29 September 2005

The Krishna Issue

The Jiva Issue is not the only issue that Sai Baba has messed up on. He has made a few boo-boos regarding Krishna as well. This is especially interesting in light of his claims to BE the selfsame Krishna. I'll have to admit to being cheeky enough to recycle an old article of mine in this blog. There is some more Krishna-centric information in the original article (Krishnashtami nonsense), but here I would like to point out a particular contradiction in SB's speeches regarding the ages of Radha and Krishna, which was documented in official ashram publications:

“Radha, in the bodily aspect, was nine years older than Krishna … Her daily routine was filled with work connected with Krishna. Krishna was a seven year old boy at that time.” – Summer Showers in Brindavan 1978, p115

Just to clarify, in 1978 Sai Baba revealingly told the student audience that Radha was nine years older than Krishna. This means that at the time Krishna was seven years of age, Radha would have been sixteen years old approximately. Presumably, this nine-year difference in age carried on all the while Krishna was performing lilas in Mathura, establishing Dvaraka, etc. Not only does this 1978 information contradict the records as given in the scriptures, but it also contradicts Sai Baba’s “new revelation” in 2003!

"People think Radha was younger to Krishna and talk in derogatory terms about the relationship she had with Him. In fact, she was much older than Krishna, 26 months to be precise." - 19th Aug 2003

I think that this is a particularly revealing error in Sai Baba's presentation. One would certainly think that a supposed reincarnation of Krishna would remember some salient details of a previous life.

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  • This reminds me other sai baba bloopers. But I dont have many material witness for this.
    I was in Sai baba's school for 6 years. and I clearly remember, in one of the 'Bal vikas' class (it was an offshoot of prayer sessions, where pranayam and sai baba worship and sai baba's miracle telling was mixed) our teacher (he was long time follower of baba and still is) telling that baba told that "there are animals living on the surface of the SUN. The animals have thick think enough skin to surive on SUN".
    Now, SUN doesn,t have surface and by nobody's imagination there could be life.
    another one of the sai baba'a bloopers?

    By Blogger 3 D, at 26 November, 2005 14:31  

  • Hi Devaran,

    very interesting how you heard this first-hand. I believe that Sai Baba has also claimed that there are great holes within the sun through which winds rush to regulate the temperature. He claimed that science had no knowledge of this, and this is recorded in the famous 'Conversations' book by Hislop.

    Very interesting anyway.

    In all fairness, though, some spiritual leaders have suggested that it is possible for life to exist on other planets (including the sun) providing that the inhabitants there possess a suitable body for that climate. In any case, we will never know for sure.

    By Blogger Swami Saiexposedananda, at 27 November, 2005 04:24  

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