25 November 2005

Urging devotees not to enter politics?

I caught an interesting story on the News some days ago, reporting how Sai Baba is now apparently urging his devotees not to enter into politics. The reason for this is that it is bad for human relations (?) and is useless for promoting harmony among people?

This comes from the guy who has had plenty of devotees involved in the political arena over the decades, not to mention those who simply come for "spiritual guidance" or even just to impress a certain votebank. Dharma Vira, Nakul Sen, Narasimha Rao, A.B. Vajpayee, Shankar Dayal Sharma, Manm0han Singh; these are just a few of the governors, Prime Ministers and Presidents of India who have been involved in Sai's orbit. Even the current Indian President, Dr. A.J. Kalam, is openly a devotee and is even supposed to have taught as a lecturer in Sai Baba's Whitefield college in the 1970s!

Here is the article in full, courtesy of NewIndPress. I trust that it'll raise a few eyebrows.


Don’t enter politics, Baba tells devotees
Sunday November 20 2005 09:39 IST

HINDUPUR: Politics is having undesired effect on the human relations and are proving to be useless in promoting harmony between people, Satya Saibaba said.

Addressing a gathering at Sai Kulawanth Hall in Prashanti Nilayam at Puttaparthi today on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’, he said that a person, who is ignorant of what finance means is entering politics and getting appointed to the key posts.

He advised his followers not to enter politics and urged them to know and understand what politics is all about.

To help others in a humanitarian approach is sufficient and a person needs to work hard in a rightful and honest way for the development of his family rather then resorting to dubious means, Baba explained.

Explaining about the progress of Satya Sai College to the University Level and the super specialty hospital, Baba said that it was possible only with love and affection for fellow humans.

He stressed the importance of human values.

Hundreds of Satya Saibaba devotees were present on the occasion.

ARRANGEMENTS: Elaborate arrangements are being made for the 80th birthday celebrations of Satya Saibaba at Puttaparthi.

Scores of followers of Satya Saibaba started arriving in the town from several parts of the State, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and other parts of the country.

District collector YV Anuradha is supervising the arrangements being made for the grand event to be held on November 23.

Satya Sai Samithi volunteers are ensuring that visiting devotees are provided with food.

A medical camp is also set up for the benefit of devotees.



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