13 December 2005

Howard Murphet exaggeration

For all the discussion taking place about Howard Murphet lately, I wouldn't exactly cite him as a credible source. I just happen to be looking through one of his books right now, entitled 'Sai Inner Views and Insights', which I believe was his last publication before his passing away.

It is not my wont to speak ill of the dead but I see no harm in noting reasonable explanations for events that he describes in his book(s). For example, in this very book he describes a momentous happening while describing his relation with Prithvi, the step-daughter of the Maharani of Jind:

We had met her the year before at the first Sai Baba World Conference in 1968 at Bombay -- where, to the many thousands present, Sai Baba announced his identity as an Avatar of the divine. As he made the announcement, the lights went off dramatically and came on by themselves a few minutes later. This signal of the lights, untouched by man, seemed to give a powerful significance to the announcement."
- Howard Murphet, Sai Inner Views and Insights, p. 31.

It just so happens to be a well-known fact that India is a country that suffers from power cuts and outages. If a power cut happened just when Sai Baba made his "big announcement", it could just be a sheer coincidence than a dramatic portent.

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