25 October 2005

Talking To A Brick Wall

As well as the headlined sentiment, it also appears to me that talking to fanatical pro-SB people is really like trying to educate a group of chimps; all you should be doing is smearing bananas in their faces. Or, given the amount of repeating that they do, it is rather like feeding a handful of birdseed to parrots and waiting for them to choke on it.

I do wish that this blog does not become totally devoted to refuting the pathetic arguments of Moreno et al., but sometimes it is apparent that some of his writings will have to be dealt with at some point in the future. Given the pace of life that is mine, I can't really envision it being done by a certain deadline. It is a long and slow process that will also require the most incisive analysis. After all, given the fact that I used to argue on the pro-SB side against individuals such as Hari Sampath, Afshin Khorramshahgol, and others, it seems that I have never fully recovered from the exhaustion. Even arguing on the anti-SB side against individuals like Lisa De Witt, Sarfaraz Shamsi, and others, I'd say that it sapped my vitality having to repeat the same things over and over which becomes understandably frustrating.

It seems that unmoderated forums do not provide for polite and civilised discourse as the facility frequently allows people to spout anything they like, whether it be irrelevance, snidey comments, cheap shots or downright hostile abuse. A new set of ethics also seems to have been formed; no matter what side you are on, is it true that whatever is said by "your side" is automatically true, based in fact and thus irrefutable. Some people just don't bother to read properly, whereas others spend much of their time reading into things. Since many of the pro-SB folks exhibit intellectual dishonesty, it becomes almost impossible to solicit honest and truthful answers whenever genuine points are put forward.

We will be seeing more of such dishonesty in the future, doubtlessly.

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