.


    By Blogger Venkat, at 26 March, 2007 11:56  

  • Hi there, I have only 1 thing to say and this is... if u really witnessed all these things it's because swami wanted u to!!! it's all his play and without knowing it you are actually worshipping him more than us!! Jai Sai Ram

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 April, 2007 18:14  

  • Yes of course it was Swami who wanted me to witness all these things. I forgot he was God and therefore everything is a part of his divine plan.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 10 April, 2007 00:50  

  • hey sai devi...get a life...swami or whatever you call your so called god...has no divine power....if he had these powers he wouldnt need govt regulations to ban meat and liqour..his presence would have done it automatically...but you people are tyo far gone to return to the truth....i believe in god and truly detest men who use his name to gain instant publicity...and Mr anonymous...geta have no courage to reveal yourself ....ask your god to give you some courage...

    By Blogger abha, at 03 September, 2007 12:44  

  • hey sai devi...get a life...swami or whatever you call your so called god...has no divine power....if he had these powers he wouldnt need govt regulations to ban meat and liqour..his presence would have done it automatically...but you people are tyo far gone to return to the truth....i believe in god and truly detest men who use his name to gain instant publicity...and Mr anonymous...geta have no courage to reveal yourself ....ask your god to give you some courage...

    By Blogger abha, at 03 September, 2007 12:44  

  • Whoever Wrote this is a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!I know sai bab more than all of you i had a private interview with him!!!!!!Looks like u don't know anything about him!!!!!!!!!!!!and people whoa re listening to this idiot who wrote this is.. are just naive F**ken LOOSERES!!!!..How can u even have the guts to beleive all this ,..and if this was really in the papers how can u be positive could have been set up>>>!!!!U Indians don't know anything u just beleive in fucken crap of junk!!!!!!!and how on earth can u be sooo positive that there are whores in Puttapathi ...have u had sex with them!!!!!!!!u can't proove it!!!!!Sai bBab would never let this come between him...Next TIME Watch your Language fellas!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 April, 2008 02:31  

  • You might want to take your own advice and watch your language. I guess Sai Baba approves of your behaviour?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 26 April, 2008 16:07  

  • Atlast people seemed to have got {"good" things} about SAI-exposed!!!! Who will expose what? Has the author himself certified "Qualified" to resorting to such "Unapproved, Incompetent, Unauthorized...summing up to infinite terms...."I request every Indian to unmute [their]your voice to such things...Be they "Practically feasible" OR Anything which certifies "Unofficially" that certain "Intellectuals" who themselves considered deemed good to be a great outfit to expose misdeeds by Swami!!! Many TV channels are there...recently a News Channel which had the reputation of housing a famous news-presentator, had once in 2004 asked "Who will be the next HOME MIN. and who is good to become demi-gods of certain ministries" even before Ms. Sonia Gandhi approached President Kalam to from a Govt....Blah..Blah..........Such Tv presentators present some unscrupulous events under the banner "Breaking News"...where it appeared Katrina-Salman, Rai Bachchan- Abhishek marriages and /affairs more IMPORTANT than a Ministry's crucial notification regarding country's foreign Ploicy on INDO-US Nuke Deal....I would like to receive any comments of any caliber to mail ID- if the author himself claims that my lines are in principal opposition to the VERY THEME of BLOG he/she created....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2008 01:19  

  • Praveen, if you had worded your comment in a way I could understand, I might have had an idea of what to say in reply.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 30 August, 2008 21:38  

  • How can the police ban on liquour when there was no prohibtion and govt increased quota for selling liquour? Were they working for Baba? Why not the DGP "counsel" the entire state to give up liquor? On what basis can they force ban on meat? Puttaparthi was not Baba's kingdom.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 April, 2011 12:11  

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