04 April 2006

"Sai Krishna" LIE Surfaces Again

I just came across the blog of Raghav Subramanian, where he claims the following:

"I took Baba's photo in my camera & Baba Appeared in his Avatar when the photo was developed & printed. In Lord Krishna's form. I'm really delighted to share this photo with all of you. this photo was taken in the year 2000."

There's just one small problem with this; the fact that I've already dealt with this issue. I've told him this by registering a comment. Go and see it and his possible reaction quickly before there is a chance he deletes my comment and advocates censure with this shameless example of mischievous pro-Sai propaganda.

For the record my comments are as follows:

Really, Raghav? Are you sure this is not an April Fools fib?

I was there in a devotional Sai group when this photo was declared as having been snapped by a certain Luther Christ from Australia, who also claimed to have snapped Baba in darshan and returned home to find this "miracle photo" when developing the film.

While Sai devotees were stunned at this picture's beauty, I knew that this was a very poor composite using an ISKCON picture as a source.

Read all about it here:

- The "Sai Krishna" Picture Imbroglio PART ONE

- The "Sai Krishna" Picture Imbroglio PART TWO

- The "Sai Krishna" Picture Imbroglio PART THREE

Sai Baba exhorts his devotees not to lie, and 'Truth' is his first human value.

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  • Great Going! Wish more such blogs come up on all people who think they can get away with all that they do.

    By Blogger sugan, at 05 April, 2006 12:42  

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