26 March 2006

Sai Baba Recharges His Batteries

I came across the Pada website today, which is essentially a site dedicated to exposing (and ranting about) the evils of the Hare Krishna movement. More specifically, I chanced on some interesting information about Sai Baba within one of it's newsletters. Although the incident is hilarious, readers are advised to keep caution before clicking on the link as there is sensitive material there:

On Sai Baba: There maybe someone out there reading this article who remembers the incident. In the late eighties or early nineties, we were visiting friends at Kozhikode (Calicut. India). A mammoth publicity campaign was mounted advertising a festival at which Satya Sai Baba would preside. Along with a group of friends we merged with the milling throngs. A large "Ananta Sesa" had been constructed in the middle of an even larger fountain. "Sai Visnu" was scheduled to "appear" and mount his "Ananta bed", after which he would enlighten all with a discourse on his importance. Lights flashed and the PA system boogied Sai Baba bhajans. It was like a discount-miracle meeting in evangelical America. Soon Mr. Talcum Powder (vibhuti) made his appearance. After brief stops along the way to talk to the chosen (they seemed to swoon with his touch..if they only knew what he had been 'touching' earlier?), he ascended the fountain steps, walked across the bridgeway and mounted "Ananta Deva."

It soon became apparent to the crowd that "Ananta Deva" was not very happy with Mr. Sai Visnu. No sooner had he gone into a recline when his body began to twitch. Up he jumped, but the twitching didn't stop. His afro glowed blue as he hopped up and down in a Sai-disco dance-step unique to Sai Vaikuntha. We realized immediately there was a short circuit, and since Sai Baba was standing on a wet platform he was getting the full DC-current treatment. We can assure all Sai Baba followers; had that current been AC, he would be residing in an urn ....Sai-fry .....pure vibhuti.

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