14 December 2005

Kundalini what?

Recently mentioning Tal Brooke drew another of his anecdotes to mind. As I do not possess a copy of his book, I'm afraid that I'll have to quote from memory.

As far as I recall, the scene is set at the time when Sai Baba firsts molests Brooke by unzipping his flies and fondling his penis and testicles after a long, warm and uncomfortable (on Brooke's part) embrace. When Brooke asked Baba what he was doing, the latter responded something about healing.

How interesting, then, then this claim of 'healing' or 'purification' (of the mythical Kundalini energy in the body, no doubt) is one that has been parrotted by Sai Baba's devotees as a justification for Sai Baba's wholesale molestation of younger males and boys!

Within the schema of Kundalini mysticism the energy is said to be lain dormant at the base of the spine which corresponds to the coccygeal plexus, anus area. Even though the genital area is believed to be an energy center (or 'chakra') where the Kundalini will pass along after being awakened, what good is gained by "healing" or "purifying" the genital area before said awakening? Wouldn't it be better to treat the anal area instead?

Some have indeed speculated that Sai Baba's homosexual activities (including full anal penetration with penis) are a way of affording healing and purifying treatment for the beneficiary's dormant Kundalini energy. Even if you somehow found a way to rationalise all of this in your mind, you can still get the impression that Sai Baba is in the dominant position by way of his status as the 'healer'. However, one victim of his Kundalini treatments claims that he was asked to treat Sai Baba's own Kundalini in the same penetrative way.

This then brings up the all-important question: Who's healing who's Kundalini?

Part Two.

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  • Who's healing who's Kundalini? Ha ha ha...and this person continues to hoodwink so many people...even ones who are very rational and brilliant in their professions. Why don't these godmen "materialize" something and have sex with it when they get the urge in their Kundalinis? Why does it always have to be with a real person?

    By Blogger Unknown, at 02 March, 2007 13:19  

  • u found it out later on that hes a fraud...!!!!!! but is he REALLY an enlightened one...??????

    even his being a fraud is acceptable (by me!!) but tell me bro... is he enlightened...!!!??

    pls reply to me

    ne spiritual seekers n spirituals can also email me... 4 a nice go thru...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 February, 2008 05:50  

  • That's a question that holds a mutual incompatibility.

    How can someone be a fraud and yet enlightened? His "enlightenment" is fraudulent.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 07 February, 2008 01:31  

  • This moron is a homosexual. kundalini does not activate by inserting his penis into other peoples back
    what a sexual addict he is.
    i pity the stupid people who beleives in him

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 March, 2008 10:49  

  • Now frineds i am back and after to long research i come to know that this stupid fellow is a great cheater who is telling himself saibaba. I am agree with my all brothers who are against him. He is making fool to everybody and taking money.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 July, 2008 10:32  

  • Who's healing who's kundalini is indeed the question! hahaha.

    By Blogger Vikram Madan, at 28 August, 2010 09:06  

  • Yeah lol,... the hairy monkey-ass faced motherfucker died like shit for now... no more fake fuckin tricks from that moronic motherfucker!

    eat shit and die like a dog, satyanarayanaraju aka sai baba :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 April, 2011 16:27  

  • This is really disgusting on baba's part. Good that he was taken from this world and put into hell :D

    Kundalini yoga is an ancient and secret science and the so called baba's who give lectures on it on TV are nothing but fakes. It definitely does not require genitals to be fondled by any1 for its awakening. A true guru can awaken it by his mere sight or a light touch on the crown chakra (the top of the head).

    I really hope that karma pays him back 100 fold in hell :x :x

    By Anonymous Sahil, at 11 December, 2012 07:01  

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