21 March 2006

Sai Baba: "Dickhead?" I'll Agree!

Warning! Graphic Language!

I spotted this blog entry that I found absolutely hilarious. Arthayoda (obviously a nickname) is an Indian blogger who described his recent break in Goa. On his return he came across a Sai Baba lookalike (complete with authentic afro). No big deal, until Lookalike started displaying symptoms of megalomania and behaviour not unlike the real Sai Baba!

It makes me wonder; exactly how many Swamis are on the planet right now, hidden and waiting to bloom?

For now just read, enjoy, and burst out laughing. :-)

"We passed the security check and sat in the lounge and as i looked up from my phone I could see a Sai baba lookalike (afro and all) walking around the airport lounge with a digicam right under a no photography board. I looked at my buddy and pointed out that this was bad for national security....with the Varanasi blasts and all that. I was told to shut up and count the minutes left to get onto the plane.

"As I painfully bided my time playing games on my phone while being distracted by the predominantly white crowd around me (I had truly grown sick of em). The discount airline that we had picked (I have to learn to stop looking for a bargain) had no shuttle to get us to the plane and we saw tons of people lugging their heavy baggage for 200 metres to the plane in what was about 32 degrees celsius and overhead sun. We got into the flight and were lucky to be seated next to a nice little indian lady reading a newspaper....normal I loved seeing them now.

"Saibaba lookalike was seated in the row of seats right ahead of us.....I was glad I had been lucky. The plane took off and the first words I heard from someone in a thick marathi accent were....I'm Shiva....(as in Shiva the God) are lucky to serve me. They had come out of the mouth of Saibaba lookalike who from the point on I shall refer to as Dickhead....and they were being said to this very pretty airhostess. Anyway, what we realised over the next 15 minutes is that dickhead was delusional and believed he was a god (I know this seems far fetched but it is the absolute and total truth and quoted word for word). I couldn't contain my laughter anymore....I mean I had seen so much in the last three days but this guy got the 'Freak'' award in my books.

"There were two german tourists sitting next to Dickhead who asked them if they were Australian.....that didn't draw a response so dickhead asked them if they were christian to which they replied in the affirmative.....Dickhead suddenly switched roles and became Jesus Christ - the second coming. Anyway, this went on all the way to Bombay and I was getting really tired....of course the fact that he was seated next to an emergency door and my buddy having asked me what would happen if dickhead pulled the lever had made me rather uneasy. The airline staff had handled the situation quite well by totally ignoring him and let him let loose quite a few religous and racial remarks and photography inside the plane."

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