27 May 2006

Sai Baba's Kali-Yuga Boo-Boo

Whereas Judaeo-Christian religions tend to view time as a linear concept, Hinduism aka Sanathana Dharma propounds a cyclical view of time although, as one must note, these figures are 'traditional' and a clash with science should be unsurprising. Bearing in mind that we are trying to understand Sai Baba's points of view, the cycle begins with the Satya-yuga, followed by the Treta, Dvapara and Kali-yugas in succession, over and over. Don't take my word for it, have a look at what is written in the Bhagavata Purana:

"Maitreya said: 'O Vidura, the four millenniums are called the Satya, Tretā, Dvāpara and Kali yugas. The aggregate number of years of all of these combined is equal to twelve thousand years of the demigods. The duration of the Satya millennium equals 4,800 years of the years of the demigods; the duration of the Dvāpara millennium equals 2,400 years; and that of the Kali millennium is 1,200 years of the demigods.'" - Bhagavata Purana 3.11.18-19

According to the almanacs of India that are used to calculate traditional calendars, 1 year of the demigods is equal to 360 earthly years. Therefore, multiplying the above figures by 360 gives us a duration of 1,728,000 years for the Satya-yuga, 1,296,000 for Treta, 864,000 for Dvapara and 432,000 years for the Kali age. Does this sound outlandish? Perhaps so, but Sai Baba readily agrees with these figures as he avidly described them in a discourse from the Summer Showers of 1978:

"Taking this into account, the Maharishis divided time into four Yugas called Kritha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Thretha Yuga, and the Kali Yuga. These will keep coming back again and again. In these, the word Kritha indicates four times, and the word Thretha indicates three times. The Dwapara signifies two times, and Kali gives us an authoritative unit of measurement. According to them, 432,000 years is the basic unit and represents the number of years in a Kali Yuga. Two times this or 864,000 years represents the Dwapara Yuga. Three times this basic number of 1,296,000 years is the measure of Thretha Yuga. Four times this measure, namely, 1,728,000 years refers to Kritha Yuga. By adding all these, we get 4,320,000 years and this refers to a Maha Yuga. After a Maha Yuga, the Kritha Yuga will start again. In this manner and by assigning such measures, they interpreted time." - Source

Apparently Sai Baba was so happy about this that he even proceeded to repeat himself the next day! We should recall that these measurement sof time, even though they may conflict with science, are based on Vedic mathematics and the associated astrology. There does exist a type of science in which these measurements have their own place in reality and where entire horoscopes are constructed on the basis of these figures. In short, time - for the Eastern spiritualist - is calculated according to these figures. You gotta wonder though, when Sai Baba appears to be seemingly happy with these traditionalist figures, why does he go ahead and tell his close disciple, John S. Hislop, a completely different thing?

"In Dwapara Yuga ... 5680 years back, milk came into favour. Eleven thousand years is the full length of the Kali yuga ... Kali yuga still has 5,320 years before ending." [Taped Interview 2, "Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba"]

Huh? That was stated by Sai Baba in January 1968, but didn't we all just agree that that the traditionalist figures are correct? How interesting that he tells Hislop one thing in 1968 and tells a different thing 10 years later.

Ah yes, and here's one for the conspiracy theorists and the fanatics; the Avatar of the Age says that the end of the world shall take place in 7288 AD. Note that down in your diaries.

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  • "In Dwapara Yuga ... 5680 years back, milk came into favour. Eleven thousand years is the full length of the Kali yuga ... Kali yuga still has 5,320 years before ending."

    End what about The Golden Age?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 May, 2006 08:14  

  • Hi Rusl,

    I perceive two alarming contradictions within the Sai community. On one hand there is the idea that the Golden Age is supposed to be ushered in by Sathya Sai Baba himself to herald the dawn of a new era for humanity.

    If this was true, then what is the need for a 'Prema Sai' Baba who is supposedly the third Sai Baba to be born in the future?

    The other scenario is that the future 'Prema Sai' Baba will usher in the Golden Age. If this was so, then why has Sathya Sai Baba stated several times that his mission and advent was for the ushering in of the Golden Age?

    You might like to read Sai Baba and his Golden Age for more information; among other things there is a clear quote that states that he will usher it in. For a start, he's certainly taking his time considering that it is officially five years overdue.

    Sai Baba flip-flops his position as and when he sees fit. According to the testimony of a devotee, Sai Baba supposedly told her that the Golden Age is due to start in 2007 or thereabouts.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 30 May, 2006 03:23  

  • So, when does the Satya Yuga start?

    Who's good with the Vedic Math?


    By Blogger maxanoyance, at 02 July, 2006 07:42  

  • Hi Whemedia,

    I believe it's impossible to pinpoint the exact start of the Satya-yuga because the scriptural verse relating to the advent of the Kalki avatar states that He will appear at the conjunction of two yugas (end of Kali and start of Sathya).

    However, the duration of Kali-yuga is given as 432,000 years. We know that Kali-yuga started in February 3102 BC, so it may go as follows:

    -3102 + 432,000 = 428,898

    So I guess the year 428,898 AD or thereabouts. Quite a long way away.

    And speaking of the subject:

    -3102 + 5108 = 2006

    So we're 5108 years into Kali-yuga right now.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 04 July, 2006 01:29  

  • The trouble with people like you is that you come across as nothing much bigger than a cockroach. What gives you any authority on anything?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 February, 2008 16:34  

  • The fact that I cam comprehend basic mathematics and Sai Baba can't. After all, he left school when he was 14 so he is an uneducated vilage bumpkin.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 20 February, 2008 16:46  

  • As per my knowledge from ancient scriptures in my home which my grandfather used to read, kalipurush(the god of evil and cruelty) has arrived onto earth while Krishna was leaving around 5000 years ago. There it was mentioned that Vishnu stays as lord venkateswara to give power to the earth withstanding the sins of human beings. The evil will keep rising and people will start questioning the existence of god and many hundreds of new religions will come in future. Everybody can do whatever they want irrespective of good or bad. People will become highly perverted and so as the leaders elected by them also. So once it reaches peak, lord vishnu won't find any good human beings left on the planet on the last day of kaliyuga. Then rivers, oceans will start joining. Vishnu has no option but to finish the evil creed of humanbeings. But for him to come as kalki on to this earth, he needs good human beings as parents(They r not normal human beings. The prajapathi couple(who r the parents of angels . Here Prajapathi is the husband and Aditi is the wife) will take birth as Vishnudatta(a poor brahmin) and narayani. Then lord vishnu takes birth as their son. Whenever lord vishnu wants to come on to earth, all planets will align in a particular ascending position as per the astrology to be in complete surrender of the child to be born. This arrangement will be done by lord brahma to facilitate the entry of lord vishnu on to earth(Same thing happened with the bith of Lord Ram, Krishna, Vamana, Budha etc). Then lord vushnu takes birth as kalki with tremendous aggression (The nature of lord vishu's avtar changes for each yuga. In Krithayuga where evil is 0%, lord vishnu comes as peaceful brahmin. In threthayuga, where evil is 25%, he comes as soft but as a responsible prince lord Ram. In dwaparyug, where evil is 75%, he comes as tricky legend Krishna who is aggressive but still forgives. In kaliyuga where evil is 100%, lord balaji(in thirupathi) removes his feet from earth and goes to Vaikunths(The ultimate heaven for every angel and maharshis)). Then earth(The name of earth is Vasundhara. She is wife of lord vishnu and mother of all living beings on earth.) She starts feeling intense pain due to the sins of human beings. She is known to be the most patient, but she looses her patience once evil reaches 100% and prays lord vishnu to save her. Then lord vishnu comes as Kalki who is the most aggressive of all avataras as evil is 100%, no question of forgiving anybody. He will finish everything.

    Actually Vishnu means not a single god:

    There are 4 levels of lord vishnu or lord narayan.

    1. Sri Maha Vishnu(The vishnu who keeps all lokas in his stomache and saves them with patience and love). He never comes to earth directly as his Tej(power) is infinite and he has infinite number of names. Even the life of lord brahma is not enough to count the names of Sri Maha Vishnu.

    2. Kaaranodakasai vishnu: He comes from cause. Whenever evil starts rising, he okes up.

    3. Ksheerodakasai vishnu: He comes from the infinite milky ocean in vaikuntha(Residence of lord vishnu where his wife goddess mother lakshmi will be praying him and aadisheshu (The biggest white snake with 10 crore heads is the bed of lord vishnu)).

    4. Garbhodakasai vishnu : He is the one who comes as human being on to earth to save her.

    One life of one manuvu(he is the ruler of each manvanthara which spans 30 crore years). Like that there are 14 manuvus. Their whole life tme is equal to the life time of one brahma = 30*14 = 420 crore years. Life time of 1000 brahmas is equal to one moment of lord sri maha vishnu. Brahma takes borth from the lotus stemmed from the stomache of lord sri mahavishnu.

    When evils(rakshas) were defeated, the evil god asks vishnu one question:

    " If we have no place in this universe, why did u created us?"

    Vishnu says " I created bad to make sure all living beings understand the value of good"

    " I created evils to make sure the value of angels is understood"

    I created all 4 yugas and i am giving u one yuga that is having least span among all the 4 yugas which is kaliyuga. So u can dominate in that time.

    At the end of kaliyuga, there comes a yugasandhi(transition period between kaliyuga and sathyayuga). During this period miracles will start appearing on earth. Lord Vishnu comes as kalki during this time. He finishes everything and the last day of this world is extremely horribe.

    Then after yugasandhi(transition period) is over, Krithayutga starts again(where evil is 0%).
    This is a repetitive cycle of 4 yugas.

    Actually there used to be lot of grandhas(holy books of hindu spiritual life) but most of them were destroyed by the arabian invaders. Even in my home some of the holy books were burnt during the rule of last nizam of hyderabad around 60 years ago. So we have less number of books unfortunately.

    By Blogger indian, at 14 May, 2008 00:27  

  • Amazing writeup, thanks for your time and effort, with regards to more of an insight isn't this and much more in the Vedas?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 July, 2008 20:27  

  • Yes Nils, there are lots of interesting things in the Vedas.

    Quite a lot of it contradicts things that Sai Baba says.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 10 July, 2008 17:40  

  • The problem with prophecy is that it sets itself up to be pirated by imposters. The prophetically described kalki is no exception to this. However, the real kalki is born to commit action, not to be worshipped, and therefore has no need for announcement of himself as himself and whose arrival will thus be recognized only via the perception of his quality. In other words he could already be here you just wouldn't know it until you were ready to see it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 October, 2009 00:42  

  • One request - Please dont refer Sathya Sai as Sai Baba (who is the actual Shirdi Sai Baba - the pure soul).
    It would be a disgrace on Shirdi Sai Baba.
    Well, Sathya Sai knows the truth about himself and my feeling is he seriously doesnt believe in God or heaven/hell concepts - if he did, he wouldnt be doing whatever he had been doing since these many years..
    And to all the people who believe them, well, what can I say except pity them? And maybe some have dealings with him which cant be broken and so they remain his devotees..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 April, 2011 18:23  

  • It seems you have not experienced any miracles in your life as many of us Sai Baba devottees have. If you had you would not be against such a great teacher who have walked this planet. The successes in my life, the dangers I have escaped, the miracles I have experienced is more than anything I have had prior to me becoming a Sai Devotee. I think you need to ask yourself some serious questions about yourself and maybe it is in your past. If you insult a teacher even more Sai your life will become more of a disaster. I think spend more time in doing good and serving others than negative things.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 November, 2011 08:26  

  • I think my previous comments will not be posted as I am not negative as those who have nothing good to say about Sai. It is well and good for many who depend on Sai when things are bad and if it does not go their way have a lot of dirt coming out of their mouth about a wonderful master. Sai Baba has always said don't repond to those who have bad things to say. I am writing in defence of a teacher who is not on this planet to defend himself. Someone who defied prayers offered to Sai and walk in with their shoes lost his limbs, another got stuck to the ground and could not walk until they asked for forgiveness. So I say to you stop for your own good life. It seems that you all that have all this garbage to say really did not experience the power of Sai. Maybe it is coming.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 November, 2011 08:38  

  • Excellent Writing by Indian..Can i have email id of Indian .. please

    By Blogger veeravalli, at 10 December, 2011 20:04  

  • Will this World last for 40-50 years keeping in mind all kinds of tribulations happening??? Any idea about the volume of corruptions and political exploits occurring in India? Newspapers does not publish each & everything.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 August, 2013 08:53  

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