23 May 2006

Download Your Amrit For Free!

So amrit trickles from your pictures of Sai Baba? Pah! That's so passé!

Sai Baba - wonderful avatar of the age that he is - has updated his miracles to reflect the advancing global techology revolution. His grace is now available to you in digital format available for download. Rush today to download your free amrit and be a worthy recipient of Sai's grace:

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  • A FRIEND WAS WITH SAI IN INDIA FOR 7 ? years.....and says he has a few powers but isnt on the up n up
    Certainly Meher baba ..shridi babss best student never acknowledged him !!!!! hahaha
    another indian scammer/ selfpromoter in Shyam bhatnagar of europe and princeton NJ...
    shyam was with harish johari and supposedly stabbed him in the back

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 May, 2007 18:43  

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