07 March 2006

Sai Baba: Demonising The Critics

I thought that it's about time a short presentation was made of how Sai Baba and his organisation hoods take due pleasure in characterising critics as scoundrels of the worst sort. And that's putting it mildly.

One of the great victories of the Sai Expose was a good four or five-page spread in India Today, which was published in time for Sai Baba's 75th Birthday. It was a wonderful present, and the Baba showed his appreciation for it in a long Christmas discourse later that year. Feel free to read the whole thing in full if you like, but here is a selection of the choicest quotes made by Sai Baba himself. Ask yourself if such comments are befitting of a spiritual teacher who preaches love and peace at times that suit him best:

"From time to time, many noble souls, endowed with immense spiritual power, have taken birth to propagate sacred teachings to the world. They struggled hard to make the world a good place to live in. But without understanding their noble intentions, foolish people tried to ridicule and persecute them."

"Jesus had twelve disciples. Judas was one of them. But he betrayed Jesus. At that time, there was only one Judas, but today there are many such ‘Judases.’"

"Today the world is engulfed in unrest because of the rise in the number of treacherous people like Judas. They are mean-minded and are easily tempted by money. Judas betrayed just for a few pieces of silver. Even two thousand years ago, money was the primary temptation of man. Because of their greed for money, people resorted to evil and unjust ways, destroyed truth and indulged in false propaganda. This was the case then, and it is the same even today."

"In the past, many evil-minded people were jealous of the divine personalities who attained worldwide fame through the teachings of truth and righteousness. Even today there is no dearth of such wicked people."

"Today many people are jealous of Sai as His name and fame are spreading far and wide. Neither they undertake any good activity themselves nor do they tolerate someone else doing good."

"Some people are so mean-minded that they do not want to understand and appreciate the sanctity associated with the activities. Have any of them been able to accomplish even one-thousandth part of what Sai baba is doing? No, no, no! It is only Sathya Sai Baba who has undertaken such noble tasks without a trace of selfishness."

"Why are those with a modicum of intelligence unable to recognize this truth? Why are they indulging in false propaganda? They are doing so due to their greed for money."

"People who try to obstruct sacred activities are not human beings to all. They are verily demons."

"Even if the whole world were to be filled with such demons, Sai’s resolve will never change."

"Some people out of their mean-mindedness are trying to tarnish the image of Sai Baba. I am not after name and fame. So, I do not lose anything by their false allegations. My glory will go on increasing day by day. It will never diminish even a bit if they were to publicise their false allegations in the whole world in bold letters."

"Some devotees seem to be perturbed over these false statements. They are not true devotees at all. Having known the mighty power of Sai, why should they be afraid of the ‘cawing of crows’? One should not get carried away by all that is written on walls, said in political meetings or the vulgar tales carried by the print media."

"Sathya Sai Baba has no trace of selfishness in Him. I am spending crores of rupees to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the downtrodden."

"These persons are unable to do even one thousandth part of what Sathya Sai Baba is doing for society, but shamelessly indulge in false allegations. Instead it would be better for them to follow Sathya Sai Baba and set an ideal to the rest of the world."

"I have no desires or ambitions. There is no trace of jealousy in Me. I am love personified. Love is My very life. Wisdom is the fruit that I grant. These two form the basis of My life."

"People who indulge in false allegations are bound to come to woe. Those who investigate such false publicity too will meet their doom. Money should be utilized to undertake righteous actions, not for evil purposes ... I am not afraid of any false propaganda that people may do. Why should I be afraid when I follow the path of truth, righteousness and love? Let people say what they want; I am not perturbed."

"Those who accuse [divine personalities] and put them to suffering commit the worst sin."

"The Messengers of Sathya Sai, Association of alumni of Anantapur College, are undertaking various service activities in many countries. They are encouraging their husbands also to take to the path of service. Our old students are working in various countries like Switzerland, America, Japan, China, Russia, etc. Some foreigners are trying to bribe them, asking them to fabricate stories against Sathya Sai Baba. In Switzerland, when one of our girl students was approached by someone asking her to concoct stories against Sai Baba, she got so enraged that she immediately took out her shoe to teach a lesson to that person. She asked him, 'Is this what your religion teaches? Is this the ideal that your religion propagates? Fie on you! Get out!' But there are some traitors like Judas, who are being bribed to level false charges against Sai Baba."

"Ultimately, what happened to Judas? He felt miserable for having betrayed Jesus for monetary gains. He shed tears of repentance. He hit himself, saying, 'Fie on me! I am a traitor. I betrayed my own Master and God.' Betrayal of God is the worst of all sins. Such betrayal can never be atoned for in any number of births. So, never try to betray God. Love all."

"All noble souls and incarnations in the past had also to put up with criticism. You may ask why at all such criticism should arise? Criticism, in fact, adds to their glory ... So, do not react to any criticism levelled against Swami or any other elder for that matter. Just brush it aside, saying, you have nothing to do with it."

"In future, you are going to witness many more glorious events. There is nothing that Sathya Sai Baba cannot accomplish. In fact, people would be struck with awe and wonder by His deeds. But His only aim is to make everybody happy."

"Accept everything good that comes your way. Ignore all that is bad. People may praise or criticize, but none can shake Sai. Sai lives in truth. None has been able to shake truth at any point of time."

"As faith increases, all the wickedness will perish."

"Do not pay heed to the criticism of others because you are not committing any mistake."

So basically, Sai Baba is accused of homosexual paedophilia, involvement in murders, financial scandals as well as a lot of weird stuff, and we're the bad guys?

If you think I'm being a little unfair in taking Sai Baba's emotive quotes out of context with a view to portray him as the mad hatter that he sounds like, please point your browsers to the Sai Critic - a website of Sai Baba apologists - who have compiled a large selection of the above quotes with their own creative headlines. Clearly these nutcases have been influenced by their guru to regard that anyone who just happens to have a less-than-favourable opinion of Sai Baba is a "Sai-basher" turncoat who MUST be earning a real packet!

I don't need to state the fact that Sai Baba's utterly malicious and spurious slanders about anti-Sai activists bribing and being bribed have absolutely no basis in truth. It just goes to show the desperate depths to which people will sink in order to protect the status quo.

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