30 August 2006

Sai Baba: The SEX Files

Sometimes we are asked about our statements regarding Sathya Sai Baba's widely known activity of homosexual paedophilia, and to provide details of the same: What exactly happens? How often does it occur? Where does it take place? And so on and on. In this regard I hope to list the pertinent statements of sexual abuse in the direct words of the molestees. This should allow readers to have an idea of what goes on behind closed doors:

Chris - "I had an interview with Sai Baba, in which he told me and my then girlfriend to get married. However, on the way out of the interview room, quite intently, he brushed his hand against my penis, at least 2, possibly 3 times! I felt quite violated, and wondered why in the world if I was getting married he would do such a thing!"

Jens Sethi - "Without asking permission, he started kissing me on my lips for some time, and later asked me to open my trousers and 'materialised' some oil which he rubbed on the skin above my genitals ... Nevertheless, in the private room the greedy old man kissed me again direct and continuously on my lips for about twenty seconds, and gently stroked my back. By now I was certain that something was very wrong. On 28th December [1996] I was again called for interview and he produced a golden ring which didn’t fit well on my finger in spite of his blowing on it. In the private chamber he said, 'Come' and again kissed me on the lips for some time as before. This time I resisted and he gurgled, 'Have no fear.' I said, 'I have no fear.' Then he said 'This is a good opportunity, so many waiting for months and will not get.' This baffled me. I’m sure people don’t wait for mouth kisses in Puttaparthi.

"Then his mood totally changed and I did have some fear. He commanded me to remove my trousers, unzipped my fly and went with his right hand into my underpants. Sathya Sai Baba the divine touched and massaged my genitals unasked. He expected some erection, but this didn’t happen for I didn’t feel any sexual excitement, no lust in the presence of a seventy years old man. I was really disgusted. Then he had the impudence to say, 'It is very weak, don’t waste energy.'"

"I was alone in the second Interview room and he revealed his demonic nature which is full of lust. Against my will he pressed his lips against my lips and started kissing me for some time (about 20 seconds). This kind of kissing happened in several interviews. He massaged my genitals and expected an erection which did not happen. Before I had to remove my pair of trousers he pressed his open palm of his right hand at my genitals to see whether they became erect or not ... I came into contact with other devotees who had similar and even worse sexual experiences and came to the conclusion that their is indeed a equal pattern of Swam´s behaviour towards his victims. First he establishes contact and checks the devotional potential of the devotee. Afterwards once he has decided to molest a person he starts by kissing the same. The next step is massaging the genitals with oil or vibhuti and finally is masturbating them. In the end he asks to do oral sex !!! This is nothing but the truth and it is for sure that also testimonies from Indians have been made who have been sexually molested through Swami even in the early seventhies. Now it becomes evident through many other testimonies that he has sexually molested and raped young boys for a very long time."

Jed Geyerhahn - "On my second trip to Sai Baba I had four interviews. Each time I saw Baba, his hand would gradually make more prominant connections to my groin. The first interview was a slight swipe, the second a definite touch and the third time he grabbed me and with a very stern face looked me directly in the eye and said 'you are very weak!' ... In the final interview he asked me to take my pants down. I was totally confused, so he took them down for me. He then made vibhutti and rubbed it on my genitals. On my third trip, he did the same thing, but rubbed oil on my genitals. Fortunately, I was never taken advantage of any worse, but I was humiliated when I realised his true intentions, and I felt I had really lost an innocence that I would have cherished keeping.

"When I finally did talk about what happened to me, the first two reactions were to never speak of it with others because the whole thing would be taken out of context and misconstrued. Then I talked to others my own age and they told me of similiar experiences. I even heard terrible stories of children who would meet with Sai Baba twice a week to play 'sex games' and the like. Oral sex and masturbation were common in these meetings. Many of my own friends told me about attempts by Sai Baba to touch them, but they wouldn't let him."

Afshin Khorramshahgol - "In my first private interview, Baba did a ceremony which is supposed to be sacred in Hinduism and is done to all the followers by their gurus. This practice involves the guru putting oil on his hand and pushing his hand upward between the front testicle and the back area ... In every private interview after that Baba would ask me to put down my pants while he massaged my testicle ... In one occasion, Baba was not just massaging it, he was trying to give me a hard on ... At this interview, as he was pushing his hand back and forth on my testicle, I was telling him about many different things on my mind. Of course, I was so sure that he is doing the best thing for me that I was thinking of something else. I was telling him about the problems in my country of Iran, how the people are suffering, the problems of my family and my own problems. He couldn't get me hard so all of a sudden with anger and an angry face he threw my thing up against my stomach and with an angry face he turned his back to me. I thought he is probably angry at me because I should have more faith in him, he already knows all my problems, everything in my mind, and he will help me in whatever way he can. Actually, he was angry that I didn't get hard and so when he turned towards me he told me to put my pants up again. This was the only occasion which he kept some distance between me and him while he was playing with me. Every other time, he would hug me and do it. My question to those who believe that Baba's intentions in playing with me was pure is that if Baba says not a blade of grass moves without his will, then why does he have to touch me in that way to perform whatever pure intention or will he had in mind?" ...

"In almost all of such interviews, Baba would breath harder and sometimes he would make noises too. Something I forgot to tell you about the private interview above was that while I was telling Baba about these problems, his face was getting uneasy while he constantly, the whole time was looking down at my testicle. His eyebrows got twisted and his face got more and more upset as he was trying to play with me. I wonder why? He sometimes would tell me that I was weak there, there was too much being wasted from there, etc. Why then did he touch it? Was he fixing things? Why did he have to fix things by touching and rubbing and going back and forth?

"In one interview, he stood up while I was kneeling on my knees. With his right hand, to took my head and put it against his stomach. With his left hand he took my right hand and put it against his testicle. He rubbed my hand there for a short while and this time he was making loud noises of... I tried to look up to his face to see it, but he pushed my head hard against his stomach and did not allow me to look up. So, I didn't try again. While he took my hand there, I felt his testicle, although I didn't grab it, I just let him direct my hand and do whatever he wants. At the same time, I would touch him by the outside part of my hand. As I said before, he was making loud voices while he was doing that. This took about two minutes before he let go of me and my hand and said 'This is God'!!! Whatever!!! It was his way of putting a controlled mind to think and find many answers to what that whole situation was all about. It was his way of covering the sick idea of having me touch him, and also covering his loud, wild voices."

Neptune (anonymous) -
Interview #1: "(He started to wave his hand in circles, and suddenly, - stopped. With apprehension I thought he had changed his mind. I was relieved when he continued waving. When he turned his hand up, there was nothing in his palm. Then I saw his fingers shimmering. He was slippery rubbing them together. ) 'Oil', he said. 'Open.' (He started lifting my shirt; I lifted it up, thinking he wanted to rub it on my navel. Then, with his left hand, [his right was full of oil.] he motioned downwards with his fingers. I understood. I untied my pants. He lifted my penis, put his fingers at the base of it, and started rubbing the oil into me. It didn't hurt, but he was making a motion as if he was pinching me there repeatedly with his fingers.

"He stopped, and waved his hand again. I guess he made some more oil. He resumed rubbing. With his other hand, he drew me close. He rubbed some more, and drew me closer. I could hear him murmuring some things, so I turned my ear towards him so I could catch what he was saying. He again pulled me tighter towards him this time by the waist, until my crotch was right by the side of his leg, and our chests were almost touching. I had my chin on his right shoulder both arms around him, his hair touching the side of my face, the front of my pants down. It was so bizarre. I could now feel him pulling the base of my penis back and forth. It felt kind of good. He finally let me go, and I pulled my pants up.) (He looked at me and said: ) 'Don't tell anyone. Don't tell Mother. She worries. Tomorrow and the next day, I will give interview. I will give, (he traced his finger on my chest,) a chain.'"

Interview #2: "(He took Papa into the private room for a minute or so, then called me. Papa left. As soon as we got inside, he pulled me close, gave me a big hug, and started untying my pants. He dropped them to the ground, then pulled my underwear below my butt. He grabbed my penis, and while hugging me again, started masturbating the base of it. He kept repeating 'Purification. Purification.' I felt his other fingers grip around my crack and pull me closer, uptight. I held him tight in return. He turned his right cheek to me, I kissed it, with his prompting. He turned his mouth towards me, I gave him my cheek. He turned my head and kissed me on the mouth for a long time. When he stopped, I started to pull up my pants. He made sure my shirt didn't get stuck in the knot, and straightened me out. He kept telling me:) 'This is good chance; good chance; look, there are so many people outside. They all want to be here. It's your good luck.'"

"I went down and kissed his feet, then came up on my knees.) 'take it.' (He lifted his robe up to his knees. I put my hand on his knee.) 'Sparshan!' (He pressed my head to his penis. I put my cheek on it.) 'Linganamaskar!' (I kissed it. He lifted his robe higher and higher. I first saw his nuts. They were very dark coloured. Then his penis. I saw a drop of liquid on the tip; he wiped it off with his thumbnail.) 'Take it!' (I held it. I kissed it. I could feel him pushing on my mouth. It opened slightly. It slipped inside. He subtly moved his hips back and forth enough times [7] that I lost count. He finally took it out, and I got up. He kissed me on the mouth. He put his tongue out. I just barely opened my lips, but kept my teeth clenched. It slipped in between my lips and my teeth. I moved and he got saliva on my right cheek. We left the private room.) ... (As a particular young man passed, Baba pressed and vibrated the back of his hand on the man's groin, just as he did to me in the last interview while I was getting the chair and twice in our interview of March 25, 1998 in Brindavan.)"

Gabriel Merrun - "When we came into the room behind the curtain, Sai Baba suddenly turned his back against me. Sai Baba was now standing between Conny and me, and obstructed the view between us ... I moved forward to Conny and Sai Baba, as it is unnatural to stand behind someone's back. I remember in a hazy way that Sai Baba was occupied with some sort of strange movement before me and I moved instinctively around to make us stand in a circle, which I felt more natural. But Sai Baba turned his back against me again and waved to me to stay there, and suddenly he pinched my penis so I was not able to move away. Conny thought that Baba now had started to give me massage. But instead he pinched the head of my penis in a rough way. This pinch was hurtful, and kept me behind Sai Baba's back."

Hans de Kraker - "He then signed me to come closer and hug him. He had earlier that trip asked me to kiss him on the cheek, while I was helping him getting something from a room adjacent to the interview room ... While leaning over to get something from a lower shelf in the closet, when rising he pointed at his cheek, indicating that he wanted me to kiss him. I did so, very surprised and kind of suspicious. I come from a country though where man and women irrespective of sex, kiss each other on the cheek three times. So after my first suspicion, relativised everything back to normal (I am still amazed today, how far ones mind can go!) So back to that moment where he asked me to come closer. He then hugs me ( I am on my knees and he is seated on his chair-there are no people present). He now turns his face and puts his lips on mine; my head his spinning and my mind is running at 500 kilometres per hour. I don't know what to do! My mouth tightens up, and I feel extremely uncomfortable and confused with this 'perceived incarnation of GOD on earth' trying to kiss me on and in my mouth!! Sai Baba slaps me on my cheek and says 'Loosen up!!! With other people not OK with Sai Baba OK.'" I am even more uncomfortable now and feel disgusted at the same time.

"Sai Baba realised his and my predicament and decides not to continue. He now tells me again that he will give me everything and stands up and tells me to do padnamnamaskaar. As I go on my knees, and touch his feet with my forehead, he pulls up my arms and indicates he wants his calf muscles massaged. Although very uncomfortable with everything that had happened I still continued to listen to him. Many people knew how he liked having his calve muscles massaged and I had seen respectable men and women of all walks of life do the same thing....he now takes my head and pushes it quite firmly into his groin...he then pulls up my arms and asks me to go higher and higher and higher...NOW I AM HOLDING HIS BUTTOCKS AND WONDER WHAT THE HELL MY DIVINE MASTER IS ASKING ME TO DO!!! Fuse!!! Crash! I let go my arms and now I am even more shell shocked...he pulls up his dress, presents me his half-erect penis and invites me to take up my 'Good Luck Chance': "This is your Good Luck Chance." I am now on my knees facing his erect penis, being asked to perform oral sex. He stands there, and I think: AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS? COULD I DO THIS?

"I then instinctively stretch out my right arm and put on the part of his chest which hides his heart and say: 'I don't want this Swami, I want your heart.' He now drops his dress and tells me:'"Yes yes yes of course you have my heart.' He now asks me to take my pants down, "discovers" my penis is not erect and tells me that that is how it is supposed to be! 'Swami is inside there see, Swami is inside there.' Hell NO! That is Mine and Mine! And you are certainly not in there! I thought. He asks me to do Padnamnamaskaar again and again, he pulls up his dress: 'This is your second Good Luck Chance,' he said. I refuse and get up without saying anything. I am now angry, confused and dazed. I feel burning! God just took a backdoor! A very clever manipulator and professional deceiver had just trashed the fundamentals of the past eight years of my life. I had abstained from any sexual activity because he had suggested it was good for my spiritual Evolution. He had harassed and embarrassed my girlfriend and myself because of our difference in age, while he was hitting on someone 42 years his junior...He had told us to break up our relationship and for what reason?! So he could have a go?!?!" ...

"Someone had called Europe even and told the leader of the group. I got a call from her the morning after. She expressed concern and told me people had seen me walking out of the interview room all pale…then they tried the apartment but I had locked myself in. She asked me what had happened. 'Did he try to have sex with you?' I told her that it was something between him and me. I did not want to talk about it."

Conny Larsson (Open Letter to Sai Baba): "You soon started to call me in for several private interviews and I become a noticed person in the ashram. But the other devotees did not know what was going on between you and me in the inner interview room. I did not know myself, 1 just believed you when you said that you were God and were helping me with my problems by taking care of my Kundalini-process. This was odd I think, since you did this by physically approaching my genitals, sometimes by smearing oil, later by masturbating me and asking for the same done to you. You also did oral sex on me several times; you always seemed to enjoy it immensely. When you asked me to do oral sex on you I backed up, due to my background as a molested child. My alcoholic father's friend did the molesting during Friday evenings, when I was between four and eight years old. You were kind enough not to push me further. Instead you continued with oral sex on me until 1983. I had now become 34 years old and fallen out of your sexual interest zone. When I was a child and was abused I always reacted by doing as I was told in order to save my life. So when you first approached me even if it was in a gentle way of a touch, by your hand at my genitals, I somehow reacted instinctively and closed my door to my inner consience. I stopped to listen to my inner voice since I did not want to loose the divine image of you.

"Now, I have some questions for you! Were you aware of the fear that you activated in me when sexually harassing me? If you are the person you want us to believe, did it not occur to you that instead of giving me joy and love you only invoked fear in its deepest level? ... During the years that past by after 1983 when your physical involvement with me stopped I just served and served as a 'duty officer' in your organisation even though the 'bells of warning' clanged off and on. So many times I saw you cheat with the manifestations, so many times I saw you do acts of misconduct with other boys, I always thought you where testing me as a devotee! 1 never let the thought in that this was wrong ... It was first in the end of 1986 when I met with several boys that had similar experiences that I started to ask myself if this was wrong. At one time you asked me to participate in an interview, in the inner room, with one of my patients from the institute. I thought you wanted me to translate but you wanted me to participate when you sexually harassed the boy whom at that time were 23 years old, blond and handsome. Somehow you had understood that my childhood experiences had disturbed my identity and made me bisexual. And now you wanted me to partake in your play with the boy. Before I reacted the boy himself pushed you away and went out of the room leaving you and me there. You just raised your shoulders and said: "Pity! He does not understand Sparshan". (Meaning Gods physical way with him.) Do I need to tell you that the boy went home and never wanted to hear about you again, nor did he want to go back even when I offered him to pay his expenses. Do I need to tell you that the boy felt deeper and deeper into an incurable depression related mainly to this traumatic experience and finally committed suicide? ... Did you have to use my patients in your sexual activities and thereby using me as a pimp for you?

"Since then the word is spreading all over the world and victims from all over the world are coming out from the shadows telling mostly the same sad story about you. All over the world your name and your organisation is put on the list of scum. There is no return and your name and reputation will always be: 'The man that called himself the Avatar of Avatars but showed up to be just a simple man with sexual desires for young boys. The man that cheated a whole world using the name of God and love as his tools. The man that used other peoples knowledge and wisdom as his own and pretended to be a guiding light for humanity. Finally exposed by the innocent people that he molested.' ... That you try to hide your homosexuality only shows you as weak and not up to date with what is going on in the world. Today we have United Nations humanitarian rights to protect the homosexual community that is common knowledge. You do not have to hide behind a mask of God to be able to satisfiy your desires. You have so much charisma and charm that you could get in contact with partners without having to swindle young boys and a whole world."

David Paul: "I became a devotee in the early eighties and undertook the first of two pilgrimages in 1990, and was "granted" an interview both times during the first interview I was taken into the back room and subjected to one of the so called oilings that have so often been spoken of and I am not sure even today where I stand on that particular subject, but was told by SB that sometimes I dissipate too much energy this way the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach, at the time I naively thought he meant around certain chakras but later another devotee told me it was because of over indulgence in masturbation, which if this was his meaning behind this event was I felt not his place to say or invade my privacy this way unfortunately as I left the ashram and India that time I became very ill with Malaria and put the events behind me. Nothing really happened in the second interview except he did nudge me in the groin with the back of his hand as he passed me on his way through into his sore room."

Edwin Reurings: "The sexual advances he has made to me during one interview are nothing compared to those described on the website mentioned below. During an interview Sai Baba touched me in the groin once under the pledge that he would give me a woman. Although at the time I did not regard this as an indecent act, the way he did it I thought peculiar ... Now I think that his feeling my private parts is not the worst. The worst thing of all I find is the enormous waste of time, the deception, the feelings of huge insecurity and self-doubt that have weighed on me all those years."

G.S.M. Prasad: "I was a Sai student in one of the colleges of Sai Baba for a long time. I have seen the so called list of guys who are said to be molested by Sai Baba. All of us know now what is the fact. But I am here to say that in the list there are at least three names who were doing staircase or interview room duty & they were very famous when I was a young student. These seniors are themselves molesters & have molested me and many of my class mates & fondled us. They told us 'Swami likes it', where can I tell their names? I know they used to have so called 'chics' or favourite boys & they use to have sex with us in the hostel. They must have had sex with more than 50 of us boys who were studying in 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 th standards. I and many of my friends still remember talking about it on the d-floor in the night about it at the pn hostel & we could do nothing about it. I think all of us should come out and tell everything so that we feel better about it."

John Bright: "I was completely ignored by Baba for most of the two years until 1996 when I was called for an interview with a group of fellow American devotees. During the main interview he granted me a private interview. During this private interview he sexually molested me. There was no room for misinterpretation on my part and Sai Baba wasn't trying to activate my kundalini or any of the hundreds of other rationalizations and denials that devotees and believers in Sai Baba come up with ... His actions were for his own sexual gratification. (If he is activating my kundalini why would he try to get me to put his erect penis in my mouth)? ... I admit that it is hard to believe these stories of sexual molestation when you read what Sai baba teaches (universal love, harmlessness, feed the poor, help ever hurt never). In fact if I hadn't had my experience I probably wouldn't believe them."

John Worldie: "Baba did the same number to me, he really f****d up my life in a way. He was the cause of my breaking up with Rosemary as he put her on an anti-sex trip. He put me on a great guilt trip as a result. Words can’t describe how I feel about him. He is lower than I’ve ever been at my worst. The 'test' he put me to (fondling my dick, taking my valuables, Tibetan Bells, and f*****g up my Lady’s head) were not the test of my faith but a way of determining how stupid I was. I never could figure out why he played with my penis so I rationalized it as he was 'purifying' me. I sent him a telegram and said I’d purify him American style if he came here."

Greg Gerson: "During one interview, which occurred just before I was scheduled to fly home to America, while we were alone, Sai Baba had me pull down my pants. He then 'materialized' oil and pulled down my underwear and applied the oil on my lower abdomen below my navel and above my penis. He did not touch me sexually or ask me to do anything to him. He did embrace me for what seemed like a long time (perhaps 30 seconds or more) but nothing else. During that visit I was 26 or 27 years old. At another point in this interview when I was with three or four others in the smaller interview room, Sai Baba slapped me across the face quite hard when I was not looking."

Mark Roche:

10.25.37 Mark Roche: He kept saying stuff like that I’m giving you a great chance, millions want to touch the feet, you know, I’m giving you whole body, this is great chance, this is great chance. Then he went over to a different of the building and pulled up his dhoti, which is Indian garment kind of thing and exposed himself and sort of indicated that I was supposed to put his penis in my mouth, which, feeling intimidated and confused and all that, I did. And although it didn’t seem right to me but it just seemed like what I was supposed to do.

10.26.15 Tanya Datta: Why would God want to put his penis in your mouth?

10.26.20 Mark Roche: Got me.

Alaya Rahm:
Seduced By Sai Baba: "One time he had his robe almost completely off and he tried to have anal sex with me, because he came from behind me and started climbing up on top of me, you know, and being that I’m so much taller than him, in order to keep prevent it from happening, I just stood straight up and didn’t allow him to do anything, you know, and I kind of kept pushing him away and keep him there until ??... I know, I want to talk to you, I want to be with you and I love you. He said, 'You don’t love me? You don’t love me?' And I would say, 'No, I love you, but I just don’t want to have sexual relations with you.'

"The first time I had a personal experience with SB was when I was 16 years old. I went to India alone with some friends in a USA group. I think I was the only person in that group that he gave a personal interview to. I went in there, and he motioned for me to lower my pants. And I did. I was very nervous at the time, yeah. And he waved his hand and turned it over and showed me some oil. And he started to rub it on my testicles and started kissing me. And as he was kissing me, he started kissing me deeply, you know. And I started tensing up and, you know, not understanding what was happening. But it seemed to me as if SB was trying to make my penis erect. He had told me not to tell anybody about what he had done, that people wouldn’t understand it.

"But every time we would go back into the personal room, his wants got to be very intimate. And he was constantly having me take out my penis and he would hold it, sometimes put it in his mouth and look at me, and then ask me to do the same thing or push my head down and lift his robe up. And I was gagging and almost about to vomit. And, you know, that was probably the most mentally break down type of thing I’ve ever done in my life, because if I didn’t feel like at that time, like my life or my family’s happiness or … was depending on it, I wouldn’t have done it. But my mentality at that time … I felt like it was a life or almost death situation. You know, this was God in human form, but that was my mental program – this is God in human form. How could I deny him what he was trying to make me do? There must be some deeper reason or deeper meaning that what I see.”

See video clips here.

Secret Swami:

10.18.38 Alaya Rahm: At the same time I was overjoyed, there was also a little bit of confusion because that was the first interview in which he called me in personally.

10.18.50 Tanya Datta: He took you aside?

10.18.51 Alaya Rahm: Mm, mm. Took me aside and put the oil on his hands and, and told me to drop my pants and rubbed my genitalia with the oil and pulled me close and started kissing me heavily on the mouth and I was really taken back by it and not understanding what was going on.

10.19.13 Al Rahm [Alaya's father]: I said; so tell me about, you know, your interview. And he said; well I’m not supposed to tell anybody, Baba told me not to tell anybody and I looked at him and I said; did he make oil for you? And his eyes got kind of big and he said; how did you know? And I said; did he rub it on you? And he said; yeah. He said; how did you know? And I said; because it happened to me.


10.29.10 Tanya Datta: What Al and Marisa [Alaya's parents] didn’t know was that while he was showering their family with gifts and attention Sai Baba was exacting a heavy price from their son.

10.29.19 Alaya Rahm: Oral sex he would try to get that to happen several times. Both on, he would perform it to me and then, you know, and then sometimes threaten to cut my penis off and hold it, like it’s bad, I should cut it off. He would ask me all the time; why don’t you want me, you don’t want me. It was so far out to me, to think that he was actually just wanting me to physically want him.

10.29.46 Alaya Rahm: I, I could pretty much stop convincing myself that any of this was spiritual when he lifted his robe and his dhoti up to his chest and showed me the whole bottom half of this body and told me to take my pants off and then he tried to, I’m much taller than he is, he’s like five feet tall maybe and I’m six, six and he tried to climb up onto me, you know.

10.30.12 Tanya Datta: To rape you?

10.30.13 Alaya Rahm: Yeah, that’s what it felt like. I mean he was, for a seventy year old man as erect as I think a seventy year old man can get. I even saw semen come out of his penis one time and that was when I was, wow, this is a human being.


10.37.10 Tanya Datta: Why didn’t you tell your parents?

10.37.12 Alaya Rahm: Well because he would tell me not to tell them. He would threaten me. I mean I remember him saying; if you don’t do what I say your life will be full with pain and suffering. And that’s a pretty heavy thing to hear being sixteen and God’s telling you do what I say or your life is going to be full of pain and suffering.

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  • You people disgust me. To think that someone would actually spend time to try and discredit Sai Baba blows my mind. He has done nothing but good for the people of India, in fact, all over the world. My father has been a devotee for over 30 years and to this day is still blown away by the things he can do. What about the hospitals he has built, which were expected to take years, but were completed in months. What about the pipeline he is overseeing to give water to the poverty-striken. What about the man he brought back from the dead and the countless he has healed. I hope that one day you can truly realise the significance of this man instead of being so negative and non-believing, wrapped up in the social life that goes along with todays lifestyle. Your stories are nothing more than one-eyed, reporter-like accounts of selective incidents. Maybe a broader, more unbiased view needs to be taken by you..?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 October, 2006 15:39  

  • Dear Anonymous,

    by the same token why aren't you unbiased where distasteful news is concerned? Regardless of your father's 30-year devotion (I was a devotee for 10 years, by the way) and regardless of his welfare activities, these are not reasons to prove his innocence of very real and very telling disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct.

    To be perfectly honest with you, the Sai Expose is multi-faceted and does not only consider the allegation sof homosexual paedophilia, although their importance is not to be minimised in any way. Is it so hard for you to accept that many devotees who have witnessed his miracles and deeds at close hand, and have even served in his organisation, have finally seen the light, seen him for what he is, and left him?

    Broader and unbiased reporting? I humbly appeal to you to keep an open mind about the very serious theological and philosophical inconsistencies in Sai Baba's teachings and practice. For a start, his claim to be the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba (a claim on which everything about him is founded) is now in firm doubt. There are more sides to this "man" than you think, dear Anonymous. Please keep an open mind and an open heart.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 13 October, 2006 04:24  

  • Since your father had 30 years of faith proves one thing. You have been brain washed and never taught to think yourself. Agreed that baba is spending money on hospitals schools etc. But that does not relieve him of his sexual exploitations. Why would a so called 'GOD' travel in A/C cars and live a cozy lifestyle. All humbug. Sex and money are this guy's only motives - added to it the title of God. When are you going to wake up? Hmm..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 October, 2006 17:08  

  • Dear Freind,

    All the sex episodes narated in your website apart,I would like to remind you of an attack on SB in Aug -Sep 93.When threatened with the attack on his life,the Great Bhaghavan ran for his life and hid himself in the car shed underground !The attackers were also boys!
    What a great Avatara of Rama,Krishna or Shiva who is afraid of losding life!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2006 21:25  

  • Dear Anonymous,

    yes, thank you for bringing that to my attention. More information on those murders can be found here.

    I also remember reading in several magazine articles published at the time, how various journalists were laughing about how Sai Baba ran away in fear for his life. At that time I was a devotee so I thought it was in poor taste, but now I see the all-too-human nature of this "avatar" and understand why his response was based on instinct instead of "divine will".

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 08 November, 2006 05:37  

  • It has been the order of different Yugas that the Avathar was never accepted and was well criticised let it be Rama or Krishna or Jesus or Shirdi Baba or Sai Baba. If it is true that they were molested by Baba on a number of visits why didnt they take a DNA test of the semen that was left in their mouth and book the so called culprit. If somebody has the fear of the curses given by a person who molested him it sounds ridiculous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 November, 2006 18:36  

  • First of all, it is your idea that Sathya Sai Baba is an avatar. This is a sbjective point of view and not objective, there are many who do not agree with this claim. Why can't their point sof view be respected?

    Secondly about semen DNA samples etc., you're forgetting an important thing; if your "God" suddenly forces you to perform oral sex on him, will you do it? Will you be so surprised/shocked that you will do it? Would you be aware that "God incarnate" is asking you to perform oral sex on him? Wouldn't this blow your mind?

    So certainly, registering DNA samples is not uppermost in the victims' minds as they are too shocked to figure out what has happened.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 21 November, 2006 02:20  



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 December, 2006 19:43  

  • It is so very sad the blind faith Sai Baba's followers have in him. A sick man, deluded, egomaniacal, perverted. All the while covering up the molestations with "good deeds" of a school here, a hospital there to save face.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2007 00:04  

  • First, let me congratulate you on your excellent blog! We need more Indians to come out of their closet and expose this pedophile and trickster, instead of quivering like cowards. Whenever I bring up the controversies about this pervert baba in my house, the typical reaction (like many of his foolish devotees) is "what about the hospital and other social work"?
    Can't you see that this is the perfect cover-up? That is his ONLY good deed, which will give him more followers and keep the faith. And by the way, it was due to donations from around the globe. Not due to his personal wealth or effort. And why should a man who can "materialize" things from thin air need someone to actually build something? Why can't he simply "materialize" a hospital, a school? Why cant he prevent famine, drought or eradicate poverty from our country? Why? Because he is just human, and a pervert at that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 February, 2007 12:07  

  • Probably the only miracle that can be attributed to him is the sex-drive, which he has maintained right through his old age. That and his Afro hair do. Hmmm.. wonder if that is a wig? Need to investigate on that too!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 February, 2007 04:38  

  • what about princeton new jerseys shyam bhatnagar

    can you expose him

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 March, 2007 04:55  

  • You people are really disgusting. Instead of blabbering day & nite aginst Sai Baba why don't you filea case aginst him. Don't have that much courage or all you disgusting tales are lies. We Have been devotees for the past 55 years and one more thing He has 10 billion devotees all over the world. So either you are mentally imbalanced disgraceful persons or the world is mental??? Tell now. When God comes there has to be some controversy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 March, 2007 07:24  

  • My Partner follows advice from Sai Baba..
    I myself am from the UK i came across this website as i wanted to learn more about what my partner thinks of his idol what he is learning from him.
    I am afraid i have found disgust.
    Can i just say one thing in the UK there are homosexual padeophilies that get locked up everyday for doing things to young children.

    Theres even people like Micheal Jackson that have a good reputation but now bad from all the court cases he has been through for similar thing.

    If this sai baba is really doing these things then shame on him really i have a son of 3 if anyone even attempted to touch my son in anyway whether he is young or older i would get him send to the police and to serve a very long sentence for his mistakes.

    It is cruel the boys are very young, see the guy as an idol and not sure whether it should be right or wrong when he lifts up his gown or asks them to pull down there trousers.
    It is disgusting. This man is just a normal man as is u me n everyone else in the world. He bleeds the same blood has sexual desires money greed....and everyone thinks hes doing a good deed by opening hospitals and what nots....
    Its a cover up for what he has been doing.

    I am not christian neither am i hindu, i am buddhist and this is just not right not at all...
    Children do lie sometimes yes....but a child would never lie about something they have no clue what it is until they get into adulthood.
    It makes me wonder what is truly happening in the world. I am shocked!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 March, 2007 13:58  

  • Yep, that's true. It's even worse when you consider that this guy is worshipped as God incarnated on earth, seriously.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 13 March, 2007 02:29  

  • Iam also an old student of satya sai school.Although i didnt have personal bad sexual experience myself, i still cant forget that night when my friend studying in class 11th,MR.AJAY CHOUDHURY who ran away and left the school one night suddenly after being "in-form", that is, having personal interviews with bhagavan baba,which he described me vivid detail in which baba advocated " RADHA BHAKTHI " by doing oral sex on him and at the same time sucking his dick too in various phases of about his 4 to 5 special interviews.In return he was given an imported watch,imported camera,gold chain,gold ring and lots of new currency notes.Ajay was from the state of bihar and is the brother-in-law of a famous cricketer who was part of the world cup indian squad of 1983 which lifted the world cup in england,who later became a member of indian parliament.i think any indian can guess who was it!!!i dont want to say it myself.I still remember my biology teacher coining the term, BATON EXCHANGE,for the art of baba's so called exchange of he vibhuthi pellet from the left to right hand under cover of the letters he collects from his mad devotees.I watched all his heinous crimes in his mandir helplessly for two long years.I FELT SO BAD WHEN I HEARD THE NEWS OF THE MURDER OF MY SENIOR CALLED MR. SAIRAM BY BABA'S FOLLOWERS IN BABA'S BED ROOM.I recollect as a thorough gentle man,soft and well mannered.What would be the circumstances that led him to attempt baba's murder, i think we can all guess!?!I sang bhajans of him. i followed him blindly.i wrote every word he said in his dicourse.i practised all that he uttered till these incidents toook place.I believe in karma siddhantha.I THINK HE HAS ALREADY STARTED REAPING THE FRUITS OF HIS SINS AND thr hermaphrodite BABA HAS STILL A LONG WAY TO GO {ALREADY CRIPPLED)for he had harassed,abused and spoiled tender lives of thousands of young innocent young children.Jai Sai Ram.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2007 21:34  

  • While I was reading through these mind blowing, well expressed, touchy and well articulated stories, the only thought that came in my mind, was how can I trust these distatsteful episodes just by reading them, because in today's world its not hard to exploit an image of innocent person with the help existing corrupted media in world and sexually oriented internet crimes. Does any of these stories have a supporting proof that can compare the thousands of Books written on Sai Baba and transformed the people to become good human beings.
    All I can say is that, the people who have written these stories are suffering from some kind of sexual ailment & inferiority complexes and need help!! The only way to express their pain is by writing these juicy stories. Sorry guys, u have to help urselves because there are very few born like you!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2007 14:58  

  • So it doesn't matter that Sathya Sai Baba may be raping little kids, boys and men, it's OK because his books of transformed the lives of thousands of people and this is more important than a few whiners who couldn't handle being raped.

    Where have we heard that before...

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 24 May, 2007 01:24  

  • These all are stupid things. He is an Avatar.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 June, 2007 19:08  

  • And your proof for that is... ?

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 29 June, 2007 23:49  

  • Interesting reading all. What I must say here, without bias, is do you have sufficient tangible proof to frame up SB like this? Experiences shared on the pages could be fictitious, as happens so often in the net.

    On the other hand, God Worshipping that I am, I have yet to see a real miracle happen so far in my life of 54 years. I have heard of plenty of hearsays, like "One of friend/ relative, whose friend/ relative" witnessed it. Ever heard what is slight of hand, done so invisibly by magicians...(Seen Mondo magic on TV)

    On the third hand, miracles do happen. Swami Vivekananda has written of so many in his memoirs. Personally, however, I have to see to believe!

    My recommendation to both the believer/ non believer is to go ahead with whatever he desires, only when tangible and acceptable proof is on hand; And not otherwise.

    Warm Regards,


    By Blogger Atanu, at 11 July, 2007 08:58  

  • Thank you, Atanu, that was very wise.

    Regarding proof for the sexual molestations; one has to consider how similar things are being reported by so many different people who never knew each other, this is one indication that their experiences are worth considering. Some other reasonings include the fact that neither Sai Baba nor any of his representatives have confirmed or denied the sexual molestations either way, and refuse to make a statement whenever the occasion arises. This seems like an irrational tactic if Sai Baba is truly innocent. Even Bill Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky when he was with her all the time, he tried to make a statement. Sai Baba's lack of comment on the issue when there is such a huge controversy is an indicator of culpability and guilt.

    In any case, I can offer personal experience of fradulent miracles. See A Bracelet Story.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 15 July, 2007 03:27  

  • Hi, interesting reading this page jhas meant for me...i am from bangalore and met plenty of this so called avatar's devotees...they say one word he is avatar...really ...give me a break guys....and you Mr anonymous...if you are so sure of your baba why not reveal your know why???/ coz you dont want to be associated with him really...what has he doen other than build hospital and school...dude he took donations for that....the amount of filth that he generates, he needs to actually do something to offset it...stop calling him god..or may be he is, god of perverts...he has no rights to claim to be an avatar...if he is god he should be living in penury while giving riches to his disciples...

    Do you people even know the meaning of people are blind to the filth of this man you think is god...according to you all everyone is lying about him...i suggest you go have some nice private interviews with him..then come out and say the same thing...or go meet somebody who has had these interviews and ask what went on in them....i have met a few of them and its disgusting...these so called sparshan has mentally ruined them....

    If you dont have guts to reveal yourself ...i suggest you take a hard look at your own beliefs....knocking anyone for the heck of it is a stupid thing...but here are people who have been through a lot all because of this one pervert.

    By Blogger abha, at 03 September, 2007 12:14  

  • well all said all fyn,so u guyz say he is an imposter....

    then how the hell, vibhuti and honey comes out of his devotees photographs.

    how is it possible that sai baba present smwhr else,where as his devotes are smwhr else(that includes a relation of mine),have his prasad comming at their own place.i have seen it with my own eyes.

    so kindly if u think he is an imposter answer this question.....

    By Blogger coldust, at 13 September, 2007 19:38  

  • pratik...
    The bible says that satan is a master of deception masqeurading as an angel of light and doing great sign and wonders. vibhuti and honey as u say coming out of pictures even at great distances apart is not a difficult feat for powerful fallen angels who claim to be god.
    Read the bible to learn about the true God, creator of heaven and earth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 October, 2007 14:28  

  • Hi People

    Over the ages there have been a lot of religious freaks who were either god or had a hotline to the big guy.

    Starting from Abraham, Moses, Yeshua (aka jesus) , Moe (aka Mohammed) , Joe Smith ( the Mormon founder ) and now the afro-haired crackpot from Andhra.

    Get over it people .... There is no big kahuna in the sky .... end of story.

    If you need to pray, do it at the altar of science, since you will be able to enjoy the rewards of science while you live and not as some promise of a blissful afterlife after you get fucked over by all these prophets and god-men.

    Grow up humanity !!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger EarthChild, at 16 November, 2007 09:56  

  • hi sai babba is god

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 December, 2007 09:34  

  • hi i couldnt belief u guys trying to defame sai baba that he is not god. ok let me start from the begining there was a person in 60 minutes who tried to defame sai baba n he was like something happen to him till he went to sai baba to apolozise. also there are three gods in hindu culture thats brahma, vishnu mahesh or shiv. satya sai baba is said to be shiv avatar. he is a avatar i believ him man. let me tell u a temple in fiji. its said that there is held like ram nwami, krishna asthami, 9 devi puja. these are our god which indian believ in. so when we pray to them the photo is covered in ether sindoor, sandalwood paste or vihibhooti. this happens in 6th or seven days of pooja not only that the water turns into amrit. this is in sai babba temple. so if he was some sort of sex pervert which this hh swami n other guys proclaimed so how come sai baba temples gods photo like laxmi, durga, saraswati etc is covered in sindoor n sandalwood paste. this is true plus the amrit. i was laughing at the point where people are pointing out that sai baba was either pulling the pants out etc.... so if u guys have known that he was a dick than why did u guys stayed over there while he was massaging u guys penis n stuffs u could have straight left da place. but u guys stayed n were enjoying the moments so that means u guys are homos as well. so u guys say sai baba is pevert. this website say that sai baba interviewed them like 2 or 4 times so y couldnt u guys take a taperecorder or something n exposed sai baba to the police and prosecute him u know why because the tales here are all made up n utter bullshit man. if sai baba massaged u than u guys dont have to go to him two or four times jus go second times when he called u to interview get a bloody tape recorder n prosecute him but u guys wont because these are all tales n its really easy to spread false rumour. u guys mus be jelous becoz he is famous n an avatar(god). he has build hospital n stuffs so if thats his good deed than what about vibhuti n sindorr amrit flowing from gods photo. these cant fall from a temple which u guys sai baba is fake n a pervert looking for private homies to massage. these all are from sai baba temple if he was a homi than sai babas temple photo could never been covered with vibhootietc. now one was mentioning that why cant he materialised a hospital etc... why couldnt jesus who could generate wine for his followers could not save himself from crusified because he came as a human being in god form so is sai baba he is only performing tasks miracles for his devotees. if he materialise hospital etc than there would be line of people asking sai baba to build houses etc for him so who is going to perform in this karama land or land of work. where would the penance be for your previous birth. rather jus sit back n relax n ask sai baba to perform miracles for u guys that what u guys want. n sit back relax n build or ask sai baba as a aladdin genies to give everything to u guys

    By Blogger krish, at 04 December, 2007 10:05  

  • You ppl sicken me!!! Funny part is that all u idiots that have been sexually assaulted by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and are crying this crap online instead of suing Swami! LOL why u guys getting all emotional online...go and press charges on him! And since Swami has done all these things...why isnt he behind bars? I want to see him behind bars cuz of all you ppl that he has sexually assaulted, then ill believe this S**T! EXACTLY MY POINT BEING!!! Om Sri Sai Ram to all u pathetic dorks!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 January, 2008 19:08  

  • Such fine behaviour from a Sai devotee. 'Om Sri Sai Ram' to you too.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 26 January, 2008 19:24  

  • hey, you dont blame that person.if you have evedence of that things then submit to india governament otherwise it is stupid thing.the problem get your country people only! why didn 't our country people..dont blame stupid thing and nonsence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 March, 2008 07:18  

  • Sexual abuse hurts. People rarely lie about it. And it hurts the most when its perpetrated by those who people trust the most. Many victims probably trusted him more than anyone they had ever met. It must have been devastating and confusing.
    Not to mention, siddhas can actually take years off the lives of the innocent whom they rape, and add the stolen power into themselves. Baba is clearly a thief, in my opinion.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 April, 2008 09:37  


    By Blogger Unknown, at 10 June, 2008 14:59  

  • Satya Sai Baba is crude fraud. He is no way spiritual leader. Once a devotee asked Satya Sai Baba about Judaism. Satya Sai Baba was unable to reply any thing about it. Jews believe Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). Christians belive both Old and New Testaments. Gospels of Jesus are found in New Testament. So, Jews do not believe Jesus as prophet. Any person who reads bible a little can understand differences between Judaism and Christianity. Satya Sai Baba is able to attract foreign devotees through magic tricks and extra publicity promoted by superstitious media men though he is not much knowledged about religion.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 October, 2008 13:11  

  • I am from india ..and all i want to say is that ...only a fraction of people actually belive in (current)Sai Baba ....When people from India it self think of him as a con man ...i really find it hard how foriegner from developed countries can get fooled . I do not know if the old Sai Baba was real or not ...but from what i have heard ,seen and read ....the current Sai Baba is nothing but a smart bussiness man .Doing development project doesnt make one god ...even if i had black money donated in my asharam i would have done a better job .And about the trick where he shakes his hand and makes something appear only question is ...Why are object always small (which can be hand held) like a chain ,watch , oil ,etc...why not a plane ,car ,or things like ...dont tell me your God cant do it ?
    In the end ...beliving in religion is not bad needs faith ...but beliving in any man who claims to be god is foolishness i am thankfull to this site and its intent ! I hope people realise that God is in our good deeds not in any man or woman

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 October, 2008 17:27  

  • well done for this post whoever wrote it.
    PEOPLE, who would sit and give lengthy descriptions of sexual abuse if they havent gone through it themselves. guys, all these baba's are frauds, people WASTE their lives as devotees.. i mean..whatever happened to rationality!! you dont have to be obssessed with Science to not trust the lameness of these babas.
    just wake up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2008 05:12  

  • please, if all the allegations r true, and all u victims can communicate and unite through the internet, why dont u people react? i am sick and tired of this game. is sai baba good or bad? if i was a victim, i am sure i would not rest until i took my revenge. it would have been the sole aim of my life. thousands of victims and yet no reaction but defaming thru net? hard to believe. act, people, act or die in the process, which is what i would do. sooner or later, people would sit up and take notice. i say this because iam in a shock. i was a devotee for 1-2 yrs. then i came to know about these allegations. iam really confused. if he is guilty, he should pay for his deeds. if he is innocent, you should pay. this should not remain a mystery like the death of marylin monroe or what did michael jackson do to his skin. this is too damn serious. if iwere ever molested, either me or the perpetrator, only one would be alive. no one has the balls to act? come on, people, how dare u let a man play with ur life like that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 December, 2008 21:13  

  • there are so many conmen these days, iam confused who to believe.if sai baba is guilty,he should pay for his crimes.but if all his victims can unite and communicate through the internet, why dont u guys gang up and act?if i was ever assaulted in such a manner,it would be my life's mission to take revenge. i would not b afraid even to die in the process. thousands of victims and yet this is all the courage u can muster? Act, people. what could b more important to u than to see the person who ruined ur life punished? Act before it is too late. He could be gone for ever before u get him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 December, 2008 21:27  

  • Dear Anon,

    your concerns are valid and are shared by us too. Legal cases have been attempted against Sathya Sai Baba in an attempt to bring him to justice for his crimes. You can read about one of them here:

    Alaya Rahm's Lawsuit vs Sathya Sai Society of America

    And there are some commentaries here:

    - Big Cult Trumps At Law. Is But A ‘Bookshop’
    - When Huge Cult Is A Small Shop. Sai Cult Legal Tricks

    The above articles relate to just one legal case. Other cases have been thrown out of court because Sathya Sai Baba has devotees at high levels of the Indian judiciary. The Alaya Rahm case itself shows that the Organisation was non-prosecutable because of a legal technicality, that they were never formally 'incorporated'. It is clear that these people are dishonest scumbags who absolve responsibility for Sai Baba's crimes. And yet, people are trying to bring him to justice.

    Thank you very much for your comments.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 08 December, 2008 22:59  

  • I am surprised that although so many people through out the world have claimed that they were sexual victims of Sai Baba, no legal action has ever been instituted against him.
    Why? Why did the victims not gather evidence of the semen or the saliva for scientific proof? Has any alleged victim/s challenged SB and the relevant Indian authorities publicly to respond to the claims made? All I read is- accusations made without proof, this merely amounts to defamation of SB's character. If all the alleged abuse is true than the alleged victims have nothing to fear, they can unit and open a criminal charge against SB under the vigilance reputable media institutions, this will promote transparency and accountability. There will be no room for manipulating the truth. The TRUTH CANNOT DIE,UNTRUTH CANNOT LIVE.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 December, 2008 15:50  

  • the first anonymous:
    Who are the "people of India" you are mentioning here? the pedophile guru's secret keepers?
    2.Shame on India, for still keeping this fraud untouched.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 June, 2009 23:34  

  • When Jesus was here among us same things happened..they even crucified Him and made false charges against Him...WE KILL HIM..but still God had mercy on us!!! Today history is repeating itself....we still HAVE LOTS OF JUDAS in this ERA..same thing..accusations without proofs!!!what should Sai do??
    Before it was crucification now its a blog on the internet to question His character...People Open your eyes..stop believing in things you didnt see or witness...Have faith!! Sai Baba always says that TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE NO EXPLANATION IS NEEDED TO THOSE WHO DONT NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE...I Hope Sai FORGIVES YOU for what you people have been writing against HIM...Its been years am a devotee and let me tell you..Not believing in Him would have been living a life with a HOPELESS END...Life with SAI is an ENDLESS HOPE...where there is still hope for love and unity. Stop wasting your time writing crap on him instead use this time and try to do something good for society...I forgive you People..Because God always has MERCY on there is still time to reform yourselves!!!

    By Blogger Unknown, at 27 July, 2009 13:46  

  • the truth is easily manipulated these days... it might be that these 'so-called victims' have just borrowed stories and made them more interesting in the process... there are many atheists out there who wud like to deny god. whether or not swami is an avatar, he is indeed a great guru. so get a life people!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 July, 2009 11:04  





    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 August, 2009 18:30  

  • Doubt the creator of the heavens and earth, and all eternity had turned into a person, done some simple magic tricks to desperate, naive people to win their trust, then violate them countless times. Sai baba YOU PEDOPHILE, MAY THE AUTHORITIES GET YOU AND YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE 'VIOLATION' YOU WANT IN JAIL!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2009 02:05  

  • "all our 'GOODNESS' is as filthy rags before GOD.
    i dont mean 'sb' here. There is ONE true God- the maker of heaven and the Earth. God says, "you shall have no other god before me," and "you shall not make for yourself any image(idol) in the form of anything - in the heavens above or the earth below." The Bible clearly tells us about such people - do not believe in false prophets and false gods. the fact that he does "miracles" - does not prove anything. he is mere man- mortal. Evil has tremendoes power too. as the saying goes, "the devil quotes scripture for his purposes". i pray that soon, you (devotees of sb)will realise your mistake and will come out of this snare and worship the true, living God. dont waste anymore time!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 September, 2009 13:06  

  • i am a bit confused after reading all this.

    thought not a devotee or a religious person myself, i am alarmed how the baba has managed to stay outside the jail, if all these allegations were true and is happening for more than 30 or 40 years.

    By Blogger SurveySan, at 21 September, 2009 02:05  

  • Puttapurthy Sai Baba he may be avtar, he may be comman man.its not important. the work done by his Ashrams for Poor,needy,homeless people is great.donations done by this ashram,many hospitals,schools started by him giving good education is important to me.At last fame is like a double edged sword.nearly every famous,successful person is underestimated or have faced many false blamings.when u visit Ashram,u will get mental peace and for this people from all aroynd globe visit his Ashram and his premises.thats it

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 November, 2009 18:16  

  • I have read the enitre blog and seen video's of it. I am not a develote myself and before reading all these articles, I had a respect for the man, not as a spiritual guru or avatar, but a compassionate human being who did good for the poor.

    But now, I do not know what to think of him. Its truly unbelivable how he can perform his dirty acts and evade law for decades.

    Though I am rational and dont beleive all I read in the internet, its difficult not to ask the simple question to myself - WHY WOULD HIS STAUNCH DEVOTEES ACROSS DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, RELIGION, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SAY THE SAME DIRTY STORY ABOUT HIM ? There is no monetary incentive in defaming onelsef. So why would these people say such incidents ? There is no smoke without fire.

    One's Karma will always pay back. I sincerely hope that if he is guilty of what he did, justice is served to him in accordance with the law.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 January, 2010 02:22  

  • Guys, I had the experience of someone trying to molest me. I was a teenager so fairly grown up, he was quite strong and dominant but after the few seconds of shock, adrenaline allowed me to say 'F-off' and threw him off me. Some of you went back for more so dont behave as if you are a 2 or 3 year old. Always look within yourself and find the truth. If he has done this to you, I pray that God will reveal everything - if he has not, look within yourself and reveal that which is true for your own soul and future.

    God Bless

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11 January, 2010 15:37  

  • Dear all,
    I fully went through your blog contents. I very much regard the sentiments and feelings of exploited devotees of SB. All the things happening let me feel that SB is not an avatar, but surely may be "IMPOSTOR OF GOD". I am now a retd.Govt.servant and I am always a student to know about all the things happening in this world. Once I came into contact with a tantric friend (just 25 years old) wearing normal pant and shirt did the following things. I saw with my open eyes.No exaggeration but only real. Even I invited him to my office.

    1. He produced from no where a tiny Hindu god idol (Lord Ganesh) made of coppor.

    2. Rubbed 'tulsi' (a leaf of sacred for Hindus) and produced "viboothi or kumkum" Even he produced "vibooti" whenever wanted by us.

    3. He produced desired fruit we wanted in another man's (one of my collegue)hand covered with my hand kerchief.

    4. He demanded a currency note from one of my collegue and tore into tiny pieces and returned to put them into his shirt pocket. He requested to go to near by post office without touching his pocket and buy some post cards and covers which he would pay. My collegue went to Post office and saw the currency note in tact as it was originally and brought the said cards.

    5. He rubbed his hands produced different flavours of aroma we desired or he desired.

    I was very surprised all of these things and asked my tantric friend how it happens. He told me it happens only by "a medium" which ordinary people could not see with their open eyes. He learned the techniques from some expert gurus who can do surprising feets than himself.

    All these he did without taking any time intervel and with ease.

    So my conclusion is:

    1) By just saying and propogating good advices with eloquent propositions with metaphor and similes could not become a Real Guru or Universal Guru. All people should admire him as a Real Guru.

    2) By Saying TRUTH,TRUTH,TRUTH in all his speeches one cannot become follower of REAL TRUTH.

    3) Only by materialising things and coverting things into another thing could not become a GOD or AVATAR. In my country India there are so many "AVATARS" OR "GODS" are there but they are very innocent. UNFORTURELY THEY ARE PITIABLE LACK OF MASTER BRAIN AND EXPOSTURE WITH ELOQUENT WORDS WITH SMILIES & METAPHORS AND HUMBLE ACTS TO WEB A WIDE NET WORK ALROUND THIS WORLD LIKE SRI SATHYA BABA.



    A brilliant,vibtant and intelligent approach is need of this hour. People are wasting their time and energy in the so called dens of Avatars and Godmen.

    Only the Real God should safeguard our people from these DUMMY GODS.

    By Anonymous Raghavan, Tamil Nadu, India., at 22 January, 2010 18:39  

  • I went through all the topics in your blog. Mr.HH Swamy's departing story from SSSB cult itself is very meaningless, wrong and vague. The explanation for sanadhana dharma by SSSB is very crystal clear and meaningful. But any person has his own liberty to understand with their own perceptions like blind men identifying an elephant. According to sanadhana dharma human beings have no birth rights in respect of religion. Any one can adopt any religion according to their taste or continue in their born religion.

    SSSB's miracles or sidhdhis are strongly established and proved. It is world renouned by eminent personalities from ordinary men to administrators, great scientists, scholars,intellegentia, doctorates, pandits etc.etc. Comparing these sidhdhis to ordinary stage magics and tricks are ridiculous coming out of ignorance. It is comparitively equal to the sex files contained in this blog. It is only well fabricated imaginations like magics & tricks.Because whenever occult powers or celestial powers are treated as stage magic and tricks it can also be pridicted in the case of sex files also. By God's grace SSSB escaped from the criticisms of female devotees because he abstained from them as a good culture. If SSSB would have moved intimately with them there would be huge tales or stores found like in the obscene books. Mr. HH swamy was with SSSB for about 10 years but keep mum not even a single word about this sex and left the SSSB cult only in difference of sanadhana dharma. This clearly eastablishes truth i.e. non existence of sex (about sex files). If sex would be prevailing in the gap of 10 years of HH Swamy's presence with SSSB cult, he would have left the cult within the days of first year after hearing so. If not so, how could Mr.HH Swamy can continue SSSB cult with sex for solid 10 years. Before levelling any untoward activities by world reputed religious teachers one should have some moral fear how to establish it. No police case , FIR or nothing and nonsense. But readers should read these contents and arrive at conclusions. How it is possible? Is it justifiable. Readers are not............... There is no dharma or righteousness in their presentation who committed or started sex cult.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 February, 2010 13:20  

  • CONTINUED (please edit & join if reproduced)

    Set aside SSSB 's as you may call magics or tricks which is only happening with pure celestial or occult powers which is under dispute which is upto SSSB vs devotees. Come to his teachings, philosophies, explanations of vedandhas, life and birth, Rebirth, Athma etc.etc. only SSSB is able to guide this whole world to understand the subject matter. How exclusive and crystal clear and his knowledge in all matters is to the level of ocean. Can you finger at any other religious leaders. I am not SSSB 's devotee. I am an ordinary man who sincerely try to find out the truth. I have not yet seen Baba. But teachings are very very supereme ( althrough they are found in our old scruptures) that every individual should atleast try to read them patiently to lead a good life and self realisation.

    My individual opinion and belief based upon my individual knowledge.experience and research.

    Men or animal are gifted with 5 sensory perceptions(sensory organs) by Nature or Supreme power or God or anything you like. But men have one additional perception i.e. reasoning. Man's power is empowered or gifted to analyse this world or universe with only by his 6 sensory perceptions. Nothing doing more than that in this material world.

    There is another sensory perception i.e. called 7th sense or so called ESP (extra sensory perception). which is immaterial i.e. one cannot feel , touch, sense, smell or anything with their 6 sensory perceptions.

    By rightly using 6 sensory perceptions one can become a student, teacher, scholar, scientist,advocate, administrator,singer, poet,orator,family man etc etc.and what not but only limited to this whole material world.

    But there is another sensory perception which is only felt by will and mental power. That is called 7th sense. 7th sense is based upon self realisation. If one have to familiar with 7th sense he must bear some sadhanas to get the best qualities like following truth, Be good and do good to all, keeping pure by thoughts and physical organs. That requires sadhanas or procedures to strictly follow. Yoga, chanting mantras,meditation keep mind and physical body very clean, deeply thinking Thathva veechara (Deeply asking who am I etc.) will lead to self realisation. After hectic training any one can see God in himself and alround the whole universe. This is only possible by Sadhanas or bhakthi or jnana. Any human can do these sadhanas and will acquire sidhdhis or occult powers according to the merits. So, every human being can become a mini , chota ( small) or even greater than Sri Sathya Sai Baba of course.

    The dirty things fabricated in this blog seems to be very mischivous. SSSB can also do all these dirty things without educating the whole world sananadharma, God realisation, vedantic discourses, educational instituions, superspeciality hospitals, charities alround the world, etc.etc. What is the necessity for doing all the good things above. One should be proud about the good doings of SSSB to man kind and especially Indians must be proud that we have such a Great Man or pious man or Mahatma born in India. Human kind may follow the good preachings of Holy teachers of God or atleast abstain making criticisms of these good people. Even Mahatma Gandhi is criticised now a days that he keep "Manu beheen" two sisters whom Mahatma Gandhi hugged shoulders in the old age. Now adays morality has become rare thing which should be only kept in museums writing in a board "MORALITY".

    My special thanks to Mr.HH Swamy who gave all an opportunity to deliver their opinions views and hypothesis.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 February, 2010 13:24  

  • Dear visitors,

    Of course, what has been opined by the anonymous is absolutely correct according to my experience knolwedge and belief.

    SSSB is just a sidhdha purush who was doing some sidhdhic works like miracles. After some time, earthly fame and wealth poured on him. Now SSSB exaggerated his capacity and declared himself God. Then he lost his sidhdhic powers and did magicians magics to keep his position. But his physical trait or construction is just like a she-male. Sex or kama (or any type of pleasures) is like a system chip (system Integrated circuit chip)in the human physical system which cannot be eliminated from human system.

    In the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, stanza 38 Lord Krishna says,"As fire is covered by smoke and mirror by dust,as an embryo by amnion so too is this kama (sex etc) obscured by this rajo guna"

    So it is natural SSSB is PEDOPHILE. But SSSB should not do this in the blanket of Guru, God or Saint.

    SSSB should declare his real identity as " An Ordinary man with good spiritual knowledge and fond of earthly pleasures" and carry on his sex activities who are really interested or willing with SSSB doing so". Now SSSB is suffering with wheel chair due to all his anti -dharma activities.

    God is always great.No body can exploit or deceive God. God is always supreme whether you say Lord Krishna, Lord Siva, Jesus Christ or Allah.

    By Anonymous M. Adittan, at 12 March, 2010 14:00  

  • Consider the fact that by him opening all these hospitals and bringing water to the poor is a calculated plan on his part to gain power and have these people on his side. He has police, politicians and entire villages worth of people eating out of his hand because of what he has done for them. If he has done NOTHING good for anyone, no one would follow him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2010 17:03  

  • Thank u frnd for posting ur story here. After reading ur story, I came 2 know that u watched a lots of blue films and u made a story bye mixing all. Give it to any adult movie director. He will made a film with them. Don't play with Bhagwan.
    We r Nar he is Narayan.
    If u really touch smami really its a gr8 thing. Bcoz I am trying for interview there for last 15 Years but still he is not giving to me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 July, 2010 18:58  

  • hi all

    I believe in god, or form of god but i just cant believe that sssb is god.

    I have lived in a house where vibhuti has come from the pictures, and have conducted many prayers and have really tried to believe his teachings, have discussed with devotees different philosophical ideas. my parents have been devotees, I know many people involved in the sai organisation but for some reason i just can not bow down to this MAN, which is what this guy is

    for years i thought i was a black sheep, the only one who would not be brain washed, and now i have left this home and when looking at it from the outside i have realised how much of a fraud all this is

    Hinduism is a way of life, a way of living. This is all repeated in sai's teachings, there is nothing new, the concepts of Hinduism are over 4000 years old, they provide advice on life, marriage, even true astrological patterns (MOVEMENT OF THE EARTH AROUND THE SUN)WHICH WASN'T FOUND OUT BY EUROPEANS UNTIL 1800'S MUCH LIKE THE SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION. Hinduism is a pagan religion believing in the balance of nature not the worship of any one man

    most sai devotees are totally obsessed with this supposed incarnation i have seen this in my own home. in fact most find comfort in taking to other people about their problems not so much in praying, but being part of a group or cult. to me this is shocking and i have lost total faith in this form of hinduism.

    i have been to puttaparti and felt nothing i really thought that this was the moment where i would become a devotee and felt nothing

    my father became very ill and in an effort to make him better my family hoped that a miracle would be performed to improve his illness. NOTHING. we prayed and prayed. NOTHING. so what is the point of all this praying, can some one explain and dont feed me with this rubbish of improving our after life and not returning as an ant

    all of us should live for the moment as we do not know what is round the corner, in fact there should be no discussion about this god as there is none. religion is opium for the masses, a get out clause for people who are insecure enough and do not believe that we are an organic mass of cells a freak accident who's time on earth is just a fraction/blip in time and will end

    i know so called people who can see him and perform vibuhti manifestations and believe me its all rubbish. the same poeple who go on as if butter wont melt in their mouth and going to night clubs drinking, some even gay!!! shocking but true... and i am telling u the truth.

    i hope people can just live their lives without the cloud of religion hanging over their heads like john lennon said imagine a world without religion, no war, no hatred, no battles to see whos religion is better than other

    even Hinduism, the difference between the different cults be it hare krishna swami narayan etc. from reading all of sai's book i have discovered one thing be good to others so good will return to you!!! this is a fact that crosses all religions and faiths

    this is basically what was said in the found dead sea scrolls "lift a piece of rock i am there" basically dismantling the catholic belief that one must go to church to pray.

    like all religion hindhu, christian, jew etc, the top of the pyramid is controlled by the rich and powerful no religion is different, how can rich famous vips sit at the front of sais ashram be allowed interviews etc when it is the poor that really need his help and they are forced to live in the disgusting outskirts outside of the ashram, this really shocked me and when i asked to sit near the front i was hushed away like a pauper what a joke

    religion is a cruel trick on people, u actually think that when u die u will go to heaven, hell, be reincarnated.... c'mon people

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2010 15:59  

  • If some think bad felling about first meeting ,why you go through 2,3,4th meeting .This is totally disgusting sick people story.Nobody going to believe.If you don't believe in some think than don't do believe,but don't make them worse.So people can't say to you as a human but they can called you rachesh(danab).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 November, 2010 22:24  

  • I feel sick reading your ridiculous stories, you sick fools have your own grips in life and try to take it out on someone else. Its sad to know, all the good and great things Sai Baba has done for the World goes unnoticed. Unbelievable bad things happened to url but url still went back for more. I have been to Puttaparthi twice and i seen with my own eyes they way the local indian push the foreigner flock to been in the presence of Sai Baba. He is the Poorna Avatar, he is GOD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 December, 2010 13:22  

  • To the blind Anonymous and others commenting on the blog,

    First of all I must say all of you who believe in miracle are fools. No human are capable of doing miracles. Miracles don't happen. That sai fellow is just like any of us. The difference is he is a cunning bastard and you are all moron. Your first mistake was to put so much respect on a fellow human. I would recommend all of you to read science and think critically. I don't want to argue whether there is a god or not, but my reasoning makes my thoughts clear about one thing is that those who in the society claim to have divine power are cheats. You don't have to find evidence to prove that. One who claims to have divine power is d dishonest fellow.I am lucky that I am a biologists who understands all human beings are animals, and there is nothing like supernatural beings or power. That is why I will never get cheated at the first place. Wake up now and open your mind to the reality and promise you shall never have blind faith and would learn to question everything and never compromise your self respect in front of anyone, even he is so called GOD.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12 December, 2010 04:22  

  • I think Science education in India (actually all around the world) is flawed.Even in this era of science and technology we fail to understand reality. Science clearly shows that there is nothing above the laws of nature.A person who does science seriously, honestly from the core of his heart will eventually realize that there is no such thing like god or at least if there is at all anything like god it has no resemblance to the one defined by any religion. Our morality, humanity and ethics are not god given but our survival strategies, which evolved along with our social way of life.God definitely didn't create us but we created God, in our mind. We are vulnerable to people like Sai because we are blind with faith. Why should a religion be held so high? Why should religious people be immune to criticism and admonishment? When we were children we were never taught to think independently, we were all indoctrinated to a religion which we had no mental maturity to understand. It was put on us just because it was the religion which our parents followed.The religious imprinting is so deep that no reasoning or logical thinking would open the blindfold that religion puts on our eyes. I feel sorry for many of you who went to this sai just because your parents were or are his devotees. It is truly shocking to me to see that even in this era of science, religion still dominates over logical thinking and it is the parents who kind of pave path for their children to get abused. I really don't need evidence to see if this sai is really an abuser or not. What I understand that when some one lets others to bestow upon him so much reverence he is definitely not an honest man. Sai is pompous about his charity works or he fails to control his devotees from over blowing his deeds above natural possibilities. He is a shameless crook and his association with politicians clearly state that religion and politics in India are equally morbid, both are culpable abusers of human rights.

    My dear anonymous devotee of Sai, have you ever seen any of sai's miracle yourself? Are you sure that your are not disillusioned? You are one way right about media that it often fails to cover a news from every possible angle, but it really doesn't require media to prove or disprove Sai is fake. Sai himself proves that he is insincere when he claims to be a God/avatar or let his follower believe so.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12 December, 2010 05:00  

  • 10 heart operations were usually done in his hospital per day. This has now been cancelled. i.e to date sai baba has been put on life support machine 27th day. Where is the logic? Attempt to save one man in a hospital built from public donations and reject 270 heart operations to date. Is this Bhagwan ? Or is this called Ridiculous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 April, 2011 19:23  

  • satya sai baba was an asshole its good that he is now dead

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 April, 2011 17:47  

  • There is only one God and that is Lord Krsna.One who project himself as a God in this Kaliyuga are all Fraud and the people who consider them as a God are all fools.We should only refer to vedic shastra if we are to know about God. Shastras says God has four qualities in infinite proportion,They are 1) God is super powerful.There is no one in this earth as powerful as him.Even an atom bomb cannot destroy him.Lord Krsna lifted The Govardhan hill with his little finger and killed many pwerful demons in his lifetime.We can assume how powerful he was.2) God is all knowledgeable.There is no one as Knowledgeable as him.All knowledge emanates from him and spreads throughout the whole universe.3)God is the most beautiful.There is no one as beautiful as him.Even Miss World,Universe are nothing compared to him.He never ages.He remains the same forever.He has full control over his body and beauty.4)There is no one as rich as God.Even demigods Maa Lakshmi, Kuber and human rich such as Bill Gates,Mukesh Ambani,Lakshmi Mittal are nothing compared to God.All these four qualities cannot be seen in any demi gods and what to say about Human Being not even this Fraud Sathya Sai Baba.These Four Qualities can only be seen in Lord Krsna in infinite proportion.People go to this Fraud Babas to fufill their material desires.One who loves God dont ask for Material benefit they simply ask for spiritual satisfation for which they serve the Lord from the bottom of their heart.In shastras it is said that Lord Kalki will be the next avatar of Vishnu who will anihilate this earth and again Satya Yug will start.We should consider only Vishnu avatars as God and no one else.Haribol

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2011 08:46  

  • yes ,,,its a great effort from ur end to make people wake up......people are blind they can't see such low level deeds of this saint...noone can become GOD by jusy saying I am GOD...

    if he is GOD why he died in so pain.saint just only releived their body peacfully..not in hospitals after having such a fight with death..

    he shd have power to finish all his pain rather than people probs.he was even fail to help him .wat the hell he will do devoteees...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 April, 2011 06:34  

  • First of all, I am an INDIAN.

    I have no idea of SAI BABA, is he really a God's messenger or fake because I havnt seen him or met him, just seen some of the BBC videos.

    It all looks so real in videos that he is faking peple.

    So, somebody tell me whom to believe and why ?

    Does God really exists or existed in past or these are all stories we have been listening of Ram, Jesus, Prophet and other religions.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 02 May, 2011 06:43  

  • Quite a coincidence that the Baba and Laden die around the same time.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2011 13:43  

  • I was not a devotee of sai baba, but i did go to visit him. He stoped by me while in the ashram and materialised some ash and put it in my hand. I have whatched the vidio's and it does look like he is cheating. And i am not in a possition to judge about the sex abuse but at the moment that sai baba put the ash in my hand I had the most amazing experience of my life, I have never forgotten it and know it to be true. I am left very confused by the whole matter. May he rest in peace for I will always be grateful for that experience.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 May, 2011 21:22  

  • I am Michelle, a true christian
    For Jesus shake do not defame Sai Baba.There is no difference between Jesus and Sai baba.He is a true Avtar .Christian Missionaries,Pope,Bishops are after him because followers of christianity will convert and be faithful to Sai Baba

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 June, 2011 15:22  

  • When he died.. The most powerful people in the country (including the Prime Minister of India) went to pay his 'last respects'.

    The entire might of India (high ranking police officials, administrative officials, Judges!! & at least two of the Prime Ministers of India consider him Godlike,(one of the ex-prime ministers of the country wrote an open letter to the media to stop defaming him).

    Who exactly has the guts, courage & what have you to lodge a case, or get DNA testing etc done to prove the Sai's alleged 'guilt'?

    Its so easy to write here that people should get together & take action- Would Indians have done it? Impossible, they could not & cannot as they will be snubbed out by the System that wholly supports the great Sai.

    Foreigners? Really ? Can people say, from the UK who were molested at any point of time have gone to their government & asked them to intervene & take it up with the Indian Ambassadors to their country- to investigate charges that defames a person who is believed to be god by TWO Consecutive Prime Ministers of India & millions around the world?!

    Would'nt that start a huge religious war?Would any country risk that?

    So i guess its very easy for the average person to get confused & frustrated & demand that either one of the sides be proved guilty but its not possible!

    So you cant have proved the Sai to be guilty of these sexual allegation charges, & a person is not not guilty till proven, but off course there was no system where this man could be brought to be investigated at all anyway.

    Money speaks.. corruption in India is brings POWER & powerful friends.

    How many people might this person have molested? A hundred thousand maybe (exaggerated guess)
    But what if the great God man is even on this date proven to have been a fake person who definitely had base wants & was a molester? HOW WILL THE MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS REACT TO THAT?

    WOULDNT THAT SHATTER THEIR VERY BELIEF IN "GOOD". Maybe the god man might have been fake but he did go around preaching good & millions of people blindly followed
    & found peace, happiness & what have you. Is it worth risking turning millions of devotees doing good based on the god man's advice into jaded unstable people? If he has passed on & cannot hurt anyone anymore.. why go out & shatter it for the people who are doing good based on his teachings.

    So this topic should be laid to rest for the sanity of a millions of devotees & it shall be considered to be the gift the victims give to this world.. let the illusion not shatter on something that is also spurring good?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2011 00:16  

  • ..Continued-

    Unbiased? Well, the victims could have legally brought him to light in case his alleged molestation are true.. but then the SYSTEM would never allow them a FAIR TRIAL.

    Maybe these victims are really faking it to convert a million plus devotees of the god man to some other cult or religion (as someone suggested, maybe Christanity) they do like more people to see the 'light' in a Christian way as they feel it might be better suited toward keeping world peace!

    Maybe the baba did do all those alleged sexual touching & maybe it was to bleed of excess energy etc, but there are cults that openly believe in reaching the same levels of consciousness achieved by the process of kundalini rising, but through sexually stimulated practices; But they are open about it! So why could'nt this god man be open about what he did so that people can choose to get involved instead of surprising, shocking & forcing people into situations that he knew the devotee is socially believed to shun & feel wronged by.

    When he was alive the media, can be considered to have given enough caution to people about the alleged possibilities. People choosing to be blind to it cannot be wholly blamed as humans can be swayed easily especially when in dire need of a spiritual guide.

    All that can be said is.. he is dead & can 'hurt' no more, So for the moral sanity of all his millions of believers.. maybe the victims should let go of it now- for the greater good, with the assurance of no more bad hopefully.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2011 00:17  

  • Yuck yuck yuck yuck!!!! Sathya Sai Baba was an old, disgusting, predatory pervert who deserves nothing less than to burn in hell for eternity!!!!

    Chhhii! Yuck, I'm seriously disgusted!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 October, 2012 17:11  

  • that person is wery sick person, how can you say that saibaba is laying. I was been there this year and i was saw and feel so strong energy of love in all city. I saw miracles, i never imagine that is posible in front of me. Saibaba is gone just from his body, but his energy is everywhere, he is true god, bealive me.

    By Blogger 123451979000, at 27 May, 2013 06:24  

  • <¿Es posible armonizar opuestos, en una polémica tan polarizada? Hay tres opciones. (1) Los detractores tienen razón. (2) Los defensores tienen razón. (3) Atacantes y defensores tienen razón, en algún porcentaje complementario. (1) y (2) solos, no armonizan. Y ni (3) los dejaría conformes a todos. El tercero resolutorio entre los opuestos, es la armonía. ¿Qué tal medir el porcentaje de realización de Dios de Sai Baba, y el porcentaje de verdad de lo que dice y hace, usando radiestesia? De pestañas “tomos” y “resúmenes” de la página, bajar gratis: R2, Minicurso de Radiestesia. R4, Tablas Radiestésicas pdf. T0-SFO, Manual de Radiestesia. Al pedir a Dios: “Envíame tu energía para mover este péndulo”, y concentrarse, los péndulos giran. Cuando giran, ya se entró al ICDD, o Internet Cósmico de Dios. Donde se puede preguntar mucho, y la respuesta llega, como movimientos, a decodificar. Mover péndulos canaliza energía a las manos, ayuda en curaciones Reiky. Bajar T4-SFO, “Polémica: Kundalini, Sai Baba, dioses, Dios”. Con preguntas y respuestas entre personajes. Cordialmente, bajar textos gratis. Que nos vaya bien. Más de lo que parece depende de esto.
    Alberto Brehme P., Chile.>

    By Anonymous Alberto Brehme P, at 19 December, 2013 16:39  

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