01 June 2006

Vandalism and Encouragement

It has come to my attention that various Sai devotees have tried to vandalise this blog by leaving anonymous and hateful comments after the publication of every post, which are themselves never published thanks to my decision to scrutinise each comment in a moderation process.

It has also come to my attention that certain proponents (Gerald 'Joe' Moreno) have carried out revenge attacks on this blog by creating and regularly maintaining a hate-blog against me, where outright lies and gross distortions of the truth are rehashed and published as 'fact' by unscrupulous and hateful devotees. Their latest crackpot theory is that I am a Satanist devil-worshipper, as if that makes any sense at all when I have spent enough time critically analysing Sai Baba's theology and philosophy in the light of my own Gaudiya Vaishnava faith as well as Vedanta in general, wherever applicable. One of the tactics used in this hate-campaign against me includes blatantly copying all or most of the promotion strategies employed to publicise this blog, which sure says something about this blog's originality and success as opposed to our poor competitors who have nothing productive to state in answer to many of the articles published here.

Indeed, I recently discussed the issue of Sai Baba's crimes and sex aberrations as well as the monumental expose by former devotees with a person who had no clue about any of these issues, their comments were remarkably positive and encouraging. I paraphrase them thus: "These hate campaigns are a measure of our huge success, since public awareness of the issues is relatively high and they just cannot deal with this. You should keep going and don't stop!"

Such a view was echoed by the Guruphiliac when he spoke to bewildered and increasingly despondent defenders of Sai Baba:

You guys are FREAKS!

And what you aren't realizing is that with every rebuttal and defense, you just bring more people to know about the sins of the Babaster.

It'd be much better to just let it ride, at least as far as SSB's PR is concerned. To be constantly on the offensive in defense of your guru is all the indictment one needs to hear to know there's something up with the guy.

Judging by the recent activities of Sai Baba's defenders, it is clearly evident that they still haven't learnt this hard lesson, even though at least three of them received a tough spanking. As a matter of fact the systematic and organised slander campaign appears to have increased since the publication of the 'Naughty Children' series, which shows the general level of "debate" that we are faced with. In any case, there is no need to to worry about all of these things since the momentum of the Sai Exposé (and this blog) is ever-increasing.

Forthcoming articles will discuss:

  • The Rule of Law (a timely comparison of dialogue between two sides of the debate)
  • A projected five-part series about the Alaya Rahm court case
  • Slanderous and libellous defamation of an Expose co-ordinator
  • Personal insights and views into the systematic slander campaign against former devotees.
  • And much more!

Watch this space. :-)

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