02 June 2006

Suffer MORE Children Unto Sai Baba

With reference to the recent Suffer The Children Unto Sai Baba post, I realised that I neglected to mention some very important facts that give more insight into Sai Baba's sense of ethics, to say the very least.

The three-year-old child who was beaten violently by Sai Baba was the son of Smt. Vijayamma (aka Vijaya Hemchand), a very old devotee of Sai Baba's whose first trip to see him occurred in October 1945. What people do not know is that she is also the daughter of the infamous Sri. V. Radhakrishna of Kuppam - Andhra Pradesh, India - who was allegedly raised from the dead by Sai Baba.

The whole family are celebrities of sorts in Sai circles, being that they were the ones who allegeldy came up with the name 'Swami', which is used to address Sai Baba up to this day. The other interesting thing is that Vijayamma reports as follows:

"Krishna Kumar is my eldest brother. Amba (Amarendra) is my younger brother. These two used to be completely immersed in serving Swami. Day and night they used to follow Swami like His own shadow, and protect Him, like the eyelids cover the eyes. Swami used to call the two of them 'Jaya Vijayulu'." (Anyatha Saranam Nasthi, p. 357)

The 'Jaya Vijayulu' thing is a reference to Jaya and Vijaya, the two doorkeepers of Vaikuntha, the Kingdom of Heaven in Hindu lore. The close proximity of Krishna and Amarendra Kumar is verified by the number of old photos that have been printed in the book Love Is My Form, and they are described elsewhere in the book as doing absolutely everything for Sai Baba, even feeding him his food. There exists the possibility of intimate relationships:

"For elder brother and Amba, residence was where Swami was. Getting bath water ready for Swami, keeping ready the clothes He had to wear after His bath, cleaning up Swami's room when He went out to give darshan, bringing words of the arrival of visitors, massaging Swami's feet while He was resting - they performed all these chores. Because they stayed with Him day and night, they did not have enough time either to eat or to sleep." (Anyatha Saranam Nasthi, p. 62)

Does Sai Baba have any sense of ethics? Allegedly raising a person from the dead, physically abusing this person's son and daughter for snooping around in the village, treating two of his sons as his personal slaves and then becoming physically violent and beating the hell out of the person's grandson, is there any limit to the Baba's depravity?

I'm literally stuck for thinking of an apt conclusion for this post. I cannot convey my deep-seated feelings of revulsion and disgust, let alone my total shock, at Sai Baba's reprehensible beaviour in terms of child abuse. That this is documented in devotional Sai literature makes it all the more worse.

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