04 November 2006

Sai Youth Take BIG Hit From Guardian

In May 2006 we brought you the news that the Sai Youth of UK were gearing up for a massive pilgrimage to the home base of Sathya Sai Baba, in full knowledge of the fact that any or all of them may suffer the grossest experience of homosexual paedophilia, and that it was the Baba himself who called for them to visit him this November. We also undertook an extremely brief and cursory analysis of Shitu Chudasama's Sadhana Plan for said trip.

Now we take extreme pleasure in noting how the recent Guardian article has completely blown apart all expectations and put Sai Baba and his crimes in the public eye yet again. It wasn't enough to suffer from an hour-length BBC documentary especially since a new angle has recently been cynically exploited by the Sai Organisation. Somehow or other they succeeded in their plan to win the Duke of Edinburgh Award and claim praise and encouragement from H.M. The Queen and, just as predicted, they went into a frenzy of self-glorification and patting their own backs for receiving "Royal Recognition". As due punishment for their misrepresentation of the facts, the Sai Organisation were forced to pull the page down and which now turns up a 'Page Not Found' error.

The thing which I like most about the Guardian article is the number of heavyweight names that are dropped; Tom Sackville (former UK Home Office minister), Michael Gove MP (Surrey Heath), Brig. Sir Miles Hunt-Davis (personal secretary to HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh), among others. And all of them driving themselves dizzy about their glaring oversight of how the British Royal Family came to be associated closely with an organisation that has a widely-accused homosexual paedophile and murderer as it's head. You can't beat it!

And let's remind ourselves of the Guardian's eminent status; it is not some backwoods village newspaper. This is a full-blown and extremely highbrow national newspaper, and which is why I am in fits of giggles when I read quotes like this:

"The trip coincides with Sai Baba's 80th birthday and has been arranged, organisers say, after he gave a divine commandment for the UK's Sai youth movement to visit him for the occasion."

Combined with the 'Backstory' section at the end of the article, British elitists will be reading this and thinking that Sai Baba is completely nuts! Divine commandment? I love it! And this is just the Internet edition that is out before the print edition, who knows how different it will be with a full spread on Page 3? :-)

And what did Michael Gove say?

"As a society we need a more determined effort to identify and expose those religious cults and extremists that pose a direct threat to people, so that they do not enjoy patronage that should be directed elsewhere."

Right on the money! Shitu Chudasama weakly responded by saying that the paedophilia allegations were "totally unfounded" and bleated further:

"We hope to have an interview with Sai Baba but it's not guaranteed. If he wants to see us, he'll call us."


Reality check: Who gives a monkey's over whether Sai Baba will "call" them on a whim when the UK Sai Organisation has just suffered their biggest attack since the acclaimed BBC documentary? This is their idea of PR: "we hope to be called for a non-guaranteed interview"? Chee.

What to speak of the fact that - yet again - Sai Baba's ill name is splashed all over the pages of of a highbrow British newspaper on suspicion of homosexual paedophilia, compounded by the very public ignominy of having members of the Royal Family dragged into this classless and sordid affair. And to top it all off, the latest news holds that their trip to Sai Baba is still going full steam ahead despite the widespread concern effected by the news report. An announcement on the Sai Youth (UK) website notes the following:

Yep, the Final Meeting for the National UK Pilgrimage is being held tomorrow, Sunday 5th October 2006 at the following address:

Stanburn First School
Abercorn Road

Telephone Number: +44 208 9541423
Fax Number: +44 208 954 3227

Meeting times: 18.00-22.00

And which is none other than the Sai School of Harrow! Should be an interesting meeting. What I'd give to be a fly on the wall there. No prizes for guessing what'll be on the agenda.

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