02 June 2006

Books Books Books

I'm pleased to report that I have received an extremely large package in the mail, filled with Sai Baba books, videos and back issues of Sanathana Sarathi (Sai Baba's official ashram magazine) from a former devotee who wants to move on with his life.

[Speaking of which, if anyone else wants to offer me their stuff, feel free to let me know what you've got! I'm willing to pay a reasonable sum.]

Among the jewels of this package include the now largely unavailable Love Is My Form, an independently-researched biography by Sai devotees that contains many new unearthed historical data and facts that conflict with the sanitised and official version of the Baba's story. This is Volume 1 of a projected nine-volume fully-researched biography project that has reportedly been halted by the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust for fear that the project may unearth many more conflicts and contradictions in it's relentless sifting through the propaganda and hyperbole.

Another jewel is the Sri Sathya Sai Compendium, a collection of Sai Baba's sayings that are grouped into topics, which should be useful for tracking down references for whenever I need them. The irony is that I had wanted to purchase these two books during my last trip to the ashram and. just see, one could almost say that it was Sai Baba's miracle! :-)

And I got all this stuff for free!

Expect more high-quality blogs and researched material in the future, courtesy of these books.

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