12 March 2006

This is kind of funny..

Warning - Graphic Language!

I spotted this Livejournal entry where a blogger is apparently complaining about her friend's spending habits. The funny part is what she's spending it on:

Well kids, sorry to report that she is fully in the manner of Babylon in a big bad way. She has been consuming every chance she gets since payday. And she determined that she simply couldn’t wait 23 days for Deva’s package to arrive and so she went out and spent way too much money on expensive imports and nearly passed out when she went to Out Of The Past and spent $5.99 on Sai Baba’s Nag Champa incense!!! Holy fuck! The box she bought cost 15 fucking rupees in India. That is like 25 cents! She was so disappointed and she blamed the store. She welled up inside and was so upset. The mark up from 25 cents to 6 dollars is pretty significant. She was embarrassed to purchase it.

Good thing her God is not Sai Baba – she can’t afford to give regular offerings!

For less than the cost of her incense she was able to purchase a beautiful bag of curry from the Indian store downtown. And they sell the same package of incense for $4.99 – guess where she is buying her puja items from now on!!! Not at Out of the Past.! Grrrrrrrr. Oh my she is so angry about that! And she can’t help but wonder whether Indian’s are actually benefiting from the whole ordeal.

The whole thing is pretty hilarious to read anyhow.

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