30 March 2006

Sai Youth: SEX Update

I just spotted this quote from Sai Baba's latest discourse (23rd Feb 2006):

"Let Me remind you that the teachers in the Higher Secondary School will not hesitate to punish you whenever necessary if you go wrong. They have nothing against anybody, but they are duty bound to put you on the right track. If a teacher shirks his responsibility and condones your bad behaviour without giving a punishment, then he is a ‘guddi guru’ (blind teacher). He cannot be called a Guru in the real sense."

But when the daughter of a prominent Sai devotee gets caught sending love letters to a boy in a school that enforces very strict rules about the mixing of the sexes, she goes unpunished. I wonder why.

Interestingly Sai Baba made a revealing comment earlier in this discourse, which was given to the students:

"Swami will constantly be with such students, guarding and guiding them. I will give them everything. In fact, I am protecting several people in several ways; but, no one has realised this point till today."

No kidding.

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