06 June 2006

Sai Baba: Antichrist Superstar!


"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible." - Matthew 24.24

According to Tal Brooke in his book 'Avatar Of Night' (formerly titled 'Lord Of The Air'), this is the random verse he selected with his fingertip as his Bible fell open to a random page when he was reading on a Puttaparthi hilltop. Great technique I must say, and it is one that I have used regularly in my own scriptural study over the years to obtain my "thought for the day". It is also a popular methof amongst many Christian friends of mine. For Brooke, this verse served as an ominous portent of things to come. A chain of events was set in motion where Brooke slowly realised that Sai Baba was a fraud, left his association and went on to become a dedicated Christian.

The idea of Sai Baba being an antichrist (even the Antichrist) has been one that has been considered by devotees and sceptics alike. It was also a concept that I flirted with as a teenager although, in my view, Sai Baba was actually the Messiah-figure who had advented to slaughter the Antichrist in a grand and destructive Armageddon battle. That is, if you follow the Bible to it's conclusion.

Is that a strange idea? Compared to the thoughts and speculations about Sai Baba from fellow devotess in those days, my own views were veritable PhD. theses! I've heard the nuttiest ideas from devotees, truly and utterly nutty. One thing that sticks out in my mind right now is how a devotee once told me how she revered her dog as her guru. Another thing is how they justified keeping Sai Baba's pictures or books in the toilet, as well as singing bhajans while naked in the bath.

Alas, I digress. Keeping in mind that Sai Baba's devotees are fond of quoting passages in Revelations 19 as evidence of Sai Baba's incarnation, it's funny how they fall silent after reading Verse 16. As I'm a great believer in viewing things in the proper context, I couldn't help noticing references in Verses 19 and 21 relating how the "beast" makes war against the rider on the white horse. To find out who this dirty beast was, I had to skip back a few chapters (to Chapter 13) to find out all about the Antichrist with the infamous '666' mark. What can I say? Contextually, what does the beastly Antichrist have to do with Sai Baba? Sai devotees appear to be divided on this issue; if it is all figurative then what does it mean? If it is real, then who or what is the Antichrist?

As an interesting anecdote, Howard Murphet relates the story of John Worldie in his book, 'Sai Baba Avatar'. Worldie had apparently snapped a few photos of Sai Baba on the day of Mahashivaratri and was struck to discover a photographic aberration on one of them after subsequent development. While Worldie and Murphet were both of the opinion that this was a miraculous display of Sai Baba's 'third eye', Worldie appears to have later changed his opinion and that it was a clear '666' mark. Apparently there were only three copies of that photo (one was gifted to Murphet) and so it is unlikely that we will able to see this picture and verify it for ourselves.

Regardless of Sai Baba's identity as the Antichrist or not, Matthew 24.24 sure appears to confirm that genuine followers of Christ will not be bewildered by any fancy display of miracles. With this definition I think we can safely conclude that Sai Baba is not the genuine article, given that a large majority of his followers are constantly amazed about reported miracles attributed to him as well as quoting stories of the same to support their claims of his divinity. :-)

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  • And what about if Hitler was Kalki or the Second Coming of Christ who came to put things in their right place? Hindu Prophecies define Kalki as a yantra-manava (a "machine-man", a fully God-controlled incarnation), and NOT non-violent, and he would make war against the Antichrist's Empire (Jewish?) and bring woe to them? Then Sathya Sai could be the actual Avatar, no doubt. But then you say you're sure about the abuse allegations against Sai Baba. Then what about this guy here and his videos? See:

    He's the son of Shri Mataji (self-claimed the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit incarnate) and he's known among their beliefs as being the Kalki Christ, he's Mataji's son, he was neighbour of Osho, and he (as like as his mother) states that Osho was the demon Ravana reincarnated, and that Swami Vishwananda is Satan and that Sai Baba is a 'collective of demons' who are stealing Divine Name (of Shirdi Sai) and controlling people leading them to destruction all over the world, and that they have the contribution of Pope and other figures who use to touch people's foreheads. He states that by acting like that they're killing people's souls, leading them to hell.

    Truly, I don't know if it's total madness or maybe he's got the reason, but I'm interested in the actual Truth alone and I'd like to expose this my own idea about Hitler as Kalki, based on my own studies, and the event of this self-claimed Kalki Christ. What's your opinion about? Please, post any 'study' or opinion about it, if possible, even if after some time of research. Bible states the mark of the beast as 666, a human number, and we know that 666 = 18 = 9, and we know that hindu and buddhist and other eastern philosophies are adept of the 108 or 18 and etc. "108 name of...", "1008 names of..." you know. Then maybe both, even the self-claimed Kalki together with his mother, arew all part of the same dirty trap, the 108/1008 hindu/eastern stuff trap. What bout it? Those who love God with all heart, all soul, who breath God all the time, the so-called elects, they will never be definitely deceived. We can be deceived 'til some point of our lifetime cos of our simplicity, we're just mere humans, but if we love God for real, with all our will, and if we're His true sons, living like people of God, then we together will unmask the kingdom of evil and help many of ours and other innocent creatures.


    PS: An observation: Regarding his accusation against Swami Vishwananda, I'd like to say that I've been personally in touch with Vishwananda and he is an ardent devote of Christ as well and is always firmly absorbed in Christ's commandments, truly I can't imagine him as an evil figure. And we can remember also that Jesus prevented us when explained that Satan IS AN ACCUSER. He acts by accusing here and there and creating conflicts between people and people and then the Kingdom of Peace, Love, Harmony and all that is good will never have place. That's why Jesus recommend us to love even our enemies. If they're evil doers but we're always pure and we love them too, automatically Satan's accusatory plan will fail.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 December, 2009 13:32  

  • ah, the gurus... all of them are bogus and should be shot dead, period.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 December, 2010 08:20  

  • Sadly..most of the westerners (I would include all Non Indians, particulary Not the south Indians) - I am still talking about the Westerners - seemed to have been looking for some sort of fast stroke (God) and that is why they all flock to Sai Baba, now Nityananda and many such FAKE Gurus. Cursed are you people for you were blessed with such amazing revelations but just forsake God and run behind such worldly Jokers. Pity you is what I can say...Ask us Indians the truth and we will tell you what these Guuz do..apart from ammassing wealth...and screwing around....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 March, 2011 10:18  

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