30 August 2006

Sai Baba: The SEX Files

Sometimes we are asked about our statements regarding Sathya Sai Baba's widely known activity of homosexual paedophilia, and to provide details of the same: What exactly happens? How often does it occur? Where does it take place? And so on and on. In this regard I hope to list the pertinent statements of sexual abuse in the direct words of the molestees. This should allow readers to have an idea of what goes on behind closed doors:

Chris - "I had an interview with Sai Baba, in which he told me and my then girlfriend to get married. However, on the way out of the interview room, quite intently, he brushed his hand against my penis, at least 2, possibly 3 times! I felt quite violated, and wondered why in the world if I was getting married he would do such a thing!"

Jens Sethi - "Without asking permission, he started kissing me on my lips for some time, and later asked me to open my trousers and 'materialised' some oil which he rubbed on the skin above my genitals ... Nevertheless, in the private room the greedy old man kissed me again direct and continuously on my lips for about twenty seconds, and gently stroked my back. By now I was certain that something was very wrong. On 28th December [1996] I was again called for interview and he produced a golden ring which didn’t fit well on my finger in spite of his blowing on it. In the private chamber he said, 'Come' and again kissed me on the lips for some time as before. This time I resisted and he gurgled, 'Have no fear.' I said, 'I have no fear.' Then he said 'This is a good opportunity, so many waiting for months and will not get.' This baffled me. I’m sure people don’t wait for mouth kisses in Puttaparthi.

"Then his mood totally changed and I did have some fear. He commanded me to remove my trousers, unzipped my fly and went with his right hand into my underpants. Sathya Sai Baba the divine touched and massaged my genitals unasked. He expected some erection, but this didn’t happen for I didn’t feel any sexual excitement, no lust in the presence of a seventy years old man. I was really disgusted. Then he had the impudence to say, 'It is very weak, don’t waste energy.'"

"I was alone in the second Interview room and he revealed his demonic nature which is full of lust. Against my will he pressed his lips against my lips and started kissing me for some time (about 20 seconds). This kind of kissing happened in several interviews. He massaged my genitals and expected an erection which did not happen. Before I had to remove my pair of trousers he pressed his open palm of his right hand at my genitals to see whether they became erect or not ... I came into contact with other devotees who had similar and even worse sexual experiences and came to the conclusion that their is indeed a equal pattern of Swam´s behaviour towards his victims. First he establishes contact and checks the devotional potential of the devotee. Afterwards once he has decided to molest a person he starts by kissing the same. The next step is massaging the genitals with oil or vibhuti and finally is masturbating them. In the end he asks to do oral sex !!! This is nothing but the truth and it is for sure that also testimonies from Indians have been made who have been sexually molested through Swami even in the early seventhies. Now it becomes evident through many other testimonies that he has sexually molested and raped young boys for a very long time."

Jed Geyerhahn - "On my second trip to Sai Baba I had four interviews. Each time I saw Baba, his hand would gradually make more prominant connections to my groin. The first interview was a slight swipe, the second a definite touch and the third time he grabbed me and with a very stern face looked me directly in the eye and said 'you are very weak!' ... In the final interview he asked me to take my pants down. I was totally confused, so he took them down for me. He then made vibhutti and rubbed it on my genitals. On my third trip, he did the same thing, but rubbed oil on my genitals. Fortunately, I was never taken advantage of any worse, but I was humiliated when I realised his true intentions, and I felt I had really lost an innocence that I would have cherished keeping.

"When I finally did talk about what happened to me, the first two reactions were to never speak of it with others because the whole thing would be taken out of context and misconstrued. Then I talked to others my own age and they told me of similiar experiences. I even heard terrible stories of children who would meet with Sai Baba twice a week to play 'sex games' and the like. Oral sex and masturbation were common in these meetings. Many of my own friends told me about attempts by Sai Baba to touch them, but they wouldn't let him."

Afshin Khorramshahgol - "In my first private interview, Baba did a ceremony which is supposed to be sacred in Hinduism and is done to all the followers by their gurus. This practice involves the guru putting oil on his hand and pushing his hand upward between the front testicle and the back area ... In every private interview after that Baba would ask me to put down my pants while he massaged my testicle ... In one occasion, Baba was not just massaging it, he was trying to give me a hard on ... At this interview, as he was pushing his hand back and forth on my testicle, I was telling him about many different things on my mind. Of course, I was so sure that he is doing the best thing for me that I was thinking of something else. I was telling him about the problems in my country of Iran, how the people are suffering, the problems of my family and my own problems. He couldn't get me hard so all of a sudden with anger and an angry face he threw my thing up against my stomach and with an angry face he turned his back to me. I thought he is probably angry at me because I should have more faith in him, he already knows all my problems, everything in my mind, and he will help me in whatever way he can. Actually, he was angry that I didn't get hard and so when he turned towards me he told me to put my pants up again. This was the only occasion which he kept some distance between me and him while he was playing with me. Every other time, he would hug me and do it. My question to those who believe that Baba's intentions in playing with me was pure is that if Baba says not a blade of grass moves without his will, then why does he have to touch me in that way to perform whatever pure intention or will he had in mind?" ...

"In almost all of such interviews, Baba would breath harder and sometimes he would make noises too. Something I forgot to tell you about the private interview above was that while I was telling Baba about these problems, his face was getting uneasy while he constantly, the whole time was looking down at my testicle. His eyebrows got twisted and his face got more and more upset as he was trying to play with me. I wonder why? He sometimes would tell me that I was weak there, there was too much being wasted from there, etc. Why then did he touch it? Was he fixing things? Why did he have to fix things by touching and rubbing and going back and forth?

"In one interview, he stood up while I was kneeling on my knees. With his right hand, to took my head and put it against his stomach. With his left hand he took my right hand and put it against his testicle. He rubbed my hand there for a short while and this time he was making loud noises of... I tried to look up to his face to see it, but he pushed my head hard against his stomach and did not allow me to look up. So, I didn't try again. While he took my hand there, I felt his testicle, although I didn't grab it, I just let him direct my hand and do whatever he wants. At the same time, I would touch him by the outside part of my hand. As I said before, he was making loud voices while he was doing that. This took about two minutes before he let go of me and my hand and said 'This is God'!!! Whatever!!! It was his way of putting a controlled mind to think and find many answers to what that whole situation was all about. It was his way of covering the sick idea of having me touch him, and also covering his loud, wild voices."

Neptune (anonymous) -
Interview #1: "(He started to wave his hand in circles, and suddenly, - stopped. With apprehension I thought he had changed his mind. I was relieved when he continued waving. When he turned his hand up, there was nothing in his palm. Then I saw his fingers shimmering. He was slippery rubbing them together. ) 'Oil', he said. 'Open.' (He started lifting my shirt; I lifted it up, thinking he wanted to rub it on my navel. Then, with his left hand, [his right was full of oil.] he motioned downwards with his fingers. I understood. I untied my pants. He lifted my penis, put his fingers at the base of it, and started rubbing the oil into me. It didn't hurt, but he was making a motion as if he was pinching me there repeatedly with his fingers.

"He stopped, and waved his hand again. I guess he made some more oil. He resumed rubbing. With his other hand, he drew me close. He rubbed some more, and drew me closer. I could hear him murmuring some things, so I turned my ear towards him so I could catch what he was saying. He again pulled me tighter towards him this time by the waist, until my crotch was right by the side of his leg, and our chests were almost touching. I had my chin on his right shoulder both arms around him, his hair touching the side of my face, the front of my pants down. It was so bizarre. I could now feel him pulling the base of my penis back and forth. It felt kind of good. He finally let me go, and I pulled my pants up.) (He looked at me and said: ) 'Don't tell anyone. Don't tell Mother. She worries. Tomorrow and the next day, I will give interview. I will give, (he traced his finger on my chest,) a chain.'"

Interview #2: "(He took Papa into the private room for a minute or so, then called me. Papa left. As soon as we got inside, he pulled me close, gave me a big hug, and started untying my pants. He dropped them to the ground, then pulled my underwear below my butt. He grabbed my penis, and while hugging me again, started masturbating the base of it. He kept repeating 'Purification. Purification.' I felt his other fingers grip around my crack and pull me closer, uptight. I held him tight in return. He turned his right cheek to me, I kissed it, with his prompting. He turned his mouth towards me, I gave him my cheek. He turned my head and kissed me on the mouth for a long time. When he stopped, I started to pull up my pants. He made sure my shirt didn't get stuck in the knot, and straightened me out. He kept telling me:) 'This is good chance; good chance; look, there are so many people outside. They all want to be here. It's your good luck.'"

"I went down and kissed his feet, then came up on my knees.) 'take it.' (He lifted his robe up to his knees. I put my hand on his knee.) 'Sparshan!' (He pressed my head to his penis. I put my cheek on it.) 'Linganamaskar!' (I kissed it. He lifted his robe higher and higher. I first saw his nuts. They were very dark coloured. Then his penis. I saw a drop of liquid on the tip; he wiped it off with his thumbnail.) 'Take it!' (I held it. I kissed it. I could feel him pushing on my mouth. It opened slightly. It slipped inside. He subtly moved his hips back and forth enough times [7] that I lost count. He finally took it out, and I got up. He kissed me on the mouth. He put his tongue out. I just barely opened my lips, but kept my teeth clenched. It slipped in between my lips and my teeth. I moved and he got saliva on my right cheek. We left the private room.) ... (As a particular young man passed, Baba pressed and vibrated the back of his hand on the man's groin, just as he did to me in the last interview while I was getting the chair and twice in our interview of March 25, 1998 in Brindavan.)"

Gabriel Merrun - "When we came into the room behind the curtain, Sai Baba suddenly turned his back against me. Sai Baba was now standing between Conny and me, and obstructed the view between us ... I moved forward to Conny and Sai Baba, as it is unnatural to stand behind someone's back. I remember in a hazy way that Sai Baba was occupied with some sort of strange movement before me and I moved instinctively around to make us stand in a circle, which I felt more natural. But Sai Baba turned his back against me again and waved to me to stay there, and suddenly he pinched my penis so I was not able to move away. Conny thought that Baba now had started to give me massage. But instead he pinched the head of my penis in a rough way. This pinch was hurtful, and kept me behind Sai Baba's back."

Hans de Kraker - "He then signed me to come closer and hug him. He had earlier that trip asked me to kiss him on the cheek, while I was helping him getting something from a room adjacent to the interview room ... While leaning over to get something from a lower shelf in the closet, when rising he pointed at his cheek, indicating that he wanted me to kiss him. I did so, very surprised and kind of suspicious. I come from a country though where man and women irrespective of sex, kiss each other on the cheek three times. So after my first suspicion, relativised everything back to normal (I am still amazed today, how far ones mind can go!) So back to that moment where he asked me to come closer. He then hugs me ( I am on my knees and he is seated on his chair-there are no people present). He now turns his face and puts his lips on mine; my head his spinning and my mind is running at 500 kilometres per hour. I don't know what to do! My mouth tightens up, and I feel extremely uncomfortable and confused with this 'perceived incarnation of GOD on earth' trying to kiss me on and in my mouth!! Sai Baba slaps me on my cheek and says 'Loosen up!!! With other people not OK with Sai Baba OK.'" I am even more uncomfortable now and feel disgusted at the same time.

"Sai Baba realised his and my predicament and decides not to continue. He now tells me again that he will give me everything and stands up and tells me to do padnamnamaskaar. As I go on my knees, and touch his feet with my forehead, he pulls up my arms and indicates he wants his calf muscles massaged. Although very uncomfortable with everything that had happened I still continued to listen to him. Many people knew how he liked having his calve muscles massaged and I had seen respectable men and women of all walks of life do the same thing....he now takes my head and pushes it quite firmly into his groin...he then pulls up my arms and asks me to go higher and higher and higher...NOW I AM HOLDING HIS BUTTOCKS AND WONDER WHAT THE HELL MY DIVINE MASTER IS ASKING ME TO DO!!! Fuse!!! Crash! I let go my arms and now I am even more shell shocked...he pulls up his dress, presents me his half-erect penis and invites me to take up my 'Good Luck Chance': "This is your Good Luck Chance." I am now on my knees facing his erect penis, being asked to perform oral sex. He stands there, and I think: AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS? COULD I DO THIS?

"I then instinctively stretch out my right arm and put on the part of his chest which hides his heart and say: 'I don't want this Swami, I want your heart.' He now drops his dress and tells me:'"Yes yes yes of course you have my heart.' He now asks me to take my pants down, "discovers" my penis is not erect and tells me that that is how it is supposed to be! 'Swami is inside there see, Swami is inside there.' Hell NO! That is Mine and Mine! And you are certainly not in there! I thought. He asks me to do Padnamnamaskaar again and again, he pulls up his dress: 'This is your second Good Luck Chance,' he said. I refuse and get up without saying anything. I am now angry, confused and dazed. I feel burning! God just took a backdoor! A very clever manipulator and professional deceiver had just trashed the fundamentals of the past eight years of my life. I had abstained from any sexual activity because he had suggested it was good for my spiritual Evolution. He had harassed and embarrassed my girlfriend and myself because of our difference in age, while he was hitting on someone 42 years his junior...He had told us to break up our relationship and for what reason?! So he could have a go?!?!" ...

"Someone had called Europe even and told the leader of the group. I got a call from her the morning after. She expressed concern and told me people had seen me walking out of the interview room all pale…then they tried the apartment but I had locked myself in. She asked me what had happened. 'Did he try to have sex with you?' I told her that it was something between him and me. I did not want to talk about it."

Conny Larsson (Open Letter to Sai Baba): "You soon started to call me in for several private interviews and I become a noticed person in the ashram. But the other devotees did not know what was going on between you and me in the inner interview room. I did not know myself, 1 just believed you when you said that you were God and were helping me with my problems by taking care of my Kundalini-process. This was odd I think, since you did this by physically approaching my genitals, sometimes by smearing oil, later by masturbating me and asking for the same done to you. You also did oral sex on me several times; you always seemed to enjoy it immensely. When you asked me to do oral sex on you I backed up, due to my background as a molested child. My alcoholic father's friend did the molesting during Friday evenings, when I was between four and eight years old. You were kind enough not to push me further. Instead you continued with oral sex on me until 1983. I had now become 34 years old and fallen out of your sexual interest zone. When I was a child and was abused I always reacted by doing as I was told in order to save my life. So when you first approached me even if it was in a gentle way of a touch, by your hand at my genitals, I somehow reacted instinctively and closed my door to my inner consience. I stopped to listen to my inner voice since I did not want to loose the divine image of you.

"Now, I have some questions for you! Were you aware of the fear that you activated in me when sexually harassing me? If you are the person you want us to believe, did it not occur to you that instead of giving me joy and love you only invoked fear in its deepest level? ... During the years that past by after 1983 when your physical involvement with me stopped I just served and served as a 'duty officer' in your organisation even though the 'bells of warning' clanged off and on. So many times I saw you cheat with the manifestations, so many times I saw you do acts of misconduct with other boys, I always thought you where testing me as a devotee! 1 never let the thought in that this was wrong ... It was first in the end of 1986 when I met with several boys that had similar experiences that I started to ask myself if this was wrong. At one time you asked me to participate in an interview, in the inner room, with one of my patients from the institute. I thought you wanted me to translate but you wanted me to participate when you sexually harassed the boy whom at that time were 23 years old, blond and handsome. Somehow you had understood that my childhood experiences had disturbed my identity and made me bisexual. And now you wanted me to partake in your play with the boy. Before I reacted the boy himself pushed you away and went out of the room leaving you and me there. You just raised your shoulders and said: "Pity! He does not understand Sparshan". (Meaning Gods physical way with him.) Do I need to tell you that the boy went home and never wanted to hear about you again, nor did he want to go back even when I offered him to pay his expenses. Do I need to tell you that the boy felt deeper and deeper into an incurable depression related mainly to this traumatic experience and finally committed suicide? ... Did you have to use my patients in your sexual activities and thereby using me as a pimp for you?

"Since then the word is spreading all over the world and victims from all over the world are coming out from the shadows telling mostly the same sad story about you. All over the world your name and your organisation is put on the list of scum. There is no return and your name and reputation will always be: 'The man that called himself the Avatar of Avatars but showed up to be just a simple man with sexual desires for young boys. The man that cheated a whole world using the name of God and love as his tools. The man that used other peoples knowledge and wisdom as his own and pretended to be a guiding light for humanity. Finally exposed by the innocent people that he molested.' ... That you try to hide your homosexuality only shows you as weak and not up to date with what is going on in the world. Today we have United Nations humanitarian rights to protect the homosexual community that is common knowledge. You do not have to hide behind a mask of God to be able to satisfiy your desires. You have so much charisma and charm that you could get in contact with partners without having to swindle young boys and a whole world."

David Paul: "I became a devotee in the early eighties and undertook the first of two pilgrimages in 1990, and was "granted" an interview both times during the first interview I was taken into the back room and subjected to one of the so called oilings that have so often been spoken of and I am not sure even today where I stand on that particular subject, but was told by SB that sometimes I dissipate too much energy this way the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach, at the time I naively thought he meant around certain chakras but later another devotee told me it was because of over indulgence in masturbation, which if this was his meaning behind this event was I felt not his place to say or invade my privacy this way unfortunately as I left the ashram and India that time I became very ill with Malaria and put the events behind me. Nothing really happened in the second interview except he did nudge me in the groin with the back of his hand as he passed me on his way through into his sore room."

Edwin Reurings: "The sexual advances he has made to me during one interview are nothing compared to those described on the website mentioned below. During an interview Sai Baba touched me in the groin once under the pledge that he would give me a woman. Although at the time I did not regard this as an indecent act, the way he did it I thought peculiar ... Now I think that his feeling my private parts is not the worst. The worst thing of all I find is the enormous waste of time, the deception, the feelings of huge insecurity and self-doubt that have weighed on me all those years."

G.S.M. Prasad: "I was a Sai student in one of the colleges of Sai Baba for a long time. I have seen the so called list of guys who are said to be molested by Sai Baba. All of us know now what is the fact. But I am here to say that in the list there are at least three names who were doing staircase or interview room duty & they were very famous when I was a young student. These seniors are themselves molesters & have molested me and many of my class mates & fondled us. They told us 'Swami likes it', where can I tell their names? I know they used to have so called 'chics' or favourite boys & they use to have sex with us in the hostel. They must have had sex with more than 50 of us boys who were studying in 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 th standards. I and many of my friends still remember talking about it on the d-floor in the night about it at the pn hostel & we could do nothing about it. I think all of us should come out and tell everything so that we feel better about it."

John Bright: "I was completely ignored by Baba for most of the two years until 1996 when I was called for an interview with a group of fellow American devotees. During the main interview he granted me a private interview. During this private interview he sexually molested me. There was no room for misinterpretation on my part and Sai Baba wasn't trying to activate my kundalini or any of the hundreds of other rationalizations and denials that devotees and believers in Sai Baba come up with ... His actions were for his own sexual gratification. (If he is activating my kundalini why would he try to get me to put his erect penis in my mouth)? ... I admit that it is hard to believe these stories of sexual molestation when you read what Sai baba teaches (universal love, harmlessness, feed the poor, help ever hurt never). In fact if I hadn't had my experience I probably wouldn't believe them."

John Worldie: "Baba did the same number to me, he really f****d up my life in a way. He was the cause of my breaking up with Rosemary as he put her on an anti-sex trip. He put me on a great guilt trip as a result. Words can’t describe how I feel about him. He is lower than I’ve ever been at my worst. The 'test' he put me to (fondling my dick, taking my valuables, Tibetan Bells, and f*****g up my Lady’s head) were not the test of my faith but a way of determining how stupid I was. I never could figure out why he played with my penis so I rationalized it as he was 'purifying' me. I sent him a telegram and said I’d purify him American style if he came here."

Greg Gerson: "During one interview, which occurred just before I was scheduled to fly home to America, while we were alone, Sai Baba had me pull down my pants. He then 'materialized' oil and pulled down my underwear and applied the oil on my lower abdomen below my navel and above my penis. He did not touch me sexually or ask me to do anything to him. He did embrace me for what seemed like a long time (perhaps 30 seconds or more) but nothing else. During that visit I was 26 or 27 years old. At another point in this interview when I was with three or four others in the smaller interview room, Sai Baba slapped me across the face quite hard when I was not looking."

Mark Roche:

10.25.37 Mark Roche: He kept saying stuff like that I’m giving you a great chance, millions want to touch the feet, you know, I’m giving you whole body, this is great chance, this is great chance. Then he went over to a different of the building and pulled up his dhoti, which is Indian garment kind of thing and exposed himself and sort of indicated that I was supposed to put his penis in my mouth, which, feeling intimidated and confused and all that, I did. And although it didn’t seem right to me but it just seemed like what I was supposed to do.

10.26.15 Tanya Datta: Why would God want to put his penis in your mouth?

10.26.20 Mark Roche: Got me.

Alaya Rahm:
Seduced By Sai Baba: "One time he had his robe almost completely off and he tried to have anal sex with me, because he came from behind me and started climbing up on top of me, you know, and being that I’m so much taller than him, in order to keep prevent it from happening, I just stood straight up and didn’t allow him to do anything, you know, and I kind of kept pushing him away and keep him there until ??... I know, I want to talk to you, I want to be with you and I love you. He said, 'You don’t love me? You don’t love me?' And I would say, 'No, I love you, but I just don’t want to have sexual relations with you.'

"The first time I had a personal experience with SB was when I was 16 years old. I went to India alone with some friends in a USA group. I think I was the only person in that group that he gave a personal interview to. I went in there, and he motioned for me to lower my pants. And I did. I was very nervous at the time, yeah. And he waved his hand and turned it over and showed me some oil. And he started to rub it on my testicles and started kissing me. And as he was kissing me, he started kissing me deeply, you know. And I started tensing up and, you know, not understanding what was happening. But it seemed to me as if SB was trying to make my penis erect. He had told me not to tell anybody about what he had done, that people wouldn’t understand it.

"But every time we would go back into the personal room, his wants got to be very intimate. And he was constantly having me take out my penis and he would hold it, sometimes put it in his mouth and look at me, and then ask me to do the same thing or push my head down and lift his robe up. And I was gagging and almost about to vomit. And, you know, that was probably the most mentally break down type of thing I’ve ever done in my life, because if I didn’t feel like at that time, like my life or my family’s happiness or … was depending on it, I wouldn’t have done it. But my mentality at that time … I felt like it was a life or almost death situation. You know, this was God in human form, but that was my mental program – this is God in human form. How could I deny him what he was trying to make me do? There must be some deeper reason or deeper meaning that what I see.”

See video clips here.

Secret Swami:

10.18.38 Alaya Rahm: At the same time I was overjoyed, there was also a little bit of confusion because that was the first interview in which he called me in personally.

10.18.50 Tanya Datta: He took you aside?

10.18.51 Alaya Rahm: Mm, mm. Took me aside and put the oil on his hands and, and told me to drop my pants and rubbed my genitalia with the oil and pulled me close and started kissing me heavily on the mouth and I was really taken back by it and not understanding what was going on.

10.19.13 Al Rahm [Alaya's father]: I said; so tell me about, you know, your interview. And he said; well I’m not supposed to tell anybody, Baba told me not to tell anybody and I looked at him and I said; did he make oil for you? And his eyes got kind of big and he said; how did you know? And I said; did he rub it on you? And he said; yeah. He said; how did you know? And I said; because it happened to me.


10.29.10 Tanya Datta: What Al and Marisa [Alaya's parents] didn’t know was that while he was showering their family with gifts and attention Sai Baba was exacting a heavy price from their son.

10.29.19 Alaya Rahm: Oral sex he would try to get that to happen several times. Both on, he would perform it to me and then, you know, and then sometimes threaten to cut my penis off and hold it, like it’s bad, I should cut it off. He would ask me all the time; why don’t you want me, you don’t want me. It was so far out to me, to think that he was actually just wanting me to physically want him.

10.29.46 Alaya Rahm: I, I could pretty much stop convincing myself that any of this was spiritual when he lifted his robe and his dhoti up to his chest and showed me the whole bottom half of this body and told me to take my pants off and then he tried to, I’m much taller than he is, he’s like five feet tall maybe and I’m six, six and he tried to climb up onto me, you know.

10.30.12 Tanya Datta: To rape you?

10.30.13 Alaya Rahm: Yeah, that’s what it felt like. I mean he was, for a seventy year old man as erect as I think a seventy year old man can get. I even saw semen come out of his penis one time and that was when I was, wow, this is a human being.


10.37.10 Tanya Datta: Why didn’t you tell your parents?

10.37.12 Alaya Rahm: Well because he would tell me not to tell them. He would threaten me. I mean I remember him saying; if you don’t do what I say your life will be full with pain and suffering. And that’s a pretty heavy thing to hear being sixteen and God’s telling you do what I say or your life is going to be full of pain and suffering.

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28 August 2006

Sai Baba's Mahaprabhu Boo-Boo

In the famous 'Conversations' book by John S. Hislop, Sai Baba has the following to say about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu:

"Chaitanya had Sachananda as a guru at one time. The guru wanted to test the devotion of Chaitanya. He placed a cube of sugar on Chaitanya's tongue and said to him to keep it there until he returned from the river. At the river, Sachananda bathed, washed clothes, did his singing and was away some two hours. On returning, he found Chaitanya with his mouth still open and the cube of sugar vibrating somewhat, but intact on the tongue without any melting. Realising Chaitanya's greatness, and that his control of the senses was so complete, he prostrated and declared that Chaitanya was his guru."

- 'Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba', Jack. S. Hislop, p. 142.

Cute story. For those who don't know, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1533) was a great saint, social reformer, and a notable proponent of the Bhakti-Yoga tradition that arose out of North India in medieval times. He is also credited with the inauguration of the 'saṅkīrtana' movement - the public singing and chanting of God's glories - and is also believed to be an incarnation of Krishna by his devotees.

The only problem with the above story is that there is no 'Sachananda' listed as Chaitanya's guru in any of his recognised biographies. On the contrary, Chaitanya was formally initiated into the Vaiṣṇava school by Sri Ishvara Puri, and at a later date he received the order of sannyasa from Sri Keshava Bharati. I should know, since I happen to be a devotee of Chaitanya and an adherent of Gaudiya Vaishnavism - the theological school founded by him.

Given the fact that Hislop's recollection of his conversations with Sai Baba are largely from his own memory, I could allow for the fact that a similar name to 'Sachananda' might exist. Surprise surprise: It doesn't. There is no mention of any 'Sachananda' nor of any similar nomenclature. And while we're on the subject, this story about the sugar cube does not exist in any of the known biographies of Chaitanya either. Another lie of Sai Baba's bites the dust.

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Breakdowns And Renewals

In regards to my favourite activity of critically analysing the erroneous philosophy and theology of Sai Baba, it should be pretty obvious that I maintain an interest in Vedic/Vedantic philosophy as a whole. I have recently purchased several books that deal with these themes and I am pleased to note that preliminary readings have proved to be sufficiently fruitful for further analysis of Sai Baba's concepts. An example of my using Vedanta to resolve ongoing (and unrelated to Sai Baba) controversies can be viewed on my spiritual blog.

I recently purchased two new books about Dvaita, the system of Vedic philosophy founded and propounded by Sri Madhvacharya (1238-1317) and both of them authored by the famous and reputable Madhvite scholar Dr. B.N.K. Sharma. In one of them I noticed this poignant passage that illustrated the change in my own outlook effected during my time as a Sai devotee:

"[Madhvacharya] urged the necessity of adopting a fresh attitude of mind and a new set of fundamental concepts and categories in place of the old and worn out ideas of the fashionable schoolmen, including those of the latest in the field. Once the metaphysical necessity of discarding the outmoded ideas and the need to go in for more effective theories and newer modes of approach to the problems of philosophy were established, the whole course of philosophical inquiry was bound to take a new turn and enter upon a new terrain."

- 'Philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya', Dr. B.N.K. Sharma, p. xvii-xviii.

This, I believe, is the key to educating beleaguered Sai devotees and the philosophical doubts and problems that they regularly face in their continual groping within the dark labyrinths of Sai Baba's teachings. Indeed it is true of my own experience; when I could no longer adequately reconcile the very real problems and inconsistencies in Sai Baba's teachings as a Sai devotee, I experienced a momentous paradigm shift in my entire (spiritual) conceptual construct and outlook that completely revolutionised my entire way of thinking, something that as stayed with me to this day. Although I didn't realise it at the time, I see now that what I went through has been briefly summarised in the above passage. Suddenly, I had a new and fresh outlook on Sai Baba's teachings that, for the time being, brought all conflicts into perfect harmony according to a particular point of view. Everything made sense.

The fact that I later renounced Sai Baba and his teachings is largely irrelevant to the purpose of this little story, but the fact remains that a similar paradigmatic shift must occur within the minds and brains of confused Sai devotees who can no longer make sense of every contradictory thing they read in the Baba's books. I recently came to know that this idea had been enunciated by Dr. Sigmund Freud and is a part of popular psychological history; the psychological process that occurs to effect a resolution of conflicts.

How I managed to do this would entail another detailed blog, but for now it is suffice to observe that the importance of recognising the burning need to change one's outlook when necessary, and to resist the temptation to hold onto disproved and rusty components of thought cannot be overestimated, especially when the necessary spiritual growth is waiting to take place. It is very easy to glibly say that one must be open to new ideas, but it is quite another to do so in practice. As a matter of fact it's quite like how Sai Baba himself describes it; breaking you down and remoulding you in a fashioned image.

These ideas can apply to just about everything and is not necessarily restricted to spiritual issues. But the experience of this remoulding is something distinctly unique, almost as if the transition itself was so smooth that it was hardly noticed.

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25 August 2006

Puttaparthi To Get Major Facelift

Puttaparthi to get major facelift
Wednesday August 23 2006 11:36 IST

ANANTAPUR: Puttaparthi, the headquarters of Satya Saibaba, which is also one of the major tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh with majestic buildings and apartments and the serene Prashanathi Nilayam, is all set to witness a spurt in development activities.

The town has scores of people, including VVIPS from all over the country and abroad, visiting everyday.

Located on the banks of the Chitravathi River, Puttaparthi has more foreigners than any other place in the State. Visitors to the town often wonder whether they are in an Indian town or a foreign land.

But the road infrastructure in this famous place is no better than in any other Indian town. Except for the main road, all other roads are narrow, making it difficult for even autorickshaws to negotiate.

Low and hanging power cables in those narrow streets pose the danger of electrocution. Even though there are hundreds of posh apartments, one would be hard pressed to find a parking spot near them.

Recently, four village panchayats – Brahminapalle, Beedupalle, Enumulapalle, Kappalabanda – were merged with Puttaparthi, a major panchayat till two months ago. Considering the conditions, Sri Sathyasai Urban Development Authority (SUDA) drafted a master plan for the town’s development and beautification.

SUDA has already completed the Puttaparthi bypass road and even laid a double road on the bank of the Chitravathi River, to avoid traffic congestion in the town. It was also decided to ply RTC buses from that point only.

To apprise the State Government of the situation and seek its permission and assistance, SUDA Chairman K Sathyanarayana met Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy recently with the master plan.

According to him, Rs 24 crore is needed to implement the plan, which mainly focuses on wide roads with high mast streetlights and greenery on both sides. Development of greenery on both sides of the Chitravathi River is also part of the plan.

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Sai Baba Marketing Magic

Raj muses:

"I have been quite disapproving of the methods followed by the likes of Sai Baba, Sri Ravishankar and, Mata Amritanandamayi, though, admittedly, they have channelised their resources into useful projects that serve the public cause. But, I now realize that they are no different from and no more guilty of manipulation than the aforementioned corporate brand-builders.

"If Sai Baba had to draw attention and create a mass following, he naturally had to differentiate himself from other mortals and create a brand identity of his own. The flowing saffron-coloured robes, his distinctive hairstyle, the hype and the hoopla over his ‘magical’ powers to pull out watches and gold rings out of thin hair, his Bhajan sessions which would send his followers into a trance- all went into the creation of the unique Sai Baba brand. Without this brand pull, he wouldn’t have enticed his followers to come into his fold seeking mental peace and serenity.

"So, how is this any different from an advertiser luring you into a make-believe world and leading you to imagine that by procuring a certain type of talcum powder, you would be transported to a sanitized world of blue skies and green grass , where you would have a wonderful spouse, a lovely home, a cute little dog and a smile on all the time ?

"For several decades, De Beers and their advertising agency N.W. Ayer carefully cultivated the romantic image in the public's mind that a diamond was a unique manifestation of nature and the rarest of all precious objects in the world. What Sai Baba and Ravi Shankar do is to carefully create the spiritual image in the public mind that they are specially chosen by God to lead them out of their miseries and to deliver happiness and joy.

"Same difference."

We applaud Raj for his insights into the Sai Baba scenario. The one (disturbing) thing that we might add is the fact that Sai Baba seeks to trump all of the other gurus in the arena by claiming that he is a full manifestation of God on earth. Not only that, because that doesn't satisfy Sai Baba as thoroughly as we might expect, but he seeks to content himself with publicly declaring his delusionary identity as the combined form of every god and goddess that ever existed!

What Sai Baba fails to realise is that this idea would make a great horror movie. Think about it; the combination of every scary vampire, werewolf, golem, mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, King Kong, flesh-eating zombie, gremlin, triffid, just about every creepy devil you ever saw - that's Sai Baba: The Director's Cut. Just think about the marketing and merchandise deals that this Sai Brand would create.

You wouldn't wanna watch that movie before you go to sleep, trust me.

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Atanu Dey On Sai Baba

Atanu Dey had some interesting things to say about Sai Baba in the midst of an article about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

"Cults are personality based. There is one person who is what I call the 'god equivalent.' Some examples: Jesus the Christ, Mohammed, Jim Jones, Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. What the first two have and the rest of the list does not is numbers. If only a few millions share in a set of delusions, it is a cult; if there are hundreds of million, then it is a religion."

What a sobering thought. To think that Sai Baba's nonsensical spew that passes for "religious teaching" may one day become a religion. We shudder, and also note that such a development would clearly contradict the Baba's own stated desire and intention not to start a new religion. But then, when have his followers ever obeyed his teachings?

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Try Some REAL Magic!

We stumbled across Swami Prem today, and we were delighted to note his views on Sai Baba:

"Con artists like Pilot Baba and Satya Sai Baba are worthless scum who use cheesy illusions and sleight-of-hand any child could be trained to perform. They do their magic tricks while convincing gullible people they are enlightened. I would rather watch David Blaine and Criss Angel if I want to watch magic; at least they are upfront and honest it is illusionary magic, not trying to con people into thinking they are enlightened and superhuman.

"Enlightenment is not a sideshow where performing more parlor tricks makes you more enlightened. Enlightenment is a conscious connection to Source with expanded awareness, not an outward display."

We heartily agree. :-)

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Sai Baba's Secrets Revealed?

A former follower of Swami Vishwananda reports that Vishwananda also "materialises" vibhuti and golden lingams in quite the same way as his own former guru, our favourite Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. Our hearts were filled with delight when we continued to read an extract from Tahir Shah's 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' (originally sourced at ExBaba.Com):

"A highly entertaining travel-cum-adventure book which includes an entertaining description of the author's brief apprenticeship to a master (whom he calls Feroze) in miracle techniques, like going into a trance, materialising vibhuti and regurgitating lingams:

"Shah is fearful when his newly-found master suddenly goes from meditation into a trance. When he returns to consciousness, the teacher explains that it is done with a walnut: 'The illusion is elementary. ... First, stick the walnut in your armpit, and pretend you're going into a state of samadhi. Next, gently press down on the nut. The trembling of meditation masks the contraction of one's shoulder muscles. Soon, as you saw, the nut reduces the pulse, by pressing on the axillary artery.' (p. 98)

"Feroze insisted that mastering vibhuti would develop my sleight-of-hand abilities. Adept conjurors, he said, can eat, drink tea, and write with one or two of the pellets - hidden in position - lodged in the web of skin between the thumb and forefinger. With a single circling movement of the hand, they can withdraw the pellet and crush it with the fingertips.

"Feroze demonstrated how to make the tiny pellets. A quantity of perfume and ash is mixed in a pan with a few drops of kanji, a starchy water in which rice has been washed. Stir in enough ash and one gets a form of dough. Pea-sized beads of the preparation are dried, ready for use." (p. 101)

"To produce the lingams, Shah describes how he graduated from swallowing small potatoes and provoking a violent regurgitation with a powerful emetic to stage 2 where he was able to produce the same effect with pebbles by control of internal muscles (pp. 104-108). He quotes his master as commenting: 'Houdini claimed to be nothing more that an illusionist. But here, in India, godmen have taken these feats a stage further: they are passing them off as actual magic.'

"And (on p. 110): 'Houdini understood that without mystery there was no magic. He knew also that without publicity, word of one's skill would not travel.'"

Read more.

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22 August 2006

Prostitution In Puttaparthi

Sent to me via a public discussion board. It speaks for itself:

Now I am not a devotee of Sai Baba any longer after many years. I read some things you wrote about prostitution in Puttaparthi and want to respond with some more accurate information to that here. You may have it on your blog if you like.

I suffer from chronic circulation and muscular problems. In 1998 I was at Prashanthi Nilayam when a top leader in the Northern Europe Sai Baba Organisation recommended to me a clinic not far beyond the Gokulam in Puttaparthi on a side road. He said I should try ayurvedic oil treatment for my health problems, as he had taken a 'kaya kalpa' course there. I met the boss of this clinic, who is well-known as a permanent veranda man, Dr Samba Siva Rao! He made some diagnosis which I thought rather superficial medically and advised a course of hot oil treatment with 108 herbs. The clinic is called 'Nadakuduru Sai Ayurveda Hospitals Private Limited. I have the bill which came to Rs 40.per treatment. I must say I thought that really quite cheap - but after the first treatment I stopped going. It was done by a very young Puttaparthi man who could speak only a few words of English, who I could not explain anything to. It was too painful lying on a hard table with many and medical advice I then got was that powerful massaging of the limbs all AGAINST the blood flow is medically dangerous for those with vascular problems according top Western medicine!

My wife had come with me, and she was shown to a room nearby to wait. After the oil treatment I had a steam bath in a kind of box, and when this was over I had only my underpants. I was given a kind of dressing gown and I was sent into a room for some finishing touch. But the room was also occupied by five or six young women sitting on the floor in colourful saris and having much adornment. I wondered what this was about, was quite puzzled, and the young man who massaged me said - 'just relax, no problem '- and lit incenses and waved it about around my head etc. (you probably know the ritual). The young ladies sat there saying nothing, looking at me. I did not speak to them, but wondered why I had to be in just this room. It seemed against the whole style of the ashram with separation of men and women, especially as I was not properly clothed. Well, I must have been VERY naive... because it is only recently that I have realised the OBVIOUS! They were female prostitutes hoping to be hooked! I was left there and had to sit there for at least 10 minutes before the young masseur came back and I was able to go and get my own clothes back!

Surely, that is part of the business this Dr Samba Siva. Rao runs!! That is how he makes it pay well, I'll bet! I connected it to something that I recall the same person who recommended it had told me [I won't drag his name in, poor man, he is confused enough anyhow]. He said the kaya kalpa treatment had revitalised him and surprisingly increased his sexual power a lot! This was a problem as his wife would no longer have sex with him. Now I see that he may have been using the prostitutes at that clinic!

I can add that Dr. Samba Siva Rao was a friendly man, but full of himself and had some ideas about Swami which I though quite crazy even then. He said, for example, that he knew for certain that whenever Swami looked into anyone's eyes, he changed their entire future. Well, Sai Baba looked me in the eye, and I in his, many a time, and I now do not at all believe he is avatar! Add to it that I feel sure he must have done sexual abuses because so many who have been favorites have written so much and I think they could not bother if it had not happened.

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21 August 2006

Tal's Tidbits #2

"Then Kasturi reminisced. Like a 70-year-old Missouri farmer who starts to get the rhythm in his feet after hearing the first riffs of an ukulele at the local square dance, Kasturi's eyes lit up in reminiscence. 'In the old days, around 1950, when I first stayed with Baba, the crowds were sufficiently small, and Baba enough like a relative, to permit us to adore him personally as the divine mother. Sometimes he would appear wrapped up in a sari and bangles.'"

- Avatar of Night, p. 193

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20 August 2006

Sai Juvenile Sex Abuse Now Academic

Just spotted this entry in a newly-published book. At the very least, it shows the resounding success of the Sai Exposé in the matter of the allegations of his homosexual paedophilia and other scandals and the penetration into the mainstream consciousness thereof. Now the facts have become so well known that respected academics make reference to the sex allegations in their brief descriptions of Sai Baba. As follows:

"Satya Sai Baba (1926-) was born in the state of Andhra Pradesh and claims to be the incarnation of the saint Sai Baba of Shirdi (c.1838-1918), in Maharashtra, whose name he adopted. Sai Baba of Shirdi was a somewhat mysterious fingure, believed to have been a miracle worker. He exemplifies the classic image of the fakir, an itinerant holy man, whose ascetic practices and reputed powers are consonant with the values of both Islamic Sufism and the Hindu śramaṇa tradition. Shirdi Sai Baba's simple life of poverty and unaffected camaraderie with those who visited him at his abode in an abandoned mosque attracted the respect of both Hindus and Muslims. He is reputed to have promulgated the unifying message: "Everyone's Lord is [the same] One" (Hindi: sabka mālik ek). After his death, he was entombed in a Hindu temple.
"Satya Sai Baba's life contrasts with that of his proclaimed predecessor. He has gathered a large following in India and abroad, estimated by some to be at least 20 million, and is probably the most recognized Hindu holy man in all of India. He is particularly renowned for the apparently miraculous production of sacred ash (vibhūti) from his fingertips, as well as other objects, such as rings and necklaces. His detractors recognize these as simple magician's tricks. Nevertheless, Satya Sai Baba's society, headquartered at Puttaparthi, the town of his birth, runs a vast network of social service organizations, in conformity with his message to lead a moral life and to work for the welfare of others. While devotees regard him as God in human form, a growing number of allegations accusing him of sexual molestation of juveniles continue to tarnish his image. Satya Sai Baba teaches the unity of all religious traditions, and claims that he will take up a third incarnation under the name of Prem Sai Baba."

- 'Introducing Hinduism', Hillary Rodrigues
- First published 2006 by Routledge, New York.
- ISBN10: 0415392691

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16 August 2006

Sai Baba: Dog-Face Boy

As the song goes..

The only trouble with this is that, despite his very bad habit of heaping insults on his critics, he appears to be incapable of distinguishing his critics from his own devotees. How is this so? The answer can be found in Sai Baba's discourse of 22 July, 2002:

"Almost 90 percent of the so-called devotees are, in fact, deceitful ... Even the stray dogs scrounging around for something to eat are better than such fake devotees!"

Ouch. So 90% of his own devotees are dogs, and his critics are dogs, so what's up with this new fascination with canines? Perhaps he is badly missing his own pets? We all know that he had several canine couples for pets back in the early days. Nothing wrong with having pets, but I do think that things are going a tad too far for Swami when he starts to bark at them, don't you?

"What a grace and assonant charm in the names He has given to the canine couples: Lilly, Billy; Minnie, Mickey; Honey, Goldie; Rover, Rita; Blackie, Brownie. Many mongrel breeds such as Pomeranian, Cocker Spaniel, Alsatian etc. have been recipients of His grace. He would talk to them in their own language, feed them, pet and pat them and hug them close. Blessed beings of supreme fortune!" - Baba Satya Sai [Part 2], Ra. Ganapati, p. 294.

Old McDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-oh! And on that farm he had a dog, ee-i-ee-i-oh! With a bark-bark here and a bark-bark there, here a bark, there a bark, everywhere a bark-bark.... stop, it's too funny! :-)

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Sai Baba: Feeling The Heat

While I'm busy trying to organise all of the Yagna reports for commentary, I couldn't help but notice this little gem from the Swami himself. From the Prashanthi Bulletin of 13 August:

"Many people criticize Me and write all sorts of things in newspapers. Those who don't speak the truth are worse than dogs. Be in truth. Let the dogs bark. It's their nature. Don't mind about them. When one dog barks in the street his fellow dogs also pick up. They are just jealous and try to destroy Swami's name. So many of you have come here without any invitation. None of them will be able to even gather ten people because they lack the goodness. You may be pained that I am speaking harsh things but in reality you should be happy that I am telling you all this."

No kidding! The "Poorna avatar" actually spoke these words! This is yet another indication that the Sai Expose has visibly shaken the foundations of Sai Baba's empire and which is now beginning to crumble around the Swami's ears, not to mention being consistent with his very bad habit of heaping insults on his critics. Tsk tsk.

If you don't wanna do the time, Swami, don't do the crime.

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15 August 2006

Questions & Answers From Indonesia

I received the following list of questions from an Indonesian male, who kindly asked me to reply via this blog so that he can use the answers for his own purposes.

1. Has Sathya Sai Baba generate statements that despise women? Is he (considered) chauvinistic--despite being gay? Any report ever made on human female molestation by “God”? Has he aver made any statement condemning the communal discrimination against Indian women?

One of the things to realise about Sathya Sai Baba is that he is a perfect example of a hypocrite; he says one thing and does the opposite. In that sense, he has never said anything mysogynistic in public (at far as I am aware) and is rather encouraging of the idea that they should seek to better themselves. But in his personal talks with close disciples and students he does indicate the level of his feelings towards them. More often than not, these are told in thinly-veiled "humour" and crude jokes that illustrate women as stereotypes of cooking and cleaning slaves. One example of this is Prof. Anil Kumar, who is the Baba's personal translator and close disciple; he is on record cutting jokes about how Sai Baba indicated that the proper duties of women were to cook, clean and look after their husbands, not to mention child-rearing. Some may view that as taking a traditional line, whereas we all know that this modern age is given to career women with high-flying ambitions which is something that Sai Baba strongly disapproves of.

2. Is it true that Sai Sathya’s boarding school, and college with the dormitory are only for boys? Any particular reason ever given?

No it is not strictly true. Sai Baba built a women's college at Anantapur in the early 1970s. There are female students at his base ashram of Puttaparthi also, although it should be noted that these female students are kept strictly apart from the male students in classes and in dormitories. This does not always work, however.

3. Any statement on why Sai Baba segregate everything on the ashram based on sex? Has he ever talked about human sexuality--at all?

I have never actually seen a statement from Sai Baba reasoning why men and women should be kept apart in his ashram, although I am aware that it is a general rule in the ashrams of many a guru. The general reason is that interaction with the other sex is a stumbling block on the spiritual path and that such association should be minimised. I should note that Sai Baba's ashram is the only place I've been where this rule is taken to fundamentalist extremes, so much so that I was not even allowed to sit with my mother in a relatively public place!
His statements on human sexuality are the usual tripe about how it is a base passion that is characteristic of animals. He speaks very strongly against natural human drives such as lust, hunger, and so on. Here is a typical statement from the Handbook for Sai Youth, that was available from the ashram bookshop in 1999:

"We find here boys and girls. The boys should remain with the boys. Do not have any connection or contact with the girls. If you have connections with the girls and follow the wrong path, you are worse then the dogs ... Your life will be wasted."

There are many more similar quotes.

4. Is there any female on the cream of Sai Baba’s elite--that you know of?

As far as I am aware, there are no women in the 'elite'. Sai Baba's inner circle consists only of male disciples. The Prashanthi Council is made up entirely of men and it is men who perform much of the day-to-day administration in the ashrams. There are female co-ordinators for the female section of the canteens and other places in the ashram, but no 'top job' as such. The only person who could be a likely candidate is the old 'Mataji' who sits on the verandah and acts as an usher for those (female) individuals who have been selected by Sai baba for a private interview. Beyond this there is no female 'elite'.

5. Any report on the actual size of Sai Baba’s boner? Hairy-bushy?

Sai Baba is alleged to have a small penis and dark-coloured testicles.

6. Has there been any reports of Sai Baba conducting sodomy (other than asking the boys to do him blowjobs and masturbating them)? Has he ever sucked the boys’ boners? Does he prefer masculine-handsome boys instead of androgynous (sissy) boys?

Sai Baba is known for his preference of blonde-haired blue-eyed boys such as in the case of Alaya Rahm, who was quite handsome. Although Sai Baba has sexually abused all sorts of men and boys, he generally prefers them to be between 16-30 years of age. Sodomy and oral sex are but two predominating features of these sexual encounters. As well as performing oral and anal sex, he is also on the receiving end.

7. Observing the statistics of devotees, from which religion they’re least coming from? Any religion contributes less followers than Islam?

There are no clear statistics as such, nor has any survery ever been made in order to prvide demographical analyses of Sai Baba's followers. However, empirical observations do reveal the least followers to be from Islam and Sikhism. Buddhism is also a contender, as well as Confucianism, Taoism and Shinto.

8. Noting the fact that there is absolutely no place for Sai Baba’s divine claims in the literal interpretations of Islamic holy texts (Quran), has he ever mentioned anything about his connection to Islamic teachings to please his Moslem devotees, or is he (apparently) afraid of Islamic fundamentalism terrorists and decided to play safe by not mentioning anything particularly controversial about Islam like he did to The Bible? What particular approach towards Jewish people?

Given that Sai Baba has very few Muslim devotees, comments have been sparse. However, he has sometimes mentioned the story of Mansur al-Hallaj in order to portray him (Mansur) as a God-realised saint whoe realisations of oneness with God brought about his death. From my own studies of Islam I know that Mansur al-Hallaj was a Sufi figure, and this is the "middle way" that Sai Baba can speak about Islam in a way that suits his own group of followers and which can also appeal to Sufi Muslims on the fringe. It is also obvious that he refers to Sufi figures like Mansur because the more orthodox schools of Islam (like the Shias and Sunnis) would not lend any ear to his interpretations of the spiritual path.
Some of his devotees like Prof. Zeba Bashiruddin have published articles and small books about the Baba's connections to Islam and how his message reveals the fundamental truths of Islam. However, Bashiruddin is a Sufi and her views form a minority opinion in the vast breadth of Islamic interpretation. On another note, he is alleged to have stated that Muslims would be among the last to recognise him as God, and one can only wonder why. Even if that comes to pass, you can be sue that he will start including Islamic examples and stories in his public discourses that will be riddled with fanciful errors. I will certainly be interested to hear these.

Sai Baba certainly has a lot of Jewish devotees, one of whom is the International Co-ordinator for the Sai Organisation (Dr. Michael Goldstein). Another Jewish devotee, Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, is a psychiatrist from San Diego who has authored two books on the Baba. To accomodate the growing Jewish influx of devotees, Sai Baba modified his organisation logo to include a Star of David. His whole "unity of all religions" concept has it's kinks, however. When he was asked if he was the Messiah of the Jews, he replied: "That is not for Sai to say." Rather coy, I think, when he is openly praised as everybody else's Messianic figure and has done nothing to stop it.

9. Any Indian saints that you know to be non-devotees of Sai Baba? What do they think about him? What about Dadi Janki & Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar of Yoga Ananda Marga (known by some Indonesians), are they devotees too?

In all fairness, I have never heard of those two whom you mention. However, I know of at least one Indian saint who openly criticised Sai Baba for his fraudulent miracles as well as challenging him to prove his divinity. In those days (the 1970s) knowledge of his sexual molestations were not very well-known, lest you can be sure that he would have been heavily scandalised for that too.

I hope that I have answered these questions in a satisfactory manner and without personal bias. Please feel free to seek further clarificaiton if necessary.

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14 August 2006

Sai Devotees And Their Rudra Yajna

This is a short piece that I sent to a public forum a few days ago. While I have made slight edits and I recognise that I have been candid in many places, I thought it best to highlight some serious issues with the performance of this yajna. I have since been made aware of more innovations being employed in the yajna which, at the present time, is well underway.


The Sai devotees are all driving themselves bonkers rushing around to get CDs of the Sri Rudram prayers because they want to "participate" in the Maha Rudra Yagna that is due to be held in Prashanti Nilayam starting from 9th August.

Someone should tell these people that simply listening and reciting the Rudram prayers does not ensure participation in an authentic Vedic Yajna, not least the fact that the Sri Rudram prayers are very long and difficult to follow, never mind chant.

Besides that, the majority of these devotees are not even Brahmins. They may eat meat, smoke, eat chicken, take drugs, listen to worldly music. They don't even know how to clean their anuses after going to the toilet nor do they know how to have a proper bath (as per strict Indian/Vedic rules of sadachara), and they want to "participate" in the yagna via listening to Rudram on a CD.

Ridiculous. What a sneering mockery!

And Sai Baba is supposedly the protector and guardian (and the re-establisher) of Vedic values, lol.

The funny thing is how everyone is also driving themselves up the wall about how this particular yajna supposedly cannot be performed unless God Himself (Shiva) is personally present. According to what they say, this Yajna has only been performed once before in the history of mankind in the personal presence of Shiva, and it can be performed again in the personal presence of "Swami" because he is none other than Shiva. I like that logic.

So this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for meltbrain devotees and they're all flying over there to take part. The ones left behind are having to make do with Rudram CDs which they will chant while puffing on Marlboros and swigging from bottles of Bud Lites while reeking of cheap perfume and aftershave. I'll bet that they even start chanting Rudram in the toilet, which really makes a lot of sense when you're trying to perform a Vedic yagna that has never been done before. You'd think that with all this jazz about "unprecedented opportunities" and the like they'd get a few ground rules straight.

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11 August 2006

Yajna For All Humanity

Although this blog was originally for the discussion of Sai Baba's philosophical and theological inconsistencies, I'll be the first to admit there has been very little treatment of those areas of late. However, recent events in Prashanti Nilayam have provided me with more cannon fodder. :-)

For the last couple of weeks, Sai devotees have been driving themselves into a frenzy of excitement over the Ati Rudra Maha Yagna (pronounced 'yugg-yuh') that is currently taking place in Sai Baba's ashram (Aug 9 - Aug 20). Bringing up issues that I plan to discuss in a later post, I couldn't help noticing the foolishness of this proposal. According to the propaganda, this "has been performed only once before by Shiva for the Good of the World, Now it is performed by Sai Shiva."

Raising your eyebrows? Read on: "The Rudra Yajna is the Most sacred and powerful among all the Maha Yajna's ... This most powerful Yajna is done only with the Presence of a Divine Being and done in a most serene environment for meditation, spiritual study and practice. It is also done particularly for the sake of washing away ones sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and happiness, along with family togetherness."

Pass the bucket.

But let us put all of that aside (for now) and concentrate on the concept of the yajna itself. In this connection I'd like to present an important scriptural verse:

kRte yad dhyAyato viSNuM tretAyAM yajato makhaiH |
dvApare paricaryAyAM kalau tad dhari-kIrtanAt || BhP 12.3.52

"That, which was attained during Krita through meditation on Vishnu, during Treta through the worship of sacrificial oblations and during Dvapara through temple worship, is attained during Kali through Hari-kirtana."

For those who are unfamiliar, traditional Hindu periodisation divides time into four eras (yugas), each marked by a increased decay in morality, righteousness and general standards of civilisation. According to this view, we are currently in the last and worst (Kali) age. The import of this verse shows that in the Krita-yuga (aka 'Satya-yuga') meditation on Vishnu was the recommended path to perform in order to attain God-realisation. The next Treta-yuga found itself following the principles of Vedic fire sacrifices (yajnas) to achieve the same purpose. Further decline in the Dvapara-yuga necessitated the replacement of yajna-performance with deity-worship in the temples. And now that we are in the worst age where it is extremely difficult to perform any of these processes to the fullest standards of perfection that they entail, it is recommended that the chanting of God's name is sufficient.

One should note that this verse and it's contents are a familiar concept to many practicing Hindus and is widely prevalent in many traditional philosophies and religious organisations. This verse and others of a similar nature have been oft-quoted by many spiritual teachers including Sai Baba.

One wonders, then, why does the Baba initiate the performance of these yajnas every few years or so? What possible purpose can this achieve when the current climate is unsuitable for yajna-performance? Anybody who knows anything about yajnas will be able to confirm that the activity requires an extremely high standard of concentration and exacting demand. And given that Sai Baba has quoted the above verse and similar ones frequently in his discourses, one may also wonder why he is wilfully practicing what he preaches, NOT!

How is it that no devotee objects to this? How is it that no devotee has enough critical thinking to contemplate these matters and see how Sai Baba is such an obvious clown, if not an outright hypocrite? The Baba has for years been claiming that he has advented for the purpose of restoring Vedic values and the authority of the scriptures, you'd be forgiven for thinking that he was actually engaged in these tasks! Yes, the performance of yajnas may very well be a 'Vedic' activity but of what use are they in an age where their performance is not recommended and whereby the chanting of the Holy Name is supposed to be the bestower of everything?

And as if to confirm this, I almost forgot this choice line from the Bhagavad-Gita:

yajJAnAM japa-yajJo 'smi

"Of yajna-sacrifices, I am the yajna of japa." [BG 10.25]

Well, there you have it. Japa is a by-word for the chanting of the holy name, and thus this is the only "yajna sacrifice" that is recommended for this age. If Sai Baba and/or his devotees were truly interested in the import of the scriptures that they claim to be restoring and practicing, why do they not pay attention to these very basic and simple points? Everything that they are concerned about can be solved by following the recommended practice of nama-japa (chanting the names), namasmarana (remembering the names), and so forth.

This issue is itself a pointer for people to wonder if the "Avatar" really knows what he's doing.

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08 August 2006

The Ammachi Expose

We very rarely go off-topic, but one of our correspondents has alerted us to the existence of a discussion board where former devotees and critics of Mata Amritanandamayi (aka 'Ammachi') meet to discuss their grievances with the "hugging saint".

Given Ammachi's proximity to Sai Baba and her positive feedback on him, and also given Sai Baba's reported statement that Ammachi is his "spiritual sister", we thought that this should be brought to public attention.

This only serves to prove the point that no guru is free from criticism, nor should they be, as this certainly highlights the issue of fradulent gurus and the many ways they extend themselves in order to keep a grip on power and money.

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Electronic Karma

Just heard this from a Sai devotee:

"I am sure devotees recall what Swami has said about playing the bhajan or prayer Cassette or CD in the player - The Benifit [sic] of such playing is also taken by the CD / Cassette player."

Ain't that just fine and dandy? Bearing in mind that spiritual philosophy generally teaches about the acquisition of merit by living creatures, we now have a message from the Avatar extending this mercy to inanimate objects. It makes you want to read all about Hislop and the weeping saris.

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04 August 2006

Sai Baba in Govt. Blacklist Imbroglio

After commenting on the soon-to-be-enacted Maharashtra Eradication of Black Magic and Evil and Aghori Practices Bill 2005, it appears that MoneyControl heeded our advice and made significant changes to their article, namely specifying Sathya Sai Baba as the anxious party (rather than the lond-dead Shirdi Sai) and publishing a photo of the Baba. Furthermore, all references to 'Sai Baba' in the article have been changed to 'Sathya Sai Baba' to clearly denote which Baba is being referred to.

That deserves a round of applause.

The Bill has received more than it's fair share of criticism as previously reported, mainly on the grounds that the criterion and terms of "black magic" and other quack witch doctory are too broad and not specific enough. "Why Satya Sai Baba is in danger of being blacklisted?" is now being carried by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti where the organisation protests against the bill on the grounds that it is being pushed through by a group of rationalists calling themselves 'Andha Sraddha' ('Blind Faith').

Just a few days ago, a critical guest editorial was published in News Today by M.V. Kamath (a Shirdi Sai Baba book author) wherein he states: "A Bill ... was recently passed by the Lower House of the Maharashtra State Assembly and is due to be passed by the Upper House as well ... Sai Baba is reported to make magic. Would he come under the definition of a quack or a con-man out to fool the gullible public?"

Read the articles in full:

Money Control

News Today

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Read the text of the Bill.

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01 August 2006

Tal's Tidbits #1

"Baba's English was practically baby-talk, while his black eyes told an entirely different story, radiating unearthly awareness."

- Avatar of Night, p. 56.

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New Series: Tal's Tidbits

I recently acquired a copy of 'Avatar of Night' by Tal Brooke. For those who do not know, Brooke was the first whistleblower who spilled the beans in regards to Sai Baba's sexual molestations of males and other homosexual behaviour. After being groomed by the Baba himself for the position of a close disciple, Brooke found that he could no longer pursue this goal in good conscience after experiencing sexual molestation firsthand as well as hearing that his compatriots had also been sexually fondled. This and many other issues forced Brooke to escape from Sai Baba's web with his sanity intact and his new-found faith in Jesus Christ.

On a personal level, I had read this book in it's former incarnation (known as 'Lord Of The Air' - read excerpts here) while I was still a schoolboy and a Sai devotee. I found it difficult to understand in some places but the thing that struck me as remarkable, then as now, was how Brooke had told his story in the layour of a spiritual journey, his own odyssey. The book reads very well; Brooke shows us what led to his interests in Sai Baba, his trip to India, his initial experiences with Baba, his further interaction and his grooming for the exclusive disciple role. It all leads one to think that there's no way that this guy could fall by the wayside. And then it happens. With piercing insight and descriptive metaphors, Brooke describes the circumstances that led to his defection as well as the events that took place immediately afterwards. All in all, he was with Sai Baba from January 1970 to September 1971.

This is truly an exciting book, it's reprinting affording the inclusion of many more photographs from Brooke's personal collection. Having recently flicked through my latest acquisition I can't help but be impressed all over again, so much so that I have decided to post little excerpts and 'tidbits' now and again that work as penetrating insights into the behaviour and character of Sai Baba and his mission.

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